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An App store optimization is the process of getting your app discovered faster by the customers with increased visibility in the app store (like Google Play for Android, iOS, Windows Store for Windows Phone or BlackBerry World for BlackBerry.


A dedicated team of experts in the app store field, the professionals at eSearch Logix can help you get your app discovered by the significant audience rapidly than ever. With a wide-scale service profile, we can help you in app store optimization across your chosen OS platform, from Google Play, iOS, Windows App Store, or Blackberry World.

Appstore Optimization Services

There are about 7 million apps in total across all the major app stores.
Is your app coming in search when people are searching for an app related to yours? How will they download it if your app has low visibility?

Why Do You Need App Store Optimization (ASO) Services?

While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about increasing your site’s visibility in organic search results, App Store Optimization (ASO) is about how to get your app to become easily discoverable when someone searches for that category in the related App Store.

ASO is the process or combination of activities that enhance an app’s performance and visibility in an App Store. With millions of apps being available in the App Store, and hoards of apps similar to what you do, without optimization, your app would lag in the store search. With more and more apps being added to the app store, it becomes crucial for you to invest in ASO to make your app get found in the search result above your competitors’ apps.

The key reasons why you need App Store Optimization:

  • Over 7 million apps are already available in all the major app stores, including Google Play Store, iOS App Store, as well as Windows, and more.
  • Around half of the apps are found by the users through an app store search, thereby the better optimized your app is, the higher the chance of it appearing in the top results.
  • More than half of the users do not click on paid ads or sponsored ads but rely on organic results which makes App Store Optimization all the more crucial for you.

A robust and proactive ASO strategy is needed if you want your app to become more visible, improve its discoverability, and increase organic downloads.

ASO not only gives your app visibility but brand recognition and improves its performance so that users are more inclined to download your app amongst the assortment of similar apps.

eSearch Logix Helps App Store Publishers Win the App Store Search Battle with Enhanced Ranking and Visibility.

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Our App Store Optimization Strategy – Creative & Custom-Tailored

Whether you want to push your business app, or personal app, we adopt an agile methodology and implement creative techniques while following the thorough app store guidelines to direct your app to land high in ranking position.

Our Google Play Store Optimization & iTunes App Store Optimization strategies include:

App & Prospect Classification – Understanding what your app is all about, how it functions, which your target audience is, and what projected goals you have, we create the ASO strategy and campaign.

Keyword Research – Our keyword research process is all about finding relevant and high-volume keywords to include in content and marketing campaigns that align with your user’s search intent.

Content Creation & Optimization – Content is the most important aspect of the optimization strategy, just like SEO. Right from your App title, to the App description, more content related to your app is optimized with keywords and specific to delivering clear meaning and value to the users.

Visual Appeal – Plain content is not everything that can do the entire work. Your app’s graphic context also has to be high to drive users to click and download the app. Right from icons, screens, and logo, to videos, our process ensures that your app reflects a unique identity and stand out from the rest. This has to be done to improve the functional as well as aesthetic appeal.

App Testing – Before launch, testing is an important step that ensures that everything is right and fit to proceed with. We constantly monitor the app for required changes, optimize the app store page with up-to-date information and make the relevant changes and improvements.

Analytics and Review – Analytics help to keep track of what is working well in the optimization process, and which factor needs improvement. We keep reviewing each and every minute and major facet to keep improving the entire strategy and process, to increase ranking, user engagement, and downloads.

Is Investing in Paid Ads a Good Idea Along with App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization is an organic process and it may take some time to yield results. However, it is a must-have strategy that delivers long-lasting results for your app’s performance across the app store. Though, if you want instant results, you can combine ASO with sponsored ads that will help get your app at the top of the search ranking. This is a strategy that goes hand-in-hand with ASO for delivering effective results from the start.

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ASO – A Thorough Process for Your Acquisition Funnel

  • There are multiple areas of acquisition that our ASO strategy focuses on:
    • Rank
    • App Category
    • Ratings
    • Description
  • Our focus is on all the properties and sub-properties that become crucial to give your app the positioning and influence that it deserves – brand name, logo, listing, etc.
  • Our inventive method and use of the best technologies and techniques ensure that we are able to get into similar app sections that you target and rank high on different keyword sets.
  • App Listing Intelligence – We keep a close eye on what keywords your competitors are ranking for, and what changes in the process they are making to get desired results.
  • Engagement Intelligence – Our proprietary technology enables us to identify the engagement metrics of your competitors as well as your target audience and work on improving that.

App Store Optimization (ASO) Services

  • Keyword Research – Our comprehensive and cohesive approach means that we look for and find different keyword sets that specify your user intent and your competitors’ usage. We take into account all the possible keywords, found through tools, keyword suggestions, and from store search metrics as well.

  • App Title & Description – Our title creation and description optimization is done in a way that, easily, and comprehensively tell users and app store bots what your app is all about, who it targets, and how it is going to benefit them.

  • App Logo Design – Your app’s logo is the brand reflection and identity that needs to be clear in meaning, and attractive in appeal. The logo is designed based on industry research, business objective, and ideas conceptualization.

  • App Screenshots Creation – App screenshots are what tells your users about the interface and internal features and functionality. This helps to ensure that they are able to infer a deeper meaning and connect with your app as per their use purpose. We use the best tools as well as brainstorm interface concepts to create the best possible results.

  • App Reviews & Ratings – High ratings and reviews are key components that drive users to click on and download a certain app. This aspect improves credibility and trust. This is where we work meticulously to improve your app’s ranking, by encouraging positive reviews, addressing negative ones, requesting ratings, seeking user feedback, and more such methods.

  • App Download & Retention – Our ASO service isn’t limited to getting you a high ranking. But our broad approach goes above and beyond that, to improve retention and download rates. This is enabled by working on key facets like having a simple and quick sign-up process, smart ad creation, intelligent use of notifications, rewards, etc.

Our ASO Benefits

Our creative and profound App Store Optimization process ensures that you get multiple benefits, including:

  • Higher App Store Rankings
  • Improved Impressions
  • Enhanced Engagement
  • Improved Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • Increased Conversions

Struggling to get your app out there amongst target users? We will help you find the solution.

App Store Optimization (ASO) for Different Platforms

Google Play Store Optimization

For your Android app, we know the competition is high. We work through understanding and following the strict Google guidelines to get your app published on the Google Play Store. Getting to the top is challenging on this platform, but our methodology, years of experience, and expertise ensure that you get the desired results.

Keyword research, complete optimization, and full A/B testing allow us to push your app to the top of the ranking results with enhanced engagement and increased download conversion.

iOS App Store Optimization

When your target base is Apple consumers, we know how to get you to the forefront. We implement a custom-tailored approach and strategy that corresponds to your objective, whilst following the strict compliance measures of Apple to ensure improved success for your app.

iPhone, iPad, and more, we ensure that our iOS app optimization strategy stays hands-on to give you the desired recognizable position and better app performance.

Why eSearch Logix for Your App Store Optimization (ASO)?

Tailored Approach

When you partner with us, you are guaranteed to get customized solutions with actionable insights and strategy that works effectively to meet your goals. We consider your app’s structure, timelines, target audience, specifics, budget, and all to devise a proper strategy to deliver guaranteed results.

Expert Team

Our team of ASO marketers, developers, designers, and content writers knows how to craft a success story for your app. Whether you are a start-up or an established business, whether you are wishing to launch a new app, or want to give a transformed look to your existing app, we are the experts to rely on. Each project is handled by a dedicated manager, your point of content for every communication.

Enhanced Engagement & Retention

We go beyond the basic analytics, perform a deep insight into the traffic, conversion, and engagement factor, and target the right consumers at the right place, at the right time, and through precise activity to improve our engagement and retention rate.

Use of Best Tools and Technology

Our intelligent approach, deep learning, and innovative thinking combined with the use of the best technologies and tools to properly organize, manage and execute quality work for each project.

Proven Results

Whatever platform you want to target, whatever app category your app falls in, our devised strategies guarantee success. Our result-oriented optimization techniques with authentic ways have delivered proven results with app downloads and installs exceeding 100% numbers.

Guaranteed long-term results with our App Store Optimization Services

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