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A business succeeds with increasing number of customers and each and every big, mediocre and giant business wish to have more customers. If you want to increase the number of your customers, Google Analytics services can help you to recognise the newer and potential customers segments and markets across the globe.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is one of most used data insight tool that helps keep track of multiple elements related to your website, marketing campaign, traffic, sales, conversion and more. Google Analytics provide key insights on specific site and marketing aspects to make informed decisions.

Google Analytics is the key not only to know the markets to target, but also a great tool for finding sales leads, troubleshooting and reviewing cross domain needs. It is a globally relied upon web analytics tool that accurately measures the website traffic and help to understand the data and use it for increasing overall return on investment of a business.

At eSearchLogix, we offer reliable Google analytics services to a wide arena of businesses across the globe. Our efforts are focused on providing useful data to businesses and turn it into insight. Our team make sure that only the right data is collected for better insights of your business. We dig deep to bring you the right statistics for growing your online business.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Consultants to Perfect Your Campaign

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Make Google Analytics Empower You – Get Weighty Insights to Grow Your Business with Informed Decision-Making

While you would be aware of what Google Analytics is, are you aware of how to proceed with this, and where to begin. Well, this is something that we, as experts, can help you tread through. Our approach is custom-tailored to provide you with meaningful data, to explore the true potential of your website and SEO campaign to build and grow your brand.

Our Google Analytics Services assess your business goals, and then configure your process and system, leverage performance data and let you make the best use of all the information to make key marketing decisions.


We set up and optimize Google Analytics account for our clients' websites and help them to improve their website and cost per click advertising campaigns through adequate and appropriate web visitors' data.

  • Creating and managing your Google Analytics Account.
  • Integrating Google Analytics with your website.
  • Bringing in advanced features in your Google Analytics account such as Goal Setting, e-commerce reports.
  • Creating Multiple Advanced Segments to get clear and actual insights.
  • Applying Filters on the Separate Profiles.
  • Google AdWords campaign development and combining it with Google analytics account.
  • Implementing advanced tracking on the required sections of the website.
  • Increasing the usability of the website by getting clear insights. and more.


We set up and optimize Google Analytics account for our clients' websites and help them to improve their website and cost per click advertising campaigns through adequate and appropriate web visitors' data.

  • Get the right information to make better decision for your online business such as the highest visited web pages, highest traffic hours and more
  • Track some interesting data such as geographical information of your usual website visitors, top referrers and keywords, most popular content and lot more.
  • Derive the performance level of your website through A/B testing and Multivariate testing.
  • Integrate data from your online ad words with your site analytic data and know the true worth of your each potential customer.

Google Analytics – Customized Strategies to Improve Your Data Quality

We help scale your company against the competitors by deriving insightful and accurate data that meets your precise requirements that helps in making real-time and well-versed decisions.

  • We optimize your website specific to the most helpful keywords
  • We setup Google Analytics event tracking
  • We optimize and keep track of your conversion rate
  • We identify which are the most popular and converting website pages and links
  • We identify what is working for your competitors and how we can implement specific similar strategy
  • Comprehensive visitor segmentation helps us to keep track of your SEO campaign results
  • We recognize the way how your visitors identify and navigate your website
  • We execute process for cost importing and revenue tracking
  • We identify issues like broken links, and so forth that impacts the website performance
  • We calculate ROI through a fixed timeframe and help make data-driven decisions
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Google Analytics Services – Comprehensive Consulting and Process

Our Google Analytics consulting services are designed to maximize your digital marketing efforts:

Google Analytics and Web Audit

If you already have Google Analytics account, then we proceed through with a detailed Google Analytics audit to ascertain different issues like inaccuracy in set-up, targeting problems, irregular placement of codes, cross-domain problems, missing frames, missing features, content reports, needless filters, broken links, and more.

Google Analytics Setup

Our expert and Google Analytics certified experts will help set-up and run your account in a seamless and easy way. It includes Google Analytics tracking installation, connecting it with Google Search Console, site search set-up, e-commerce setting integration, KPIs set-up, campaign execution and much more.

Custom Google Analytics Dashboard Setup

We custom-tailor your Analytics dashboard specific to your precise requirements that include SEO dashboard, Site performance dashboard, Mobile dashboard, PPC dashboard, and more in this.

Google Analytics Integration

Our Google Analytics Services also include integrating the platform with different marketing, sales and other tools that are precise to meet your needs. This helps the marketing and sales departments to leverage insights to make key decisions.

Google Analytics Reporting

We create comprehensive data and reports on all the essential metrics that are crucial to your website and digital marketing campaigns. We automate the process; setup tailored automated reports which help you to get up-to-date data that you need.

Google Analytics Consulting

Whatever your business is, whatever your objective and process is, you can get perplexed with the huge amount of data collected. Our Google Analytics service provides you with consulting support from the certified professional overseeing your project to help you make strategic decision in how to use the data collected.

Google Analytics Support

Your Analytics account has to be properly and regularly maintained so you are updated on what data is being collected, what data is of use and how you are using that. Our support team ensures that your team has clean and clear data at their disposal, with upkeep on enhancements and features to improve data quality.

Leverage the power of web and data with Google Analytics Services from certified experts!

Our Expertise in Google Analytics Services

Strategic Planning

We make use of different channels and platforms including ecommerce tracking, Google Tag Manager, CRM integrations, site analytics, that helps to segment the market, enhance new implementations and increase conversions.

Data-Driven Comprehensions

Making use of Google Tag Manager and other tools we ensure that provide you with clear and concise data insights, perform extensive data analysis, and return with efficient data collection.

Help Make Smart Decision

We keep track of web page performance, identify what actions users are taking on your site, how many number of transactions are happening, and thus provide you with a deep insight on your target audience.

Innovative Implementation

After ensuring the accuracy and integrity of your site, we proceed through with a research and discovery process. We create your site’s code snippets, setup custom dimension parameters, and leverage metrics defined during the strategy phase.

Data Optimization

We conduct thorough and detailed analysis of the gathered data as well as your site data to ascertain insights to take action. We define the key metrics that are crucial to meet your goals.

Team Training

Our certified experts will help your team become empowered to gain knowledge and skill on how to collate data and make the best use of that.

Detailed Reports

Our detailed and customer reports in clear and easy language will help you get updated on custom dimensions, whereby also enhancing your capabilities, rectifying loopholes and do much more.

Why eSearchLogix for Your Google Analytics Services Support?

Google Analytics Certified Professionals

We are premier Google Partners, and our Google Analytics certified team brings the best on table for you, to make the most of the tool. Right from Analytics set-up to execution, data collation, support and everything else, you can count on our expertise and experience.

Agile Approach

We don’t go by a certain and specific approach each time for each project. We first understand what your business is, what your objectives are, and then strategize how to use the Google Analytics platform to make the data work to your advantage.

Customized Approach

Our customized approach is all about measuring and using customer data in a tailored way so that you are able to create personalized content and optimize your SEO strategy based on keywords that gives you best results.

Retargeting, Conversions and ROI

With data insights and by making informed decisions you are able to retarget users more effectively. Our Analytics process helps in conversion tracking as well as measuring ROI of different campaigns to enhance the overall results.

We Make You Get Better at Google Analytics

With our Google Analytics services, you get transparent and in-depth support from experts who improve the marketer’s knowledge of Google Analytics and how they can use that to improve their marketing strategy and maximize returns.

We at eSearchLogix have a dearth of experience, expertise and tools to carry out to Google analytics and recommending the best analytic program to increase your ROI. Our Google Analytics services will surely help you to keep track of your visitors, know the performance of your site and get the better insight of your online business. To know more, feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Google Analytics?
Google Analytics is a web based platform from Google, free to use, which provides key data insights specific to the website performance, SEO campaigns, visitor information and much more.
Will You Provide a Custom Google Analytics Report?
Our entire strategy and process related to a project is custom-tailored that includes setup, integration, analysis and more. Based on your specific requirements and website and campaign needs, we will carry out a proactive tailored Google Analytics implementation, followed with a custom report.
Why Should I Hire a Google Analytics Service Agency in India?
Knowing how your website, your SEO, SMO and PPC campaigns are performing is important to gauge where you stand amongst the competitors. While you know that Google Analytics is a platform that can provide you with key information, knowing how to use this tool and how to make the most of this is something that needs expertise, experience and skill.
What Kind of Data will You Provide me with Google Analytics Services?
While Google Analytics is able to perform assortment of actions and analysis, the data or the information you need depends on your specific requirements and your campaign. This platform can help you gain data insights, classified into different categories, including audience reports, customer behavior, acquisition, and conversion reports.
What is Google Analytics Service?
Google Analytics Service means an expert support from qualified and skilled professionals who knows how to set-up Google Analytics for a website and its SEO and other data analysis requirements. It includes integration, analysis, reporting and much more, all related to data insights and metrics.
Can Google Analytics Help My SEO, Social Media and PPC?
Of course, it can. Google Analytics is a platform that extracts and finds out data specific to how your website is performing, how well your SEO campaigns are performing and what metrics are doing good and what needs enhancement. It also provides key insights into social media engagement and traffic, PPC results on different aspects.
Do I need Google Analytics?
The answer to this pretty simple – the data is the most important resource at your disposal to make key decisions and this is one aspect that can make or break your brand or site’s performance. You cannot manually check and keep track of everything. This is where Google Analytics come into play, being the most widely used and popular platform for data analysis.
How Much Does Google Analytics Service Cost?
It is all about what specific Google Analytics service you want, what kind of analysis and data insight you want, and whether you want that with other digital marketing services or as a standalone service. To get a clear idea, you should get in touch with our representative who will guide you through.

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