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More Online Visibility, More Bookings for Your Hotel, Resort & Restaurant

What do people do first when they plan a vacation? Go to Google to check for hotels at their destination and book accommodation.

How does someone book a romantic getaway with their partner at a restaurant? Search online and book their table.

If you are a hotel, resort, or restaurant, are people able to find you on Google and book their stay or table? If they are not, then you are losing out to your competitors and have low online visibility, and search result ranking. The effect: Your business isn’t booming, you are getting no expected bookings and your revenue is nowhere as you desire.

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You found us on Google, right? Rest assured that we will help your potential customers find you on Google!

Whether it’s buying a product, looking for some info, or booking a hotel stay – Everyone goes online. And their search starts with Google. The higher your hotel’s site ranks for relevant searches from your potential customers, the more visible you will be in front of them, the more organic traffic you will attract, and the more bookings you will get, resulting in improved sales and ROI.

eSearch Logix, with years of experience and expertise working with hotels, resorts, and restaurants, knows how to improve your business’ online positioning which brings more qualified leads and more sales.

  • Achieve 1st-page ranking on Google for the most beneficial search terms and queries of your target customers
  • Gain 5X growth in organic traffic within 1st year
  • Strategized hospitality SEO approach built for your niche, and particularly for your business
  • Gain more monthly sales with increased bookings, online and over the phone

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Why is SEO Service Important for Your Hospitality Business?

How many prefer to go traditional ways to find a hotel when they plan a trip instead of searching online? How many times do you go past the first page of search results when looking for a service or product?

Your target customers are also thinking the same way. Imagine someone searching online for a hotel in your area, and they see and book their stay with a competitor and not you. Why? Because you were not visible to them, or you ranked much lower than the competitor hotel they picked. Think how much you are losing out to them, all because your site misses an effective SEO approach.

The goal is to bring your potential customers to come to your site and this can only be achieved when your site performs better in organic search results. SEO experts help to boost your site’s online presence, outrank the competitors, improve brand reputation online, showcase your key highlights, and attract more bookings.

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Benefits of SEO for Your Hospitality Service Business

Business growth can encounter many challenges and being seen, recognized, and opted for by potential customers is the first and foremost objective of any hotel, resort, or restaurant business. With the right SEO solutions, you can overcome all the challenges and gain desired benefits:

Gain Online Visibility

For someone to know about you, and your business and to book at your place, it is important that you are visible to them. SEO helps to put your brand where they are, with a higher ranking on organic search results.

Outrank the Competition

The hospitality industry is highly competitive, and even a fraction of sloppiness in your strategy can put your competitors ahead of you, in ranking and visibility. So, you don’t just need SEO, but a tailored, creative, and effectual SEO approach.

Increase Brand Awareness

The better you are ranking for organic searches, the more visible your site is, and the more positive reflection of your brand is, it will become more recognized and people will put more trust in you as a standard for hospitality. Improved brand reputation makes you earn more customers and sales.

Improve Conversions

The right SEO approach helps to bring in more qualified leads, which leads to better conversion chances and an increase in sales. With a comprehensive SEO approach, you will improve your mobile conversion rate also (a must for your business growth as more people now search using their mobile devices).

Hospitality SEO Services India

Improve Search Engine Ranking – Boost Your Organic Traffic

Technical Optimization

Is your site taking too long to load? Is the site structure, navigation, sitemap, page elements, and UI/UX smooth and according to Google guidelines? Are the pages’ URL structures right? We go through a complete technical optimization makeover of your site to give it the right shape.

Keyword Research

“Hotels near me”, “Pet-friendly hotels”, “Hotel deals”; are only a few of the keywords matching your business. Keyword research includes not just finding user-intent search phrases your target customers use, but also picking the most suitable keywords that help you rank higher and attract more web traffic.

On-Page Optimization

Meta tags optimization with keywords, page title, image tags, website content optimization, and more; complete site content and other elements optimization are necessary to ensure the pages are crawled, indexed, and ranked for relevant keywords.

Content Optimization and Marketing

What content goes on your site pages, what type of blogs are used for marketing and link-building, and what more content verticals can get your hotel business into talking; all these are taken into factor to help build brand authority and expertise.

Link Building

Link-building is one of the core and proven SEO strategies that helps to boost ranking. We only follow white-hat, manual link building to earn high-value backlinks from niche-related, high-authority sites to boost brand awareness and authority.

Local SEO

While you may be targeting customers from several regions and globally, you must focus on your local targets as well, especially for a restaurant business. Claiming Google My Business (GMB) profile, local citations, ensuring NAP consistency, boosting positive business reviews, and improving your social media engagement are what form our core local SEO strategy.

Mobile Optimization

Most of your target users are searching for and booking their hotel stay on mobile devices. Thereby, to tap into this market your site needs to be mobile optimized. Optimizing your website for responsiveness, and providing them quick and smooth engagement will enhance the user experience factor.

Tracking and Reporting

Is your SEO strategy working? Are you growing in ranking and inbound traffic aspects? When you have such metrics and quantifiable data in your hand, monitoring and assessing your SEO performance and implementing changes becomes easier and more effective.

Key SEO Strategies to Boost Your Hospitality SEO Impact

  • Showcase Your Business USP

Does your hotel offer low-rate accommodation to your competitors? Do you provide last-minute booking discounts? Is your stay pet-friendly? Is your hotel situated at a place that provides a scenic view? Do you have a valet parking system? These (and many more) are some of the aspects that make your business unique, and which is what many people prefer. Our SEO process is not just about boosting your site’s search potential but also to bring out loud your unique selling points.

  • Focus on User Experience

Nobody wants to scroll around for hours to find what they are looking for, to no avail. Better user experience means giving them what they are looking for quickly and easily. Many will be in a hurry to book their stay at the last minute and if you pop up in front of them just at that time, converting them will be much easier.

  • Evolving SEO Tactics Based on User Behavior

Market trends do keep changing and so does user behavior. And that is where your SEO needs to adapt and change corresponding to the user and market changes. This is why we adopt an agile approach to keep updating your SEO process, to keep you ahead of the competition, and in the good books of Google and target users.

We are Not Any Other SEO Company

Hospitality SEO means tactics and digital marketing approaches designed and implemented for a hotel or resort. The general SEO approach can’t provide you with results that a customized hospitality SEO can. This is what SEO professionals at eSearch Logix are experts at.

  • We align our process with your business objectives
  • We define and set clear goals from the start
  • We derive and use data through each SEO phase
  • We prioritize tasks based on your present SEO status and specific to what results you are seeking
  • We think from a hospitality business marketer prospect to carry out your site’s optimization tasks
  • We are honest and true to what we say and do – We talk and take only doable steps

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