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Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Detail

Alekh Verma | February 2, 2024
SEO in details

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most important weapons you need in your arsenal to ensure your business's online success. Here, we have attempted to answer all the questions that might arise in your mind in relation to SEO. We hope by the end of this read, you’ll have a clear idea of SEO and how to operate around it to get optimum success for your business.

In this article, we’re going to cover-

  • What is SEO?
  • Why is SEO Important?
  • How Does SEO Work?
  • Exploring Google’s Algorithm
  • Holistic SEO

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO is the practice of optimizing your web pages so that they appear highly in Google and other search engine results pages (SERPs). This would result in more people discovering your online business and visiting your business website which increases your chances of sales. The main aim of any SEO strategy is to increase a website’s position in natural search results. Thus, there shouldn’t be a sliver of doubt in your mind about incorporating SEO in your overall marketing strategy for your website.

Why is SEO Important?

If you’re someone who’s hosting their business online then you cannot shy away from SEO anymore. Now people conduct trillions of searches online every year which indicates that they’re looking to buy goods or services online. So, if you’re someone who’s providing those goods or services then you need to be on the radar of your audiences' searches.

  • Organic Search Results

The unpaid listings on a search engine results page (SERP) that the search engine has judged are most pertinent to the user's query and are known as organic search results. Many SERPs contain a sizable number of adverts, more specifically PPC or pay-per-click ads. On the contrary to these paid averts such as PPC, organic search results do not rely on advertiser bids or any other monetary factor, these organic results are positioned according to the search engine’s organic ranking algorithms.

  • Quality of Your Organic Traffic

An increase in website traffic doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to convert into sales or even that the traffic is relevant to your business. This is where the quality of your website traffic comes into the picture. The quality of a visitor is primarily determined by two major factors i.e., their relevance to your business and their search query to the material/product/service showcased on your website.

For instance, if you’re a business that’s selling apples, but, a visitor arrives at your website with the misconception that you’re selling Apple’s electronic products then this visitor would not be considered quality traffic. Any visitor who has arrived at your website under a false assumption isn’t going to make a purchase or enjoy your website, which makes them not ideal traffic. Thus, you can take advantage of high-quality SEO by matching the user’s intent with the web pages that are presented on the SERPs.

How Does SEO Work?

In order to create what it believes to be the most accurate and beneficial list of results for a user's input into the search box, the search engine makes use of advanced algorithms. These organic results could include web pages with a lot of text, news articles, images, videos, listings for nearby businesses, and other more niche types of content. The parameters that make up the algorithms used by search engines change frequently to keep up with changes in user behavior and advancements in machine learning.

Using their understanding of these ranking factors, SEOs create and carry out search marketing plans that balance on-page, off-page, and technological best practices. If a business wants to obtain and maintain high SERP rankings and, as a result, a lot of high-quality user traffic, it should adopt a strategy that prioritizes user experience, uses non-manipulative ranking strategies, and changes along with search engines and users' growing habits.

seo process

Even though SEO is frequently combined with other digital marketing strategies like conversion rate optimization (CRO), pay-per-click advertising, social media management, email marketing, and community management, it should be noted that these other tactics are typically outside the scope and definition of traditional search marketing.

Exploring Google’s Algorithm

The position of each result is determined by the Google algorithm. Years of SEO experience have taught us the most important ranking factors, even though some parts of Google's algorithm are still a secret. These ranking factors can be divided into two groups:

  • On-page SEO components

Your pages' rankings are influenced by on-page factors. On-page SEO considerations include each and every aspect of your website that you have direct control over. These variables include both those that are technical (such your site's speed and the caliber of your coding) and those that are content-related (such as the layout of your website). These are all crucial on-page SEO components that you can enhance.

  • Off-page SEO Elements

Along with on-page SEO considerations, a few off-page SEO components also have an impact on your rankings. These components include attention on social media, links from other websites, and other off-site marketing activities. It can be more difficult, but not impossible, to adjust certain off-page SEO requirements. The most significant of these off-page factors is the quantity and quality of links pointing at your website. The more relevant, high-quality websites that link to your website, the higher it will rank in Google.

Another off-page factor that influences SEO is the competition in the market niche where your specific firm works. Some niches are much harder to rank in than others. As a result, your chances of ranking are significantly impacted by the intensity of market rivalry.

Holistic SEO

With holistic SEO, your main goal should be to build and maintain the best possible website. Instead of trying to fool Google, focus your time and effort on developing a long-term, workable plan. By working to improve your pages and keeping a high-quality website, you will raise your chances of ranking. Google strives to deliver the most relevant search results to its users, and the best results are those that are not only easy to use, quick to load, and accessible, but also have high-quality information.

To effectively rank in search engines like Google, you must have a complete SEO strategy that takes into account every aspect of your website and its advertising. The technical parts of your website, the user experience (UX), and the content must all be of the greatest quality. If you want to keep your top Google rankings, you should develop what we call a comprehensive SEO strategy.

A thorough SEO approach not only improves your rankings but also makes it simpler for customers to get the information they need. This is also beneficial for preserving the ecosystem.


There are a lot of mediums available online to teach you SEO for your company. And even though you can hire SEO experts, such as eSearchLogix, for your SEO needs, you still need to know the basics to get the most out of this transaction. You can refer to eSearch Logix’s How-to-Guide for SEO to learn everything you need to know about navigating the interesting world of search engine optimization.

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