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Content-Driven White Hat Link-Building Services That Drive Amazing Results

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You have a beautiful website launched, and your technical and on-page SEO is spot-on. However, you still aren’t getting the rank results on SERPs you want. Maybe your off-page SEO is weak or you haven’t strategized that well enough, and it’s time to up the game. While there is a mix of elements off-page SEO, the most important factor that can make or break your inbound marketing is link-building.

eSearch Logix, with an experienced team of marketers, a complete know-how of advanced and future-centric, customer-focused link-building strategies, and an approach toward bringing traction and attaining brand authority, provides comprehensive white-hat, manual link-building services.
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Why Link-Building is Important to Your Entire SEO Strategy & Online Success?

One Way Link Building

Reciprocal Link Building

Traffic Generating Links

Guest Blog Postings

Web Mentions

Advertorial Links

Product Review Links

No matter what anyone says or hear or reads, quality backlinks are still one of the most powerful ranking factors for attaining a higher rank. There are over hundreds of ranking factors that could affect your brand positioning online, however, link-building is one of the key aspects to be able to rank higher and improve brand visibility, reach, and inbound traffic. This is why, if you are not investing in value backlinks, you won’t be getting the result that you seek.

High-Authority Domain + Earned Backlink = Higher Rankings in SERPs

Even if you have a visually appealing website, robust on-page SEO implementation, great products and service profile, but what will be the benefit if no one knows about you and aren’t able to find you through search results. You need your brand exposure on search results; you need higher rankings so that you appear in front of them. Almost 90% of searchers do not move past the 1st page in result. This is where link building becomes a crucial aspect to your entire SEO strategy and online marketing.
  • Enhanced brand exposure
  • Improved discoverability by the search engines
  • Increase in keyword ranking on search result pages
  • Increase in SERPs ranking on Google and other search engines
  • Improved inbound traffic from search engine organic results
  • More referral traffic from other sites
  • Improvement in domain authority
  • Enhanced exposure in front of targeted audience that results in increased relevant inbound traffic
  • Improved sales and revenue
eSearch Logix focuses on creating a strategic approach toward link building that is fine-tuned with years of expertise and experience, to create each backlink of highest credibility with effective manual effort.


Best quality content creation, distribution, and promotion
Hand selected and manually created content
Links only from real and relevant high authority sites
Proven methods and link building techniques
Discovering the best link building methodologies to suit a particular business or industry
Best and reliable resources
Good link up with marketing and business partners
eSearch Logix team not just emphasize on making your business most visible over the Internet but let you gain maximum regarding revenue, reputation and rankings in the long term. If you wish to leap ahead in the online world, we will be pleased to assist you.

eSearch Logix – Working Towards Building Quality Backlinks With a Focus on High Domain Authority

Link building is a practice to promote and post your content on other sites to secure links back to your site pages. These act as a signal that tells users and search engines that the referred link contains valuable information related to a subject. These help the online users to navigate through to find more information corresponding to their needs. The more credible, trustworthy and popular the site is from where you are securing the backlink, the more helpful it becomes to provide you with enhanced business credibility, increased search result ranking and inbound traffic.
Links from high domain authority sites is what you need to drive expected results. High domain authority means the ranking score the particular site possesses to rank in search results corresponding to its overall quality, value to the users. While posting on any 3rd party site you can secure a backlink, but not all backlinks are equal in value and for driving intended result. Earning hundreds of backlinks from low-quality, or irrelevant sites will give you no value in result as compared to a few backlinks only from high authority, reputable, popular, and relevant sites that will boost the end result.
We, at eSearch Logix, looks at all the key factors apart from domain authority, including click-through rates (CTRs), local search rankings, page relevancy to determine our link building strategy.

White Hat Link Building - Our Core Expertise and Quality Approach

Of course there are ways to manipulate techniques to earn links. But those links remain only temporary and as search engines have become smart, such links can get penalized as well. The only right and effective way to build a strong backlink profile is by manual link building process compliant to Google and other search engine’s guidelines.

This is known as White-Hat link building, which is our core expertise. Our 100% approach to white-hat link building is crafted by reaching out to quality, high authority websites or pages which are relevant to your industry and business. Our thorough process and compelling tactic ensures that we receive organic, high-quality links from such sources to drive enhanced results. These white-hat links are what search engines love, and users prefer to navigate through.
It’s time to strengthen your link-building process and strategy - Work with experts who are proven to deliver unmatched bulk-building solutions!

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It’s time to strengthen your link-building process and strategy - Work with experts who are proven to deliver unmatched bilk-building solutions!
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How Does White-Hat Link-Building Works?

Plan ProcesS

The first and foremost thing is to understand what you are, what you do, who are your prospective customers, what market and geo-location you cover. We take into account everything related to your business and industry to define our approach.

Competitor Analysis

Link any other key SEO process, link-building also starts with looking at competitor link prospecting & segmentation and anchor gap analysis. This way we know how they are building links and from what sources to gain results.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the most important part of an SEO strategy, and rightly so are for link-building. You can plan your content creation, promotion and anchor text strategy based on what keywords you have to rank for.

Content Creation

No one is going to let you post your content on their site, let alone provide you with a backlink, if the content is not of great quality and relevancy. This is what our expert team of content writers excel at. They know how to write compelling, unique, informative and rich content that provides value to the users and search engines, through which backlink generation becomes all too natural.

Link and Anchor Text Profile

Right keywords at the right location ensures that your content is of good quality, in the right structure and format, and has higher chance of securing backlinks from high authority sites with improved referral traffic possibility.

Link Building Prospect

Potential websites and platforms are searched from where back links can be generated, after assessing their relevance and robustness.

Outreach Execution

Our SEO experts work through a detailed plan to approach them for content posting and link earning. We do research on backlinks and websites relevant to your industry, and then setup a link outreach campaign to generate link opportunities and collaboration for new quality link acquisitions. 

Link Tracking

A thorough list is created to keep track of from where the links have been earned, whom we have sent reports to, who are to target next, live links and all that.

Our Link Building Strategies

Creative & Robust Strategy

Right from keyword research to keyword optimization strategy that is data-driven, keyword mapping, and competitor analysis, we work with a step-by-step process to obtain quality backlinks without over-optimization. Our focus is on to create quality content that drives our link generation process.

Resource Link-Building

We assess other sites, identify linkable on-site assets, and furnish a request to create linkable new on-site assets that add value to them and earn us quality backlinks.

One-Way and Reciprocal Link-Building

One-way is a process through which we reach out to other sources, sites, marketers to allow us to post and earn a link, whereas reciprocal link-building means we offer them posting on our sites or other relevant sites through which they can generate a backlink.

Backlink Audits

What backlinks are working fine? What backlinks are potential danger (which are spam or someone has created maliciously to target you) that can get you penalized by search engines? A complete backlink audit helps us to identify valuable, weak, harmful backlinks, referring domains and more.

Convincing Outreach Process

Earning a manual backlink from a high authority and popular site is no easy task. We have created robust relationships with bloggers, industry leaders, webmasters, journalists and more, which we keep on adding, to open up more opportunities for backlink generation.

Niche Edits

Not just with a new content, but we can manually generate backlinks from an existing blog posts as well. This is known as niche edit approach, through which we reach out to websites and request them to allow us to add a valuable, contextual, authoritative backlink in the existing content, with complete white-hat tactic.

Broken Link Building

This is a practice through which you replace an existing link referring to a 404 page with a new, working and indexed page. Our timely audit process helps us to find such broken links, reclaim that again, by also developing and repurposing content that matches with the linked source.

Brand / Web Mentions

There are places and times when you would be mentioning your brand, or someone else would do. These include websites, as well as social media channels and more. This strategy helps to turn these unlinked mentions into worthy backlinks by contacting the author/platform and explaining them about the value of your links to both parties.

Local Sponsorship Campaigns

If you are targeting local market, then this strategy is highly effective in earning valuable backlinks. We employ creative strategies and approach to connect to the grassroots level campaigns in your local target market to get you more mentions that improves brand visibility and audience reach.

Social Media Link-Building Strateg

While this isn’t something that is a direct ranking factor, but you cannot overlook the value of user engagement and brand visibility that social channels provide. We develop creative posts, post them consistently on different social channels, drive engagement with your past, present and prospective customers, whereby improving your brand mentions across.
Link-building is not limited to what we have mentioned above. It is an evolving practice and may involve more practices also, like product review link, advertorial link, and more. We continually keep developing our strategies to implement a link-building strategy that works best for you.

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Who We Serve With Our Link-Building Services?

  • Business Owners – If you run an online business or plan to move to the web space, organic traffic is the most important traffic source for you. We provide complete solutions for business owners with our link-building strategies.
  • SEO Professionals – Whether you are part of an in-house team, a freelancer, or want someone else to handle your external link-building so that you can concentrate your time and energy on other activities, we are rightfully placed to provide you that support.
  • Marketers – We let marketers focus on what their core expertise is – marketing, by having the experts handling the link-building process for them. Our creative link generation strategy with their real world marketing efforts can work wonders to drive desirable results.
  • Agencies – Agencies have their hands tied to a lot of work. And this way stressing on the manual and effort taking task of link building can be stressful for them. We help them manage their process by delegating the link building process to experts like at eSearch Logix.

Why Partner with eSearch Logix for Link Building?

  • We work to maintain the highest quality standards, adhering to the best, white-hat SEO link building practices.
  • Link-building is a scalable effort that we have mastered in developing relationships across industries over the years.
  • We work towards creating quality, sustainable, pure thematic links that drive long-lasting positive results.
  • Link-building is a concept that can’t deliver results if the content is weak; which is our first priority to build the link building strategy.
  • Complete manual link building with precisely optimized anchor text placement.
  • No spam linking, and no paid linking.
  • We generate links only from reliable, high-authority and relevant sites.
  • We constantly put in efforts to discover best link building methodologies and work with proven techniques.
  • A robust relationship with business partners, marketers, and publishers that help us executive effective campaigns, and drive best results.
Establish Band Credibility – Improve Search Ranking and Inbound Traffic – We Help Improve Your Vote of Confidence from Reliable Sources
Skyrocket Your SEO Performance – Consult Us Now for White-Label Link Building Service!

Frequently Asked Questions (Linked Building)

What is a Link Building Service?

Link building is the practice of securing backlink from a relevant website, by posting your content on that site with an anchor text/keyword that is linked back to your site or webpage.

Why is Link Building so Important in SEO?

Google and other search engines assess multiples of ranking factors to rank a page or a site. And when you are being referred through a backlink from a high authority site, it is a signal denoting your expertise in that field. The more backlinks you have from a high authority and relevant website, the more authoritative your site will be in front of Google and other search engines. It helps to gain higher ranking, and draw more relevant inbound traffic.

What is Link Popularity?

Link popularity means how popular your website or a webpage is across the internet. It is measured by calculating how many high authority sites have backlinks directed toward your site. The more incoming high-quality links, the more link popularity your site will have.

What are White-hat or White-Label Backlinks?

Google bring changes to its search algorithm around 500–600 times in a year. We at eSearch Logix – a SEO Company in India work very closely with the Search Quality Guidelines, and we are a team of Forward Thinkers and adhered to the quality. We have a full proof record with zero penalties on any of our project even we helped few of the businesses with the penalties due to algorithmic changes and brought their websites back to track.

What SEO Company in India can Provide the Best Link Building Service?

That depends on a number of factors. How experienced they are in this field, whether they do manual and white-label link building completely, what techniques and methods they employ, and whether they keep themselves updated with the new trends and methodologies. In all these aspects, eSearch Logix scores on all accounts, whom you can trust to deliver you comprehensive and quality solutions.

What are the Most Effective Link Building Strategies?

For every business, an effective and best link-building strategy is specific to meet its certain requirements. It can’t be the same for two different businesses and brands. Link-building involves a lot of steps, planning and practices, and for each project, it has to be evaluated at each phase to ensure best practices are followed to generate the best results.

What is the Cost of Link Building Services?

That depends on how many keywords you are targeting, what is your objective and goal with link building, amongst other factors. It is also defined by whether you are looking for a specific link-building service or want that as a part of the whole SEO service. You can check the package and pick which you feel is right to meet your needs. Or you can consult us to create a custom plan for you.

What Type of Backlinks Will You Build for My Site?

We secure and generate all backlinks manually, and there are different types of backlinks earned depending on the platform or the resource we are generating the link from. Different types of links mean a diverse link profile, which is better for your site’s SEO.

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