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The authority which online review sites, forums, and social media channels commands in today’s competitive online environment defines how a brand is scoring on Online Reputation scale. These public-feed networks have become commonplace to talk about a brand and its services. How people air their views about a brand, and how a press article portrays a company, significantly influences the perception of the enterprise, and can impact how the brand fares on different public-conversation channels.

These networks and channels have grown tremendously in today’s age and presents new tasks and prospects for brands to work harder to keep an influential brand image with what content is being seen online.


Online brand reputation management is all about securing and restoring the proper standing of the brand’s name in front of the customers. The key is to manage online conversations, references and feedbacks which strengthen the company’s brand message and enhances prospective customer’s confidence and trust in the brand and augments profitability. An active profile and value-added image are essential to push strong brand message.

What happens online does have its roots linked to what happens offline; like – a complaint not being addressed properly will lead to the virtual rumor mill. So, it is important that such issues are handled and addressed instantly to the core.
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Consider online reputation as a parallel world to having a poor reputation in the real world. This will pinch, right?

No one will come to seek business with you. No will like to order from you. And you run the risk of low orders, bookings, and subscriptions being cancelled; all because of what is being said about you in the web world. And most of the time, you wouldn’t even be aware of such, but it will directly influence your business and brand appeal.

A poor online reputation will lead to the following:

  • Low trust from existing customers
  • No interest from future prospects
  • Low SEO performance and rankings
  • Low engagement with customers
  • Increase in marketing expense
  • Decrease in conversion and revenue
  • Low employee retention rate as well

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We live in a digital age where knowing about someone or something, especially a company isn’t hard. Just do an online search and you can explore a lot. The web field is so wide and as anybody can put in anything they want to say or write, it is hard to stop the rumor mongers from not posting or writing negatively about you.

It implies to all, whether you are an individual or a company, or a celebrity. This is where your brand or image protection and positive reputation come into play which has a crucial say in how you are being perceived by others.

Proactive Online Reputation Management Allows You to:

Maintain Your Image

No matter what business you are involved in, whether you are a large enterprise, or a small store, the way you are represented online has a direct say on your brand’s overall appeal. Online Reputation Management also becomes important not just to keep a clean image, but also to facilitate a positive relationship with the existing customers, whereby having the potential to generate new customers and new business scope.

Garner Positive Reviews

What a concerned buyer will do when shopping for a product? They will look to explore what others have to say about using that product. Statistics point out that almost 9 out of 10 customers read reviews before deciding on whether to buy a certain product or avail of a service. In fact, one-fourth of buyers feel confused about whether to proceed with shopping for a product or not if there aren’t any reviews. So, you know how impactful positive reviews from customers can be. And this is a core strategy of Online Reputation Management.

Appeal to Future Prospects

No one will come to you if the first few things they find about you during an online search talk negatively. Put yourself into customers’ shoes and you know that will be apprehensive about approaching a business or service if there is a lot of negative word being spread about them. This has a big say. Compare it to a brand about which people read only good things. Almost all the time they will be inclined to move to the latter one.

Enhance Customer Loyalty and CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)

‘Satisfied customers are one of the key success mantras for business today. Retaining and selling to them is 5-6 times cheap than acquiring new customers. You need to build trust with your existing clients. Online Reputation Management (ORM) helps to showcase how committed you are to keeping them happy and satisfied and working toward building a strong relationship with them.

Improve SEO Performance

In SEO, search engines do consider user value and brand image as key ranking factor. Thereby, if you are being presented negatively, it will directly impact the consumers’ trust in your business, which consequently will be taken note of by search engines, thus impacting your SEO performance. In fact, Google reviews are a key factor that defines Local SEO success and ecommerce SEO also. Online Reputation Management helps to integrate and amplify this segment for positive results.

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Monitor ORM
Just like we care about our individual value, we deliver the same philosophy to our clients and customers – Challenging complaints and negative reviews on several sources and creating positive threads which protect a brand’s image.
Monitor extensively – We listen, read what people are talking about your brand.
Diffuse crisis situation – We find what bothers the customer and take immediate action to rectify those perceptions.
Respond / challenge negative comments – We keep an eye on who says and what, react instantly to any negative feedback; politely address the issues, clear the air and portray the righteous image of the brand.
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Just like we care about our individual value, we deliver the same philosophy to our clients and customers - Challenging complaints and negative reviews on several sources and creating positive threads which protect a brand’s image.
Monitor customer sentiments and expressions on all virtual platforms.
Brand advocacy.
Challenge offensive contents.
Brand content management on forums, review sites, social channels.
Brand popularizing PR strategies.
Build robust and insightful online brand profile.
Proactive strategies towards customer response.
Online Reputation Management Strategy

Online Reputation Management (ORM) Lifecycle

Strategic execution of reputation management takes place with a defined and proper reputation control lifecycle.

Our custom-tailored ORM strategy, coupled with a meticulous approach helps us to address your online reputation management covering the key lifecycles:

  • Reputation Defence

This is to build a secure search result profile so that you are safe from possible threats and future concerns.

  • Emergency Management

This phase involves looking at the potential crisis situation and managing that. We take a deep look into viral news cycles and start working on downgrading them quickly.

  • Online Reputation Management

This phase is the core one, where the publishing of new and positive content is done, and negative news, reviews, and content is being buried down.

Our ORM Services - Comprehensive, Tactical, Result-Driven

Online Reputation Repair

Do you search yourself or your company and find something negative, and then scratch your head: “How do I get it removed from Google search?”, or “How do I remove the negative mentions online?” Well, you may find that puzzling, but our ORM experts know how to repair and mitigate the damages from such negative posts. We work through contacting Google, other sites, platforms, and sources to request them to take down the fake and offensive comments, as well as employ other methods.

White-Label ORM

Proactive and legitimate methods to improve your and your client’s online reputation, which brings long-lasting change and helps protect the reputation online. We work through a structured process with our Online Reputation Management that helps take care of your online mentions, while you keep your focus on your core business.

Reviews Monitoring & Management

Reviews are one of the most important social signals for a brand and an individual. Even a single negative review can have a wholesome bad impact and effect. We work by analyzing the fake reviews and getting them deleted. We segment actual negative reviews, assess the customer sentiment, and proceed with a compelling response that helps to solve their issue and convince them to delete the negative review. Not only Google reviews, but our ORM process includes review monitoring and response through all the review sites and platforms, ecommerce product listings, and social channels.

Positive Review Generation

We not only help take down the negative reviews but initiate an effective Online Reputation Management process that generates more positive reviews from your customers. Remember, not having good reviews is also bad for your brand. Thereby, we implement an engagement process with your customers, through different mediums, request them to share their experience, and help you address unsatisfied customers right away so that you get appreciation from all.

SEO Reputation Management

For effective online growth, your SEO has to be strong. An effective ORM is a core drive that pushes beneficial SEO results. We incorporate and implement multiple SEO elements and methods that take into concern the key factors that affect user experience and search ranking signals.

Survey Management

We time and again help create and publish brand surveys for your business that gives us an insight into consumer behavior, their expectations, and what they are seeking from your product or service. This is a beneficial step in Online Reputation Management which helps us and the client to create actionable strategies to meet the client’s expectations, improve engagement, and thus drive positive responses from them.

Social Media Influence

The better your presence is on social media channels, the more effective your online visibility, brand exposure, and customer engagement is. We work towards improving social media followers, creating engaging campaigns, and timely and regularly responding to your present customers and future prospects to enhance your positive online presence. For your Online Reputation Management, you cannot overlook the benefit of social channel engagement.

Online Reputation Management for Corporates

Large enterprises and corporate can get severely affected by negative and damaging content and mentions about them online. Our corporate reputation management ORM service enables us to dig deep into what is affecting your image online and implement steps to mitigate the risks and develop trust.

Online Reputation Management for Entities

Celebrities are one of the most affected people, whose image can take a big dent with negative reviews. Whether you are a popular celebrity or a prominent name in your field, our ORM service will help to build your positive image. Apart from that our ORM services also benefit specific businesses like Hotels & Restaurants reputation, Hospital reputation, and much more. Our online reputation management is planned, crafted, and executed to specifically help these entities’ customers, clients, employees, stakeholders, and such.

eSearch Logix - Our Online Reputation Management Process

Our ORM process is well-crafted and proven, and includes the following steps:

Reputation Monitoring

The first step is to find the existing negative material about your brand, your products, and everything related to you. We implement a methodology that keeps a stern check on what is being written and updated and where.


Right from responding proactively to negative comments, and perceptions, to working on a strategy that turns unsatisfied customers into happy ones, along with promoting positive content, our ORM approach is about fair and timely engagement.

Improve Accessibility

We devise methods and ways to ensure that you become more customer-friendly, relating to how accessible you are, what interface is best for engagement, and more.

Promote New Content

An effective strategy of Online Reputation Management is to promote positive content, write brand-improving content, create and manage social profiles, along with engaging actively across different web platforms that include social channels, blogs, forums, and more.

Who Our Online Reputation Management Service is For?

We have helped clients from across different fields and industries improve their online image and reputation with custom-tailored ORM strategies:
  • Enterprise Companies
  • Executives
  • Corporates
  • CEOs
  • B2B Category Leaders
  • Prominent Leaders in their Specific Fields
  • And more

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Dedicated ORM Service to Lead You to a Constructive Brand Positioning

Your business may be at the probable receiving end of customer’s wrath on social media channels, forums, and review sites - You need to make sure that your customers keep happy with your services and products, and the user-generated feedback is all positive and brand-building.

This all is possible with comprehensive and strategic Online Reputation Management.

It’s time to put your focus towards your brand conversations - Build a positive and responsive brand image!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Online Reputation Management? Why is this Important?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the practice to improve the brand image of a business, an entity, or an individual by downing misleading, fake negative reviews, posts, and mentions, promoting positive content, and implementing techniques according to search engine guidelines and internet algorithms.

ORM is important as negative views or mentions can change the perception of you and your brand in front of your existing and potential customers and clients. This leads to a fall in search result rankings, inbound traffic, and overall revenue generation. ORM helps to change the way your brand is viewed or perceived by others, which also affects SERP rankings.

How to Use Online Reputation Management?

There is a procedure or steps of phases by which ORM practice is used or implemented:
• The first is to identify what is present on the internet about you and your brand, on your site, social channels, as well as different platforms like review sites, and so.
• Monitor the brand mentions as well as keep a tab on what is being said, and take adequate action immediately.
• Respond to negative reviews, rectify the issue, and turn them into positive customers who delete the negative views and post only positive things about your brand.
• Request Google and other platforms where the fake negative content is present, to have that deleted.
• Implement SEO practices following the guidelines to improve the ORM results.
• Encourage positive customer reviews.
• Leverage public relations for improving the overall positive influence of the brand.
• Write and promote positive content.

What is Online Reputation Monitoring?

Online Reputation Monitoring, a part of ORM practice, is the state where what is written and said about you and your brand is being monitored. It helps to find out, and identify what wrong is being written about, where it is being posted, and how frequently it happens. It ensures to keep track of anything as such and take immediate action to rectify that.

What Affects one’s Online Reputation?

There are not one but many things or factors that can affect your online reputation:
• What business you are in
• How good and effective is your customer service
• Your content, visibility
• Whether your competitors off to using any malicious activity to harm your image
This is where if you see your online reputation being affected or you are increasingly experiencing negative content, a fall in ranking, and traffic, you need to opt for Online Reputation Management services.

How to Protect Online Reputation?

• You have to know that the web is an open field and anyone can write about you, so you have to keep a check on that.
• When something is written or said online, it is not temporary.
• When creating your profiles on different platforms, mark these as private.
• Ensure to never post anything offensive, inappropriate, or provocative in any manner.
• Do not respond to any inapt request.
• Keep checking your different profiles to know if something negative is being said about you and why.
• Always respond to customer reviews, especially if it is negative, try to find out why they are dissatisfied and take all steps to rectify their problem and create a positive influence so they post positively about you.

How Should I Clean My Online Reputation?

• First and foremost see what negative and fake is out there online about you and your brand. Do a thorough search on Google, other search engines, and social channels as well.
• Have negative reviews and content deleted by contacting the one who posted that, or by requesting the platform if that negative news is fake?
• Lock down all pages containing your profiles and key information.
• Write and promote positive, good new content to down the negative content.
All of this is something that you would not be an expert at. This is where opting for an Online Reputation Management service becomes crucial to help you in enhancing your brand image, which is key to your overall success.

How Online Reputation Management Services are Different from Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

ORM can be said to be related to SEO or can also be defined as a part of SEO. The techniques used in ORM are similar to many used in SEO. However, the objective of Online Reputation Management is different. While SEO focuses on gaining higher search result ranking and generating increased inbound traffic and revenue, ORM focuses on pushing down the negative content and enhancing the positive content to build a positive image of the brand, individual, or company.

How do I Remove Negative Content from Search Results?

Yes, you can have that removed. But in certain cases only. Like when there is a fake review or misleading content you can contact the platform to have that removed. Also, if some discontented customer has posted negative about you, you can contact them, address their issue and have the negative content removed.

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