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Pay Per Click Management Services
You would have noticed yellow labeled sponsored advertisements at the top of the Google search during your search query. These results are pay-per-click advertising results. Like Google, other search engines also offer sponsored ad listing for site owners.

eSearch Logix is known for its skilled Pay Per Click Services which helps you from Setting up your Campaign to regular Management to generate maximum relevant paid traffic and ROI. We are a team of Google Adwords Certified Partners giving best results concerning targeted audience, sales, and ROI by managing PPC Campaigns of our customers regularly from around the globe.

It’s the time now to boost up your keywords over the web or Google and get their ads visible to your potential customers online. But paying for every click on your selected keywords is the deal that every business has to follow-up!



Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an online marketing strategy that is used for generating more clicks on the website by targeted audience. This mode of online marketing gives instant results and enhances more possibilities to turn clicks on the website or keyword into valuable business leads. The owner has to pay for each click done on the ad and for optimization of the Ad over the web for taking it at the top position of the Google’s listing.

We are an ideal stop to get an advanced level of Pay-Pay-Click (PPC) Marketing Services that includes Google Adwords, Bing Adcenter, Facebook Marketing, and LinkedIn. We develop the finest PPC campaign for the website or its keywords and promote them through recommended search engines and social media sources to drive more clicks. Also, our PPC experts will improvise those clicks to get them turned into business leads. Thus, we help many businesses across the world to earn more through online mode by adopting our unmatched Pay-Per-Click services. If done with proper research, perspective goal understanding, and strategic implementation, PPC can provide higher growth realization for businesses, directed at maximizing the full marketing potential.
Along with Pay Per Click, the paid advertising model also includes:
CPM – Cost Per Mille (In general terms – Cost Per Thousand Impressions). With this, the site owner pays the publisher for every thousand impressions.
CPA – Cost Per Acquisition. Hereby, the payment is made only after a conversion has been achieved, or in other words, the acquisition has been delivered through the advert.

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We, eSearch Logix are highly skilled Pay Per Click Management Planner and are offering a result-oriented PPC Management Services to our valued clients worldwide. We are committed to achieving a faster conversion rate and ROI (Return On Investment) for every click on your ads targeted on any particular keywords. For this, we set up the best PPC campaigns for our client’s website and promote their ads at the top position in the list of Google search.

To achieve this goal, we have a team of Certified PPC Management Experts, who have the wealth of experience in search engine marketing strategy. They use exclusive AdWord tools or System for the advertisement of the client’s website or its selected keywords and drive much traffic for them quickly. We manage the PPC campaign of our customers with a firm dedication and deliver the best worth of their investment done with us. Our PPC marketing professionals always keep eyes on the promotion of your keywords over the Google search and ensure for the better outcome in a short span.

Our unique Pay Per Click Marketing Strategies, are renowned for instant results that will be positive enough to give you worth more than your investment for each click done on the selected keywords. We design your PPC campaign creatively and transparently that will be clearly visible to you and online visitors as well. We take care of all Pay-Per-Click marketing activities systematically to drive more traffic to your website and its keywords to return the best results of ROI.

We help all the small to large level enterprises to manage their online businesses by creating a market driven PPC campaign to get the highest clicks on their websites and turn them into useful business leads to earning more.

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Quick Result Strategy
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an excellent search engine marketing technique that gives you immediate results for your business leads to boost up your trade online. Here eSearch Logix helps you with the most typical part of PPC Management by setting up your campaign and make it reaching the target audience.
Useful in Earning More, but Pay Less
Pay-Per-Click activities also ensure you get the best result for ROI. But make sure, your ad or campaign is designed impressively. Finally, it’s the right online marketing strategy to earn more by paying less. You will never spend more than you’re getting, sales would always be higher, so it is a way to keep things in control with your allowed budget.
Always Cost-Effective
PPC is very cost-effective for any business, here you only pay when anyone clicks on your ad, and you can easily define your target audience for your ads with the primary control of amount you want to spend, you can set your per day budget as per your marketing plannings. Advertisers can identify their marketing-specific keywords in the auction, create their keywords groupings, and decide on their spending amount.
Generating Immense Traffic For The Website
The powerful Pay-Per-Click Strategies help you get more and more traffic on your website for specific keywords targeted. It totally depends on you that where, when and to whom you want to show your ads on the specified per day budget. With PPC you can even set time, date, and specific locations to get your ads appear to get most out of your investment.
Gets The High-Level Online Visibility
It’s a useful digital marketing strategy that is reliable to visualize your brand at the top positions in the ad listing of the leading search engines like Google. PPC not only drives relevant and targeted traffic with the help of ads but also gives your business a brand recognition by showing your ads on industry related keywords searched by users.
Open Opportunities For Other Channels
You get rich reports from Google Adwords with details on converting keywords, conversion, CTR, budget and more. SEO team can filter a list of keywords converting very well and target those keywords with SEO Campaign for more traffic and sales from Organic Sources like Google free listing.


We are a team of Google Adwords Certified professionals serving the number of customers around the world and making businesses successful. Many startups started with a small budget are now spending and earning incredible sales with the help of our PPC Management Services.
The most popular PPC platform, Google Adwords is leveraged by several leading industry names as well as small businesses and individuals to improve their marketing efforts and reach to a wider audience base. All in all, PPC is an ideal online marketing strategy that works, if being implemented adequately!
PPC Approach


We, at eSearch Logix, create PPC plans that are formulated with extensive research and objective analysis of the market trend, along with proficient understanding of the keyword phrases and bidding process. We design adverts that are highly effective, concise & well within the specified budget-limit.
Advanced and methodical keyword research – insight into new keyword prospects, potential keyword mapping, relevant keyword phrasing, forward-thinking search behaviors, with full industry awareness.
Evaluation of the key areas and themes to develop ads which are target-oriented & traffic conversion based, and less costly.
Efficient campaign management – Splitting ad groups for improvement in click-through rate (CTR) & quality score, determining and sidelining the negative keywords, and expanding the keyword base with insightful market research.
We develop an ongoing online strategy calibrating and modifying PPC campaigns, along with strategic improvement in bidding and budget factors and performance metrics.
We create location-based PPC campaigns, geographically placing keyword targeted ads, coupled with mobile targeting.
We provide a comprehensive and structured bidding management system, directed at maximizing major PPC advertising platform solution.
We provide ready-to implement campaign strategy, keeping ourselves updated with emerging technologies & market inclinations.
We conduct competitive research to enhance the overall strategic implementation and performance.
We monitor results continuously with monthly reporting on campaign performance, providing useful recommendations.
We target right customers with right advertisement placement, analyzing audience sub-divisions.
We conduct comprehensive account audit and restructuring.
We recommend creative marketing campaign for higher ROI (Return On Investment) at reduced advertising cost.


PPC Services
Suitable for all types of businesses – Large or small, across all industry domains.
Instant reach helps to grow customer base proficiently.
Faster implementation of marketing campaigns – execute efficiencies for enhanced reach.
Make your brand more valuable and quantifiable, leading to increased profits and business growth.
Create improved leads at lesser costs, ideating your business concept effectively and efficiently.

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