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Responsive Website Designing


If you run a website for your business, you must have accessed it from different devices – Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet; right?

Does it render well across all devices? Or is it optimized to load equally on all the devices? If not, then you are losing out on a lot of visitors and customers.

For your site visitors to access your site content seamlessly across any device and find what they are looking for easily and quickly, you need a responsive website design – Also known as a mobile-friendly website.

eSearch Logix – Your Preferred Partner for Developing Responsive Websites

Equipped with the complete know-how of responsive web technologies, and having a knack for creating attractive web solutions, we develop inspired, fully optimized responsive website designs. We create solutions that are fully mobile-friendly and load fast and flawlessly across any device and browser.

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Responsive Website Designing

What is Responsive Website Design?

In simpler words, responsive website design means your site loads and looks the same across all devices – Be it a desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or even a smart TV. Responsive or mobile-friendly website design means the site and content layout is adjusted automatically depending on the screen size of the device the site is accessed on. This optimized viewing experience means users can scroll through the page, navigate the pages, find the information they want, and take action equally efficiently on the site across any device.

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Why Do You Need Responsive Website Design for Your Site?

In today’s times, people access websites and online content through any device they prefer, and this means they could either visit your URL through their desktop, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or even a smart TV. Within all these device categories, the screen size also differs.

While you might have an amazing desktop business site, what good it will be for you if most of your target customers visit businesses like yours through their smartphones and your site isn’t optimized for mobile devices? Full-sized PCs, laptops to palm-sized smartphones, when your site is optimized to be viewed across any device the same, you are able to attract more and more people to your site and increase your conversion chances.

Responsive Website Design
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Benefits of Responsive Website Design

Your website should appear the same across all those in order to catch visitors’ attention and provide them with the solution they have visited your site for – A significant step that could convert them into paying customers.

SEO-Friendly for Improved Search Result Ranking

Google now follows mobile-first indexing, which means it indexes those sites first that are optimized for mobile devices. This consequently means mobile-friendly or responsive websites have a much better chance of ranking higher in search engine result pages than those sites which aren’t responsive.

One Solution for All Devices – Saves Time and Money

Earlier, before the concept of responsiveness, businesses were required to design and develop different site versions to target multiple-device accessibility. However, now with responsive website design, you only need to create a single site that would be optimized to render specific to different screen sizes – It helps save a lot of time, effort, and cost.

Target Maximum Audience

Some people prefer to visit online and access sites on their laptops, and desktops, while some prefer to do all the online activity on their smartphones, or tablets. When your site is accessible across all devices, you are able to target all those segments of the audience, which means better business prospects.

Faster Site Load Speed

Static websites redirect users from a desktop to a mobile version which takes a lot of time. But with responsive websites, which are dynamic, there is no redirection time frame and so it loads quickly across any screen.

Develops Brand Consistency

A responsive or mobile-friendly website means all the brand and design elements appear well and the same across all the different devices. This ensures consistency and enables a smooth, easy-to-access design layout that people as well as search engines love.

Improves Conversion Rates

At present, more than half of online visitors prefer mobile devices. That means most of your target audience is accessing online information on the go. They also don’t want to redirect to a specific-device page for taking any action, like filling out a form. If you have a responsive website then you enable better engagement, which improves the conversion rate.

Our Responsive Website Designing Services

Responsive UI/UX Design

We ensure a seamless UX and UI experience with customized layouts, optimized font size, and images, along with page load speed that delivers a fast responsive design capability.

Grid Based Design

Flexible or fluid, we are able to create bespoke gird-based design layout that ensures smooth navigation, and optimized placement of page elements, thereby enabling scalable design theme.

Mobile-First Design Approach

We know how Google places importance on mobile-first indexing. Therefore, our design approach is always to create a front-end design element that renders your site adapted and adjusted to any screen size.

Page Element Design

From optimizing graphics and videos to load fast without compromising on the quality, to deploying relevant pop-ups wherever applicable, laid out site navigation, call-to-action buttons, widgets, padding, and white space alignment, we ensure you achieve maximum results with a smooth user experience and improved engagement.

eCommerce Responsive Website Design

The design aspects of an eCommerce website differ from a standard website. Focusing on all the key aspects that include forms, CTAs, product images, easy, fast, and secured checkout, and much more, we ensure your online store is accessed similarly delivering enhanced shopping experience across all devices.

Migration to Responsive Design

Want to convert your static website to a responsive site design, or want to convert PSD to a responsive site? We have the right solution for you, without letting any downtime or change in the design layout to your site.

What is Responsive Website Design?

How We Create a Fully-Functional Responsive Website Design Compatible Across All Browsers, All Devices?

HTML and CSS Design

Responsive website designs are created using HTML & CSS only. HTML is used for content, while CSS is used for the design functionality of the page. It helps to create web pages that don’t leave out any information to fit into smaller or different screen sizes. It enables resizing, shrinking, enlarging, hiding, or moving the content flawlessly on all devices.

Multiple Approaches to Responsive Website Design

  • Media Queries

This one is a CSS technique that defines specific styles for the page elements with respect to different browser sizes. This is an important aspect of all responsive design layout processes and one of the core aspects of our approaches.

  • Deploying CSS Grid Layout

CSS grid layout allows creating flexible layouts that resize to fit the screen size, instead of fixed-width layout containers. The responsive grid view makes use of 12 columns with 100% width, which automatically adjusts the percentage to the available device screen space.

  • Viewport Meta Tag

It means adding ‘viewport’ in the <meta> tag that instructs the browser on adjusting the scaling and dimensions of the page according to the device.

  • Responsive Fonts & Images

Typography can be optimized to be responsive using the ‘vw’ unit. And the images are optimized to be responsive by setting their widths to 100%. Along with that, the HTML ‘Picture’ tag also allows the picture element to have its own media query, for adjusting according to the screen size.

Our Process


Project Discovery

The project kicks off with us getting a note of all regarding your project, its requirement, your vision, and purpose.



We define what technology, technique and methods have to be implemented, lay out the blueprint, and allocate the resources.


Design Process

We start by determining the initial look and feel, UI and UX, features, and functionality, and then create the prototype.


Develop & Deploy

Once the prototype is approved, and all the necessary changes (if required) are done, we develop the final design framework, which is then deployed to render a fully functional website.

Why Do You Need Responsive Website Design for Your Site?

  • We always focus on end-result and create a website design that is intended for target users in priority, created just as you want, and delivered on time always.
  • We create visually stunning design frameworks that are unique and brand-centric.
  • Our end results are website designs that are fully responsive, fast loading, and SEO-optimized.
  • Our designers emphasize each and every minute to major detail concerning layout, typography, imagery, color, sequencing, and all.
  • We implement and work with an agile method so as to ensure a flexible, smooth, and seamless process wherein we can adapt to changes, scopes, and client needs effortlessly.
  • We are backed by over 10+ years of website designing services, creating amazing, user-centric, result-oriented designs successfully for all types of businesses and industries.

Responsive Website Design FAQs

What is Responsive Website Design?
A website that is accessed fully and well across any device is termed a responsive or mobile-friendly website. A responsive design means the layout and elements of the webpage that adjusts according to the available screen size, particularly to the browser and the device the site is accessed on.
What are the Benefits of Responsive Website Design?
• Responsive or mobile-friendly websites rank well in search engine results as Google follows a mobile-first indexing approach.
• You don’t need to develop different versions of your site. Only one site that is responsive across all devices, which saves time and money.
• Responsive websites load fast, provide the same brand element consistency across devices, and improve conversion rate.
How Long It Will Take to Create My Responsive Website Design? How Much It Will Cost?
This depends on your project scope, your business, the platform the website has to be designed and developed, and other specific requirements that you have. For detailed clarity on this, you can contact us either through mail or on call and we will answer your queries thoroughly.
Why Do Businesses Need Responsive Website Design?
Not all people access sites through their desktops or laptops. Some prefer to browse on their mobile phones or tablet. If your site is rendered well across all the devices then more and more people are able to access your site conveniently, which means more reach to the target audience and increased business growth.
Do You Create SEO-Friendly Responsive Websites?
Yes, our entire website design and development approach is geared toward creating search-friendly websites. We implement mobile-friendliness and SEO-friendliness methods to provide you with maximum benefits.
What if I Want to Convert My Already Existing Website into a Responsive One?
Yes, you can have your already present website converted into a responsive one. We can turn your website into a responsive one keeping the layout, content, and all other elements intact.

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