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An NCR-based digital marketing agency, we are your search engine optimization and marketing experts, offering quality and practised service support for the best SEO solutions.

  • 1000+ Delhi Based Businesses Served Successfully
  • 3X Revenue Generation
  • 90% Local Delhi Related Keywords Ranked on 1st Page in Google

Delhi - A Fast-Growing Commercial Hub

The Indian capital city has a rich history and a mix of cosmopolitan and traditional essence. In recent years, Delhi, along with the surrounding cities (NCR), has catapulted into a progressive tech and IT hub that caters to local, national, and international businesses. And with a large consumer base, there is no doubt that Delhi offers a prime reason for businesses to invest and grow their businesses.

However, standing out from the crowd isn’t an easy shot for businesses. You need experts at your side who can drive your business forward and make you stand out from the crowd.

For this, you need a strong digital presence, which eSearch Logix has done time and again.

SEO Company Delhi

Why You Need Services from an Expert Delhi SEO Agency?

You have got a business – it’s online – and you want to target Delhi-based consumers? We help you rank on top locally, nationally and globally so that you get improved traffic and generate more sales.

Getting ranked on top in Google search results is a prime target for any business having an online presence. While it may sound simple, it isn’t so. Compliance with Google’s algorithm, making your site discoverable, leaping ahead of the competitors, and attracting traffic – All these requirements demand effort and skill.

Will you do that yourself or would you entrust a professional for this? Of course, a qualified and professional SEO consultant is better placed to provide you with desired results. They are in the know-how of all the ins and outs of digital marketing and understand what techniques and steps to take to counter the business growth challenges.

Contact the leading digital marketing company in Delhi now – Give your brand the position it deserves!

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eSearch Logix – Your Trusted Delhi SEO Company with Over a Decade of Experience

We Specialize in Optimization Services for Delhi-Based Business to Match Their Needs

We Understand Your Business Better

As an entity situated in the same region as you, you can rest assured that we have a better understanding of your business. We can precisely understand your industry, your business scope, growth challenges, and all things related. Just consider consulting an SEO company, say, based in the UK. Will they be better able to understand you or us, having a presence in the same demographics as you?

We Know Your Audience, Their Demographics

In today’s competitive SEO landscape, it is important to understand your target customer base, which helps to create personalized optimization and marketing strategies. This becomes a key aspect, separating you from the competitors. We are at a better position to understand your target audience’s customer persona, which helps us effectively in refining our SEO process.

We Create Native Solutions for You

Do you want to discuss something important? Want to meet us personally? Feel better at communicating in your own language. Want the site to reflect a native and local feel? You will find us way better at handling these intricacies than anyone else.

Get Locally Ranked in Delhi - Consult Us for SEO Services

Imagine if you are a local restaurant based in Delhi. And you know how much people search locally for such businesses. What if you rank on top in Google results for your business category? You would continuously get queries for booking and reservation. The cash flow will improve. Your reputation will grow. This is what we, as your expert SEO service provider in Delhi, can do for your business.

Whether you are brick and mortar store optimizing for online search to grow footfall, a local service provider, or a large entity that wants a tactical approach to target Delhi consumers, we have right solutions for all.

For businesses targeting local, the scope is enormous, and so is the competition. Almost all of your target audience would depend on Google and other search engines to search for local information, make a purchase and get to know about the brand.

We work with a strategized local SEO process, optimize the best keywords and adopt agile methods to help you stand ahead of your competitors.

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Explore Our SEO Packages

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Moderate Competitive
20 Keywords
30 Pages Optimized
Onpage Optimization
Offpage Optimization
Competitors Analysis
Weekly Updates
2 Blogs/Mo
2 Articles/Mo
1 PR Per Mo
1 Premium PR/Mo
1 Guest Post/Mo
Social Media Posts
Website Consultation
Core Web Vitals
Blog Setup


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40 Keywords
60 Pages Optimized
Onpage Optimization
Offpage Optimization
Competitors Analysis
Weekly Updates
4 Blogs/Mo
4 Articles/Mo
2 PR Per Mo
2 Premium PR/Mo
2 Guest Post/Mo
Social Media Posts
Website Consultation
Core Web Vitals
Blog Setup


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Large Websites/Ecomm.
80 Keywords
100 Pages Optimized
Onpage Optimization
Offpage Optimization
Competitors Analysis
BiWeekly Updates
8 Blogs/Mo
8 Articles/Mo
4 PR Per Mo
2 Premium PR/Mo
4 Guest Post/Mo
Social Media Posts
Website Consultation
Core Web Vitals
Blog Setup


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Advanced SEO/All Size
Upto 200 Keywords
Sitewide Optimization
Onpage Optimization
Offpage Optimization
Competitors Analysis
Daily Updates
14 Blogs/Mo
12 Articles/Mo
6 PR Per Mo
3 Premium PR/Mo
6 Guest Post/Mo
Social Media Posts
Website Consultation
Core Web Vitals
Blog Setup


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Detailed Plan Comparision

Not Just Local – We Help You Grow Nationally and Globally

There are thousands and thousands of businesses based in Delhi-NCR. Not all businesses sell and serve locally only. And as a premier digital marketing agency, we aren’t limited to just one aspect.

Whether you want to cover a few more cities or states or want to cover national and international audiences, we will craft strategies and provide tailored SEO services that will help you reach where you want to.

Our skilled, qualified and expert resources are well-equipped to implement SEO services particular to your business goals, industry type, target audience, and market.


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SEO Services We Provide


We analyse your site’s overall optimization health. We conduct a thorough procedure to know how SEO-friendly the site elements are, including keyword optimization, navigation, titles and headings, meta tags, content, backlink and more. This helps to identify the factors we have to work on.

Keyword Analysis

No SEO implementation can be done without defining keywords. These are the search terms and phrases your target audience is using to find information related to your business. We compile a list of keywords that would be most beneficial for your site optimization and marketing, including high-volume, competitive keywords, location-based keywords and more.

Competitor Analysis

You aren’t the only one business in your industry. There would be many that would be vying to attract your target audience, and some would be much better at that. We analyse their SEO strategies, keywords they target, approach they take, to define opportunities that we can benefit with.

On-Page Optimization

Page titles, tags, alt tags, keyword optimization, page structure, URL structure, page content, and there is much more that is done to craft the website as a whole, to make it SEO-friendly. On-page or on-site optimization helps the site become better at being crawled by the websites for the relevant search queries by the users.

Technical Optimization

This is the technical element optimization which includes code-level improvement, sitemap, CDN, schema, page load speed optimization, core web vital optimization and much more; all that helps to make the site’s technical structure strong and as per Google guidelines.

Local SEO

Right from claiming your Google My Business (GMB) profile to updating your business information on local citations and increasing positive reviews and feedback, we help get your business listed and ranked on top in local search queries with the help of our Local SEO Services.

Content Optimization

Based on keywords to target, we optimize the site content with rich, informative and relevant keywords that address searcher’s queries, match their intent and are unique. We optimize keywords strategically and naturally to improve the ranking probability. Our native writers are experts at creating content that your audience will engage with in a better way.


Content marketing and link building go hand-in-hand. This is what off-page SEO revolves around mainly. Other elements of off-site SEO include brand mentions, outreach, and customer engagement on multiple channels, including social media. For content marketing, we include blogs, articles, PR, and other marketing materials to enhance your brand’s reach across different channels. We manually earn backlinks from high-authority websites that help to improve the brand’s popularity and increase ranking and traffic.

Online Reputation

We all know how a single negative impression can affect the overall brand’s reputation. A better online reputation is directly proportional to higher brand credibility, ranking and inbound traffic. Our ORM tactics include finding out and removing fake negative feedback and reviews, spam, and illegal links, while also promoting positive responses.

Benefits You Gain Working with the Premier Delhi SEO Company

Almost two-thirds of website traffic is generated from organic search results. And almost 90% of the online experience starts with a search query on a search engine. SEO helps you gain visibility in front of these searchers, providing you with free and qualified traffic.
Search Engine Optimization will prove beneficial for you in many ways:

Improved Ranking and Traffic

We guarantee to rank your keywords on the 1st page of Google search results. The better your ranking is, the improved your inbound website traffic.

White-Hat or Ethical SEO

Manual SEO is time taking and requires a lot of effort. However, the results are long-lasting. It is what Google recommends, or else you risk inviting penalties and negative consequences. We use 100% white-hat SEO techniques only.

Increase in Calls, Enquiries and Leads

When you target local businesses in your region, more phone calls and enquiries lead to better conversion. You can rest assured that you will have more qualified leads working with us.

Why eSearch Logix?

Why choose us as your Delhi SEO agency to work with? What makes us better than other SEO service providers? We have a long list of reasons to validate this:

We Don’t Stop Until You are on 1st page

Almost 70% of people don’t check the 2nd page of search results. This becomes more critical when people are using mobile devices to search for info online and are more inclined to check options on the first page only. You can rest assured that we won’t stop until we take you forward, positioning you on the first page.

We Rank Most Local Keywords on the First Page

We have time and again proven our expertise and skills in ranking local business keywords on the first page. The fact that we rank almost 90% of local keywords on the first page speaks volumes about how we can help your business grow and achieve desired results.

Award-Winning Company

We have been awarded by the top names in the industry multiple times, which shows our consistency and underlines how creative and result-oriented we have been over the years. We have been featured in multiple media outlets.

Trained, Skilled and Qualified Team

We aren’t just the best at using the most suitable and advanced technologies but also boast of a team that is highly skilled and eager to do a step better each time. They will take care of your SEO process fully and will adopt strategies and methods to deliver the best possible results.

Affordable Pricing & Packages

We understand the competitive landscape is for businesses situated in Delhi or those targeting Delhi-based consumers. Even a single penny spent is critical for you. We have created pricing and packages after deliberate research to enable businesses, small to mid-size and large, get the best results from SEO service while spending within their budget.

We Stay Up-to-Date with Trends

While you gain the best Delhi-based SEO results, we are more than where we stay. We follow the finest and latest international SEO trends and combine the most effective and fruitful techniques to help you grow, whether locally, nationally or internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Hire an SEO Company Delhi?
If you are Delhi based business, then opting for a local SEO company will mean that you will better understand your business structure and your growth prospects. Even for businesses that target global audiences, a quality SEO company will utilize resources, tools and technologies to provide you with the best results. One of the best reasons to hire an SEO company in Delhi is that you get affordable support and support from qualified and skilled experts.
How Would You Rank My Local Business in Delhi?
First and foremost, as a Delhi-based SEO agency, we will be quite in the know-how of what you do, whom you target and where your market reach should be. We will adopt strategic local SEO methods to help you leap ahead of your competitors. A deep understanding of your target audience’s customer persona will enable us to create personalized and more successful optimization and marketing approaches.
What is the Best Delhi SEO Agency?
We have been engaged in delivering SEO services for over 12 years. We are situated in the heart of the NCR. We are transparent and honest in what we do. As a Delhi-based agency, we know what it will take to get your business forward and grow, implementing the key steps that most overlook. Our service, quality process, data-driven approach, adept resources and continuous learning and evolving method, along with proven results make us your best SEO company in Delhi.
What SEO Services Do You Provide?
We provide complete SEO services to all types and sizes of businesses, including eCommerce, service-based, manufacturing and all others. Whether you are locally based, targeting local consumers, or an international brand looking to promote their Delhi-based portal, we provide complete solutions.

Our SEO services include On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, technical SEO, Local SEO, content marketing, link-building and much more.
Is it Worth Paying an SEO Company?
You are experts in what you do. And SEO professionals are experts in what they do. SEO is a complex and ongoing process. And SEO is a must when you want to leapfrog the stiff competition in your industry. Investing in quality SEO will result in multiple times the revenue for you.
How Much Will SEO Cost Me in Delhi?
That depends on what SEO service you are looking for. Are you a local business? Is your target audience segmented? What business or industry do you deal in? What type of SEO service do you want? These and there are many more factors that define the right SEO pricing. You can check our different SEO packages and pick from those. If you want a customized package then we can also create that for you.

Let us help you grow your traffic

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