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In today’s digital age, if you want your business to thrive, reach more customers, and outdo your competitors, you have to take advantage of technology and utilize the power of the Internet. By accessing the Internet, consumers get a fast and convenient way of connecting to businesses they wish to transact with. If your business is easily accessible through search engines, imagine the increase in inquiries, bookings, sales, and foot traffic you can get on a weekly or monthly basis. This is why local SEO services are a non-negotiable must-have in your list of digital marketing strategies.

As a local business owner, we understand that you want to capture many potential leads and customers online and offline. We know how tough it is to compete with big brands and multiple providers offering similar products or services that you have. With eSearch Logix, we will help you establish and boost your online presence through comprehensive and strategically-planned local SEO services.

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is a proven strategy that will help you propel your business forward and bring customers right to your doorstep. As experts in this field, we will utilize online tools, platforms, and opportunities so your business can stay on top of the game for many years to come.


What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a search engine optimization strategy that aims to improve your online visibility so that users can easily find your business information on local search results. It offers advantages to small businesses, SMEs, brick-and-mortar stores, and businesses with multiple branches and locations within a geographic area.

Unlike general SEO which focuses mainly on a company’s website, local SEO services involve a multitude of strategies and activities designed to bring a local business’ essential information right in front of customers online. It requires a different kind of keyword strategy and uses methods that involve creating local citations, highlighting customer reviews, and setting up a Google My Business (GMB) profile among others. A properly executed local SEO strategy can spell the difference between an unknown local store and a top-rated, highly popular business.

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What Will You Get with Local SEO Services?

Local business competitive analysis
Local SEO keyword research and targeting
Google My Business setup and optimization
Google My Business post creation
Local search citation creation
Online reputation management strategy
SEO local landing page design and optimization
Complete on-page SEO
Local SEO content marketing
Positive user reviews

Benefits of Local SEO Services to Your Business

Unlike well-established companies and big corporations, a small business typically has a limited budget, manpower, and resources to market its products or services. As a business owner, you may be familiar with the common challenges that local businesses face in marketing, customer acquisition, and business growth.

Local SEO is a relatively cheap approach to putting your business out there and reaching a wider set of audience. Below are some of the advantages of engaging in local SEO services,

Improved Online Presence

Do you know that 97% of users search online to find a local business? If your business information, including your store address and phone number, is not available online, imagine how many potential customers you are losing day after day. With local SEO, you will get online visibility that will lead customers to visit your physical store, book a reservation over the phone, or send inquiries via email or an online messaging app.

Enhanced Online and Foot Traffic

If you have a website or a social media page, a good local SEO presence will lead online users to these platforms where they can learn more about your brand and your business. Increased online traffic can then translate to a higher conversion rate and better foot traffic to your business place. It is, therefore, important that your local SEO initiatives are cohesive with and complement your existing online brand.

Less Advertising Costs

Compared to online advertising, including Google AdWords and Facebook ads, performing local SEO requires minimal expenses, especially if you will do it yourself. Hiring a professional local SEO company that has years of experience and a proven track record such as eSearch Logix is still relatively cheaper than traditional advertising methods, making it a good investment for your business.

Increased Sales

Better online visibility leads to increased website traffic, more inquiries, higher conversion rate, and better sales and ROI. Local SEO aims to bring your business in front of your customers such that when they search online, your business information will show right up. By being this accessible to online users, you are expanding your customer base which, in turn, helps you boost your business sales.

Long-Lasting Results

When you engage with local SEO services, you are building a foundation for your business in the digital space. It may require time and effort at the beginning to set up your GMB profile, manage local citations, perform keyword research, build links to your landing page, and perform on-page SEO on your website, but the results will be worth it. With the help of a top-rated local SEO company like eSearch Logix, you don’t have to do all the nitty-gritty stuff. We will take care of all these so you can focus on serving your customers.

Competitive Edge

Small business owners know the struggles of competing for side by side with multiple vendors and service providers. Not only do they have to constantly adjust their prices to stay competitive, but they also have to match their marketing efforts and promotional strategies to get the attention of potential customers. With a local SEO campaign in place, you easily outperform your competitors since you are expanding your market reach and making your business available online.

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We are You Top Choice for a Local SEO Company

Finding a local SEO company that understands your business needs and provides a personalized service may be difficult. Many SEO companies offer the same package to all their clients, lacking the customization that each client needs.

At eSearch Logix, we take time to understand your brand, your marketing goals, and your business needs. We take all these into account when creating a local SEO campaign to ensure that our services are fitting to your needs. We have a team of expert and experienced local SEO specialists who boast a strong track record in helping hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses establish and boost their presence online.

As experts in search engine optimization, our local SEO team is well-versed in various SEO tools and digital platforms that will make your campaign successful. These include keyword tools, citation search, rank and review trackers, link trackers, ORM tools, Google My Business, and Google Business Profile among many others. By operating in the industry for more than 10 years now, you can trust that we know exactly what we’re doing and that we know how to make local SEO services fully work for your business.

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Moderate Competitive
20 Keywords
30 Pages Optimized
Onpage Optimization
Offpage Optimization
Competitors Analysis
Weekly Updates
2 Blogs/Mo
2 Articles/Mo
1 PR Per Mo
1 Premium PR/Mo
1 Guest Post/Mo
Social Media Posts
Website Consultation
Core Web Vitals
Blog Setup


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40 Keywords
60 Pages Optimized
Onpage Optimization
Offpage Optimization
Competitors Analysis
Weekly Updates
4 Blogs/Mo
4 Articles/Mo
2 PR Per Mo
2 Premium PR/Mo
2 Guest Post/Mo
Social Media Posts
Website Consultation
Core Web Vitals
Blog Setup


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Large Websites/Ecomm.
80 Keywords
100 Pages Optimized
Onpage Optimization
Offpage Optimization
Competitors Analysis
BiWeekly Updates
8 Blogs/Mo
8 Articles/Mo
4 PR Per Mo
2 Premium PR/Mo
4 Guest Post/Mo
Social Media Posts
Website Consultation
Core Web Vitals
Blog Setup


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Advanced SEO/All Size
Upto 200 Keywords
Sitewide Optimization
Onpage Optimization
Offpage Optimization
Competitors Analysis
Daily Updates
14 Blogs/Mo
12 Articles/Mo
6 PR Per Mo
3 Premium PR/Mo
6 Guest Post/Mo
Social Media Posts
Website Consultation
Core Web Vitals
Blog Setup


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Our Local SEO Services

At eSearch Logix, we tailor-fit our local SEO services to your business needs and goals. We offer out-of-the-box strategies that will work best to your advantage. Our top local SEO services include the following:

Local SEO Audit

Whether you are new to local SEO or you already have a couple of listings on the Internet, we will do a thorough local SEO audit to find out how strong your online presence currently is. We will verify your existing business information (name, address, and phone number or NAP), check user reviews about your brand, evaluate local business citations, and assess other local SEO factors.

Keyword Research and Strategy

Targeting the right keywords is crucial to any SEO campaign. With proper keyword research, we will not only identify the most ideal keywords you should be targeting; we will also assess if the keywords you are currently using are helping or hurting your online presence.

Google My Business Setup and Optimization

Google My Business is one of the most reliable local SEO platforms that your business should be taking advantage of. If you don’t have a GMB account yet, we will set it up for you. If you already have one, we will verify the accuracy of the information available and optimize your account for the best results.

Business Citation Management

Online citations are important to businesses because they help establish trust and credibility among customers. As a business owner, you want people to be talking about your brand so that more people will engage with you. Therefore, we at eSearch Logix will manage and improve your local business citations as part of your local SEO campaign.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Worried about negative reviews and damaging blogs about your business? Let our team handle your online reputation management. With our ORM strategies, we will help you address any false, unpleasant, and negative comments about your business. We will also regularly and actively monitor mentions about your brand so that we can immediately take action when necessary.

On-page SEO

Whether you are managing a full website, an online shop, or a landing page, our team of local SEO experts will optimize your digital assets according to the best on-page SEO practices. From title tags and meta descriptions to headers, content, images, and links, our on-page SEO strategies will ensure that your business website will rank on top of search engines like Google and Bing.


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Data-Fueled, Expertly-Handled, Locally-Focused, Audience-Centric Local SEO Services

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At eSearch Logix, we care about your business as much as you do. We provide bespoke, end-to-end local SEO services so you can focus more on running your business while catering to the needs of your growing customers. Contact us now and let’s discuss your digital marketing requirements.

Local SEO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Local SEO? How it is Different from general SEO?
SEO is a broad term that includes activities carried out to optimize a website. General SEO applies to a general website. However, local SEO can be defined as a type of SEO that is implemented for optimizing and marketing a local business to reach a local or geo-specific area target audience. There are some activities and factors specific to local SEO services, different from general SEO.
Should I Pay for Local SEO Services?
Selling locally can be quite tough, as this market segment sees a high rate of competition, irrespective of what industry you belong to. As most people now search for products and services locally on their mobile devices for a certain area, you need to optimize your site and invest in local SEO marketing to keep ahead of your competitors in visibility and ranking.
What is Important in Local SEO?
To gain maximum results from your local SEO implementation, you will gain maximum when you appear in both organic search results as well as local map results. For this, a strong Google My Business profile, listing, and maintenance become highly important.
Is Local SEO Important for a Local Brick-and-Mortar Business?
Yes, local SEO service is not just for fancy start-ups or ecommerce businesses, but for brick-and-mortar businesses who want to leverage all the channels to bring traffic and are able to correspond to online sale business. In fact, the majority of people check the offline store within 24 hours after checking that online. Thereby, for a brick-and-mortar business too, local SEO becomes quite significant.
What Does a Local SEO Professional do?
A local SEO specialist applies all the core strategies of SEO as well as some key aspects of local SEO that include claiming Google My Business profile, local citations, local search optimization, reputation management, enhanced approach on reviews and ratings, landing page optimization, conversion rate optimization, and more.
How Local SEO is Different from Ecommerce SEO?
An Ecommerce business is majorly an online store selling products. It can sell locally, as well as nationally or globally. And thus the ecommerce SEO is done specifically to that business requirement. However, a local SEO service is for businesses that provide products and services for a defined area or geo-location. An ecommerce store selling online does benefit from local SEO.
Who Benefits from Local SEO?
Any business or even an individual who is targeting local customers or consumers within a geo-location area benefits from local SEO. Local SEO optimization includes area terms and keyword search terms like ‘near me’; thereby it helps to optimize the site and content and other elements specific to that. Right from local product seller, to construction service, plumbing services, electrician services, event organizers, photographers, and so forth who focuses on local customers benefit from local SEO service.
How Much Does Local SEO Service Cost?
The cost of local SEO service depends on the scale of service you require. It depends on several factors, number of keywords to target, the number of locations served, and many more. You can check our local SEO services packages to know more. You can also consult us to get a custom-tailored local SEO package to meet your requirement.

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