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Puzzled about how SEO can help your business site grow? Want answers on what specific SEO strategy is ideal for you? What can an SEO agency do to help you gain traffic, increase sales and improve ROI?

These and there could be many more questions running in your mind. After all, it is about your businesses, and making a certain investment, especially in SEO should be taken carefully.

This is where our SEO consulting can help answer your questions fully, give you a detailed idea about what it can do and why you need SEO and what strategies will work for you.



With over 10+ years of industry experience, skilled and Google certified team of 30+ SEO professionals and marketers, proven track record of successful project deliveries, we are your ideal SEO consultant to help grow your business maximizing its full potential.

  • Transparent and honest guidance
  • Detailed SEO consultation on each aspect
  • Customized recommendations that matches your business needs and objectives
  • Tailored strategies according to your budget, industry, and requirements
  • Complete assistance from start to finish
  • Full implementation guidance on our methodologies, tools and techniques

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SEO consulting means you are provided with a detailed guidance on what SEO strategies will work for you, what benefit you can gain with complete SEO analysis, custom advice and inputs. The SEO consultant will take you through each step of the website SEO so as to help you make an informed choice on how you are going to implement optimization for your business site.

They will also help draw and even implement strategies that help clients improve their site’s ranking and performance.


Through our SEO consulting process, the consultant will discuss about your business, brand, history, approaches, and your objectives in detail. They will get down on crafting a road map for the SEO that best meets your requirement. And in that hourly consulting session they will detail you on how their SEO services will help you to gain #1 ranking on Google results and increase inbound traffic.


For SEO to work for you, you need to be pretty much clear about what it is and how it can drive your business. This is where SEO Consultation proves to be the first significant step in knowing what will work for you. SEO Consulting will provide you with benefits related to:

  • How to make your website search-friendly?
  • How you can make your SEO more effective?
  • How investing in SEO services will drive your sales and bring better ROI?
  • What campaigns and tools will work best for your SEO?


When should I talk with an SEO consulting? Is my website and business at that stage where I need professional advice from an SEO consultant? If questions like these are on your mind, it is the right time to consult us to get a detailed insight on all about SEO.

  • When Developing a New Website

SEO consultants will help you get your website designed and structured search-friendly that will lay the foundation for further optimization and marketing efforts.

  • When Requiring Expert Knowledge

You are experts in what you do, and SEO professionals are experts at what they do. Consulting them will help you fill the gaps in your knowledge, understand evolving online space and defining steps to make your business grow.

  • When You Want Expert Support to Guide Your In-House Marketing Team

There can be times when you want to get your in-house team assisted by industry professionals to implement advanced and successful strategies. We can work as your in-house team’s guide or as extended optimization experts to help you.

  • When You Want to Invest in Only Worthy Tactics

We all know one thing – There’s no success with one-size-fits-all approach. Through SEO consulting you are investing on gaining advice on how to reduce unnecessary expenses, and pick only that service and strategic implementation that will work best for you.

  • When You Want a New Approach

The usual and traditional approaches aren’t taking your farther. May be your in-house marketing team isn’t putting in effort into new aspects. An expert SEO consultant will help adjust your marketing strategies, pick and address hidden pain points, implement creative ideas that will help to regain ranking and traffic.

  • When You Have No Idea of Why Your Site is Losing its Position

May be there’s negative SEO about you. Or maybe there’s reputation damage. When you have no idea of what key has hit your site, an SEO consultant can look at all the dynamics, find the issues and help get those fixed timely.


Whether you want help with a certain aspect of your site’s optimization, maintenance or if you want a complete SEO assistance, our SEO consultant will detail you on different aspects including:

  • Site Audit

A complete site audit to look at the present site health, opportunities, backlink profile, site structure and much more.

  • Competitor Analysis

An analysis of your competitors, assessment of their site, optimization implementation, campaigns and more to draw inspiration and find opportunities.

  • Keyword Research and Planning

In-depth keyword research with evaluation what keywords to include to target, and how those keywords need to be used throughout site and off-site campaigns.

  • On-Page and Technical SEO

A thorough analysis of the site structure, pages and content, along with steps to optimize the site for different factors including site structure, page load speed, content and more.

  • Off-Page & Link Building

What off-page activities should you execute? How to earn valuable and high-authority links? How to enhance your brand presence across the online space utilizing multiple channels and mediums? The SEO consultant will take you through all this.

  • Website Redesigning

Your website need not just look and feel good, but must be SEO-friendly also. The consultant will provide you inputs on how to get your site redesigned so that it has all the elements in place for search-friendly experience.

The SEO consultant will help create a roadmap for SEO success, and help in creating implementation guidance.


As we are a full-fledged SEO service provider, we have experience in optimizing and marketing for all types of business sites across all the sectors:

  • Ecommerce Sites
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-Ups
  • Local Businesses
  • Corporate Sites
  • Large Enterprises
  • Government Agencies
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • And beyond


An hour of insightful, deep and strategic consultation can help you saving much later, as you will then be able to take informed decisions, make smart choices and invest in right services.

We provide SEO consulting services on an hourly basis. Our hourly rates are quite affordable, at $25 an hour. Throughout the consultation, you will be talking an expert SEO manager having years of expertise and experience, ready to provide you with detailed, transparent, honest and clear answers to your queries.

We are ready round the clock for you, and can arrange for the consultation at your preferred time, through the mode you are most familiar with, including call, video chat, face-to-face meeting and more.

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Moderate Competitive
20 Keywords
30 Pages Optimized
Onpage Optimization
Offpage Optimization
Competitors Analysis
Weekly Updates
2 Blogs/Mo
2 Articles/Mo
1 PR Per Mo
1 Premium PR/Mo
1 Guest Post/Mo
Social Media Posts
Website Consultation
Core Web Vitals
Blog Setup


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40 Keywords
60 Pages Optimized
Onpage Optimization
Offpage Optimization
Competitors Analysis
Weekly Updates
4 Blogs/Mo
4 Articles/Mo
2 PR Per Mo
2 Premium PR/Mo
2 Guest Post/Mo
Social Media Posts
Website Consultation
Core Web Vitals
Blog Setup


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Large Websites/Ecomm.
80 Keywords
100 Pages Optimized
Onpage Optimization
Offpage Optimization
Competitors Analysis
BiWeekly Updates
8 Blogs/Mo
8 Articles/Mo
4 PR Per Mo
2 Premium PR/Mo
4 Guest Post/Mo
Social Media Posts
Website Consultation
Core Web Vitals
Blog Setup


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Advanced SEO/All Size
Upto 200 Keywords
Sitewide Optimization
Onpage Optimization
Offpage Optimization
Competitors Analysis
Daily Updates
14 Blogs/Mo
12 Articles/Mo
6 PR Per Mo
3 Premium PR/Mo
6 Guest Post/Mo
Social Media Posts
Website Consultation
Core Web Vitals
Blog Setup


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Detailed Plan Comparision

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Complete guide on the concept of SEO and what it can do to drive your business.

What factors make or break the SEO game.

We are all about ‘white-hat’ or ‘ethical’ SEO, according to the guidelines of Google and other search engines.

Detailing on what methodology, tools and technologies we use to get the best results for our clients.

Our procedure of SEO reporting and analytics.

How we will craft a customized strategy that is designed for the particular clients’ business needs and goals.

Specifying what optimization service takes how much time, and what time frame you can expect to see considerable results.


You contact us to book your SEO consultation, detailing when you are available and what mode you prefer.
You can also write to us, providing your business site link, questions that you, along with outlining your goals and what results you seek, along with your availability for SEO consultation.
The representative will confirm with the consultant and give you the go ahead, or will ask if the time slot can be changed accordingly.
This helps our consultant to work on your specifics and draw the blue map for further discussion.
We carry out a free SEO audit of your site, list out the flaws and other SEO aspects of your site that are worth discussing about.
The consultation takes place depending on the agreed time slot and in your preferred format/mode.
Based on the consultation outcome, we will provide you with specific assistance that you seek from us, or we can create and send you the SEO service proposal if you wish to.


When you want professional assistance for SEO, with insightful, data-driven and effective advice, but can have it implemented by your in-house team, we are available for you as you require. You can arrange for:

One-Time Consulting

Weekly Consulting

Monthly Consulting

When you start implementing our advised SEO strategies, we can work with you to check for your site against performance issues and errors, create and implement new opportunities. We will provide you with tools and support to carry out advanced method execution, customize your SEO approach, understand new trends and change your strategy accordingly. We can also work with your vendors and resources to collaborate on successful SEO implementation.


Whether you want us to provide you insightful help, SEO implementation guidance, or want us to work as an extended team, we adapt and deliver as per your requirement.

Short Wait Period

You won’t have to wait days and weeks after your request for SEO consultation. It can be done in a few hours’ time, or even the next day.

Professional Assistance

We are clear, upfront and talk everything with evidence and reliable insights. We will detail you where you stand and what exactly will help improve your site’s growth, ranking and traffic.

Key SEO Insights

While you are already covered with your business core functions, muddling in the SEO can become a mess for you. Don’t worry, our SEO consultant will take this burden off your shoulders and provide you with insights on how to maximize SEO for your business.

Actionable Inputs for Measurable Results

We don’t talk jargon and make it all the more complex for you. After a thorough analysis of your site audit, assessing your goals, we provide inputs on what actionable inputs you should conduct. We also help you with in-depth reports on results and metrics.

Access to SEO Professionals

Our SEO consulting process extends to client relations team, and therefore we are ready to give right answers to whatever queries you have. Whenever you require or have urgency for, our consultants and SEO experts will help you out.

No Service/Contractual Obligation

Do not think that through our consultation we will urge you to take our services. Our goal is to provide solutions to whatever questions and concerns you have, and later on assist you in whatever capacity you want.

SEO Consulting Services to Drive Search Result Rankings, Inbound Traffic and Improve ROI.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is SEO Consulting Service?
Basically, SEO consulting refers to professional advice provided by an SEO professional or agency to a business site owner regarding SEO aspects of their site. It includes SEO advices, assessment, analysis, audit, service suggestion, recommendations to improve site’s SEO health and ranking and traffic, and much more.
How Much SEO Consultancy Service Costs?
Our SEO consultation is extremely affordable and costs at $25 an hour. During this session, the SEO consultant will thoroughly and honestly answer your queries based on facts and realistic assessments. Also, you can take consulting service through different mediums including phone call, video call, face-to-face meeting and more.
Will You Provide with a Free SEO Proposal with SEO Consultation?
Yes, based on your site’s analysis and audit, and understanding your business goals and target, we will create and provide you with a detailed and customized SEO proposal that is free of charge.
What an SEO Consultant Does?
An SEO consultant carries out the site audit, analyzes a site on SEO specifics, and provides advice and reports. They carry out different tasks specific to the client’s requirement, which include (but not limited to) site structure analysis, on-page and technical SEO audit, link profile check, competitor analysis, keyword research, usability assessment, and recommendations on steps to improve the site’s SEO health and ranking and performance.
Will SEO Consultation Service Help to Figure Out What Was Done Right or Not?
Yes, the SEO consultant will conduct site audit and provide a detailed, easy to understand report on what SEO specifics are right and what needs changes and fixes. They will provide with all the needful recommendations.
How Do I Schedule SEO Consulting Service?
You just need to call our representative or write to us providing details including your site URL, your specific queries and your business goals and objectives. Along with that we will need to know your preferred time slot and medium to arrange for the SEO consultation with our expert.

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