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Your digital growth not just depends on how great your products and services are. But also on how you are able to showcase your USP to your target audience, and to the search engines so that your brand attains visibility.

eSearchLogix is a reputable SEO company in Wyoming, USA, helping businesses across industries and segments win the cut-throat ranking race, with innovative and proven Search Engine Optimization experience.

Are you looking for an answer to – “How do I get my site rank on the #1 search result page of Google?” eSearchLogix is a leading Search Engine Optimization company in USA, rendering custom-tailored SEO services that are implemented with a thorough plan and process.

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Highlights of Our SEO Services

  • 3X Return on Investment with Our SEO Services
  • Google Certified SEO Experts
  • Client retention rate – Over 90%
  • 100+ Digital Marketing Experts with Decades of Combined Experience in the Field
  • 1,00,000+ Keywords Ranked On Google’s 1st Page
  • Consistently Featured by Media and Industry Publications as a Top SEO Service Provider
  • 100+ 5-Star Reviews
  • Dedicated Resources for Each Project
  • Strict Timeline Process
  • No Long-Term Contract Obligation
  • Served Businesses Across All Business Sectors with Proven Success Record
  • ROI Tracking for Conversions

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Free SEO Consultation – Get Detailed Ideas on How We Can Help You Grow and Expand

You are invited to contact us, through any mode of communication that you prefer, to discuss your business in detail. We provide a free consultation so as to take note of your objectives and define how we can deliver as per your expectation.

Every business has a different set of goals and projections. The pre-project consultation phase allows us to learn more about your vision. Based on that, we determine our Search Engine Optimization strategies specific to meet your project requirements.

Our sole purpose is to get your brand website found easily by your target audience. We will provide you witha detailed website analysis, forecast, plan process, timeline, and key metrics we will be focusing on to deliver success to you.

  • We help save you time and money by drawing an actionable custom plan
  • We use the latest techniques, and technologies and combine creative and inventive methods to take you ahead of your competitors
  • We work sharing the same goals as you – A core aspect of our ideology that ensures foolproof success

Why Do You Need SEO Services? What Benefits Do You Stand to gain with Us?

Search Engine Optimization is not a new thing, but certainly, it isn’t what it used to be in the early stages. No longer can you expect to land first-page ranking with occasional marketing implementation and blogging.

In today’s times, it is more of a unified approach consisting of complex strategies for brand engagement and growth. SEO is rapidly evolving, and with more aspects coming to the fore, targeting the competing landscape has evolved considerably.

No more you can rely on applying simple steps to gain popularity, and growth online. This is where a team of experts who are well-versed in critical SEO technicalities becomes essential to take your brand forward.

There are several factors that make investing in SEO a must-have strategy for digital platform growth, no matter what industry you belong to, or what size and type of business you are:

  • Over 90% of website traffic is generated from organic search results. If you aren’t appearing there, you are lost in the crowd.
  • More than 5 billion searches occur on Google every day, and it also consists of people searching for products and services relevant to what you do.

About one-third of people never scroll past the 1st page in search results. So, SEO practice becomes important to take you to the first page for improving brand visibility and gaining inbound traffic.

Our SEO Services – Tech-Enabled, Data-Driven, Result-Oriented

  • On-Page SEO

Whatever optimization you do on your website is known as on-site SEO or on-page SEO. This is an important aspect as it ensures the website is search-friendly so that search engines can easily and speedily crawl and index your site and webpages. Our on-site SEO services include optimizing source codes site-wide, webpage content including meta, title tags, image optimization, internal linking, page load time, site navigation, creating Search Engine friendly URLs, making the site responsive, and more crucial elements.

  • Off-Page SEO

While on-page SEO is all about the changes and optimization you carry out on the website, off-page or off-site SEO includes activities that you execute outside of the website. These include citation building, content marketing, link building, brand building, social media marketing, and more such techniques that help improve site ranking in search results and credibility.

  • Online Reputation Management (ORM)

For a business to grow online, its online reputation also factors in a lot that can impact ranking website traffic in a major way. Your brand’s image online and credibility affect how much trust users and search engines will put in your site. Our ORM process helps to keep your brand image clean, supported by a thorough Search Engine Optimization practice that builds a positive and reliable brand image.

  • Local SEO

More than 90% of people go online when looking for a local business. Targeting local customers is an aspect that has grown immensely in the present times, consequently making local SEO more popular and a specific, highly focused SEO type. Our local SEO services are designed and executed by experts to reach your local and particular geographical area customers more easily and effectively. We claim your Google My Business (GMB) profile with consistency all across, develop local citations, help you get ranked in Google’s local map listings, improve your mobile traffic ratio, and enable conversion of more and more local leads.

  • Ecommerce SEO

Our specialist Ecommerce SEO services are implemented as custom-tailored to match your product niche, target audience, and market covered. We focus highly on the product listing, and landing pages, and to ensure a better user experience for the store visitors. We improve your store’s analytics, help create a unique brand appeal, and target high-volume search terms with effectual content marketing and engagement programs.

  • Enterprise SEO

Whether you are a new business looking to make your mark in the virtual space, or an established business moving online from physical, our enterprise SEO services are built to help you scale up your growth and expansion with expert support. Whatever industry you belong to, business size & background, brand age, and more, we adopt tactics that are precise to your requirements.

SEO Company USA – Real Growth & Results from Experienced SEO Professionals


Our SEO Process – Tailored Approach That Includes Comprehensive Inputs

  • Website Assessment

Any insightful SEO practice starts with getting know-how of the present state of the website as far as its structure and SEO-friendliness are concerned. It helps us dive into what elements are missing, and what needs to be done to lay a strong foundation for the website.

  • Competitor Analysis

Next comes assessing who your competitors are, how they are doing their SEO, what results they are achieving, and what strategies they follow. This helps us to determine some key essentials, which, along with our creative, research-based, and data-fueled approach enables us to gain in-depth insight.

  • Keyword Research

What queries does your target audience use to search for your business-relevant products and services? Identifying and mapping out the potential high-volume keywords helps to plan site optimization, content marketing, and other off-page marketing activities.

  • Website Structure Optimization

A combination of optimizing the website for SEO elements along with reshaping the website structure, this step ensures to fine-tune your digital presence. Your site needs to be structured well, and your website pages should be optimized with a defined layout, page titles, heading tags, keyword-relevant content, a sitemap for navigation, and other factors like fast load speed.

  • Technical SEO

Technical SEO improves a variety of website elements including assessment of web design, image optimization, backlink analysis, schema markup, meta tag optimization, and much more.

  • Mobile Search Engine Optimization

More than 60% of website traffic nowadays comes from mobile devices. If you are site is not mobile-friendly then you are losing out big time. Our mobile SEO process includes optimizing your website so that it is accessed similarly on all devices, with a fast load and seamless user interface experience.

Our experienced and native writers conduct thorough research to understand your business, and your approach, and define your target audience so as to write content that appeals to them. We create influential, insightful, unique, informative, and helpful content in varieties including website pages, blogs, articles, and more; that provides value to the readers as well as catches search engines’ interest.

Earning high-quality backlinks from popular and relevant sources works effectively to improve brand authority and establish your expertise which leads to increased ranking and inbound traffic. We create an outreach plan to develop relationships as well as put in efforts to manually generate backlinks from only high-authority websites.

  • SERP Assessment

Search Engine Result Page analysis becomes important to keep a tab on how the relevant keywords are performing. This allows reflecting on the optimization process and marketing campaign to ensure you stay on top.

  • Metrics Analysis

You can say that metrics are the numbers that give a clear picture of your site’s SEO performance. We use comprehensive and best tools including Google Search Console, and Google Analytics to get an insight into gaps and improvement opportunities.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

True growth and success of an SEO campaign are defined by the increase in conversion rate. Our holistic approach of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) implemented by experts help in improving minute to major factors that turn site visitors into paying customers.

  • Timely Reporting

Based on the project agreement you will be provided with bi-monthly or monthly reporting detailing all the activities carried out, metrics about performance, organic traffic, ranking analysis, and more. The elaborative reporting helps you keep up with the process, based on which next cycle strategies are planned.

Our SEO Service Packages

Spend what you can afford, and for the service that you precisely want. Check out our affordable SEO packages below to get an in-depth insight into what these contains and what fits your requirement the most.

Not sure which package to go with? Don’t worry; we can create a custom one for you. Consult us to get a custom SEO package that meets your specific needs.

SEO Company USA – Real Growth & Results from Experienced SEO Professionals

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Our SEO Strategies – Thoughtful and Planned to Get Desired Results

Quality & Consistency in Each Activity

Whether it is content creation, backlink profile development, social media engagement, or anything else, we focus on quality work only. A single quality result is way more helpful to help your ranking and traffic than loads of unnecessary work.

100% White-Hat Process

We adopt and implement SEO practices that are completely organic and within the search engine guidelines. These may take time to develop but provides long-lasting results. We are completely against even a minute of spam work, so as to not let any chance of penalization.

Fully Secured & Easily Accessible Website

A website that can be easily accessed, and navigated through and which includes content relevancy, consistent element optimization including robots.txt file, enhanced page load speed, sitemap, and as such; leads to improved ranking and enhanced user experience.

Focus on User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)

Google and other search engines reward websites that keep users as their primary focus. Right from site design, navigation, images, content creation, and all; everything is done keeping users in mind. All this leads us to adopt an approach where we continuously keep improving customer interaction and user experience.

Use of Web Analytics for Feedback

We use multiple web analytics tools that enable us to gather resourceful information so that we can take data-driven, informed decisions on a number of key aspects. We keep an eye on the customer satisfaction score to take measured steps.

Proper Use of Precise Keywords

From on-page optimization to off-page optimization and marketing campaigns, keywords play the most important role as these decide what user base you are targeting. We follow a comprehensive approach, searching for a whole set of keywords, and then including the correct choice of target keywords that provide maximum potential for ranking increase and traffic.

Social Signal 

While social channels are not direct ranking factors, your presence across social media platforms and how well you are able to network and engage with your followers do help in improving your brand popularity and enhancing credibility.

We Create a Positive Image

We know how business reviews, satisfied customers, and a positive brand buzz can impact the overall SEO game. Encouraging customer reviews to publish unique, catchy, and trendy posts related to your brand, and adopting other measures help create a buzz that attracts attention.

Strategic Application

From consultation to SEO process application, performance metric measurement, reporting,and more, each step and phase is well laid-out and carefully planned so that it drives maximum results and benefits.

Timely Update and Penalty Assessment

Just as SEO is ever-evolving, so does our strategies and process. We continuously keep track of new algorithm updates, bring up-to-date your site’s on-site and off-site optimization to keep those latest and trendy and check for penalty factors.

Focus on Structured Data Markup

The better Google and other search engines are able to assess your site’s information and are able to display your content easily, the better your ranking and traffic improvement. This is where putting efforts into Structured Data Markup helps to gain long-lasting success.

We are a Leading SEO Company in USA Service Industries Across All Segments

As a prominent, experienced, and creative SEO agency, we have grown step-by-step, serving businesses from different fields and backgrounds. We have learned by evolving and by continually updating ourselves as the SEO field has evolved. We serve businesses including (but now limited to):


Venture-Backed Businesses

Business-to-Business (B2B) Companies

Business to Customers (B2C) Companies

Large Enterprises

Small and Medium Sized Business (SMB)

Businesses Across Different Sectors:





Service Sector

Banking and Finance

Real Estate


What Makes us Different From Any Other SEO Company in USA?

Result-driven strategy, backed with data insights and a creative approach

Each project is handled by a dedicated manager, ensuring transparency, consistency, and seamless communication

More attention to each client because of the low employment-client ratio

An agile and adaptive approach that factors in the latest to include for SEO implementation

The proven result of the last 10 years, speaks volumes about our skill and craft

Bespoke tactic for each client, enabling us to put in precise efforts and deliver beyond-than-expected results

Repeat customers that showcase our ability to deliver in terms of client satisfaction and long-term results

We focus on developing strong bonding and relationships – A key to our resounding success over the years

We focus on and track bottom-line factors that most ignore; which could effectively change the overall SEO performance

We Align our SEO Service Strategies with the Client’s Goal to Improve Business Potential

Consult eSearchLogix Strategist Now to Discuss Your Project!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is SEO?
SEO is a process or combination of activities that are done to optimize a website to make it search-friendly. It enables the optimization of content and creates marketing campaigns so that the site appears higher in ranking on search result pages for relevant keyword-related search queries.
Is SEO Important for My Business?
Whatever industry or business segment you belong to, when you want to rank higher in Google and other search engine result pages and increase inbound organic traffic to your website, you cannot ignore the potency of SEO. Without SEO, your website will just be a digital product without the push to reach your target audience.
How Much do SEO Costs in USA?
The cost depends on a variety of factors, including how big your project is, what package you are preferring, your target market, the type of SEO service you want, and the time period of the project. For more, you can consult our SEO strategist in the USA who will tell you in detail all the aspects. We can also provide you with a custom SEO service in USA within your budget limit.
Is SEO Free or Paid?
SEO is an organic process and so is completely free as it targets free listings on the search result pages. You don’t have to pay search engines or create sponsored or paid ads to implement SEO practices. You just have to pay an SEO expert when hiring them to handle your projects’ search engine optimization requirements.
Is SEO Dead?
When you are expanding and growing your business online, you are fighting against a wide spectrum of competitors vying for top ranking in search results and targeting the same customers. Search Engine Optimization enables you to make your website search-friendly, and develop its branding, credibility, and trustworthiness to outrun the competition.
Why SEO is a Long-Term Investment? How Much it Takes to Show Considerable Results?
SEO is a manual process and is unlike paid promotion. It includes step-by-step activities and strategies that build brand awareness. SEO helps to give shape and structure to a brand’s online presence and it is a time taking process.
With us, you can expect to start seeing significant benefits in about 2-3 months related to ranking and an increase in organic traffic.

Why Should I Hire an SEO Company in the USA?
The simple and straight answer is – to grow your business with improved ranking, qualified leads, more conversions, and increased sales and revenue. An expert SEO company in USA like eSearchLogix has the resources, tools, and methodologies to take your business forward with a creative and result-driven approach.
What Strategies Do You Use in Your SEO Service Methodology?
We are a prominent SEO company in USA that utilizes comprehensive tactics, methods, and technologies. SEO is a vast field consisting of multiple techniques and ways. With us, you can rest assured that we will adopt and use only the finest and most suitable tools, and methods with a creative and tailored approach.

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