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WordPress (WP) powers approximately 45% of websites on the internet. And about 40% of the top one million websites run on WordPress. This is a big reason to choose this platform to host your site.

However, setting up your site on WP alone isn’t going to make you visible and rank higher on Google search results. You need to optimize it so that search engines consider it valuable and your target users find the site helpful for them to find relevant info.

For this, you need – WordPress SEO Services.

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eSearch Logix is an experienced digital marketing agency, renowned for rendering quality, practiced, and proven SEO services for all business types, from across the globe. Our white-Hat SEO strategies are proven to drive ranking and traffic growth for WordPress websites, faster and better each time.

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WordPress SEO is Search Engine Optimization for sites hosted on WordPress. WP started as a Content Management System (CMS), but now it is used to set up and run a complete website, irrespective of type and size. WordPress SEO is an optimization strategy that helps to increase inbound traffic through higher ranking in search result pages. It includes all the key SEO practices, and other optimization techniques particularly needed for a WordPress website.


WP is a great CMS platform. A key reason that makes it a preferable platform to host a website is that it is easy to sort and organize content creation and display.

WordPress’s site structure is SEO-friendly, and it provides several SEO-boosting features:

  • Pretty permalinks which are formatted like It helps in improving click-through-rate. However, you should customize them rather than leaving the default option.
  • WP comes with many fast-loading themes that improve site load speed.
  • Most of the themes are already mobile-optimized.
  • WP helps with easy and fast integration of social media buttons and automation of campaigns.
  • WP provides maximum options to optimize the site to improve UI and UX.
  • You can optimize the images to make them SEO-friendly using plugins and other options.


While WordPress provides many SEO-friendly features, you have to make use of those features to improve the site’s functionality. Leaving them default or not using them won’t give you any SEO edge. Thereby, if you want your WordPress site to gain increased online visibility and outrun the competition, you need expert SEO support to optimize it for the best results.

WordPress development alone will ensure a good foundation for your site. However, to make it more visible, reach more people, attract traffic, and grow your brand, you need to capitalize on the optimization techniques as a whole. It itself won’t rank on search engine result pages for relevant keywords and queries.


Whatever business category you deal in, the ultimate goal or objective is to bring in more traffic and achieve a higher Return On Investment (ROI). A properly planned and strategic WordPress SEO approach can be a game-changer to gain a higher ranking and increased traffic.

Our proven, creative, data-driven SEO techniques will help you with:

  • Increased ranking of the site relevant to different keywords
  • More qualified website traffic
  • Increase in inquiries
  • Improvement in leads and conversions
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Moderate Competitive
20 Keywords
30 Pages Optimized
Onpage Optimization
Offpage Optimization
Competitors Analysis
Weekly Updates
2 Blogs/Mo
2 Articles/Mo
1 PR Per Mo
1 Premium PR/Mo
1 Guest Post/Mo
Social Media Posts
Website Consultation
Core Web Vitals
Blog Setup


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40 Keywords
60 Pages Optimized
Onpage Optimization
Offpage Optimization
Competitors Analysis
Weekly Updates
4 Blogs/Mo
4 Articles/Mo
2 PR Per Mo
2 Premium PR/Mo
2 Guest Post/Mo
Social Media Posts
Website Consultation
Core Web Vitals
Blog Setup


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Large Websites/Ecomm.
80 Keywords
100 Pages Optimized
Onpage Optimization
Offpage Optimization
Competitors Analysis
BiWeekly Updates
8 Blogs/Mo
8 Articles/Mo
4 PR Per Mo
2 Premium PR/Mo
4 Guest Post/Mo
Social Media Posts
Website Consultation
Core Web Vitals
Blog Setup


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Advanced SEO/All Size
Upto 200 Keywords
Sitewide Optimization
Onpage Optimization
Offpage Optimization
Competitors Analysis
Daily Updates
14 Blogs/Mo
12 Articles/Mo
6 PR Per Mo
3 Premium PR/Mo
6 Guest Post/Mo
Social Media Posts
Website Consultation
Core Web Vitals
Blog Setup


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Site SEO Audit

A site audit is the first step that is kind of an overall SEO health check-up to determine what optimization factors are already in place, and how the site is performing SEO-wise. It helps to gain insight into what optimization steps need to be taken care of.

Keyword Research

Keywords are what you get ranked for. And the keywords should match the user intent and their search queries. Our extensive keyword research strategy helps to identify high-performing keywords to create a strong optimization process.

Competitor Analysis

In your domain or industry, you wouldn’t be the only one providing services that you do. And there could be many who rank and perform better than you. We conduct deep research into what they are doing, what keywords they are ranking for, and from what channels they are attracting traffic. This helps to find the available opportunities and plan our strategies.


As it is called, technical SEO is all about the technical structure of the website. It includes finding and fixing technical issues like schema, canonicalization, page load speed, Search Console errors, core web vitals, and much more.


On-page SEO is all about optimizing the content-related aspects of your website. It includes keyword optimization in page content, heading tags and meta tags optimization, images, and video optimization, text formatting, page title optimization, and plugin installation and configuration.

Local SEO

Local businesses are increasingly moving online, whether it is adding an online presence along with the physical store, or starting an online business from scratch. Our WordPress experts take care of your local optimization requirement. We help you rank higher and attract traffic through a tailored optimization process, along with claiming your Google My Business (GMB) profile, updating local citations, ranking you on Google’s Local 3-Pack, and much more.

E-commerce SEO

WordPress is also an effective platform to create an ecommerce store. We are an expert agency to optimize, rank, and grow your WordPress-based ecommerce store. Our optimization process is carried out specifically to what ecommerce plugin integration you are using, whether it is WooCommerce or something else.


Content marketing, backlink building, social media promotions, and brand mentions, all make for the off-page or off-site SEO process. We create quality, rich, unique content in different verticals, earn quality backlinks from high-authority websites, engage on social media channels, and enhance brand reputation by encouraging positive feedback from customers and through other means as well. Our collective approach helps gain long-lasting results with higher ranking and more traffic.

Tracking and Reporting

We keep track of SEO campaign performance in real-time using Google Analytics and other such tools. We derive data on different metrics that include backlink profiles, keyword ranking, user engagement on pages, traffic increase, and much more. This data is regularly shared with you through an easy-to-understand report.


Category and Tags Organization in WordPress

The feature which made WordPress so popular in the first place, it helps to organize the website content and structure in properly defined categories and tags. We update each page and post using this capability to enable search engines to understand the website in a better way.

Internal Linking is Extremely Helpful

Many marketers and SEO experts focus only on earning external inbound links. However, they overlook the fact that internal linking is as critical and important. Our quality internal linking strategy helps the site to gain a higher score (page authority) from the search engines.

Adding Rich Snippets and Schema Markup

Adding schema markup helps to tell search engines about the website content in a better way. This is why certain sites stand a better chance of being listed higher on search result pages. We follow Google’s guidelines and take care of minute details to help improve your site’s click-through-rate (CTR).

More Link Juice Means Better SEO Results

Linking is an important aspect of the entire SEO strategy. Better the link juice, the better the search rankings. For this, we focus on gaining more link juice from other sites than giving away. This is where the use of techniques like “nofollow’ becomes crucial in our SEO strategy.

Site Speed and Performance is a Big Ranking Factor

User engagement is an important SEO metric, and it depends a lot on the site’s load speed. The quicker your site loads, the more the user will stay on the site. We emphasize this user experience factor as we know faster websites always rank higher on Google.

Site Security is a Significant Aspect

You know Google blacklists thousands of websites each week for phishing, malware, and such security reasons. If you want to rank high and stay in the good books of Google, your site’s security is a key concern. Right from using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) / HTTPS to more secure features, we get them implemented for your peace of mind.


For WordPress SEO, there is a plugin for almost everything you want to do in optimization.

What WordPress SEO Plugins Do We Use?
When it comes to choosing the best SEO plugin for your WordPress site, there are many options. We have done our math, Being clear on which are the best tools, we consider and pick from these top three:

Rank Math

Combining many SEO capabilities, Rank Math comes with a simple yet powerful interface. It helps in XML sitemap generation, create SEO-friendly content, and integrate with Search Console to retrieve indexing, and crawling related information.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a popular WordPress plugin that provides a full range of abilities for any type of WordPress site. You can create SEO-friendly content, create strong internal linking, enable automatic redirection, and do much more.

All in One SEO (AIOSEO)

Another powerful SEO plugin, it allows for adding sitemaps in HTML and XML format, along with generating RSS and news sitemaps. It also utilizes a specific formula to generate the image’s title and alt text.

How Do We Utilize WordPress SEO Plugins?

To Optimize Blog Posts

Only installing and activating the plugin won’t maximize your blog’s reach. We make full use of the plugin to optimize the blog title, and description with focus keywords to drive traffic to the blog.

To Add a Site to Google Search Console

Adding your site to Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) helps to get a look at how the pages are seen by the search engines. It helps to check site index status, retrieve ranking information, and also get alerted about inaccessible content, duplicate content, or restricted resources. It does help in improving website crawling.

To Add XML Sitemaps

The XML sitemap helps search engine crawlers to find pages quickly. Using plugins helps to create the sitemaps automatically.

Apart from these, there are several other tasks and activities that can be automated and worked out efficiently using WordPress SEO plugins.

But yes, that needs skill and expertise, which we are masters at!


Project Discussion

We get to know about your business in detail, your goals, and your market and customer segment.

Project Agreement

Once you have finalized what SEO package you are going with, we draw up the written agreement and post that take your site credentials.

Requirement Analysis

We conduct a thorough analysis of your site, find issues and lacks, determine gaps to fill, and create a blueprint of SEO strategy to implement.

SEO Implementation

Our SEO professionals start the optimization process, with a phase-by-phase procedure, done specifically as per the plan you have agreed on.


SEO is an ongoing process. We keep track of the site performance and detail you on that with reports on a weekly or monthly basis.


Why you should work with the leading SEO company? We have more than one reason to back our claim:

Expertise in WordPress Know-How

We have covered WordPress from the earlier days, since when it was just a CMS platform only. Over time, we have evolved parallel to the WP, with a close look at how it works and how we can maximize it for the best results.

A Decade of Experience

Being a decade-old digital marketing agency, we have an in-depth understanding of not just what works best in SEO, but what creative process needs to be implemented to make a business stand out from the crowd.

More Than SEO

If you think that we are just about SEO, then you haven’t explored much about us. We are a full-fledged digital service agency that does all including web development, ecommerce, search engine marketing, and much more. Our expertise in WordPress development ensures we combine our in-depth knowledge of the platform to create a strong WP SEO strategy.

We Pick the Right Tools and Methods

What tools and methods are used for the optimization process can impact the overall end result. This is where we outsmart others, as our years of proficiency enable us to pick the right technologies and methods, and allocate resources that will work best for a particular project.

We Focus on End-Result

While having an appealing presence does look good, it is all about the numbers for a business, related to traffic, conversion and sales. Our focus is to create an optimization strategy that provides the maximum return on investment for a brand.

We Have Certified Professionals On-Board

We have a core team of skilled and certified professionals across all domains. This means that they have the know-how of the right approach, and they keep evolving themselves, and implementing innovative methods, resulting in desired success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

\What is WordPress SEO?
WordPress means using search engine optimization techniques and practices for a website built on WordPress CMS. The site can be related to any field, and therefore SEO methods have to be used according to that. The objective is to improve the website’s ranking on SERPs and increase inbound site traffic.
What SEO Feature is Best for a WordPress Site?
As WordPress is a CMS platform, it allows for smooth and organized information display. The key feature of WordPress SEO is creating a well-structured content format that aligns with the SEO basics so that it is easy to understand for search engines.
Can I Do SEO for WordPress on My Own Using a Plugin?
While SEO plugins do provide a lot of automated capabilities with advanced features, you do need to have the knowledge of how to use these to enhance the site’s SEO-friendliness. You also need to know what technique and feature will work best. For this, optimization knowledge and experience is key, which an SEO professional only can implement the right way.
How Do I Make My WordPress Site SEO-Friendly?
To make the WordPress site SEO-friendly, you need to enable site visibility in the site settings feature, add the sitemap to search engines, install the SSL certificate, create a permalink structure, use structured data form, and create tags and categories for content. You must make use of WP’s SEO-supporting features, and implement the right technical SEO and on-page SEO techniques to boost the site’s possibility of higher ranking in SERPs.
What SEO Plugin is Best for WordPress SEO?
There are several SEO plugins you can use for WordPress. However, not all are equal. A few of the most popular and full-capability plugins are Rank Math, Yoast, and AISEO. These plugins help in a lot of ways, like generating XMP sitemaps, creating SEO-friendly content, meta tags and titles, and many more technical SEO improvements.
How Much Does WordPress SEO Cost?
WordPress SEO costing depends on a wide range of factors, including the project scope, business goals, plan and package picked, optimization features utilized, off-page activities covered, and much more. You need to consult an expert SEO professional or agency to decide which service will work best for your project. We have multiple of SEO plans that you can pick from, and if you need we can create a customized plan as well.

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