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11 Time Management Apps to Increase Productivity

Alekh Verma | February 7, 2023
time management apps

Without a doubt, technology has helped us connect, perform, improve, and utilize our resources in ways that were unthinkable before. The biggest one that we've observed is with regard to time management apps.

Time management is a major issue that people face in any field of business. It is becoming extremely difficult to manage your tasks and increase productivity at the same time. The numerous time management apps available will help you have more control over your time, as the name says. You'll have more time to devote to the priorities in your life if you consistently use time management tools and you’re definitely missing out if you haven’t already given it a try. However, the next question that arises is which app to choose from among the hundreds of options available in the market. There is no dearth of time management tools in the market, which makes us question which tool is the best option, which fits your business’s specific needs, and which would help you achieve optimum productivity.

Well, based on your demands, there are many top time management applications available. We've compiled a list of the top 11-time management applications to help you with the most typical problems with time management. You do not need to worry about anything with us here to help you make the decision.

Apps For Time Management You Must Try

1. Todoist

Over 30 million people trust Todoist to help organize billions of tasks for their education, work, and personal lives. It is a task management tool that is both delightfully simple and deceptively powerful. This task management app lets you assign due dates to to-do items and label them with different project labels. From your desktop or phone, you may add tasks. As an added bonus, you can earn "Karma points" by consistently completing tasks.

Moreover, it helps you focus on the most important things as your to-do lists are automatically sorted into Today, Upcoming, and custom Filter views. It’s available on Android and iOS. There are both desktop and online apps available.


  • The beginner's plan is cost-free and comes with 3 filters, a 1-week activity history, 5 MB file uploads, 5 active projects, and 5 contributors per project.
  • The Pro plan costs $4 per month/billed annually. It includes 300 active projects, 25 collaborators per project, 100 MB file uploads, 150 filters, a reminder feature, unlimited activity history, themes, and auto backups.
  • The business plan costs $6 per month/billed annually. It includes everything in “pro”, 500 active projects per member, 50 people per project, team inbox, team billing, and admin & member roles. 

2. Calendar

Trusted by over 80,000 businesses, Calendar is one of the most famous time management tools in the market. When it comes to scheduling meetings, an average sales team overbooks itself 2-3 times per day. We take care of this problem with Calendar by eliminating the need for the sales team to send emails back and forth. With automatically synchronized scheduling and equitable lead distribution, never again will a sales lead be overlooked or overbooked. Calendar's Find a Time feature allows you to quickly schedule meetings with other people.

The more you use Calendar for scheduling, the more valuable it becomes. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a one-of-a-kind scheduling experience for you. As you keep using it, Calendar can be customized as per your specific needs. Simply put, it’ll assist you in becoming more productive with your calendar over time. It is available on iOS and coming soon on Android.


  • Offers a 14-day free trial. With no credit card required.
  • The Basic plan is free of cost and includes a personalized calendar link, connect 1 calendar, 2 customizable scheduling time slots, one free basic workspace, and 5 workspace members.
  • The Standard plan costs $6 per month. It includes the ability to connect 3 calendars (Gmail, Office 365, Outlook), 5 customizable scheduling time slots, unlimited workspace members, 25 team scheduling slots, calendar analytics, Zapier integration, and live phone support.
  • The Pro plan costs $8 per month. It includes the ability to connect 10 calendars, 50 workspace teams, white labeling on personal scheduling pages, 50 team scheduling time slots, and SMS reminders.

3. ProofHub

With ProofHub plan and collaborate while providing a streamlined user experience that keeps everyone informed and focuses on the essentials with little to no learning curve. ProofHub is an all-in-one project management and team collaboration tool that can help you save time on your projects. ProofHub provides a comprehensive set of best-in-class features that allow you to manage multiple projects in one place. You can manage time, assign tasks, generate project reports, proof files, and much more with this tool.

ProofHub allows you to add timesheets to record data and set time estimates to see how long it should take to complete work. The time tracking feature allows you to manually track time or use timers. You can also export timesheets, archive them, generate time reports, and consolidate all of your data into a single location. It is accessible via the web, iOS, and Android.


  • The essential plan costs $45 per month/billed annually. It includes 40 projects, unlimited users, and 15GB of storage.
  • The ultimate control plan costs $89 per month/billed annually. It includes unlimited projects, unlimited users, and 100 GB of storage. It also includes additional features like custom roles, white labeling, workflows, project manager, IP restrictions, manages trash, API access, reports, detailed activity logs, and priority support.

4. ClickUp

Improve your time management skills and maintain focus on your objectives with ClickUp. With ClickUp's all-in-one productivity tool, you can properly manage your time and stay on top of your goals. It enables seamless cross-collaboration and sophisticated project management and is designed for teams of all sizes as well as individual productivity.

You can use ClickUp's global and manual time tracking capabilities from a desktop, mobile device, or web browser. Time may be started and stopped, jobs can be switched between, and information about how time was used can be added. As well as allocating time among team members, clearly define expectations with time estimates at the task and subtask levels. Manage the time resources for your projects with ease using the Calendar, Gantt, Workload, and Timeline views, and keep track of information about team contributions and progress. All of ClickUp's core features are included with the Free Forever Plan, and no further plugins or add-ons are needed. Additionally, ClickUp is compatible with all popular time-tracking and calendar apps. ClickUp is available on iOS, Android, and Chrome.


  • The free forever plan includes 100 MB storage, unlimited tasks, unlimited free plan members, two-factor authentication, collaborative docs, Kanban boards, native time tracking, and more.
  • The unlimited plan costs $5 per member/per month. It includes everything in free forever and unlimited storage, unlimited integrations, form view, agile reporting, and more.
  • The business plan costs $12 per member /per month. It includes everything in unlimited and Google SSO, unlimited teams, custom exporting, advanced public sharing, goal folders, and more.
  • The business plus plan costs $19 per member/per month. It includes everything in business and team sharing, subtasks in multiple lists, custom role creation, custom permissions, priority support, and more.
  • Contact the sales team for enterprise plan costing. It includes everything in the business plan and white labeling, advanced permissions, enterprise API, live onboarding training, and more.

5. nTask

nTask is trusted by over 150,000 businesses in 155 countries. It is software for project management that facilitates team collaboration, planning, analysis, and task management, and that too three times faster. Despite the fact that nTask was created to be a project and task management tool, the most recent version added a redesigned time tracking module. This was done in an effort to support core users in honing their time management abilities in accordance with the demands of any existing projects.

nTask incorporates Slack for third-party collaboration in addition to providing an internal message notification system with designated user handlers. Stakeholders, team members, and managers have the ability to not only arrange meetings but also invite interested parties who want to keep track of a project's development at any given time. You can create an unlimited number of members for your workspace with the tool's basic free version. Members can also email their status reports to team owners or project managers for approval later in addition to being able to observe how much time was spent on each particular activity. It is accessible via the web, iOS, and Android.


  • The premium plan costs $3 per month/billed yearly. It includes unlimited workspaces, projects, tasks, and to-do lists for those just starting out with project management, whether as individuals or teams.
  • The business plan costs $8 per month/billed annually. It includes unlimited workspaces, projects, tasks, and to-do lists for teams that must confidently develop initiatives and strategies.
  • Contact the sales team for the enterprise plan. It includes unlimited workspaces, projects, tasks, and to-do for teams that require customizations, enterprise-grade security, and cutting-edge functionality.

6. Focus Booster

Over 200,000 users are connected with Focus Booster to achieve more productivity. While Focus Booster similarly tracks your work using the Pomodoro Technique paradigm, it offers a more in-depth look at how your time is being spent. To get a broad perspective on the effects of your labor, you can attach money, meetings, and projects to your Pomodoro.

Drive distractions away with a sharp focus. Short bursts of work with frequent breaks are completed. Digitalizing the Pomodoro method with Focus Booster. Increase your daily productivity and your sense of accomplishment by making efficient use of your time. Utilize the dashboard to see your progress and rhythm as well as to increase productivity. Spend time pursuing all of your objectives, including those related to work, life, fitness, and other things. Focus booster holds you responsible and gives you knowledge on how much time you actually spend on your objectives. It is accessible via the web, iOS, and Android.


  • The starter plan is free of cost. To keep you comfortable with the Pomodoro timer, this is a free tier. Ad hoc users should use it; serious time trackers should think about other plans. It includes 20 Pomodoro sessions per month, a simple Pomodoro timer, time tracking, and productivity reporting.
  • The professional plan costs $4.99. In order to track time spent on various clients and projects. Unlimited time monitoring and detailed productivity reporting are included in this package. It includes unlimited Pomodoro sessions, a simple Pomodoro timer, time tracking, productivity reporting, CSV data export, managing clients, and track revenue.

7. Loop- Habit Tracker

One of the major problems we face as a society is our inability to build habits. We are a generation that has thousands of distractions available at any point which makes it impossible for us to focus on one thing and work on building a habit. Many of us struggle to break our poor habits, which causes us to be unproductive at work. This app makes it simpler to create effective rituals both within and outside of the workplace; simply choose a goal in the app to access dozens of pre-made "recipes" for daily activities. These actions will eventually become automatic.

Loop enables you to develop and uphold healthy behaviors, enabling you to accomplish your long-term objectives. You can see in-depth graphs and statistics of how your behaviors have changed over time. The software respects your privacy and is totally free of ads. It is also open source.


  • This app is completely free of cost and is available on Android.

8. Focus@Will

According to neuroscientists, the average person can only focus for around 20 minutes before they need to take a break. By adjusting and gently altering the properties of music at the appropriate time intervals, a person’s ability to concentrate can be improved. Listening to specific genres of tailored music while working or studying can improve concentration, lessen interruptions, and sustain productivity.

The exclusive instrumental music library of Focus@will prevent your mind from drifting into habit and distraction. Distraction can occur from anything in daily life, whereas habituation is caused by getting bored with your environment or with the activity at hand. Focus@will’s music is designed to help you maintain mental equilibrium between concentration and habituation. A unique collection of music that has been combined and manipulated for a certain neurological function is available at Focus@Will. It offers a selection of songs made with concentration and flows in mind, with a variety of genres and energy levels to choose from. It is available on iOS and Android.


  • The monthly plan costs $7.49 per month.
  • The yearly plan costs $52.49 per year.
  • The two-year plan costs $45.00/ per year.

9. Freedom

Every time you sit down at your desktop/computer to work there are thousands of things available to distract you from the work and waste your time unnecessarily. We human beings are famously known to have the attention of a goldfish, which translates to mean that we do get distracted easily, and now with the advancement of entertainment and networking, there are plenty of distractions available at all times. Freedom is designed to help you get that control back and help you become more productive.

Nowadays, these apps and websites are scientifically designed to keep you hooked and coming back—whether it's social media, shopping, films, or games. Your productivity, attentiveness, and general well-being may all suffer at a shocking cost. Over 2,000,000 people use Freedom, an app and website blocker for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Chrome, to restore concentration and productivity.

It restricts social networking and news websites as well as other websites and apps that divert you from your intended task. To help you concentrate, you can create recurring "work sessions" that will begin automatically and block access to any distracting content. Freedom is available on Windows, Mac, and iOS.


  • It costs $2.42 per month for a year
  • It costs $6.99 per month or $129.00 annually

10. Noisli

Background noise can help you focus for longer stretches of time by hiding the effects of rapid spikes in outside noise and lowering their negative effects. A personal atmosphere that fosters creativity and lowers stress can be created using background sounds to break up quiet. Noisli provides customized Playlists for various circumstances in addition to high-quality sounds that you can mix and blend as you choose. With the help of the Timer, work in focused sessions while using the unobtrusive Text Editor.

With the help of Noisli, you can filter out distractions from outside noise and concentrate solely on the task at hand. To make your own unique blend of noise, you can choose from one of their pre-made combinations or modify categories like nature noises or ocean waves.

Use Noisli at work as it helps block out irritating phone conversations, background workplace noise, and other people's general chitchat. Use Noisli at home to create the perfect environment and get maximum productivity during your work-from-home sessions. Use the timer feature in Noisli to set small studying sessions without getting distracted. It is available on iOS, web app, and chrome extension.


  • The free plan includes 16 sounds, 15 hrs./day streaming, 3 curated playlists, saving up to 5 favorites, a simple timer, and a simple text editor.
  • The pro plan costs $10 per month. It includes 28 sounds, unlimited streaming, 10 curated playlists, save up to 10 favorites, an advanced timer, an advanced text editor, oscillation, shuffle, and custom background color.
  • The business plan costs $24 per month. It includes everything from the pro plan, team management, and centralized billing.

11. OmniFocus

At first glance, OmniFocus might look like a normal social media blocker to help you fight all distractions, but on closer inspection, it’s much more than that. It is more of a to-do list to help you attain maximum productivity. OmniFocus controls every aspect of your hectic life. Use projects to automatically categorize tasks, and then use tags to further organize them across projects. You can quickly enter tasks while you're on the go and complete them later. To organize your day, select the Forecast view, which displays both tasks and calendar activities. Maintain the direction of your tasks and projects by using the Review perspective.

View your calendar, add new tasks, set custom review intervals, and more to see your progress in a variety of ways. Additionally, you can use OmniFocus to sync your data across several Macs and even iOS apps. View your data in a variety of insightful ways. Inbox, Projects, Tags, and Flagged views are included in all editions. Forecast and Review perspectives are also included in the Mac and iOS editions, and the iOS version also has a Nearby viewpoint.

Allow OmniFocus to tell you when an action is due, has been postponed till now, is associated with your current location, or any other relevant information so you don't have to keep checking the app. Additionally, alerts will show up on an Apple Watch if you have one.


  • The standard plan costs $39.99
  • The pro plan costs $79.99


No matter what you do or which field you’re catering to, time management is essential. It is important you have a system in place that helps you achieve your maximum potential and stay productive even on the days when you don’t feel like it. The good news is we no longer have to rely on senseless hacks or tips to achieve the productivity we all desire, now with the advancement of technology we have hundreds of apps that help us with everything.

We’ve listed our top 11 apps that can help you in every course of day-to-day activities, be it scheduling meetings, blocking distractions, or simply having the right music to help you focus. And there’s no limit to you having to use just one or two of these apps. According to our experience, a good personalized combination of different apps always works. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose the apps that make the most sense to your schedule and work culture. Utilize these useful applications to get the most out of each of your waking hours so that you may feel more accomplished at the end of the day.

Alekh Verma

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