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9 AI App Ideas for Startups & SMEs That Will Make Them Successful In the Market

Alekh Verma | February 8, 2023
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Everything starts with an idea, isn't it?

Just like the great genius Albert Einstein said "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

In business also, your idea matters the most. Yesterday's startups are today's brands because of the ideas they brought to the world.

You only need to marry technology with imagination and you will have an incredible product in your hand.

SmartHop, a mobile app developed by a Miami-based startup, recently raised $12 million funds from investors.


This startup created an AI app that eased trucking logistics in the USA and as a result, it draws the attention of the investors.

An Indian startup Nexart developed an innovative app by using artificial intelligence called 'Eyeway' which created a sensation in the market.


This AI App utilizes the power of visual recognition technology to help visually impaired people navigate and understand the world around them.

See, this is what an idea can do when it is implemented with technology. Today, when everything is happening on mobile apps, artificial intelligence is empowering mobile applications to give better solutions.

So if you are a startup or small business entity who is looking for some unique ideas to start with, here in this blog, we are giving you 9 AI App ideas that can make you successful in the market.

This blog is for Startup or SME founders who are looking for innovative ideas to establish their business through a mobile app. 

IDEA 1: AI Apps for Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, AI apps have a great impact and they are changing the way of healthcare services. Startup or SME founders can think of developing AI apps that can give effective solutions for doctor diagnosis, drug development, patient report, medical billing and documentation, digital care, clinical research, etc. Healthcare apps are becoming a top choice for startups and entrepreneurs.

If your app idea has the potential to save costs as well as time for hospitals, medical professionals, and patients, chances are there your app is going to win the game in this industry.


BillyScreen is a famous mobile app that uses AI and ML functionality, computer vision algorithms, and smart cameras to detect increased levels of bilirubin in the white part of the human eye. It is also utilized to detect various critical health conditions such as pancreatic cancer.

IDEA 2: AI Apps for IT services

AI & ML apps can be used to scale multiple tasks of computing systems for several IT services such as cybersecurity, network infrastructure, and other services. You can consider building a mobile app with advanced AI features like voice assistant apps, system diagnosis apps, etc.

Android app development company India is famous for providing mobile app solutions around the world due to innovative and cost-efficient development solutions.


AI2 is an AI-based platform, built by MIT’s Computer Science, Pattern X, and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSIL). This platform claims to predict cyberattacks with its proactive contextual modeling which is a continuous feedback loop between an artificial intelligence system and a human analyst.

IDEA 3: AI Apps for eCommerce

AI apps can help eCommerce companies to provide customer-centric solutions. AI & ML is now enabling online shoppers to associate with the right color, shape, size, and brand.

Nowadays, customers want everything on their mobile apps. They like to monitor their money, bills, money transfer, savings, and purchases to organize their financial activities.

Some market data reports that m-commerce will overtake e-commerce due to the large production of smartphones and user preference mobile apps over websites for online shopping.

Startups and SMEs can utilize the concept of AI mobile applications that focuses on providing customer-centric solutions and features.


eBay app utilizes AI to maintain a competitive edge in the market. The eBay shopbot platform uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to help the customer find different products. It saves a lot of customer's time. 

IDEA 4: AI Apps for Power and Energy Savings

With AI & ML, mobile app development companies are able to develop mobile applications that help electricity providers effectively optimize power generation efficiency and predict future energy loads at granular levels. You can think of such mobile app concepts that can offer efficient solutions to power and energy consumption.

iOS app development company India reports that their enterprises are using mobile apps to provide real-time services to their customers as it allows them to help consumers instantly and interactively.


The Codegreen Energy mobile app is enabling people to save billions of dollars with its energy-efficient AI-backed technology. This app compares the efficiency of energy levels of thousands of buildings to determine if they are in compliance with the laws showing their Energy Star score.

IDEA 5: Story Telling AI apps

Everyone loves listening to stories or reading books. Audiobook apps have already a large space in the market. But with artificial intelligence, the mobile app is now able to do what a human can do. The Storyteller mobile app narrates ebooks, pdfs, or any content in a more entertaining way.

Audible Suno is a famous app that has created a huge impact on the audience. Journalists, writers, book and news lovers are always looking for creative features that can present the same content in an attractive way. So think of such an app idea that can give an amazing storytelling experience to users and audience like your concept, they will feel inspired to use your app again and again.

IDEA 6: AI Apps for Automated Online Recruiting

One of the great features of AI is its ability to automate a function. By using AI in mobile app development, companies are now efficiently able to automate the recruiting process like screening, candidate sourcing, and job matching.

There is a lack of such apps in the market; this app idea can be an advantageous concept to start with. AI-based technology focuses on several recruitment tasks and decreases its efforts by searching the Internet for aspirants.

Today, smart employers are extensively using AI-powered recruitment mobile applications to find or filter the right candidates from a large database quickly. Government agencies also use such algorithms to select the desired candidates from a database of millions of applicants. If you can develop a mobile app with AI that offers such helpful features to agencies, businesses, companies, and employers who want to upgrade their recruitment process.


Linkedin Recruiter is a famous app that utilizes AI to provide networking and search tools for searching and contacting candidates. With 400 million professional users, this app is the top choice for many recruiters around the world.

IDEA 7: AI apps for fast eLearning

While eLearning apps are changing the learning experience, AI &b ML is empowering mobile apps to provide advanced features for tutors and learners for a faster and smarter way of the education method.

Education providers are looking for effective technologies that can help them provide an enhanced learning experience at a larger scale.

So you can think of developing a mobile app backed with AI and ML technology that offers unique features for education providers and learners just like BYJU’s app used the digital visualization concept to offer education in a digital way through the mobile app. 


Udemy is a popular web and mobile application that offers a wide range of online courses for various subjects and industries. You can also learn to play the guitar on this app.

Can you think of such an app idea? 

IDEA 8: AI apps for Smart Conversational Interfaces

Interactive interface is a trending concept in the modern digital era. It basically focuses on how people interact with the system. Big brands like Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are highly focused on the development of various types of conversational interfaces.

The whole idea of this concept is to engage the users for the maximum duration on the platform.

The majority of users are on Android platforms. In this case, AI can help startups to build an Android mobile app that can help businesses to communicate with users just like a human-to-human interaction. 


The Starbucks iOS app is a good example of a conversational interface that rewards users whenever they spend using the app. Its virtual assistant 'My Starbucks Barista' an AI-based technology that can also clarify menu items and prices. 

IDEA 9: AI Apps for Finance and Accounting

AI mobile apps are giving a better solution to fintech industries. Today finance and accounting professionals are using AI or machine learning to make their work easier through practices like faster data entry and reporting. AI apps have helped businesses to accelerate their growth.

If you have a mobile app idea that can strongly help accounting and financial organizations to improve their financial activities, certainly your app will drive huge profits in the market.


Xero accounting app allows businesses to operate their financial operations with many helpful features like simultaneous reporting, invoicing, security, ease of access, multi-currency, and more.


So now you have seen the list of AI app concepts.

If you are a business owner or startup founder and looking for innovative startup ideas to startup with, eSearch Logic can help you establish your business concept using AI in mobile app development.

We use the latest technologies and AI toolkit to give your effective business solutions that can drive maximum revenues in the market.

Do you have a unique app idea? Share it in the comment box or discuss your app project for free with our experienced developers and technologies.

Alekh Verma

CEO and Founder at eSearch Logix Technologies!

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