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9 Ground-breaking SEO Tips You Cannot Ignore in 2022

Alekh Verma | February 27, 2023
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SEO is something that most of us are aware of. No matter what kind of business you are in, no matter the size of your business organisation, SEO can help you generate traffic for it, and that too purely organic.

And, for this all, all you need to do is creating SEO optimised high-quality content for your website and secure a higher rank in the SERPs. That’s all it takes.

Most internet users today, tend to find a suitable answer to their search query in the very first SERP. And, to be precise it is 75%. So, the better your ranks in the SERPs, the higher traffic it will generate for you to convert.

So, if you wish to grow your company or your business bigger, there is no better way than including SEO in your digital marketing strategy.

Most digital marketing professionals out there intend to improve their SEO performance as that is the main priority of their company, in terms of digital marketing. Also, there are a good lot of businesses who have been desperately trying to better their SEO skills and tools in order to get better results in their content marketing endeavours.

So, this clearly refers to the fact that you have to make efforts in order to keep your SEO skills sharp and rank higher. But, how to do that?

Well, if you have that same question running in your mind, then stick to this blog as here we will be discussing 12 best SEO tips that you cannot ignore in 2022.

9 Key SEO Tips That You Cannot Ignore In 2022

SEO is important for your website. But, do you know what is even more important than SEO? SEO Tips that can help you achieve a higher rank.

1. Focus On Your Primary and Secondary Keywords

Keyword research is an important part of any successful SEO strategy. And, any great content that you find on the internet, is built focusing on its primary and secondary keywords.

So, if you too can figure out how to use keywords so effectively, you can lead your potential buyers to your website.

Your primary keyword should be the heart of your landing page content. Pick it in such a way that it carries a strong description of what the page is all about and describe what your brand is all about. So, focus on the same when you create your content.

Now, speaking of secondary keywords, those are words that are related to your primary keywords, however are meant to dig deeper into the detail. They can really boost up your SERP rankings when used spontaneously in your content.

So, now talking about how to implement this for you, you need to start with searching for long tail keywords that your target audience will find relevant.

Say suppose you are a service provider who leverages home renovation services. So, by using any keyword research tool, search for keywords using “home renovation services” and go further in your search looking for more long tail keywords that are relevant.

Yes, that’s how it is done. 

2. Eliminate Elements That Bring Down Your Website Loading Speed

If you think that the loading speed of your website is not that important, then you are either wrong or old school. There was a time when people used to wait for their favourite websites to load.

But, in today’s competition and considering how fast the world moves, the loading speed of your website has turned into a pretty vital element when it is about SEO.

So, if you still have a slow website in today’s date and wondering about why your website’s bounce rate is so high, then you already have the answer.

A slow loading website can offer nothing but disgust to its audience. Hence, the bounce rate goes up with every second.

And, according to stats, a delay of one second can cause you to lose 7 percent of your probable conversions. Isn’t that quite a big deal?

In fact, website visitors do not trust slow websites. Also, a 3 second delay can potentially drive away 40% of your website visitors, taking the bounce rate higher than ever.

Considering these high fluctuations, Google has also included page speed as one of its vital ranking factors on 9th April, 2010.

So, it is wise decision to eliminate anything and everything that pulls back your website loading speed. Simply, if your website is on WordPress, just go ahead and eliminate widgets and deactivate any plugin that you don’t really need.

That will definitely give your website a good boost in loading speed. 

3. Write for People Not, Not for Search Engines

The old school SEO techniques are long gone. However, there are still digital marketers who tend to use those in today’s date. Yes, they still think that keywords are more important when it is about driving traffic to your website and getting you a higher rank in the SERPs, despite your content not having the qualities of being, engaging, relevant, informative and valuable to your audience.

So, if you are one of them, then it is high time you change your opinion and embrace what’s going on.

If your goal is to manipulate search engines, then there is a high chance that you are ignoring long tail keywords. This might prove to be helpful initially, however, Google has other ranking factors too that will push your content below and to nowhere in the SERPs. So, in simpler words, this strategy is not going to help you anymore.

Moreover, attracting search engines will only help you generate traffic on your website, although for a very short while. And, if your content is not appropriate for the traffic you are driving from your search engine focused content, then they will surely run away from your website. Which means, your conversion rate will also go down. And, that is certainly not something that you are looking for.

You should work as a digital marketer who wishes to help people, instead of driving traffic to your website using means that are no longer useful enough to get you a successful conversion.

Focus on SEO copywriting. Search engines follow the activity of users, and when they find out that users tend to spend more time on your website, they will consider your content as relevant and will automatically place you on a high rank in the SERPs. 

4. Generate Links from High Authority Websites

This is rather an easier SEO technique that can help you rank higher. They come in a couple of forms. These are, follow and nofollow links. Although, follow links are the ones that you need to consider.

For this all you need is other websites to link your content in their content, considering you as a source of information. This projects you as an authority on a particular topic for search engines. And, that is enough to set you up at a high rank for relevant searches.

It also makes a great impact on your credibility in the eyes of Google.

When bloggers, marketeers and journalists refer to you as an expert of your field, they will automatically link your content to theirs. But, to achieve such authority, you need to give it some time. Although, it is never late to give it a start.

For this, you need to:

  • Write guest posts for other websites when you have something interesting in your hands.
  • Get in touch with publishers to cover something original piece of information that you have put up on your website.
  • Enlist your business in several listings. This will also help you gain more credibility.

But, getting links from any random website is not something that you should consider.

So, to understand which websites have linked to yours, utilise the Backlink Gap Tool. Here you can see which sites consider you as a source of information and link to yours over your competitors. You can also check how much domain authority they have.

Quite helpful, isn’t it? 

5. Link To Websites That Have Relevant Content

You should always consider this technique as this plays a crucial role in your growth.

Although, there are a good lot of digital marketers out there who think liking to other websites is not a good think to do as that would be paving a path your audience to leave your website.

Although that is not the case. Link building is a crucial part of gaining credibility. In fact, besides high authority sites, you can also consider linking to a few of your competitors as that would be helpful for your readers to have a better understanding on a particular topic that they are looking for.

Yes, this is why linking to other websites plays a pivotal role in making your website seem more as a valuable and scalable resource.

So, no matter which digital marketing guru you follow to gain more knowledge on the same topic, you will always see them linking out to other websites in their content. Yes, and so should you do, linking to websites that have relevant information and are trustworthy enough.

Also, this technique makes high authority websites get to know about your presence when you are just starting. If they find your content valuable, you never know, next time you might end up getting a backlink from their end.

Moreover, if you are not ready to give links to others, you cannot expect them to link to yours, isn’t it? Show them that willingness, tell them about your presence ad spread your content. That is what you should do.

But, keep in mind that quality always has an upper hand over quantity. So, it is better to link to a few authoritative websites rather than linking to random websites just for the sake of linking. Yes, getting started with the former will definitely help you gaining more authority. 

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6. Create Comprehensive and Informative Content

Creating content is irreplaceable. However, writing content that is comprehensive takes you a step ahead. Yes, it helps search engines derive what your content is all about and if it has answers for relevant queries.

Comprehensive content also tells the search engines as well as your audience about your authority on a particular topic and depending on that you gain higher credibility and a higher rank too.

And, more the word count, higher will be your chances to include relevant keywords and backlinks to your content.

Long form content is also the key to more visibility on the web, higher authority, deeper knowledge and expertise about the industry, and a scope for community building and higher engagement.

Moreover, long form content is also a good way to promote your presence on the social media. Yes, and you can do that through promotions. You can just promote your long form content over social media channels in order to reach out to more audience to establish your authority on a particular topic and show them about how helpful you can be.

Although, there is something that you should take care of while you are creating such comprehensive content, and that is, do not make your content too long. Because if you do so, it will make the search engine crawlers take longer to index your content and give you a rank accordingly.

7. Publish Content That Is Original and Evergreen

Content Marketing Institute says, it becomes quite challenging for most of the content marketers out there when it is about creating content that is unique yet engaging.

So, no matter if you deal with businesses or directly with consumers, you need shape up your content creation strategy. And, this has become so impact lately due to Google’s fresh factor.

Yes, according to this factor, unique content plays a vital role when it is about getting a higher rank in the search engines due to their freshness score. And, the easiest way to do the same is by crafting and publishing unique content consistently.

Moreover, it is quite imperative to produce content that is original when it is about adding new pages to your website as that helps you stand out of the crowd with some heavy blogging presence. And, that pushes your ranks higher too.

Now, speaking of evergreen content, this is the type of content that can easily stand the test of time. Also, it is a great way to curate your inbound marketing too.

This type of content comes with high relevance and can be of almost similar impact even after years which refers to the fact that it will keep on bringing new audience to your website.

But, to keep up with such content, all you need to do is tweak it accordingly so that it can maintain its freshness and stay higher up in the SERPs.

So, when it is about long-term value, nothing can match the effectiveness of evergreen content. 

8. Perform Competitive Analysis

This plays a crucial part when it is about leaving your competitors behind in the SERPs.

Analysing the content of your competitors, you can easily find out how better your website or your content is performing compared to theirs. It also helps you get a good understanding of what key points they are using to boost up their SEO strategy.

And, if you have a keen eye, you can also find out the search rankings, social media mentions that they have received, the backlinks to their websites, the keywords their content ranks to, the traffic volume they receive, how well their on-page content is performing, and what not about your competitors.

The best part of competitor analysis is that it not just helps you understand how well your overall performance is compared to your competitors’ but, it also gives you a better idea about what are the areas that you can improve your website in.

If your competitors have a great social media presence, then take a good look on the same and find out what strategy they are following to achieve the same growth and take necessary actions.

And, if you find your website not doing better than that of your competitors’, then this analysis will also help you figure out what they are doing better and which are the things that are driving traffic to their website, and not yours. 

9. Conduct Website Audit

Auditing your website can give you a leading edge about improving your overall SEO strategy. It helps you perform evaluations which are designed to give you an idea about how well your website is performing and what are the scopes of improvements available.

Any decent website audit tool can help you find the answers of these particular questions:

  • Is your website getting indexed properly?
  • Are there any links that are broken?
  • Which webpages are performing the best and which are not doing fair enough?

Once you get to know the answers to these questions, you can easily utilise your knowledge about SEO and industry experience to make things better.

You can easily figure out whether you need to do better job with your on-page content or should you be adding more backlinks to your website blogs.

So, if you want to do better in the SEO game, you should always be up for evaluating your work on a regular basis as things are changing rapidly and you need to keep up with them!

What’s Your Take?

To succeed with your marketing endeavours, SEO is something that you just cannot keep away from. And, being a digital marketer, having proper knowledge of SEO is quite imperative.

So, if you are just a beginner, then these tips mentioned above would be your goldmine. But, if you have enough experience in SEO, then these tips are a good reminder for you to find out if you are missing out on something.

So, give it your best shot!

Alekh Verma

CEO and Founder at eSearch Logix Technologies!

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