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Android Instant Apps will Create Many Business Opportunities!

Alekh Verma | February 8, 2023
Android Instant Apps

In May 2016, Google came up with an amazing concept of Instant Apps. It promises of providing the native app experience without the need for installation.

And today this is the next big step in mobile app development. Instant apps look normal as every mobile app, but the main difference is that you don't need to install them on your mobile device.

Since Google added a 'Try it Now' button to the play store for some Android Instant apps, users are now enthusiastically using the app before they install it.

CandyCrush Saga, Hollar, Wego, MZ Game Studio, are the famous apps on Google Play Store which have reported a massive improvement in their app download and user acquisition after joining Instant apps.

Google is now upgrading it to the next level and the market is predicting some huge business opportunities by developing Instant apps.

So, has the success of Android Instant apps given the signal of the bright future of apps?

If users can play online games on mobile apps without installing them on their smartphones, it is surely can transform businesses and create new opportunities.

In this blog, I will tell you how Instant Apps can benefit companies and businesses, and why you should include this in your mobile app development project.

What is Instant App?

Instant app is a native Android app that offers app usage experience without installing them. They offer fast and native functionality with just a click.

Let’s see what Google Say

“Android Instant Apps functionality complements an existing Android app, but does not replace it. Android Instant Apps uses the same Android APIs, the same project, the same source code.”

How it works?

Instant apps are not a complete version, but a sample or basic version of a native app with some important or key features to give the essential introduction of the app before users install. This feature is specifically designed for users to give them a trial opportunity so that they can be sure or review how the app works inside as it promises outside.  

Why Instant Apps are so important?

Have you ever thought how your life would be easier if the basic need of installing native apps gets disappeared from Earth? It can save your valuable time and space.

At present, there are not a large number of Instant apps on Google Play Store. But some apps including the world's top brands have already started offering its Instant apps. Here are those:

  • Periscope
  • Red Bull TV
  • NYTimes Crossword
  • Dotloop
  • Wego
  • Hollar
  • Skyscanner
  • Wish 

Instant apps give various advantages to enterprises and customers at the same time with the same feature. Companies need not worry about app ranking on Google Play Store anymore.

They can reach out to more users making it simpler for them to check their apps by removing the roadblock of installation. Businesses can promote Instant apps effectively by sharing links on social media channels, emails, instant messengers, etc.

In this way, Instant app can help not only mobile app development company but also business owners who want to market their mobile app faster and simpler.

How Android Instant Apps can benefit businesses and developers?


1. Effective Mobile App Marketing

Well, the journey of Instant app started back in 2016. A feature that began with a simple goal, is now giving advantageous opportunities to many business and enterprises to promote their apps more effectively and efficiently.

In traditional mobile app marketing, companies invite users to install their app. This method has some restrictions as the app requires storage space, and users need time. Both actions sometimes don't happen quickly.

With Instant apps, it becomes easier for companies to allow the users to use their apps without installing them. This will inspire users to quickly check or go through the mobile app. If they like it so there are strong chances they will download it at the moment, where users initially didn't think of downloading your app.

2. Use Apps without Installing

Apps are developed for users. And today's users are busy and smart. We find there is constant competition on Play Store among app owners claiming their best app for a specific goal. Users want to quickly make sure that the app, how engaging or useful it is. If your app is in large size, chances are there users may postpone downloading it.

But, if businesses offer Instant app which contains the prominent feature or functionality of the app, users will be delighted to test or use the app without the additional effort of installation. After all, your app's success depends on how easily and quickly it can engage users.

3. Increase App Visibility

Marketers have been facing the challenge of promoting their mobile apps on the top ranking on Google Play Store. How to enhance the number of app downloads and user engagement? This is the most common interest that drives every app owners and developers.

With Instant app URLs, it is easy to share the link on social media channels and other platforms where smartphone users can easily take a quick tour through the app. This, as a result, increases app visibility all across the channels and helps to build the brand.

4. Gives More Storage

Storage is one of the major factors for uninstalling the apps. Users sometimes need storage space so they remove the apps which they find not useful for a longer time. Once an app is removed, it is rare that users reinstall it. Therefore, with Instant Apps, which don't require be downloading or installing, you get more than enough space on your smartphone to do other stuff.

5. Get more valuable users

Instant apps are not the full version of an app. It is basically a sample version that contains the main feature or functionality for introducing the app to users about its usage, goals, and benefits.

This allows users to quickly decide whether they found a truly useful application for them, or they want to completely use the app at all. In this way, the application will get valuable users who will stick with your app for a long-term period. It will further help in user retention and positive app reviews on Google Play Store. 

6. Gaming Apps will Boost

Gaming app is the most popular and downloaded app category on Google Play Store. When it comes to online gaming, users want to assure the app offers them a unique gaming experience. Thus, enabling an Instant app of a full gaming app on Google Play Store allows gamers or users to take a quick tour.

If users find your app providing an amazing game experience in few seconds, it will inspire them to install the app instantly. Today, there are not a great number of Instant apps on the play store. This gives an early advantage for Game App Development Company which wants to make the best out of Instant apps for their business. CandyCrush Saga is one of them.


Instant apps are indeed an innovative and useful creation by Google and its benefits are evident. Since its launch in 2016, it has become widely popular in a shorter span. Many companies have already started using Instant apps for their business and audience building, and the results are truly impressive.

Especially, gaming industry is blessed to have such feature, and that is why they have witnessed faster growth in their app users after introducing an Instant app.

Instant Apps are giving a breakthrough in the world of mobile apps. This feature gives new opportunities for businesses to advertise and market their products and placing their apps at users' fingertips.

Want to learn more about how to create an Instant App for your business app that could generate more leads and users? Get started with eSearch Logix and see your app making a new success.

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