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How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like Uber Freight 

Alekh Verma | March 6, 2023
Cost to Build an App

We no longer have to second-guess our commute choices when we travel, thanks to the simplicity of transportation options like the Uber mobile app. Uber-like services are also required in others sectors such as the transport and logistics industry, aside from being used as a public cab. 

Apps like Uber Freight are growing in popularity as a result of the advantages they provide for logistics management. Now, you must wonder how much does it cost to make an app like Uber? Depending on the additional features and functionalities you want in the app, the price to design an app similar to Uber Freight might be anywhere from $30,000 to $200,000 or more. 

Uber Freight Mobile App Development Cost 

Given that the majority of businesses still need to integrate the advantages of a digital solution into their system, it is odd that logistics is still a time-consuming procedure. It is still necessary to mention the availability of a logistics app on the market that can be utilized for effective fleet management and other logistics. 

Nevertheless, it also implies that there is room for you to create your own logistics app, either for use within your organization or to benefit the general public and alter the logistics industry. In this article, we’ll cover how much it cost to make an app like Uber and what steps you need to take to create a successful app. 

Market research for the creation of a logistics app: 

  • According to studies, the worldwide logistics market was estimated to be worth $7,641 billion in 2017 and is expected to grow to $12,975 billion by 2027. It is expanding between 2020 and 2027 at a CAGR of 6.5 percent.
  • The worldwide digital logistics industry is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 21.7% to $46.5 billion by 2025, with some digital solutions currently on the market.
  • Since 2019, North America has been the largest on-demand logistics market, with logistics and transportation accounting for more than 70% of freight flow.

As more people are using logistics app development solutions, there is still a need for more truck-related Uber-like apps. Just a select few people who have been able to understand the value of a logistics app have moved their attention to calling for its creation. 

Nonetheless, there is still a lack of supply. The sooner you begin to develop an app like Uber Freight for your business, the sooner you will start to see the benefits, giving you a distinct advantage over your rivals.

How Does Uber Freight Handle Supply Chain and Logistics Issues? 

Uber Freight collaborates with shippers and carriers of all sizes while operating with complete openness and accountability. Real-time pricing and digital brokerage services are entirely upgraded by the API solution. With its subject experience, it offers an extensive transportation management system and end-to-end solutions for growing supply chain organizations. 

The daily difficulties that shippers and carriers experience are made evident, and the movement of the products is made sustainable by improving efficiency and the whole business’s ability to generate more income. The use of technology has decreased operational costs, improved accessibility for freight movement, and increased driver productivity. 

The crucial question is how much does it cost to make an app like Uber Freight now that you are familiar with the logistics industry and how it functions. 

What is the Cost of Creating an App Like Uber Freight? 

Ignore marketing gimmicks that claim the cost of creating an app similar to Uber for under $15,000. In actuality, knowing what you are thinking of generating and what sort of app you need to design is the only way to accurately estimate the cost of developing an Uber Freight logistics app.

Yet it's also not too difficult to estimate the price of developing an app. You only need to take into account the variables that affect the logistics app development expenses. The number of developers on the team, the number of advanced features your software has, its UI/UX design, and operating platforms are a few examples of these.

Depending on the needs of the company, the average cost to design an Uber Freight logistics app could be between $30,000 and $200,000+. However, this estimate is rather hazy and will primarily depend on its features and tech stack. So that you can comprehend them and narrow down the needs, let's think about these variables in detail.

Features of Logistics App Development 

You need to have a list of features you want to include in your app before you start developing a logistics and truck app. Although it must have a few fundamental characteristics, you can alter it to meet your needs. What qualities come to your mind when you think of Uber Freight features? Here are some essential features that you must include in the app. 

Features of Shipper’s App: 

  • Registration and Login 

To use your shipper’s app, you will typically need to register and log in. If you wish to provide services to individuals and businesses, you can allow registration and login through social networks or automatic email. This will speed up and simplify the process, much to your client’s delight. 

  • Vehicle List 

According to the location, automobiles, shipment destination, and other considerations, Uber shippers choose what cargo to take. Depending on the size and weight of the vehicle, shippers should be able to choose a specific vehicle type to convey their goods, allowing carriers to choose from a variety of possibilities. 

  • Vehicle Rentals 

It’s usual practice to plan when shipping freight. People usually call a cab when they need to go right away. To avoid circumstances where a suitable carrier is not available, provide your shippers the option to reserve a vehicle in advance. 

  • Reminders and Alerts 

Life is so hectic that forgetting things happen frequently. It’s bad for businesses to make a carrier wait because you forgot what day and what time your shipment was due. Some carriers charge packages for waiting time because timetables are disrupted. You can prevent this with the aid of an app’s alerts and reminders. 

  • Payment Options 

Don’t limit yourself to a single payment method. Provide a variety of payment methods in the app so that shippers can be compensated for their services. Credit cards, net banking, wallet payments, etc., are an example of this. You could also choose to create your payment gateway for the application. 

Features for Driver App: 

  • Sign Up and Login 

Either an email address or a social network account can be used to register and create an account. Once delivery requests have been approved, drivers will be able to provide customers with their login ID and password. 

  • Shipment Information 

Before accepting the delivery, the driver should be able to immediately check all relevant cargo information, including dimensions, weight, type, pickup and delivery locations, as well as pickup and delivery dates. 

  • Request for Management 

There must be a system in place that enables carriers to cancel the cargo in the event of an accident or emergency. 

  • Route Tracking and Improvement 

Drivers should be able to track the location of each cargo pickup and even the final destination where they need to deliver the package for their convenience. 

Features for Admin Panel:

  • Dashboard 

You should be able to find here orders, both pending and finished, as well as details on shippers, carriers, and vehicles. 

  • Billing Administration 

Make sure the app’s fundamental feature for reviewing and approving invoices received through it is straightforward. 

  • Driver Surveillance 

Check the position of each driver, note the duration of their stops, and scan the area for any unfulfilled orders. 

  • Vehicle Tracking 

Check the condition, location, speed, stops, and fuel consumption of the vehicle. The benefits of keeping track of these specifics are numerous. 

Technology Stack Needed for Creating a Logistics App 

To properly construct a logistics and transportation app, like Uber Freight, it is necessary to choose the right technology. The tech stack used will also affect the cost of creating an app. The tech stack you need to build a successful logistics and transportation app is as follows: 

Tech Stacks

Development Team Size and Location 

Your choice of app development partner will have a significant impact on mobile app development costs. Even if using freelance developers to complete your development work may be less expensive, the quality and delivery timelines of each stage of the process may suffer. 

To obtain a dependable, personalized, and robust application that meets your objectives, it is crucial to have a trustworthy app development company on your side. 

The size of the team deployed based on the features you want to include is one of the aspects that affect the cost of creating an app. Usually, the following individuals who make up the development team for a custom logistics mobile app are 1 project manager, 1-2 designers, 2-3 developers, and 1-2 testers. 

The developers’ hourly charges are determined by the location of the app development firm you have chosen to work with on your project. The hourly prices are significantly lower if the development company is based in India than they are if it is located in North America or Europe. 

It takes more than just knowing the price to decide to have the app produced. Understanding its advantages will undoubtedly give you confidence in its success. 

Now, let’s go on and learn more about its advantages and the reasons you would want them for your company. 

Advantages of Creating a Logistics App 

Developing an app like Uber Freight would make your system more effective and user-friendly than the time-consuming procedures you have been using to this point. The advantages of developing a logistics and transportation app are listed below: 

  1. Data Sync 

Better data syncing may be required by a logistics organization. Overlaps, inconsistent deliveries, and poor order execution are all caused by the same thing. Because these solutions share data in real-time for all parties involved, you protect yourself from the possibility of all these errors when you build an app like Uber Freight into your system. It successfully avoids these logistical issues that result from manual inputs.

  • Efficient Freight Management

The lengthy and intricate process of handling transportation and cargo is optimized by efficient freight management logistics app development. Everything becomes a fluid flow, from delivery at one location to pick up at another. It makes the task easier for the corporation as well as the fleet owners.

  • More Effective Document Management

Your logistics app development solution will also be able to handle the mountains of paperwork you drown in, ensuring that you have everything you need and are in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. Every procedure will move more quickly and your job will be more productive with improved document organization.

  • Higher Speed Performance 

Delivering goods quickly is increasing a need for all transport operations. Your ability to effectively arrange your speech will be influenced by three things: 

  • An organized route 
  • Communication and connectivity 
  • Synchronization of data 

Use an app similar to Uber for trucking that will help you optimize data, locate the best routes, alert you of traffic, and easily supply you with the data you need to plan properly and deliver if you want to start your truck service. 

  • Process Transparency 

You may increase transparency through your process with a logistics app like Uber Freight, which significantly affects your control over the process. Without the need for middlemen, you can communicate with and track individual automobiles. As a result, the procedure becomes even quicker. 

How Can I Make an Uber-Style Mobile App for Trucking? 

To effectively design an app like Uber Freight that assists you in managing logistics, enhancing client connections, and increasing profitability, you must adhere to the stages listed below. 

Step 1: Decide the Kind of Logistics App You Want 

There are mostly two instances to pick from: 

  • Expansion of your firm while streamlining operations to run a logistics business with a fleet of trucks. 
  • Provide shippers with a marketplace where they can place orders with carriers. 

Uber Freight app works as a marketplace for logistics. Uber does not offer carrier services; it just aids drivers in swiftly and effectively locating nearby customers. 

Step 2: Find a Logistics Mobile App Development Company 

You can think about hiring a team of internal developers to create an app similar to Uber Freight. Yet, doing so is rarely a smart move for many reasons. The majority of businesses think it's more feasible to outsource the creation of custom mobile apps. Many worldwide businesses specialize in creating logistics apps and offer first-rate services.

Step 3: Validate Your Idea 

You’ll collaborate with your logistics app developers to validate your app idea once you’ve found a custom team that suits your demands. This stage of the development process is significant because it entails extensive market research. 

You can now adjust your strategy depending on the market niche you’ve decided to operate in by using an agile technique. Idea validation increases the likelihood that your logistics software will be successful and save you time, money, and effort. 

Step 4: Finalize Your MVP 

You can divide the functionality of your transportation logistics app into a minimum viable product (MVP) and a minimum lovable product (MLP). Either an MLP or MVP can be built to test your app, and gather user feedback. Determine its advantages and disadvantages, and attract your initial users. 

In addition to the necessary minimum functionalities, an MLP offers a unique feature that makes your software stand out from the competitors. The key difference between an MLP and MVP is this. 

How to Monetize from Uber-Like Trucking App Development?

While cost is key to the development process, it’s also critical to consider the revenue opportunities at the same time. You must receive a specific portion of the fee you charge users if you want your pickup truck app, like Uber, to generate sustainable revenues. 

Drivers can continue to use it for free, but shippers will be charged based on the shipment’s weight. You can include deals and bundles in the total amount due, but keep the costs low enough that your customer can afford them. 

There are numerous other options to monetize your app in addition to the standard commercial revenue model. Among them are: 

  • One of the best ways to make money from the app is to run sponsored adverts while preserving the confidentiality of the users. 
  • Providing recurring users with subscription-based premium services. 

When integrating with payment gateways, one must secure and assure the greatest security requirements to optimize the prospects for revenue. 


The ESL mobile development team is the one you need to finish the app you've been wanting to start. We have experience working with many well-known international brand names, so we fully understand the issues we are resolving. To provide you with the optimal solution, we make an effort to understand the market environment in which your app runs. To make an objective decision, discussing the company idea with experts by making a free consultation session is always helpful. Our team can help you understand how much does it cost to build an app like Uber Freight. Choose ESL as your logistics app development business, and we'll work together to complete your project successfully.

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