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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Dating App Like Tinder or Bumble

Alekh Verma | March 6, 2023

The abundance of dating apps accessible online gives the impression that making one is easy and inexpensive. The truth, however, is the exact reverse; it is neither straightforward nor inexpensive, if not costly. You are unlikely to replace Tinder and Bumble if you intend to enter the market with the goal in mind. To earn a name for yourself, you might develop a dating app that can appeal to a certain population of the area. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the cost to develop an app like Tinder and everything you need to know about dating apps’ functions, features, and more. 

Dating App Development Cost 

It is crucial to take into account incorporating the newest technologies if you want to remain current and competitive. Yet, the most frequent query that comes to mind when discussing investing in app development is “How much does it cost to build a dating app?” 

It depends on the features, tech stack, and geographic location of the development partner is the common response one receives when approaching the development partners. To give you a rough estimate, the construction of a simple social dating app will take around 1,200 hours. The price could range from $25,000 to $1,25,000 depending on the region, type of app, and overall time. 

If you’ve been thinking about developing a dating application, now is the ideal moment to do so while keeping costs in mind. The tremendous market potential of dating apps is clearly demonstrated by a market study conducted by Grand View Research. 

The market for online dating services was estimated to be worth $7.5 billion globally in 2021, and it is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 5.5% from 2022 to 2030. Let’s examine the aspects that will drive up the cost to develop an app like Tinder. 

How do Dating Apps Function? 

What is the finest approach to meeting people online is a logical follow-up to the fact from the introduction. Is it a particular website, app, or social network? The data we supplied is solely for mobile dating apps, with a sizeable portion falling under the big T. It would have been surprising if there wasn't a space for online dating given that every other significant area of our life has conveniently found its place on our mobile phones. After all, what could be more practical than casually checking on singles when taking a break from work, traveling, or watching TV?

What makes dating applications effective? Gender, age, location, interests, and related objectives are the main factors that go into choosing a suitable partner. The likelihood that you will be shown a profile of that specific person increases as more parameters match. Some apps allow you to fill out lengthy questionnaires with questions in order to find the best match for you. Instead, you might use the filters yourself.

What Are Users' Expectations from Dating Apps?

The ability to check potential dates before you meet them is one of the reasons why internet dating has become so popular. People used to be total enigmas, and getting to know them personally was the only way to understand them. Safety is the top priority expectation because it is particularly important for women. Your future dating app may excel at providing information about a person’s background through some sort of validation. 

The worth of the application is another element to take into account. Your dating mobile app development must offer a clear and useful solution to the user's difficulties in addition to the evident matching. The efficacy and simplicity of use make dating apps stand out and become popular. The same as other location-based apps, dating apps currently offer opportunities. You never know if you might like someone or if they might like you back. This causes a sense of urgency and the much scoffed-at addiction to the left- and right-swiping.

Some people feel that a real-world community of individuals with similar interests is the ideal location to locate a spouse. Employment, interests, and academic pursuits all matter. The issue is that not all hobbies are social, and when it comes to work and school, there's only one word for it: 2020. We discuss how dating applications genuinely suffer upsurges during quarantines in one of our other articles regarding dating app development, albeit this time we focus on Bumble, Tinder's biggest rival in North America.

It is even more challenging to make new friends offline when you do all of your jobs and study at home and spend the majority of your waking hours awake. Online dating experienced a brief rebirth in the previous year, which led many businesspeople to question how to launch their own dating apps.

However, the undeniable advantage of any dating program is that it has a pool of individuals that share your goals, as opposed to the reality where only some individuals are looking for a mate. You will therefore grow personally and discover more about yourself, regardless of the outcome. This is an incredible essay by John Fischer called “Tragedy Swipe Left” that shows the range of experiences that dating apps provide. In summary, this is what users anticipate from a dating app after downloading it: 

  • Discretion & Security
  • Matches
  • Convenience 

Why People Uninstall Dating Apps 

Although it may seem obvious, a study by The Manifest found that:

  • 29% of users of dating apps uninstall them out of curiosity. 
  • 19% of users uninstall a dating app because of convenience.
  • 15% of users uninstall it out of boredom. 

And the prominent reasons for users to delete dating apps are 25% boredom and 18% stress. Moreover, 57% of poll respondents acknowledged that they had a favorable experience utilizing a website or app. Yet, 42% of respondents said their interactions with such services were unfavorable. 

Many times, the design of these apps causes the stress we experience when using them. Due to this, Tinder uses “matches” rather than the “invite-decline” strategy. Although there is no statistical data offered by Tinder, this implies that people’s self-esteem is secure because no one will ever find out how many times they were passed over or, conversely, chosen. This whole exercise creates an idea of voluntary and reciprocal communication. 

Analyzing the Market Trends and Data for Dating App Development Cost 

By the end of 2021, it was anticipated that the online dating market would end up generating over $3,601 million in revenue. ResearchAndMarkets predicts that the global market for dating apps will reach $8.4 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of almost 6%, with a constantly increasing annual profit. 

  • Match Group, Inc. (OkCupid, PlentyOfFish, Tinder, and, Badoo, eHarmony, Inc., Grindr LLC, and FTW & Co. (Happn) are the leading companies in the global dating app market. 
  • The market leaders in the United States are Bumble, PlentyOfFish, and Tinder. 

The majority of dating app industry trends and tendencies in 2020 were all influenced by changes in human communication that we all underwent as a result of the uptake of new technology. In particular, we’re referring to video chats and other video-related features that all the big players have launched (or made a key component of their products) in the previous years. 

Everyone who intends to profit from the development of dating apps and who is considering how to build a dating app that would gain some market share should consider how to take advantage of these and other trends. 

In an era where merely swiping functionality is insufficient, entrepreneurs want to think more imaginatively. Although it’s doubtful, there is a chance to surpass Tinder with its close using essentially the same functionality but with a different advantage. For instance, the aforementioned Bumble became so well-known because of its approach that provided women more authority, and the company didn’t stop looking for other strategies to draw in repeat consumers. 

One of their most recent suggestions was to add a new “5 love languages” feature that plays on the various ways that people prefer to express and receive love. There are an increasing number of specialties dating apps centered on certain interests, including religion, sexual orientation, hobbies, employment, and political beliefs. 

These app creators assert that their creations guarantee a deeper and more meaningful connection between individuals who have similar interests and are better suitable for those looking for committed partnerships. 

Factors that Impact the Cost to Create a Dating App 

Dating applications are frequently used by numerous users worldwide as smartphone usage rises quickly. Data unambiguously demonstrate that 19% of internet users utilize at least one dating app. Yet open for capture is a sizeable market. Nonetheless, starting a new firm requires a large investment. The elements that affect the cost to develop an app like Tinder are listed below: 

1. Size and Type of the App 

The purpose of developing an application in this cutthroat industry is to gain user traction and generate room. As a result, it is crucial to make sure the program is special and concentrates on a certain user base. 

When referring directly to dating apps, the best pairing is the main priority. Four categories or types can be used to categorize the matchmaking options: 

  • Based on Geolocation: Users are matched based on their geolocation information. The best matches from only nearby locations are displayed in this sort of app’s proximity-based matchmaking skills. 
  • Algorithm-based matchmaking: The suggested match is based on surveys and algorithms developed in response to the user’s preferences, choices, etc. 
  • Traditional matchmaking: The smartphone application has a basic dating algorithm. 
  • Specialized dating app: It only concentrates on particular groups, as the name implies. The user may join a group of people with similar profiles. It is also possible to create an application with gender-specific privileges. This assists in preventing harassment. 

You can opt to develop the application in any of the two ways discussed above, or you can include different configurations to strengthen it and gain more traction with users. Naturally, the price will vary greatly depending on the type you select, as each feature has unique collaborations and demands the developer’s time and expertise. 

2. Functionalities and Features 

It goes without saying that an application, regardless of the kind you choose to create, must have a few essential functions. The cost to create a dating app can be as little as $25,000. Yet, it must have some desirable, distinctive traits to separate out from the competition, which will raise the price. 

It goes without saying that the cost increases directly correlate with the number of features the application has. Let’s start by comprehending the fundamental characteristics that the application must have. 

  • Registration and sign-in options: In addition to allowing users to register directly through the app, you should also let them sign in using their email addresses and social network profiles. 
  • User profile creation- users should have the option of syncing their profile information and photo uploads via social network login and via the app. 
  • Security: users’ main concern is running into and being matched with phony accounts. The technology must be equipped with the tools and methods necessary to confirm and validate the users’ identities. Failure to implement this functionality constitutes a total failure of the application. As a result, it is a crucial and significant pillar of the development requirements for dating apps. 
  • In-app chat- connecting quickly and easily through chat is a convenient way to communicate. 
  • Location- GPS should be used to prioritize local matches; of course, authorization should be obtained for security reasons. 

The minimum requirements for a dating app are the aforementioned elements. Some of the “nice to have” features that will keep users interested and help your app get greater traction is covered in the article’s later sections. 

3. Design 

The key differentiator is the user interface. That is the most important element of a dating app. The prototypes and the design’s framework are centered around ease of navigation. It should be given enough time for development because this is one of the main elements that will help your dating application gain popularity. The time it takes to create a great design- between 90 and 120 hours- will also have an impact on the final cost of creating the app. 

4. Tech Stack 

Another element that is crucial in deciding the overall cost of dating app development is the tech stack. The operating system can be used to determine the technological stacks: 

  • Programming Languages: 

Java and Kotlin for Android. Swift for iOS.

  • Database 

Redis and MongoDB 

  • Cloud Storage 

AWS and Google Cloud 

  • Web Server 

Caddy, Envoy, and Nginx

  • Utilities

Google Maps and Google Analytics 

  • Payment Gateways 

Stripe and PayPal

Tech Stack for Logistics Apps Like Uber Freight
Tech Stack for Logistics Apps Like Uber Freight - 1

5.  Testing an App 

It is crucial to put the developed application through rigorous testing to make sure it adheres to the specifications and performs as expected. The time needed to evaluate the dating app ranges from 120 to 150 hours. It is crucial to have a team of analytical testers to make sure that every flaw, if any, is brought to light so that any necessary changes and alterations may be made before the application’s official launch. 

Also read: Top Mobile App Testing Tools for Android & iOS

In light of this, the price to create a dating app is broken down below based on the kind, scope, and timeline of the project. 

The creation of a simple native app may cost you roughly $70,000 based on the aforementioned costs. Yet, the price to construct a dating app may be around $45,000 for the basic features, and it may cost as much as $1,25,000 for all-inclusive features. 

These are the rough pricing; actual costs will vary greatly based on the partner you select for app development. Having said that, the price might go up if more features are added. In the following section, let’s examine the characteristics that a dating app ought to have. 

Top Characteristics of Dating Apps That Keep Users Interested 

Some interesting statistics indicate that the popularity of dating apps is growing in this cutthroat world where there are more than 5,000 dating apps available worldwide. For example, about 30% of Americans have tried online dating, members of the LGBTQ+ community are more likely to find partners on dating apps, millennials swipe for 10 hours per week on average, and many more.

When determining whether to enter the highly competitive world of dating apps, it is imperative to concentrate on features that can guarantee high user engagement and high user retention. Let's examine these things to consider while creating a dating app similar to Tinder or Bumble:

  • Interesting User Profile 

Creating a profile with basic details like gender, age, location, interests, a clever tagline, and images is the first step in joining a dating app. Yet, the user won’t stay interested in only this simple information. 

You can encourage people to construct their own profiles in a more original approach to highlight their personalities to make them more engaging. Giving users the ability to create gamified profiles would be a smart move. 

  • Chat and Messaging Within Apps 

Any dating app should have an in-app conversation as a basic feature. Options for voice notes, audio messages, video messages, and more can be added to make it more fascinating and engaging. This will make user interactions more engaging and increase the likelihood that users will form genuine relationships. 

  • Icebreakers 

After the match is made, starting a discussion might be nerve-wracking. The interaction can be prompted and made easier by icebreaker features like the addition of quick-fire questions, especially for users who have joined the dating app. 

  • Video and Voice Calling

Text conversations can seem repetitive and uninteresting after a while. A little individuality is added by including a video and voice calling capability. Communication may become more intimate and personal as a result. Depending on demand and popularity, this feature may be added as a premium option. 

  • Using Push Notifications 

By providing alert notifications, and push notifications to assist in keeping the user informed about their possible match. This feature not only keeps the user interested but also encourages frequent visits. 

  • Incorporating social media 

Integrating with social media sites like Facebook and Instagram gives a user’s profile legitimacy. As a result, the app becomes more user-friendly and secure. It can be used to find a better match by pulling information from the integrated social media application based on shared interests' pastimes. 

Each social media platform has an API that allows for dating app integration. 

How Can Dating Apps Generate Income? 

Only once a business begins to generate profits does investing in it make sense. Investing in different monetization possibilities is essential in light of the above-mentioned costs. 

  • Membership Charges 

The user can be charged a subscription fee after they download your program. This will only make sense, though, if you can keep users interested and engaged. In order to attract and keep users, it can be helpful to have the aforementioned functionalities.

Even if there are many free dating apps on the market, a small membership charge can help you by discouraging phony accounts.

  • Paid Subscribers

Paying subscribers may get access to special features. Voice and video conversations are two capabilities that may only be available with paid memberships, as was previously mentioned above in the features section.

The features may also change depending on the membership period, which can be classified as monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

  • Third-Party Services 

Relationship-building is the main goal of dating apps. Emoji gestures like gifts and flowers can be provided in real life by working with third parties as these relationships develop.

As more than 50% of users report having at least one in-person date, offering actual dating solutions like reservations for restaurants, taxi rides, movie tickets, etc. might be profitable.

  • Premium Version 

After a set amount of time, this monetization approach begins to crave profits. For a limited time, free downloads and unique features with restrictions are offered. Those who want to keep enjoying the aforementioned service must pay when the free subscription has expired.

These features are the most in-demand because users will only pay for them if they are interested and want more. So, it's critical to offer the optimal user experience for the things you intend to charge extra for in the premium version.

  • In-App Ads 

In most apps, advertisements have proved a fruitful method of revenue generation. The companies who advertise their goods or services pay the software owners. You can provide premium subscriptions if the user requests an app without adverts. 


Building a successful dating app requires expert coding since a solid structural foundation is crucial. The success of your mobile dating app development depends on choosing the correct tech stack and incorporating the proper features.

In this article, we’ve covered a possible Tinder app development cost could be and the steps you need to create your own dating app. However, it’s always smarter to have experienced and skilled people on your team to ensure success. This is why, from conception to launch, developing the application with a seasoned mobile app development company by your side can be easier. 

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