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Develop Virtual Reality Applications to Solve Current Requirements of Industries

Alekh Verma | July 14, 2023
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Virtual reality is revolutionizing consumer experience, and brands want it.

Partnering with Australian retailer Myer, eBay launched the world's first virtual department store, where shoppers can look through thousands of Myer products from any place. Once their Android or iOS virtual reality application is downloaded, it works with VR headsets like Samsung's Gear VR.

When you enter this virtual store, many categories of retail items are shown like clothing, electronics, smartwatches, etc. If you want to take a closer look at a watch or any different item, 100 of the top products can be seen in 3D, while remaining in 2D.

This is not fiction, but the future of the shopping experience working in the present time.

Now take a look at what virtual reality is doing in the real estate sector.

Real estate developer Panotic Group collaborated with Arch Virtual a few years ago to create VR tours in 3D as a new method of showing real estate properties to clients.

As per the Panotic group, VR is empowering them to sell properties much faster because people get a realistic experience of home through virtual tours, without even visiting physically.

This is the age of virtual reality. From real estate to retail, companies are developing virtual reality applications across several areas to provide incredible solutions for consumers and brands.

Just have a VR headset over your eyes and a mobile application in your smartphone, and you will be able to see a virtual world that might not be possible in the reality.

Today, VR technology is solving the problems of various sectors. This technology has the power to transform traditional business practices across all industries and niches.

If you are a startup, business venture, company, or entrepreneur who is actively looking for great ideas to set up your own venture in some industries, virtual reality can give you many opportunities to make your dream business possible.

Yes, you can set up your own venture in any industry by using VR technology. How?

Today in this blog, eSearch Logix will discuss if you develop virtual reality applications to solve the current requirements of industries, your venture or business concept will be successful.


The retail industry has always been looking for an effective solution that could help them influence customer's buying decisions. The current problem with online shopping is that consumers can't try on the products before they buy, e.g. clothes, which results in buying two sizes and returning one or ordering one perfect size and praying it fits their shape and size.

But this could soon change with body-scanning technology in VR that allows trying on clothes in the virtual world to see what they would look like in person.

Many companies are trying to bring a VR shopping experience. And it is not just the fashion industry getting a makeover. As we already told you about eBay's world's first virtual reality department store.

So, create a VR application that enables retailers to offer customers everything from virtual fitting rooms to the capability to design & customize products, and in this way you can achieve huge success in the retail industry by providing an immersive shopping experience to consumers.

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Bold Metrics is a Startup Company that utilizes VR technology to make "virtual maps" of shoppers' bodies, allowing customers to virtually try on clothes in a 3D environment.


VR technology is unique because it enables individuals to be placed virtually and provides an avenue for organizers to welcome more individuals into in-person events.

Like, Paul McCartney built a 360-degree concert recording through a VR app linked to the Google Cardboard headset. Jaunt startup was behind this app which rose over $100M to develop software, hardware, tools, and apps for content creators.

Here VR can be utilized in the same way to allow virtual conference attendance. You can offer businesses with extensive VR facilities that help event planners and management teams to drive collective experience among in-person audiences and given an extraordinary virtual experience at the event.

Such an example was held at the Mobile World Congress 2016 when conference attendees wore VR headsets as part of attending the launching ceremony of the Samsung edge smartphones.


Brands are enthusiastically using AR/VR-powered campaigns to immerse customers with their product lines and interact with their audiences in effective ways.

As more consumers will start adopting VR headsets, virtual reality applications will evolve as a standard channel for experiential marketing and advertising. It is also getting popular for universities to offer virtual campus tours.

Companies today want customers to feel a real product experience virtually. Top Android app development company suggests VR apps as the next direct marketing channel that will help brands to interact with their consumers more intuitively and lively.

Here are the opportunities for business ventures those who are looking to provide a unique solution. You can build a virtual reality app for universities that offer virtual campus tours, virtual channels on headsets for marketing & advertising.

OmniVirt is a company that gives a "360 virtual reality advertising platform" where brands, developers, and publishers can monetize and promote VR content.


Real estate is expected to take maximum advantage of VR technology. Architectures are excited about VR's future prospects for the virtual modeling of homes.

With the help of VR, real estate agents or professionals can display properties (even unfurnished ones) to buyers in a realistic way, complete with virtual exposure to the location and neighborhood.

The real estate industry is looking for more VR solutions that can allow people to explore houses online without visiting the location in person. If you thinking How a Mobile App Can Make You Successful in Real Estate Business, create such an application to solve this requirement and see how fast your business grows. 


VR applications have the potential to bring big transformations in manufacturing, logistics, automotive, and other industries. Its ability to superimpose holographic images, objects, and instructions, atop an individual’s real-world perspective, which can be immensely valuable for educating workers to use large machinery or specialized devices.

For an instance, AR Company Inglobe Technologies showcases the relevant areas under the hood of a vehicle for learning engine repair.

You can develop similar applications for engineers and designers to experiment easily with the look and architecture of a vehicle before commissioning expensive prototypes.

Iconic brands such as BMW and Jaguar Land Rover already use VR to hold early design and engineering reviews to check the visual design and object obscuration of the vehicle.

Thus, by creating such VR applications you can save millions of the automotive industry by reducing the number of prototypes built per vehicle line.


VR apps can reshape education by empowering students to learn in an immersive experiential way. This technology can enhance students' engagement across subjects, allowing them to learn concepts faster and foster community learning.

EON Reality is a similar example that allows teachers to create their own VR content. By using this application, teachers can place 3D models from the company within a virtual environment. They can also incorporate text or interactive elements and online content.

There are many educational apps in marketing that struggle to generate good ROI. This is because simple features of their app as today learners are looking for advanced learning solutions. It is a sign that many companies don’t know how to develop an education app that makes high revenue?

But not all companies are doing the same thing.

Immersive VR Education is building a VR classroom/meeting room space with their 'Engage' products, where students can attend lectures from anywhere.

See how VR is empowering the education sector. If you have some unique concepts which can solve similar requirements of the education sector, your startup venture is sure going to be successful.

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VR gives a broad range of new ways for companies to interact with their customers. A customer service representative can use a VR device to interact with a customer.

The representative can appear to hover in front of customers to talk about their issues and see in 3D exactly what the customer is facing. This allows them to better solve their problems immediately. Various brands have already started to experiment with these technologies.

You can learn from Fidelity Investments which created VR scenarios for its call center employees. New employees can interact virtually with the simulations and run through a variety of potential scenarios to learn how to deal with different customer problems.

Here startups and entrepreneurs may come up with effective VR solutions for businesses and brands that are looking to improve their customer service. 


VR apps can give engineers a new tool to get hands-on with their early-stage product designs, especially when those designs need to be constructed within the software.

It could be extremely useful in allowing engineers to visualize how tweaks and changes to one part of a design might affect an overall layout. In this way, engineers can make changes in a product using software and then view the results on a virtual reality display.

They could even rotate the image, see it from different angles, and understand exactly how a change would affect every aspect of a design or product model.

Industrial designers can also utilize VR applications in the same way. In fact, engineers and designers can both collaborate using virtual reality. For example, to see an engine part they are working on a virtual reality display.

This technique has been also adopted by Ford. They use the Ford Immersive Vehicle Environment to allow designers and engineers to see a vehicle model virtually. It assists them to ensure early prototypes and designs meet required specifications.

The industry here requires applications to perform all these VR functionalities. So, build a VR solution that has the potential to improve the engineering process. 


The demand for healthcare app development is rising tremendously in the market. And with the power of VR, healthcare applications can have a big impact on the industry.

You can create VR applications for healthcare professionals that allow them to see virtual models to prepare themselves for working on real bodies. Besides this, VR can be also used for treating mental health issues.

There is much scope for companies who are looking to provide hospitals with customizable VR apps for visualizing patient health information.

AccuVein has invented a scanner that projects over skin to display nurses and doctors where various veins and valves are in a patient's body. They have reported that by using this technology, they are able to find a vein on the first attempt 3.5x more likely.

VR applications are empowering telemedicine. PSIOUS is a company that offers treatment for behavioral and mental health issues through VR immersion therapy. Hence, the opportunities for VR applications in the healthcare industry are endless.

10. Tourism

How would you feel exploring Antarctica from your home? VR can make it possible. The tourism industry is taking steps to enable people to go on guided virtual tours of hotels, restaurants, and tourist landmarks.

Travel companies are considering VR the perfect solution to provide virtual tour experiences of destinations to potential customers. Through this technology, they are able to influence the decisions of more visitors than ever.

If you have the vision to establish your venture in the tourism industry, you can develop an iOS application or Android one for hotels, resorts, and travel companies that want to give virtual experiences to their customers.

If your app is enabling people to visualize the locations, rooms, halls, and other locations virtually, it will motivate people to instantly book a trip or hotel room and your app will become a great asset for them.

Thomas Cook had launched their ‘Try Before You Fly' VR experience in 2015, where prospective holidaymakers visit stores in multiple countries to experience the holiday in VR before booking it.

Google Expeditions is another way to experience tourism virtually. By using this application, users can travel the world from the comfort of their own homes.

Can you think of some of such innovative VR app concepts?

The Final Words

VR has the power to solve the industry's big problems. Business ventures which sooner utilize this merging technology to provide solutions to the current requirements of industries will have the chance to make huge success and create milestones in their niche.

But as VR is a complex technology that needs a strategic and robust development methodology, you need experienced leadership for developing VR applications for modern needs.

And eSearch Logix stands out as the perfect virtual reality app development company for your unique business idea. 

How eSearch Logix can help you develop a great VR application?

Innovative Virtual Reality App Development Process

eSearch Logix creates dynamic VR apps with an immersive user experience that helps companies create simulations for their products, improve data visualization and product interactions across industries.

VR app needs to simulate flawlessly, then it can influence your audience's buying decision. Therefore, the success of virtual reality apps depends on experience design, quality of 3D models, and seamless user interactions.

eSearch Logix's VR app development process contains strategy, interactive design, asset creation, VR development, QA & testing, and deployment that support functionalities with top headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Samsung Gear.

As the cost of VR systems may vary from $200 to over $2000, it is recommended to better off pick up a headset before starting VR application development for your company. And we can help you make the right technology selection decision.

Designing Interactive Virtual Reality Experience

Virtual reality is all about impressive realistic experiences. So at the beginning of designing the experience, we start with a storyboard approach to recognize different scenes, visual assets which will be needed for each scene, and interactions the user may have with objects in a VR scene.

Our technical artists and designers use Adobe, ZBrush, Blender, and Maya 3D tools for building 3D models and layouts and enhancing virtual settings with euphonic sound.

Modern Virtual Reality App Development Technologies

eSearch Logix specializes in creating interactive VR applications. Our VR app developers use modern VR technology for developing apps that meet user's expectations.

If you have a VR app project in mind,

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