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How Flutter App Development Can Benefit Small Businesses?

Alekh Verma | February 9, 2023
Flutter App Development1

If you run a small business and finding the shortest route to grow your business, Flutter app can make it possible.

Flutter app development has become a new trend and started creating a huge impact on every possible industry and business sector. 

Launched in 2017, Google's Flutter is one of the top mobile app development frameworks which is gaining high popularity in the world of cross platform mobile applications. 

Especially for those who want to skyrocket their small business with a mobile app. 

In this blog, I will explain how Flutter app development is highly beneficial for small businesses and why you should invest in this.

Important things you will learn:

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source UI SDK (software development kit) developed by Google for building natively compiled mobile applications for Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. 

It is considered the best gift given by Google to the developer community. Flutter has everything you need to create a cross platform mobile app that works like native mobile applications. It contains command-line tools, rendering engine, widgets, and integration of testing and API.

Flutter provides a consistent growth model because the UI components are adjusted automatically. It uses Dart language which can be learned quickly and understood by developers who are familiar with languages like JavaScript. 

What features make Flutter a great development framework? 

Building a native mobile app can be a costly deal for small business people as developers have to write different codes for building applications for every OS platform. 

But in Flutter app development, you need to write a single code base to create applications that run on multiple mobile platforms seamlessly. 

Android users are mostly high in numbers in India as compared to other countries that is why Android App Development Company India can help you in building a great Flutter app for your business. 

If you still find more compelling reasons, here the features that will convince you why Flutter is a better framework: 

  • It stands out perfectly on your various development goals
  • It is easy to learn and code
  • It offers a wide range of speedy and customizable widgets
  • Flutter apps don't have any compatibility issues with any mobile operating system platforms
  • It has a large developer community support
  • It takes less time in app development
  • You get a lot of time for QA & testing across different platforms
  • Flutter stands out perfect in terms of maintenance, productivity, and performance scale 

So you can find Flutter comes with plenty of features that give a perfect solution for businesses who are struggling to develop mobile app faster at low development cost. 

As Flutter reduces the risks involved in the app, it enhances the future reliability and security of your app, making it a worthy choice for your business improvement. 

For example, if you own a retail store and want to use mobile apps to grow your small business, Flutter can appears as the best choice in this case. 

What is the current demand for Flutter app development?

The market of Flutter app development has increased immensely in the past few years. Flutter has become like a hero in cross platform app development. This is because Flutter apps don't compile as Native ARM code but give a similar native app experience. 

Flutter is easy to code and fast to develop. It doesn't take so much effort and time that is why it has motivated Flutter App Development Company India to invite business people to invest in Flutter apps. 

If you see the last year data of Statista, it clearly shows how Flutter became the top choice in the mobile app development industry bagging second place right after another most popular framework React Native.


A market report tells that Flutter applications make up around 0.21% of the entire apps available at a 0.04% installation rate, which is truly impressive. 

If you see the current popularity of top mobile app development frameworks on Google Trends, it shows Flutter on the first place beating ever trending frameworks.           


Famous Apps built with Flutter: 

  • Alibaba (e-commerce)
  • Groupon (marketplace)
  • com (real estate)
  • Birch Finance (finance)
  • Hookle (social)
  • EntrenaPro (fitness)
  • Reflectly (lifestyle)
  • Watermaniac (health)

Are there any top companies that are using Flutter in their project?

Yes, here are those: 

  • The New York Times
  • Google
  • Tencent
  • BMW
  • Alibaba 

How Flutter app development can benefit small businesses? 

Flutter is widely used to develop a high-performing mobile application that could run flawlessly on every mobile platform.   

The biggest advantage of using Flutter is that it leverages the native UI elements of both Android and iOS. This not only saves a lot of investment but also gives a reliable tool to maintain or update the app in the future. 

Flutter fulfills the smaller requirements of a business. Small businesses can choose Flutter to build lightweight and fast apps with good features and design at a lower budget and limited resources. 

Here are the top benefits why small business owners should invest in Flutter app development: 

  • Flutter builds attractive app designs which in turn help small businesses attract more customers. 

It is extremely important for every type of business to draw the attention of new customers. People judge a mobile app on the basis of how compelling it looks at the first appearance. Having a great app design can inspire not only users but also attract various investors. 

Flutter provides a broad range of UI features and intuitive designs which help in developing eye-catching mobile applications. 

It comes with powerful customized widgets that give an extra advantage for Android app development with the feeling of native applications. 

And because it is easy to learn and uses a single codebase for development, Flutter developers find it seamless to code without any additional effort. 

  • Flutter uses Dart as its language that guarantees a successful app development 

Generally, Android and iOS both use separate languages for app development. For example, Swift is mostly used as a language in developing iOS applications. 

Flutter is evolving as a good alternative to Swift that is why market is seeing tough competition between Flutter vs Swift when it comes to choosing the best programming languages for iOS app development. 

Flutter is able to challenge Swift because of its Dart which is an object-oriented language that complies into native code with faster development techniques. 

It amazingly speeds up the launch time of the application and doesn't require naming Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) widgets as it uses in-built widgets. 

Additionally, instead of going across a JavaScript bridge, Flutter allows the app to connect directly with the native platform. It lets developers create even complex Flutter mobile applications with convenience and no compromise with results. 

So as a small business owner, you may need to build complex application that requires advanced features, here, Flutter can help you building your dream app smoothly. 

  • Flutter's Hot Reload boosts developer productivity by over 5x 

Flutter gives a faster and interactive app development process for developers where they can quickly make changes to the code and view immediately via its 'Hot Reload' feature. 

It means Flutter developers can rapidly fix the issues without sacrificing functionality and redeployment of the code if they find a bug during the development phase and proceed again from where they left off. 

Hot reload provides closer coordination among developers and designers to work on UI in parallel, improve the app design, and verify results immediately. 

This feature enhances the project’s overall efficiency and allows real-time improvements without delaying a few seconds. 

Therefore, you won't have to pay additional development hours which are mostly charged by mobile app development companies. 

  • Flutter app development is extremely budget-friendly 

Small businesses have small budget which prevent them to invest in something big..   The main reason for high development cost is that developers have no choice but to write different codes for different operating systems to create mobile apps. 

Here, Flutter uses a single codebase for all mobile OS platforms. Thus, it dramatically reduces the app development cost which is highly needed for small scale businesses. 

  • Flutter offers smart UI libraries for building the right mobile app 

Flutter allows you to access a wide range of widgets on various platforms such as iOS, Android, and Google Fuchsia. So, when you utilize Flutter as a UI creation tool, you get access to these widgets to integrate them with your app's functionality such as scrolling, navigation, icons, and fonts. 

For regional business which works in a specific geographic area, Flutter helps to generate structure and compelling UIs that are based on dedicated geographical locations. 

It means Flutter can be used by even a local shop to serve more people with a mobile application. 

Does it sound amazing to you?

How much Flutter app development costs? 

Flutter app development cost ranges from $37,000-$171,450 and can go higher up to $500,000 based on an hourly development price of $25-$150. 

Yes, it may sound expensive to you but Flutter app development cost depends on the charge of per hour development rate and in which country you are developing the app. 

For example, it may cost you a bit higher if you want to build a mobile app for iPhone users. But if you hire an iPhone app development company in India which usually charges between $20-25$ per hour for Flutter App Development for Apple users, you don’t need a higher budget. 

At the same time, you should keep in mind that mobile app development cost depends on various factors and features that you want to include in your app such as: 

  • Complex functionality
  • The number of native features
  • App development company's rate
  • App development company's location
  • Server or hosting rent
  • App launching price
  • Design
  • Support and app maintenance cost 

The more you add features, the higher it will affect your Flutter app development cost. 


Flutter is continuously evolving as a great framework for developing a cross-platform mobile application that gives native-like app experience to users. 

Developing a Flutter app for your small business can be a game-changer decision if you lacking the motivation to grow your business with a mobile app. 

Flutter can help you make your dream app possible at a minimal cost. 

And if you want to hire a Flutter app development company, eSearch Logix stands out as the premier company which can help you build a world-class and budget-friendly mobile application for your small business with Flutter.

Discuss your app idea for free.

Alekh Verma

CEO and Founder at eSearch Logix Technologies!

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