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Why Game Apps Make Billions of Money?

Alekh Verma | February 13, 2023

Game apps have completely revolutionized the modern world. Just pick up your smartphone, enter the battleground, take weapons and shot down your enemies. If you have played PUBG, Call of Duty, Arena of Valor, Game of War, or Free Fire, you must have experienced such kind of irresistible thrills and entertainment.

Today, the mobile game industry has reached its next level, and with the advancement of new technologies, it is expected to go higher levels. People are now playing mobile games more than using social media apps as they find them the best way for social interaction, fun, and spending their free time.

Especially in the Covid-19 pandemic, game apps reported the highest number of app downloads on the Google Play Store because people used them as an effective way to relieve their stress and keep their mood healthy.

You will be surprised to know that mobile game revenue was approx. $77 Billion in 2020, which is alone more than the revenue of the music and film industries combined. Interestingly, game industry is bigger than Hollywood.

The revolutionary PUBG mobile game made over $5 billion, everyone's favorite game Candy Crush Saga earned over $5.8 billion, and Honor of Kings / Arena of Valor- world's highest-grossing mobile game made a massive over $9.9 billion revenues since its initial release.

So, why ultimately game apps are highly popular?

What are the hidden factors causing billions of game app downloads?

How yesterday’s startup company became today's big enterprise with the power of game app development?

In this blog, I will discuss why business people who are interested in 100% guaranteed return-on-investment should invest in mobile game development.

I will share some data and insights that will reveal why game apps are able to make billions of money, giving you better business opportunities than other types of mobile apps in the market.

Current mobile game market

Mobile games have traveled a long way since the days of playing Nokia's Snake on a small screen. The first known mobile game was a prehistoric version of Tetris, installed on the mobile phone Hagenuk MT-2000 in 1994.

When Apple's App Store was launched in 2007, game apps started creating their impact on the market. Google and Apple Store flooded with multiple gaming apps which are amazingly addictive.

This leveraged mobile game development company to build more advanced game apps for businesses that were looking for a better source of revenue.

And in 2021, mobile games are now equipped with more advanced features that gives an incredible gaming experience to users. The growing production of smartphones and technology advancement is accelerating the mobile game development industry.

There is a dedicated app category for game apps on Google Play Store, which indicates how largely gaming apps dominate other categories of apps.

On Apple App Store, the most popular app category is the game which holds the highest share in the market.

Game Apps Make Billions

According to App Annie, consumers spent over $19 billion on mobile games in Q2 2020 showing the largest quarter yet.

As most countries are under lockdown due to the pandemic, game apps have been used as one of the best ways of digital entertainment including watching movies. iOS app development companies in India are specifically focusing on building premium mobile games for iPhone users as they are always ready to pay to play.

Which game apps are creating a sensation on the Internet?

PUBG mobile game entered like a storm in the market. It transformed the gaming experience on smartphones and proved game app is the top choice of every person for entertainment no matter what their age, gender, or profession is.

People loved this app concept where users can not only play thrilling games but also interact real-time globally from different locations. This made PUBG the most downloaded mobile game as well as the highest-grossing game app on the Play Store in 2020.

Prior to PUBG, there are many game apps that hit the market with a huge impact and become a blockbuster among gamers.

Among all apps, game apps have managed to make billions of money through its various app monetization models.

You may not believe but Honor of Kings / Arena of Valor is the highest-grossing game app in the world, generating over $9.9 billion since its initial release and PUBG earned $5 billion in just a few years.

Here is data from Sensor Tower that will prove when it comes to making billions of money through a mobile app, gaming apps alone have the power to make a large amount of revenue (see the below picture).

Game Apps Make Billions

List of highest-grossing mobile games 2020-21:

Game Apps Make Billions

So you can see in the above table how game apps have the potential to generate high revenues. If you have some unique game app concept that can create a buzz in the gaming world, chances are there you can do something incredible by simply developing a mobile app for passionate gamers.

But why ultimately game apps become highly successful than other types of mobile apps?

There are many psychological and technological factors that make game apps attractive and addictive that help companies generate billions of revenues:

1. They improve moods

Gaming gives all solutions to users when it comes to make their mind happy and cheerful. If you are feeling angry, play a shootout video game and hunt down your enemies.

In addition to this, playing mobile games helps people remove anxiety and feel relaxed and energized. As various games offer real-time chat and interaction, it also works a great social platform to interact with different people around the world.

2. Games train the brain

Research tells that when a person plays a game, his or her brain works more attentively and it enhances the logical aptitude of the player. Today, game apps are now used as an effective learning tool for kids.

3. Age does not matter in playing games

Be it a child, young, adult, or young, everyone loves playing games no matter what their age or gender is. People love to feel excited and thrill, therefore, they love playing mobile games for experiencing something unusual which is generally rare in the real world.

However, there are mobile games which are meant for the specific age group to advance their cognitive skills. For example, Racing games are especially aimed at young people because these games allow them to improve their driving skills and cognitive development.

4. They are used to develop learning skills for young children

Studies have proven that certain game apps help younger children improve their reasoning and learning skills.

There are many educational apps that are equipped with various fun games to teach the children in an entertaining and engaging way. Educational game apps like Curios World, Quick Math Jr., Youtube Kids, etc. allow children to learn and play many things at the same time.

5. People find an escape from their busy life

In the time of growing technology and development, people are mostly busy in their life and struggle for relaxing time. In this case, game apps work like a digital friend who is available at your fingertips anywhere, anytime.

Once you get a free time of 10 minutes, just open your favorite game app on your smartphone and play until you involve again in your busy schedule.

6. Playing games enhance creativity and imagination

Anyone who plays any mobile game can't deny the fact that they are exposed to greater creativity while playing games. Whether it is a realistic video game like Call of Duty or a highly imaginative video game like World of Warcraft, gaming compels people to use their imagination by putting themselves in the mindset of the character and the gaming world.

This creates an exercise for the brain. Therefore, people don't feel tired even playing games for a long duration of hours.


Now you have understood why game apps make billions of money because people love playing games passionately. As mobile games are not limited to a particular target audience group, you only need to develop a game app that has the potential to fascinate people.

Smartphones are coming with more advanced features to support gaming with AR/VR technology, therefore, the future of mobile game development is fully assured.

If you have a game concept that you think it can make a sensation, join our developer team at eSearch Logix which is equipped with experienced developers and technologists who are expert in building various game apps including Unity 2D/3D mobile game development for Android and iOS platforms. Discuss your idea with us and get a free quotation.

Alekh Verma

CEO and Founder at eSearch Logix Technologies!

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