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How AI Apps Can Accelerate Your Business?

Alekh Verma | February 9, 2023
AI Mobile Apps

‘Can a mobile app think’?

Technology has reached a new level where things that were impossible yesterday now seem possible today. Artificial intelligence (AI), which has already revolutionized many sectors, is now creating a buzz in the mobile app development industry.

AI is integrating with mobile applications and developing next-gen AI apps for multiple business sectors. AI app is growing fast and changing business scales through mobile devices.

Yes, it may sound fascinating how a mobile app can think and how AI apps can change business scenarios. To understand this, just take a quick ride through the history of artificial intelligence.

In 1950, Alan Mathison Turing, a computer scientist, logician, and philosopher created the Turing Test to know, "Can software think?" in his research. This man was considered to be the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence.

His question sparked a great debate in the industry.

Later then, the era of AI began in 1963 when McCarthy started a project called MAC which later became the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab.

And today, AI is influencing businesses and everyday life.

Here in this blog, we will tell you how AI apps can help you accelerate your business and why you should use AI in mobile app.

What is an AI app?

AI app is a mobile application which is integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning to perform more advanced tasks.

Examples of AI apps:

  • Siri – Virtual assistant app from Apple
  • Cortana- Virtual assistant app from Microsoft
  • Google Assistant- Virtual assistant app from Google
  • Alexa- Virtual assistant app from Amazon
  • ELSA Speak- AI app to learn how to speak English
  • Socratic- AI app to help students in learning
  • Fyle- AI expense management app
  • DataBot- Virtual assistant app
  • FaceApp-Image editing app
  • IRIS- Intelligent reporting app
  • Microsoft Pix-AI app for high-quality photography
  • Hound-Voice assistant app
  • Youper- AI app for emotional health assistant 

How AI is changing mobile app development?

The scope of AI in mobile app development is extremely large. AI is making many functions work seamlessly through natural language processing, face recognition robotics, spam filter, Chabot and more.

At present, AI has a huge impact on businesses. We know that mobile apps have become an essential part of every industry. It is one of the important tools for companies and business owners to grow their consumer and user base.

Mobile applications are the seamless medium for user engagement, brand promotion, selling products & services.

Therefore, AI is empowering mobile app development for startups, entrepreneurs, and enterprises who want to transform their innovative app ideas into reality. That is why we introduced the question in the beginning can a mobile app think? 

How AI Apps can boost your business?

AI and machine learning are complex technology yet enable mobile app work simpler. There are many features of AI that help in developing advanced AI apps which can expand your business:

1. Speech Recognition

Google Voice Assistant and Apple's Siri are the famous example of AI-based speech recognition system that allows mobile app users to search and perform certain tasks on their smartphones.

Here, AI is integrated as a speech recognition system that has the capability to search the internet, play songs, make calls, send messages, schedule and remind calendar events, open and close apps and answer many queries like app developer near me without the need for typing a single word.

AI technology is enabling mobile app with speech recognition feature to identify the person speaking and sending commands.

Amazon's Alexa Echo, Google Home, and other smart devices use AI based speech recognition system in their mobile app, which are getting more popular day by day.

2. Chatbot and Virtual Assistant

The use of AI based chatbots and virtual assistants is increasing in every industry. Chatbots and virtual assistants are changing user experience and engagement on mobile app.

Chatbots have already become a hit for companies who want to provide enhanced user experience and customer support to their customers on mobile app. By using AI based chatbots in mobile apps, companies are now able to gain up to 70-80% conversions.

3. Natural Language Processing (NLP):

Natural Language Processing is the part of AI technology that is used in speech recognition system. Chatbots are mostly dependent on the NLP engine which parses complex human language into a simple language that computer or application can understand.

This AI feature is highly important in mobile app development because voice assistant is used in many apps to help users to perform voice search. The better NLP engine works, the better accuracy of human language processing will be done by apps. 

4. Predictive Analysis

Social messaging apps mostly use this feature to recommend texts to users while typing. These messaging apps use AI technology to predict text based on past inputs that a user has made.

AI is being highly used in mobile app as predictive text technology to suggest customers or users their favorite products or offerings based on their past usage.

OpenAI which is an AI research organization recently introduced its model called GPT-2. This AI system has the ability to write content like humans. It can also predict the next word or even a full-length text once a user gives it a sentence as a topic.

5. Location based suggestions

You must have ever used Google Maps ‘nearby’ feature. When you search for anything near you, for example, mobile app development company near me, then you get suggestions that are closed to your location. This is done by an AI engine that works under the hood.

Mobile app gets the location of the user as input and this AI system integrated in the mobile app searchers for the required nearby locations based on user interest and suggest the locations as results. This complex search procedure is quickly performed due to ML and AI algorithms.

If you consider this location based AI technology not much attractive, you must read about this app which eased trucking logistics in the US and raised a $12M investment in 2021.

A US based startup created an AI-powered app ‘SmartHop’, which helps interstate truckers make their routes more efficient and lucrative.

SmartHop app helps truck drivers find easy routes and provide suggestions on travel time, traffic, other connected drivers on the route, and optimize their profit.

This app uses location based AI technology to solve trucking logistics, and it became so successful that made $12M investment.

(Source: Techcrunch)

Therefore, the scope of every AI feature is unlimited and can open many business opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs. 

6. AI powered Camera and Photos

Imagine how difficult task is for Facebook to filter appropriate photos posted by billions of users every single day. If there would be human staff, they would surely need 24x7 to classify each photo by user.

But, Facebook and other big social media apps complete this task in seconds. It is because of AI technology.

For mobile apps with a huge user base (up to millions or billions), it is very exhaustive task to protect the platform from offensive and inappropriate images and photos.

And of course, it is not possible with human effort, but thanks to AI and ML. By using this technology in mobile app, images can be classified and stopped getting published in a matter of seconds.

Microsoft and Google use AI based cognitive system for image recognition and image classification. This AI based cognitive technology can be smoothly integrated with mobile app and enable it to restrict the input of certain kinds of photos.

The same AI technology is now being used in Camera and image processing to achieve better results with the help of Predictive Analysis and Machine Learning.

Adobe had launched an AI powered Camera app called Adobe Photoshop Camera which transformed how mobile apps can work even better on mobile devices for taking pictures.

7. AI for targeted marketing on mobile apps

Whenever you use an eCommerce app they send you promotional content and advertisement that you are interested in. So, how can a mobile app know what your interest is and offer the same products and services?

It's again, AI.

AI is constantly influencing every industry with its powerful features, and similarly, it has changed the way marketing is done in the current time.

Today, companies and businesses are using artificial intelligence and data science to know exactly what a user is interested in and enable their mobile app to offer the same content or products.

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video use AI technology to recommend the movies of genres that a user is interested in. 

Especially, eCommerce mobile apps heavily rely on this technology to offer products that a customer is interested in. This is done by a hidden hero, the AI that gives a personalized experience to customers.


This is the magic of AI app that is helping businesses grow and increase the number of customers and users.

In simple words, AI is strengthening mobile app development to create more powerful AI apps that can give a more enhanced user experience and unique features that users love.

Businesses and mobile app development companies are using AI and Machine Learning technology with the help of Data Science to understand their customers.

If you are looking something like this, eSearch Logix is a premier AI app development company who can help you build smart, intelligent, self-sustainable AI app for iOS and Android platforms.

Our AI app developers use modern AI technology such as Deeplearning4j, Tamr, Apache Mahout, AI-one, Conversia and more to create a mobile app integrated with Ai that can accelerate your business.

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Alekh Verma

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