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How Sales Prospecting Tools Can Skyrocket Your Sales Funnel

Alekh Verma | February 10, 2023
How Sales Prospecting Tools Can Skyrocket Your Sales Funnel

Sales prospecting is all about hitting the right number consistently. In the current competitive market where customer is becoming more aware and intelligent in their buying decision, businesses need to adopt advanced technology solution to stay in trend and utilize modern approach to make new customers.

Mere having a great product is not enough to attract your potential customers, you need to know their pain points, understand their emotional drivers, and show some empathy so you can hit their sweet spot and make them buy what you are selling.

This is possible when you clearly communicate the benefits of your products or services to your potential customers without marketing them too much.

World's top brands use hi-tech software for lead generation and customer retention techniques, which enable them to become more recognized and leave a great impact on the audience and boost up the sales pipeline.

Do you know what this software is?

It is a sales prospecting tool.

Yes, with the help of sales prospecting tools your sales team becomes more powerful. So, if you are tired of rejection, following up on cold emails, and looking for a better solution how to boost your sales, here in this blog eSearch Logix will tell you how sales prospecting tools can skyrocket your sales funnel.

By the end of this blog, you will learn how this tool provides great features and sales intelligence to implement your sales prospecting techniques smartly and drive high conversions.

What is a sales prospecting tool?

Sales prospecting is the initial process of sales reps reaching out to leads in the hope of creating sales opportunities. And a sales prospecting tool is a software or web or SaaS application that provides features to enable sales reps to identify potential customers, building a database of prospects, and then communicating with leads with the objective of converting them into customers.

Sales prospecting is a crucial part of the sales process because it is the first stage of a sales funnel. It can be a complex and difficult task for a salesperson to know exactly about customer behavior and their patterns so that the marketing effort hits the right audience. This is where sales prospecting tools stand out as the best solution.

This software or tool allows sales team to conduct defined searches for their companies with a certain set of real-time data points, firmographics and buying signals. In simple words, sales prospecting tools help business organizations identify their right customer profile in one easy search.

Best Sales Prospecting tools in 2021:

1.      Salesforce

2.      HubSpot Sales Hub

3.      Salesloft

4.      LinkedIn Sales Navigator

5.      Outplay

6.      Outreach


8.      MatterMark

9.      Datanyze


11.    Mention

12.    Infinity

13.    Acquire

Top Features of Sales Prospecting Tools

Sales funnel requires stage-wise marketing approach to drive leads in the right direction. Sales prospecting tools come with all those essential features that make your sales enablement process synchronous with your funnel. No matter what product you sell the fundamental principle of selling remains the same and these following features work on this core principle.

  • Website analytics
  • Top-notch automated lead qualification
  • Convenient database management
  • Robust outreach methods and approaches
  • Handy prospect list-building features
  • Powerful strategies to nurture your leads and existing clients
  • Perfect understanding of the potential customer’s needs and wants
  • Frequently updated contact databases
  • Social listening and automation tools
  • Simple Setup
  • Marketing automation
  • Team-Wide Communication

How Sales Prospecting Tools Can Skyrocket Your Sales Funnel

Sales funnel shows the defined path to your potential customers and lead them on the way to buying your company's product or service. Each prospect passes through four stages of the sale funnel, from when they first learn about your product until they make a purchase or don't.

These four stages; awareness, interest, decision, action, represent a prospect's mindset and each stage requires you to a specific approach with your brand voice. These tools give you insights to create content for buyer's journey that boosts your conversion funnel.

Here, sales prospecting tools not only help you enhance your conversion funnel performance but also improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales enablement. These tools come up with automation features to free up your manual task and enable your sale stem to perform at advanced levels.

Therefore, sales prospecting tools have all the modern features and functionality to skyrocket your sales funnel and drive huge business growth in the following ways:

1. Improve Your Sales Enablement

Do you know how much time your sales professionals actually spend performing their core job responsibility which is selling? As per a recent survey from LinkedIn, it's just 37%.

They mostly conduct repetitive tasks or administrative functions that decrease their capability to engage in the type of proactive selling techniques to make sales enablement process more effective.

Top digital marketing agency in India considers this aspect as the key role in improving the performance of sales funnel. Here sales prospecting tools fulfill this need. It improves your sales enablement by:

Customizing information: In sales prospecting, you sometimes need to customize or filter data into more specific information to easily understand your prospect. Your sales reps might make minor adjustments to standardize sales deck so they can appeal directly to the potential customer.

Growing your sales ability: It gives sales intelligence to maintain a competitive advantage. These tools ensure they are up to date on their training and fully informed about the full suite of products and services at their disposal.

Conducting additional prospect research: These tools are designed to work for mainly the initial sales process. It makes sales reps free to dive deep into each lead before they communicate with a better understanding of the prospect's problems.

Sending personalized follow-ups: The best advantage of sales prospecting tool is the automation capability. It allows sales team to add a personalized touch to their cold emails and messages.

2. Focus on High-Quality Leads

With sales prospecting tools, you get the ability to measure the intent which is one of the most important advantages in sales. It give a wide range of data points and leads scoring systems to allow salespeople to automate nurture campaigns for low-intent prospects and personally craft interactions with the closely aligned potential customer.

Apart from this, companies that offer a complicated product menu, these tools provide additional information to sales reps by narrowing down the scope of possible sales opportunities for new leads.

For example, if your business sells 10 unique solutions to a certain segment of customers, sales prospecting tools can help you sort out which product offerings are best positioned to address your prospect's requirements.

3. Integration Ability to Add More Value

It is good to have a dedicated platform or application for a specific business operation. But integrating additional services or tools can streamline your workflows and retain data integrity across systems.

When you have comprehensive platforms with seamless integrations that don't require manual data exporting or importing, it decreases the chances of human error.

For this purpose, sales enablement platform comes with the integration ability to work with your selected sales prospecting tools. For example, HubSpot Sales Enablement allows you to integrate:

  • Social media platforms
  • Marketing automation applications
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Email clients

So when you have all your data in one place, it makes it easier to go from prospecting to enablement. Company can navigate prospect information, asset libraries, and additional resources all from one single integrated platform.

4. Improve Your Reporting

Every company wants its sales manager to be more productive because he or she may be busy in some non-productive activities which could have been utilized in other areas. And of those activities is creating a sales prospecting report.

There are many sales automation tools that allow salespeople to automate report generation in the easiest and simplest way. They provide in-depth customer data to determine what is working and what is not.

This will allow them to focus on the key aspects of sales funnel where human intelligence is required. Best sales enablement software especially focuses on this feature so that company should be able to make a well-informed sales strategy.

5. Save Time and Improve Efficiency

Selling is not an easy task. It may appear easy on the paper but not on the real ground. Businesses have to bear a significant amount of extra costs in managing a sales team when there is less number of sales with respect to a certain timeline.

It happens because salesperson has to put the effort into all aspects of sales management which consumers a lot of time. That is why businesses need an application that helps improve work efficiency and save time.

For example, sales prospecting or sales enablement software can automate emails required at every buyer's journey to improve the overall efficiency of the sales funnel. They can perform A/B tests with the best subject lines, prerecorded messages, and tracking every detail of the company's phone activities.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know how sales prospecting tools can help you improve the performance of your sales funnel by improving your work efficiency and sales enablement process faster, it's time to take action right now.

Sales prospecting isn't a one-time event but rather a consistent process that should be forward-thinking. It is important to understand your marketing requirements and focus on the key features that would help your sales team to perform better.

eSearch Logix is a globally recognized digital marketing agency which helps various international business organizations in improving their sales growth. We are also a certified HubSpot Partner Agency and empower business with advanced sales enablement services using HubSpot CRM.

Our expert team has already enabled over 850 B2B and B2C businesses to acquire high number of leads and make their sales funnel work better than before.

If you are interested, eSearch Logix is waiting for you to get collaborated and skyrocket your sales growth with modern sales prospecting techniques and tools.

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Alekh Verma

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