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How to Create a Stunning Landing Page That Converts Visitors into Customers

Alekh Verma | November 4, 2023
landing page

The landing page could be either the best way to make the first impression or the final goodbye to your potential customer.


Just see the below example (or Google it) and tell how do you feel about the site-

This is the landing page of one of the world’s famous cruise companies-

Suppose you are a first-time visitor on this website, could you understand here what option to choose, where to start from, what this page ultimately wants to say?

You would definitely say, I don’t know, what this page wants me to do exactly?

Yes, that’s right.

It is their homepage.

And the bad thing about this page from a digital marketing perspective- it is filled with so many things to see and do. You can't take a single action here. As a result, visitors get confused.

Now hold your attention and look at the next example-


This is the landing page of Skullcandy- America’s popular audio device marketing company. And do you know this landing page increased record conversion rates by 82% and won ‘BigCommerce's Best New Website Design Award’ in 2018. Just due to a unique landing page design, the company got a 214% increase in revenue.

Amazing isn't it?

Skullcandy’s home page is the best example of how to create a landing page that instantly converts first-time visitors into customers, not like

A landing page is a web page that has a specific goal. Whether your website is designed to drive sales, signups, or downloads, in today's competitive digital marketplace, you need a high converting landing page if you want to increase sales.

Your landing page is the very first 'real' interaction between a website visitor and your company. If the page fails to make the first impression chances are you could lose a sale.

That is why your landing page must be able to capture the visitor's attention, give them a 'wow' experience, tell the message clearly, and prove that you can offer them a great solution to their problem.

But it takes smart understanding of user behavior, website development, and digital marketing to create a landing page that sells your products & services.

And today, eSearch Logix will discuss How to Create a Stunning Landing Page That Converts Visitors into Customers. If you have a business website then don't miss reading this post because by the end of this blog you will learn many innovative and useful techniques of landing page creation that will help you sell effectively.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a dedicated webpage for guiding visitors to buy your specific product or service. It is a standalone web page that is used in digital marketing or advertising campaign to convert visitors into leads through a call-to-action (CTA).

This is the place on your site where you want visitors to land once they click on your ads on social media platforms, PPC advertising campaign on search engines, or email marketing campaign. The most common types of landing pages are lead capture page, sales page, product launch page, splash page, squeeze page, referral page, etc.

Difference between Landing Page and Webpage

The main difference between landing page and webpage is 'objective'. The homepage and website are designed for general purposes such as website exploration and information about the company's products & services.

As opposed to webpage, landing page is designed for a specific campaign that offer and guide visitors towards a single CTA. Here are the key differences between landing page and webpage to give a brief idea:

Web PageLanding Page
It acts as an informative page that tells visitors about your company's product & services..It acts as a persuasive page that guides visitors to a defined path to take an action. 
It is optimized for general purpose to provide descriptive and detailed information. It focuses on being specific, not general. 
It focuses on starting the customer buying journey. It is optimized for lead conversions. 

Why You Need a Landing Page?

The main advantage of create a landing page is that this page removes different forms of distractions like navigation keys, multiple links, and various menu options so you can attract a visitor's attention to a particular action.

If you have an online business or store, eCommerce landing page design is the essential part of the sales funnel because it the link between when visitors first look at your ad campaigns, go to your online store, and then make a purchase.

Best Website Design Company in India considers landing page as the critical part of online marketing. It provides potential customers a gateway to make a purchase or take a certain action. Here are the top reasons why companies or marketers build landing page:

  1. Generate better ROI for paid traffic
  2. Enhance conversion rate
  3. Gives accurate metric tracking
  4. Focus on a specific segment of audience
  5. Improves SEO ranking
  6. Improves sales prospects targeting
  7. Increase co-branding scope
  8. Give opportunities for A/B testing 

Important Elements of Landing Page

The whole purpose of creating a landing page is to convert your prospects into leads and then into customers. So to build a High-converting landing page, you need to include all the essential elements that play an influential role.

For example, if you create a landing page to collect emails, you will have to incorporate certain CTAs and web design principles. But, most digital marketers and businesses are not aware of the elements that drive high conversion.

Here are the current statistics to prove it:

  1. 48% of landing pages include more than one offer, which is not good. There should be only one CTA or one offer per page.
  2. 58% landing pages provide clickable graphics related to content which distracts your page from its goal
  3. There are only 50% landing pages that are optimized for mobile devices

According to a market report, the average landing page conversion rate is 2.35%, while the top 25% conversion rate is 5.31% or higher.

It means the top 10 percent of pages are with conversion rates of 11.45%. And this is what you want to achieve, isn't it? So what elements make a high-converting landing page? Read the below:

1. Eye-Catching Headline

The first impression is created when your landing page attracts and holds the attention of website visitors. You should write a compelling and eye-catching headline that clearly and attractively tells about your offering. Visitors should be able to immediately realize that there is some value in reading and viewing the content on your landing page.

2. Message That Resonates With the Audience

Make sure the message of your landing page quickly and briefly speaks about the solution or product you are offering to the visitor and strongly convince them how it will help them solve the problem they are having in their domain.

Professional web designers and developers say that most online visitors read the headline first within that crucial 3-5 seconds. If your headline describes how your product or solution will solve their problem then you can expect a sale, otherwise, lose.

So be straightforward and brief. Never use jargons or buzzwords like change your business, transform your life.

3. High-Quality Images & Multimedia

Visual elements on the landing page empower the appearance of what you sell. It gives more attractive energy to the page to go in a convincing way. For example, if you offering a splash sale on your eCommerce website, the landing page must include a high-quality picture or product video to capture the attention of visitors.

4. Valuable Informative Content

Most websites focus on providing information about the company through informative content. This is where they make mistakes. Modern consumers are lazy and impatient, and most importantly they are intelligent.

If your landing page contains just informative content then it won't drive good results. Therefore, you should provide them valuable informative content that gives strong reasons to visitors why they ultimately buy your offering.

5. Interactive Live Human Chat, Not ChatBot

While you have read various data on the rise of Chatbots in website development, which is a good way to interact with visitors but when it comes to buying anything people believe in people, not chatbots.

There are many marketers who integrate chatbots into their landing pages but still do not get a good response. It is because chatbot is good for websites, not for landing pages.

Because you are selling through the landing page, people want to talk to you directly. And the best way to do this is to provide them with an interactive live human chat or a highly conversational AI chatbot.

6. Only One Call-to-Action (CTA)

This is the most important element of a landing page. A simple and relevant CTA rapidly convinces visitors to click on the essential part of the landing page. But when you use many CTAs on the same landing page, it distracts visitors from the core purpose of the page.

That is why you should focus on offering only one CTA while keeping in mind that the button which takes customers to sign up, register, subscribe, checkout, and lead generation form.

How to Create a Stunning Landing Page That Converts Visitors into Customers:

There is no page design that guarantees you high conversions. It requires different elements and factors such as CTAs, compelling headlines, valuable content, genuine message, beautiful web design to make the right recipe for a stunning landing page.

At eSearch Logix, we have delivered several landing pages which have successfully generated great number of leads and conversions for our global clients. Here are the practices and techniques that have made our landing page successful:

Step #1: Set Your USP

Unique Selling Point (USP) is the business term that sets you apart from your competitors and gives the reason why people will choose you over others. Research shows that it takes only 15 seconds to grab people's attention when they visit your website.

Hence, you need to impress them instantly. To do this, you have to define a value-driven USP and design your landing page around it. Supplement your USP with compelling headlines, attractive images, and relevant market copy. Make sure your USP contains the below value propositions:

  1. Achievable ROI
  2. Focus on SMART goal
  3. A Promise
  4. Competitive Advantage
  5. Monetary value if signup now 

Step #2: Fix a SMART Goal of Your Landing Page

Having an S.M.A.R.T. goal gives you a good sense of business objectives. Top Digital Marketing Company always focuses on setting SMART goals for their marketing campaigns, instead of just having goal.

Similarly, your landing page should also have a SMART goal which should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Trackable. For this, you can find out the answers to these questions to define your SMART goal:

  1. What is the main and core purpose of the landing page?
  2. Are there any related web pages that you can link to, from the landing page?
  3. Who are other stakeholders on this page?
  4. How will be the landing page design, simple or creative?
  5. Will it offer one CTA or two to three? 

Step #3: Create a Clean and Simple Design for Your Target Customer

There are thousands even millions of landing pages that suffer because of being too creative or the page is cluttered with lots of things. Here, you should try to keep the landing page design clean and simple that gives a sense of respect for the time of visitor.

However, it doesn't mean you stop being creative but avoid complex design. When you make a sensible landing page, it will upgrade your website experience and you will witness conversion rate increasing.

You can begin with wire-framing the landing page with tools such as Canva, Adobe, Balsamiq to create a beautiful and simple design. Below tips will help you design a beautiful yet simple landing page:

  1. Maintain an appealing visual hierarchy
  2. Create mobile-responsive website design
  3. Focus on the main goal of the page or campaign
  4. Proper utilize white space
  5. Optimize your landing page space
  6. Keep important content above the fold
  7. CTAs should be placed strategically to attract the attention ate different places on the page
  8. Bullets or lists should be down the left side for subheadings
  9. Good balance between the font size and length of text used to highlight USPs 

Step #4: Write a Strong Compelling Headline

The headline is the first thing that makes the first impression. Therefore, it must be able to grab visitors' attention quickly and easily convey your USP and brand message. Write a compelling headline that hits the consumer's mind.

Step #5: Use High-Quality Images

Don't use too fancy images. People ultimately buy a product after analyzing how it will solve their problem. And this is the point where your image should hit. Humanize your offer through a relevant image that potential customers can relate to their problem.

Just like headlines, images also play an influential role in create a successful conversion funnel. Make sure the image you select is high-quality and relevant to your product or campaign for which you have created the landing page. 

Step 6: Add Social Proof

Customers believe in customer’s review more than the company's advertisement. Businesses know this fact that is why they use social proof to build trust and brand reliability. As per the market report, 91 percent of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase.

By adding social proof to your landing page, you will get better conversion rate improvement. You can include customer case studies, client testimonials, and customer feedback and show them on the page. For better results, you can also use intelligent social proof tool. 

Step 7: Tell the Key Benefits

Just because you have built a beautiful landing page people will automatically buy your product? No.

You have to give them strong compelling reasons why they should ultimately make a purchase. Ensure your landing page tells the important benefits of your product or service that you are offering. Try to write the landing page copy around 800 words with important bullet points and summarized text form.

If your content intelligently and effectively talks about your offering, visitors will easily understand whether your solution can solve their problem or needs.

We would recommend you to hire a content writing agency for a better outcome.

Step #8: Test Your Landing Page

Landing pages are after all web pages that are developed by coding and website development techniques. Ensure your landing page doesn't have any technical errors like 404 Page error, technical SEO issue, etc.

Before you go live, conduct iterative webpage or A/B testing for the landing page that makes sure users don't face any error while signing up the form, or clicking the CTA buttons and submitting the inquiry form.

Monitor the performance. Use heat maps and scroll maps to visualize how visitors are interacting with the page, and use this information to further improve your landing page performance.

Run A/B tests to know how different pages behave against one another. Ensure to track these landing page metrics to check what is/are affecting your landing page:

  1. Page Visits
  2. Traffic Source
  3. Submission Rate
  4. Contacts
  5. Bounce Rate
  6. Form Abandonment 


Landing page is the best kind of web page that has the potential to generate high number of leads and conversion for your product, service, or any campaign. To ensure success, optimize your landing page intelligently and check what is working and what is not.

Remember, only 5-10 visitors out of 100 end up with converting into leads. So it is better to hire a professional website development company who can assist you in this.

And eSearch Logix has designed various landing pages which have brought better leads and sales conversions for various international business websites.

We have a brilliant team of professional developers, designers, programmers, copywriters, and digital marketers who know how to create a stunning landing page that converts visitors into customers.

Just Book a Free Consultation and Discuss Your Project

Alekh Verma

CEO and Founder at eSearch Logix Technologies!

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