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How to Make Your Product Popular on Social Media

Alekh Verma | July 14, 2023
Make product popular on social media

Social media is today's most active platform where a single campaign can create a sensation overnight and make your product famous. 

And if you have been using social media marketing to engage people with your brand and want to take it to the next level, congrats, you are thinking big.  

You might be already investing in different promotional methods like email marketing, content marketing, SEO, and PPC. But social media marketing stands out as the best way to ignite your product's popularity.  

In fact, EConsultancy found that social media is one of the top five marketing channels to generate maximum ROI. Social media allows brands to directly interact with billions of active users and convert them into paying customers. 

Well, this is not something new we are talking about. Social media has been working for over a decade. But despite its many advantages, business organizations often struggle to promote their product online on a larger scale. 

Yes, there is competition, indeed, a huge competition, but companies who know the secret keys to crack this solid competition are not only able to promote their product online easily but make huge sales also. 

Having multiple social media channels is not a guarantee that customers will come automatically. You need to implement an effective social media marketing strategy to improve your sales growth. 

In this post, eSearch will tell you the smart social media marketing strategy that will make your product popular on social media channels. 

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How to Make Your Product Popular on Social Media:

1. Reach Where Your Target Audience Is

The first law of social media marketing is to use those platforms that your audience uses. You can't just create an account on Instagram and expect to find your target B2B clients there. Instagram is mainly for B2C marketing, not for B2B. 

Therefore, first, look at your target demographic and find out where they are most active. You can think of to be everywhere to maximize your brand visibility, but that might be a much time-consuming and less productive strategy. 

After all, the purpose of brand visibility is to promote your product on a wider scale, but those views should also turn into purchasing decisions. 

This can happen when you are promoting your product on specific social media channels with a targeted approach. For example, if you are targeting a B2B audience, LinkedIn may be a better starting platform, along with Facebook and Twitter. 

2. Run Inspiring Contests on Social Media to Gain Attention

A contest is an entertaining way to promote your product without advertising. Again, contest is already being used by many companies and business organizations but here we are talking about inspiring contests that catch people's attention. 

If you can create motivational contests on social media platforms so it will drive the audience's attention towards your product. To make the best out of a contest, try to keep it fun, simple, and give an inspiring message to all participants. Ultimately, it will build loyalty towards your product in customers and eventually support in generating more sales in long term.

You can learn from Dove which started a "Real Beauty Should Be Shared" contest on Facebook. It was a fill-in-the-blank contest wherein users had to tell why their friends represent reality by mentioning their friends' names and things that make a real beauty. 

As a reward for this contest, they gave a chance of becoming the face of Dove (to be printed on Dove soap case).  You might not believe but this contest became a successful product marketing campaign where Dove not only got a loyal face for marketing but also got huge attention towards its product. 

All of this happened because of an inspiring contest, Real Beauty Should Be Shared. So, do you have such an idea that can inspire people to talk about your product? 

3. Work with Social Media Influencers

Why ultimately social media works? 

Because it has the power to influence the mass.  People love to do what famous personalities do. And social media is the best platform where fans or followers keep high attention on what their favorite stars are doing or saying. 

Influencer marketing is considered the most effective method to make a product famous on social media quickly and largely. Top digital marketing agencies in India keep a number of influencers who constantly engage users with attractive posts. 

Twitter and Annalect have found in research that almost 40% of Twitter users admitted to making a buying decision after seeing an influencer's tweet. 

The study also suggests that the amount of trust people place in influencers is comparable to the trust placed in their friends. It simply signifies that promoting your product through social media influencers is likely to drive sales and generate good ROI in many cases. 

For example, Daniel Wellington has been successfully using social media influencers since 2011. This company was able to sell one million watches in just three years with the support of influencers. 

This is influencer marketing. If you want to make your product famous on social media, you need to use the power of social media influencers.  Collaborate with them to strategically show your product in their photos or videos on their social media accounts, or ask them to tell a unique and engaging story about your brand.  

You can even work with influencers who will give honest reviews about your product, provide tutorials, unboxing videos on YouTube, or share how-to content regarding your product. 

4. Turn Your Loyal Customers into Brand Advocates

Popularity of any product is driven by people. How they feel about using your product and what inspires them to use it ultimately.  Therefore, consumers first rely on reviews of other consumers more than advertisements of the product. 

If you want to make your product famous, you don't essentially have to rely on influencers, using real people can also make it possible. 

Every business has loyal customers who repeatedly come to buy the products whenever they need them. These existing customers can turn out to be your effective brand advocates if you lure them to promote your products in exchange for freebies and discounts. 

Find out customers who have been purchasing your products for a long time and like to share positive reviews about your brand.  To make it happen, conduct keyword and hashtag searches related to your brand or product name on social media channels. 

For an instance, you want to market MVMT Watches. Generally, you would search for #mvmtwatches on Instagram. However, in this process, you would find several top posts from influencers you are working with, or have worked with already. 

Keep in mind those top posts. Scroll down and find some compelling photos that feature your product, posted by a user you haven't worked with. Then check out their profile. 

Or if you have customer data, you can directly check their social media profiles and invite them to promote your product online. In exchange, you can reward them with surprising gifts, discounts, or other monetary benefits.

5. Run attractive deals and promo codes on social media 

The goal of making your product popular is to boost its sales, right? To do this, provide attractive deals and promo codes to your customers on social media frequently so that they remain engaged all time. Brainstorm on how you can personalize the entire concept of offering discounts & promo codes to make your customers feel special. 

You can learn from Lane Bryan which took benefits of the need of summer to unload their stock of clothes. The brand used social media to attract the audience for 50% off on all summer wear. The discount was well planned by the eCommerce company as it engaged the audience by saying the discount sale will be gone after summer.

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6. Share User-Generated Content

Before purchasing something online, consumers read various reviews to ensure the brand and product are reliable. These kinds of reviews remove the worries about buying from a brand that a customer barely knows, or about investing in a product they aren't familiar with.

When these reviews are shared in the form of opinions and experiences by some consumers, other people feel a kind of honesty that they can connect with. This is called user-generated content. In digital marketing, business owners need to make the most out of the user-generated content to popularize their products. 

You can also encourage your customers to share their photos with products online and these user-generated photos or videos on your different social media profiles. It is an effective way to enhance loyalty with your existing customers and add credibility to your brand whenever potential customers visit your social media profiles. 

As per an Olapic report, 70% of American consumers are more likely to purchase after being exposed to relatable or positive images created by other consumers. 

ASOS has been running a campaign in which they invite their customers to share photos of wearing ASOS products on multiple channels. 

The customers just have to use the hashtag #AsSeenOnMe for a chance to be featured. ASOS then collects those images, and share some of the best on their social media profile. 

7. Create Valuable and Attractive Content to Engage Your Audience

Popularity of a product depends on how much people are talking about the product. Unless they find a strong reason or many advantages, they are less likely to show interest in your product. 

Social media is a great platform for an interactive as well as transparent discussion. As technology is growing people are getting more aware of industry’s marketing practices. 

They know what brands are doing. Especially Gen Z or young people who mostly spend their time on social media apps, they want to see good content, not ads. 

Companies are also aware of the fact that young generation users don’t like to see ads on social media. This change in user behavior has compelled companies to create a social media app for next gen users which offers meaningful features. 

Therefore, brands should provide valuable and attractive content that engages audience and compel them to make a purchase.  You can promote your blog posts, images, videos, and other visual content that give valuable information about your product or service. 

You can take ideas from Betty Croker which uses Facebook page to share videos of short recipes as a method to better educate and engage their followers. These recipes are simple enough to attract viewers to try them and use the ingredients from Betty Crocker. 

Similarly, you can give helpful tips on how to use your products in combination with other things or how it alone can help in different ways. When you share such kind of content that provides strong reasons to consider purchasing your product, customers will automatically come closer and feel excited to buy it.

8. Use Buyable Pins to Simplify Purchasing Process

Pinterest is a good platform to promote your products effectively. A Shopify report tells that sales derived from ads/postings on Pinterest have an average order value of $50 higher than on other famous social media channels. So you should consider Pinterest an important part of your social media marketing strategy. 

Hence, use Rich Pins and Buyable Pins to display the main information about your product to make an easier buying process for customers. You can show the top features and the price of your product in a Pinterest post. 

Here is an example from The Driftwood Haus. In the below pin, customers can view the price of cushion cover, stock availability, and dimensions of the product. 

As the process on Pinterest is simplified and easy to follow, there is a better chance this pin will display the product more effectively and result in sales conversions.


Social media marketing is about people, it's not about your business. When you start providing what people want they will provide what you want. You should pay attention to the sociology and the psychology of social media more than its technological aspects. 

Just like Jeff Bezos says, "If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.” 

Therefore, if you want to make your product popular and drive huge sales on social media, you need to ensure your brand is highly visible to your target audience and provide valuable content that drives better user engagement and build trust in potential customers to try your products or services. 

Keep in mind social media marketing is a commitment, not a campaign. The entire approach is to reduce any hassles or steps that distract people from looking at the product and making a purchase.

We hope you like this post. If you got any questions about these tips or want to discuss your online marketing strategy, feel free to share your thoughts in the below comment box. 

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We provide latest social media services that connect your product to target audience. Our highly experienced digital and social media experts can help you enhance your product’s visibility on different social media channels.  

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