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HubSpot Launches CMS Hub Starter: How Companies Can Use it to Build Powerful Websites

Alekh Verma | July 14, 2023

HubSpot, one of the reputed CRM platforms for growing companies, recently launches its much-awaited CMS Hub Starter-a new edition of the company's existing web content management system which empowers marketers and developers with the tools they require to generate business through their website.

This CMS Hub Starter is the newest tier to HubSpot's last year introduced CMS Hub Professional and Enterprise which aimed to eliminate the typical limitations users encounter while creating websites. Now, they have launched the latest addition to offer the same effortless functionality to marketers, developers, and end-users of a company to grow their business online easily.

HubSpot CMS Hub Starter sounds amazing for marketers. Since its announcement, it has created a buzz on the Internet how it can help growing companies to build high-performing websites.

As eSearch Logix is a leading HubSpot Partner Agency, we thought to break the ice and explain about this latest CMS platform.

In this post, we will tell you about HubSpot's CMS Hub Starter and how companies can use it to build powerful and scaling websites to grow their business.      

But before we move, first know...

What is CMS Hub Starter?

CMS Hub Starter is the latest tier of HubSpot's existing web content management system for small businesses (1-20 employees) who want to take advantage of the functionality of HubSpot's CRM to build fast, secure, and reliable websites.

Built on the HubSpot CRM platform, CMS Hub Starter focuses to enable marketers better understand how customers use their website and what content drives growth.

Angela DeFranco, VP of product management at HubSpot said in the announcement, “Over the past year, we’ve seen just how important it is for companies to be able to create reliable and effective digital experiences. In addition to providing the tools our customers need to get their website up and running, CMS Hub Starter is also built on top of our CRM platform to help companies leverage their own data to create a better end-to-end customer experience."

Features of CMS Hub Starter That Companies Can Use To Grow Their Business

CMS Hub Starter has been developed keeping today’s requirements of marketers in mind while prioritizing security, ease of use, and the capability to access the customer data. With CMS Hub Starter, companies can:

1. Build Secure, Reliable, and High-Performing Websites

A conventional CMS puts the speed, reliability, and security of a company's website at risk. For smaller companies, IT resources can be hard to come by. Here, CMS Hub Starter comes with modern features more than a conventional CMS so that your marketing team can focus on providing a great customer experience through the website with standard security features like:

  • Web application firewall
  • SSL certificate
  • Global CDN with 99.9% uptime
  • SaaS CMS
  • 24/7 security monitoring & threat detection

2. Easily Develop Powerful Websites

Most CMSes compel companies to make a trade-off; they use a simple web page builder which lets marketers create content rapidly but has no tools for developers. Or they have a legacy enterprise CMS which is extremely extensible, but completely blocks out the marketing team.

Companies which are looking to grow their business through website need a CMS which meets today's requirements of both groups. CMS Hub Starter enables web developers to use the effective tools, technologies, and workflows that they prefer to build dynamic themes for marketers to work within.

It allows marketers to take ownership of the site, update the appearance and feel of their website, without being restricted by the web development cycle.

Using CMS Hub Starter doesn't require you to be a developer. Even if you have a marketing profile, you can make aesthetic and responsive websites that will attract visitors with the help of the following key features:

  • Multi-language content management
  • Drag and drop page editing
  • Site export
  • Blog import
  • Developer documentation & community
  • Local development
  • Landing page, blog, website pages
  • Design manager
  • Advanced menus
  • Marketplace containing themes, templates, modules

Web design accounts for 94% in creating the first impression. And if the first impression of a user doesn't go well, they may never return to your website again. Especially for online stores, eCommerce website design is highly important to improve their sales growth

With the assistance of CMS Hub Starter, you can design a user-friendly website that offers a delightful user experience to visitors. And once users have great web experience, they will return to your website which will enhance their lifetime value and your business revenue.

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3. Benefit from an all-in-one solution

One of the top advantages of CMS Hub Starter is that everything you need can be managed from one single platform. Having a CMS working alongside your Marketing, Sales, and Service Hub, you can take benefit from customer data to improve your business decision and understand what exactly is resonating with your target audience.

All of this is possible because CMS Hub Starter is powered by HubSpot CRM with specific features like:

  • Web analytics reporting
  • Unlimited CRM users
  • Chat & email support
  • Facebook messenger integrations
  • Forms
  • Conversations
  • Ads
  • Email marketing
  • Forms

4. Use the Power of the HubSpot CRM Platform

A company's website is the most valuable marketing asset. But the ability of a CMS is limited when it is kept off from other necessary front-end functions. CMS Hub Starter is designed as part of HubSpot's CRM platform to provide business owners with access to customer data, so they create an effective marketing strategy.

CMS Hub Starter Pricing

Since CMS Hub Starter is built especially for small businesses, its pricing is quite low as compared to other CMS Hub plans. You can use CMS Hub Starter for $25 per month.

As part of their launch, HubSpot also adjusted the pricing of the CMS Hub Professional and Enterprise offerings, which are now available at $400 and $1,200 respectively.

The Final Words

So, the conclusion of this blog post is, if you have just started your website and looking for an advanced web content management system, CMS Hub Starter is a perfect choice. It is affordable, easy to use, and empowers your team to create a responsive website with minimal effort.

How eSearch Logix Can Help You in CMS Hub Starter?

eSearch Logix is a certified HubSpot Partner Agency that offers premium HubSpot CRM services to companies worldwide. We have an in-house team of professionals who are expert in using HubSpot CRM and its associated services such as Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Operations Hub, CMS Hub, and Service Hub.

We use HubSpot daily in our marketing and business operations, so we have great hands-on experience in using HubSpot CRM. If you are planning to purchase CMS Hub Starter, you should know how to use it; otherwise, you will not be able to generate good ROI.

CMS Hub Starter is advanced software so your team must hold the right knowledge about its utilization, implementation, optimization, and evaluation for creating result-oriented marketing strategies.

So why wait? Collaborate with eSearch Logix and we will intelligently employ HubSpot to your business.

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Alekh Verma

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