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Importance of SEO in Today's Times - An Analysis by eSearch Logix

Alekh Verma | February 24, 2023

In these troubled years of the COVID-19 pandemic, things are getting tougher for every business out there. Thus, in order to retain their lost customers, and to get some new ones too, businesses have already started to get their feet strong in the online world.

However, through online presence, most businesses consider social media and paid ads to get their job done. And it is not like that is not effective. Social media platforms really do play a great role in popularizing local businesses with a broader set of audience.

Then, Why Is SEO So Important?

Despite all of this, we should not overlook the importance of search engine optimization.

Yes, search engine optimization still has the potential, and it is capable of placing your businesses directly in front of your potential buyers in the Google searches.

So, let’s start with finding out,

Why Is SEO Better Than Other Marketing Ways?

Standing in 2022, SEO is still capable of bringing in more buyers and organic website visitors for any given business.

Stats tell us, global organic search has reached a height of 53% amongst all website acquisitions, globally.

Industry experts also claim that with every passing year, website acquisitions from social media are likely to go down.

As we already know that advertisements on social media platforms like FacebookInstagramLinkedIn are all paid, despite that, Facebook has already made a statement that it prioritizes content more from family and friends of their users, rather than advertisements from brands.

So, the preference is quite clear.

Also, today, people are less likely to trust advertisements from brands on any platform. The reason behind is, they are too much worried after several incidents of political disinformation as well as security scandals.

What Should You Do to Get the Best Out of SEO?

SEO is a lot different than regular advertisements on social media.

It does not rely on placing photographs of brands and products in front of a set of audience or videos before YouTube videos.

Although, that does not mean that photos do not matter.

Say suppose, for a college website, the pictures which demonstrate the ambience of a college, or the infrastructure are really very important from a SEO perspective as well.

But, here, all you need to do is having meta tags in place so that Google can crawl through them and rank them accordingly in the SERPs.

Another thing businesses should focus more on is nothing but, maintaining a standard blog in their website. Not just that, they also need to be quite consistent about posting high-quality content in that concerned page.

This approach will help in increasing the trust factor and your website visitors will start considering you as a reliable source of information.

Although, your target audience are not your only readers, Google bots also crawl these blogs of your website along with the other pages.

So, it is quite clear that having a standard blogging page can really make a difference in terms of getting a high rank in the SERPs.

But How Can You Handle That?

Well, for that, your SEO needs to optimise your blogs accordingly from the backend of your website. This will make sure that Google’s bots get your blogs ranked accordingly in the relevant searches.

Not just that, the SEO experts of your company should also make sure that every fresh content that you post from your website is also optimised.

Now, you might ask that after making a seasonal change in your homepage, should we optimise that as well. The answer is, yes. That too requires optimisation as it is fresh content.

To let you know, Google goes through every single sentence of your content, checks the quality of the same, how updated it is for your target audience, as well as the length of the sentences.

But there is a lot more to SEO than just keyword optimisation.

So, when you get started for building a brand-new website for your business, you should make sure that you have checked the following:

  • Placements of your Call to Action or CTA buttons
  • Number of photos present in your website
  • Amount of content present in every page of your website
  • How many interlinks are present in your website

All of these are extremely important, not just for your website visitors but, for building a strong reputation in front of the Google bots too.

For instance, interlinks are placed between web pages that are related to each other. Hence, these links make sure that your website visitors spend more time going through your website content.

If done correctly, these interlinks will surely impress Google bots as they will understand that this website has enough information for searchers and users will find navigating through it pretty easy while getting a compact knowledge about the thing that they are searching for.

Moreover, this is important for any website, and not just for new websites.

So, keeping the content updated for every website is important.

Yes, Google does consider checking how updated a website is, be it from a technological perspective or from a content-related perspective.

Depending on the same, it makes which where websites should be ranked in the relevant SERPs.

Should You Focus Just On SEO?

Well, Google has multiple ways to find out how effective and efficient the SEO endeavors of your website are. Yes, we are talking about ranking factors.

So, it is pretty difficult to say which ranking factors will help you get the highest ranks in relevant searches.

Besides ranking factors, you should also consider a few other marketing options too.

But, in a whole, having a robust blog page, a decent social media presence, and paid ads are enough to help you get going.

You should also consider marketing automation.

Now, speaking of influencer marketing, if you have certain influencers within your reach or a few entities that the people of your community do have faith in, then you should surely get in touch with them. Look for building partnerships with them.

But, if you are running on a shoe-string marketing budget, then it is better to focus just on SEO as it is completely organic.

How to Measure Success in SEO?

The best and the easiest way to track the results of your SEO endeavours is Google Analytics.

It will give you insights about your SEO like no other. With this tool, you can easily get access to a whole lot of important information. All you need to know by yourself is how to analyse them for your good.

If you do not have any other marketing campaign going on besides SEO, you can also check for the number website acquisitions or how your websites visitors found their way to your website.

For instance, if it is from a “referral”, then that means another website has found your website authoritative enough and has decided to link your website to theirs. Yes, that’s how your “referral” website visitor landed on your website.

Bottom line

SEO is still the best way to market your website in these tough times. And it will keep on being the same even in the forthcoming years.

So, if you have a great SEO team, good for you. But, if you are still a bit on the weaker side, it is high time for you to set a good grip on it with the help of a robust SEO team, just like eSearch Logix.

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