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Introduction To Flutter’s Revolutionary Features

Alekh Verma | February 7, 2023

It’s a worldwide known fact that when it comes to mobile applications, they aren’t simply apps for smartphones. As the Internet of Technology (IoT) has begun its journey of development throughout the years, there is a possibility of all those various apps being used on smartwatches, televisions, smart TV, and loads more devices. Thanks to this revolution of technology, it can officially be said that mobile applications have transformed into the cornerstone of the entire cognitive ecosystem.

However, you must also be aware that every coin has two sides. On one hand, the entire reach of all mobile applications seems to be increasing day by day, but on the other hand, there’s also the need for mobile applications to have smooth navigation between various platforms. If the devices happen to have a seamless front-end user interface, it would be a major plus for the contentment of users.  

Emergence of Flutter

Due to the aforementioned reasons, you must select a mobile app development framework that also develops alongside the dynamic market demands. The reason for this is so that your company can manage to check out the current scale of mobile applications and lessen the risk of the technology ever becoming obsolete. Due to such changes in the overall nature of mobile app developments, a requirement for a quick and reliable framework came up. As you must know it tends to evolve with the growing market demands. As the famous saying goes “Necessity is the mother of invention”, there seem to be a bunch of front-end development frameworks that seem to have been making rounds among the well-known developers due to their single codebase for all phenomena.  

Yes, you guessed it right, we’re talking about the brand-new prodigy project of Google, Flutter. This project helps people in building perfect apps in record time. Just simply imagine reaching your target customers on pretty much every single available screen, with interactive and attractive UI in just a few days instead of loads of months. You would even be saving humongous costs for development, deployment, and change management.

This reason alone is good enough to prove the fact that yes, Flutter is undoubtedly here to stay, sustain and even further evolve as a platform as the market demands further increase. Now, to back up every single thing that we’ve mentioned above about Flutter, we are mentioning the top mind-blowing features of the Flutter App Development:

Top Revolutionary Features of Flutter:

We have listed out the top eye-widening features of the latest project of Google: Flutter.

1. Integration, Flexibility, and Scalability Capabilities

All thanks to its easily accessible and simple way of integrating framework, Google’s Flutter tends to give enhanced flexibility, integration, and scalability capabilities. It hardly even matters whether you have to re-engineer a legacy application so that you can manage to match the current and upcoming market needs or if you even have to build a fast wireframe that has to be presented in front of investors. Hence, Flutter can even be integrated for both.

2. Hot Reload

Initially, mobile developers were required to wait for some time for the change that was made to be reflected on their very own screens. But, all thanks to the Flutter App development, the feature known as Hot Reload exists. In simple words, this feature lets developers render various new changes in sub-seconds. If you think about it for the long haul, it would save you a lot of time, money, and effort, pretty much everything.  

3. One-Stop Solution

Rather than creating a huge mess due to the use of different platforms and frameworks for various purposes, Flutter App Development gives you all a one-stop solution that would allow you to develop, deploy and even manage new changes. This means that you have the option to build effective UIs, and deploy them completely into the system and if there happens to be a bug, the Flutter app can even observe and fix the error.

4. Rich Widgets

If we say that widgets alone can make or break an app, then that would not be an overstatement. The components that influence and regulate an app's view and user interface are known as widgets and these are one of the most important parts of an app. For a widget to be considered effective it needs to possess three qualities i.e., Widgets need to look natural and feel good on different screen sizes, they should perform fast, and widgets should be customizable and extensible. And you guessed it right, Flutter’s widgets possess all these qualities, and not just that, Flutter offers its own widgets rather than using platform widgets or DOM WebViews.

5. Layouts

One of the main factors that set Flutter apart is its layout. Layouts are an integral part of the process as they determine the position and size of widgets based on a certain set of rules. Traditionally, there is a sizable number of rules that can be applied to (almost) any widget, which can be restraining. The other problem with the traditional layout method is that elements frequently have dozens of rules applied to them and that the rules can interact (and sometimes even conflict) with one another. The layout is slow as a result.

Flutter has turned the whole traditional method on its head and has come up with a new layout method which is-

  • Each widget would provide its straightforward layout model as opposed to having a broad collection of layout rules that could be applied to any widget.
  • Layouts can be substantially optimized because each widget must take into account a considerably smaller set of layout guidelines.
  • Flutter converted practically everything into a widget to further simplify the layout.

6. Custom Design

Gone are those days when users were satisfied with the template cookie-cutter apps. Now, people expect the developer to put some thought behind building a custom-designed app, and rightly so. With Flutter, widgets can now be added and modified to give them a new look or feel or to complement a company's branding because they are now a part of the app. Flutter offers rich, customizable widget sets for iOs, Android, and Material design. So now with Flutter, widgets can be further customized by app developers to suit their preferences and requirements.

7. Dart Programming Language

Flutter uses the compiled programming language Dart to avoid the performance issues brought on by the requirement for a JavaScript bridge. For a variety of systems, Dart is "ahead of time" (AOT) compiled into native code. This eliminates the need for a JavaScript bridge that causes a context switch and enables Flutter to communicate directly with the platform.

Flutter creates numerous objects that might only last for one frame since it, like other systems that use reactive views, refreshes the view tree for each new frame (a sixtieth of a second). Fortunately, since objects—especially those with short lifespans—are generally inexpensive, Dart uses "generational garbage collection," which is quite effective for these kinds of systems. In addition, the "tree shaking" compiler in Dart only contains the code that is required for your project. Even if you just need one or two widgets, feel free to use a big library of them.

8. Compatibility

With Flutter, there is no need for "compat libraries" because widgets (and the renderer for those widgets) are a component of your app, not the platform. Because of this, your app will work the same even with the newer versions of the OS. As a result, testing apps on earlier OS versions are substantially less necessary.

There is one concern that a lot of people have before adopting Flutter. Will it take much time for the Flutter widgets to be updated when a new iOS or Android version is released that supports a new type of widget or modifies the appearance or functionality of an existing widget because Flutter doesn't use the native platform widgets? Here’s an answer to this concern-

  • There is a strong incentive to update the widget sets to keep them current and as similar to the current platform widgets as feasible because Google is a significant internal user of Flutter.
  • If there is ever a time when we update a widget too slowly, Google isn't the only Flutter user who has a reason to care about keeping the widgets up to date. Because Flutter's widgets are so extendable and adaptable, anyone—including you—can alter them. One need not even submit a pull request. Flutter itself will never need to be updated before you can use it.
  • Moreover, you're good if you don't want a modification to have an impact on how your app functions or appears. Since widgets are a component of your app, they won't ever alter it and ruin the appearance of your app (or worse, break your app). 

Trust us when we say that these features aren’t the only ones making Flutter exceptional. This application saves you time and money, and that’s not it. You can even ensure that your user experience is as smooth as butter throughout various platforms. Due to such features of Flutter, major Tech Giants such as Google, Alibaba, Hamilton, Tencent, etc. are also utilizing Flutter’s UI toolkit. Now the only question that remains is, are you planning to add your name to this long list?

Alekh Verma

CEO and Founder at eSearch Logix Technologies!

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