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Are you a Startup or Entrepreneur? Then Know Why Hybrid App is Best for You?

Alekh Verma | March 1, 2023
Why Hybrid App are best for you

Hybrid app is a boon for startups. 

If you are a startup company or an entrepreneur and planning to establish your business concept using a mobile app, you deeply dive into choosing which type of mobile app is best for you. 

Developing Native mobile apps for each platform (Android and iOS) or creating a Hybrid mobile app that runs all across the platforms. 

This is extremely important to decide for startups and entrepreneurs because they initially don't have much resources and budget for creating a mobile app for every platform. 

Mobile App Development Company usually suggests native app as it involves high-quality features and improved user experience. 

But native app development cost is considerably higher than hybrid app; therefore, people choose hybrid application with less-motivated mind. And this is where they make mistake by considering hybrid apps not as much beneficial as native apps. 

Today, this blog will tell you why hybrid app is best for startups or entrepreneurs who want to maximize their business exposure at minimum investment.

What is Hybrid App? 

Hybrid app is a mobile application which performs on multiple mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, and other mobile operating system. It uses a single codebase for all platforms, making the app development process easy. 

Hybrid apps are actually a mixture of native apps and web apps. They use various coding languages which include JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. Unlike Android and iOS apps, which are designed exclusively for a single platform, hybrid apps run on browsers like-Safari and Chrome. 

Importance of Hybrid app for startups

As a startup company when you think of creating a mobile application for your business, you must scratch your head over the question like-whether to build it first for Android or iOS users. 

Well, it is an obvious question that usually every business or company faces. You may think of starting with a mobile website and then developing native apps for each platform. But you know that being a startup you don't have enough resources for going through this long and cost consuming process. 

In this case, the choice of hybrid app development appears as a breath of relief. 

Challenges faced by Startups that motivate for hybrid app development

Understanding the change in customer behavior and revising the marketing strategy is essential for companies who want to provide their products or services on mobile-first presence to customers. 

For startups, it becomes more challenging to identify the key factors that affect their mobile app. Here are some common challenges that you face while app development: 

  • Lack of budget for mobile app development
  • Building a mobile app that stands out from competitors
  • Meeting customer expectations
  • Maintain uncompromised user experience
  • Reaching the target audience after app launch 

These challenges are not only faced by startups or small businesses, but also by big enterprises. However, big companies have big resources for their app project, hence, this concern is very vital for small business people who want to establish their venture through a mobile app concept. 

Why hybrid app is best for startup?


1. Enhanced User Experience

User experience directly affects your customers. If you want to deliver an enhanced user experience to your mobile app users, you should go with hybrid mobile app development.

Its improved UI/UX is one of the important reasons behind choosing hybrid apps because it gives a consistent user experience for multiple mobile platforms. 

Today, every user wants a responsive mobile app that gives them strong functionality and seamless app experience. Hybrid app provides faster data and adjusts to different mobile screens easily. And because it is lightweight, user interface of hybrid app can load graphics and HD media files quickly.

2. Low development cost

Hybrid app development cost is low as compared to native app. It is much easier and less demanding in terms of resources and investment. The development further goes down because it uses a single codebase for the app to be released on multiple mobile OS platforms. 

As startup companies always work on a limited budget, this approach saves a lot of cost for both app development company and app owner. 

3. It doesn't require much resources

Developers don't need in-depth coding or programming in rigorous languages. Instead, app developers with skills in common languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and frameworks like PhoneGap or React Native that can easily create hybrid mobile applications. 

4. Give Offline Support

Hybrid apps store the device API for keeping data accessible when there is no internet connection. This provides offline access to data that helps the app to load quickly. It means users can access the mobile app even when the network is slow or completely lost.  

5. Easy app maintenance

As hybrid app is developed with a single codebase, it becomes easy to make any changes in the app for future updates. As users are looking for improved features, app owners will have to constantly update their mobile app to meet their user's expectations. 

And mobile app development is not a product that ends on its development stage, in fact, it begins from there. You have to monitor whether your app is performing smoothly on every mobile platform and all the features are working flawlessly. 

Here, hybrid mobile app doesn't require much maintenance. It means, as a startup you don't have to worry about high mobile app maintenance cost. 

6. Faster development

In one hand, you don't have sufficient money, and on another hand you don't have much time to wait for your app to be launched. Hybrid app uses common development frameworks which are easy to code and learn by developers. 

Hence, it cuts down the additional development time of the app. Developers use JavaScript language to build hybrid mobile application, therefore, you can again breathe relax that you won’t have to pay for a premium license for using them. 

However, you should focus on which JS framework is best for your mobile app so that in the future, you can use the same technology without any hassle. 

7. No need for approval

Whenever an app is updated, it goes through the approval process by Google Play and Apple Store. It further asks users to install the updated version of the app which sometimes creates uneasiness for users. 

But hybrid apps are built with web app functionality, so it doesn't require approval from Google or Apple App Store. Simply change in the codebase, and your users will be able to use the updated feature of your app. 

Apple expects iOS app development Company to deliver great apps for their premium users. Therefore, they check the app’s functionality and its authenticity seriously. 

In this case, you should outsource your app development project to an iPhone App Development Company India, instead of hiring a freelance app developer to save your money. 


Hybrid app is a boon for startups and small business owners who want to channelize their business exposure on mobile platforms. 

As the number of smartphone users is growing tremendously worldwide, companies are now taking their business on mobile applications to connect with more potential customers. 

As a startup, you might think of hiring a freelance app developer, which again puts your app at risk for future-reliability. Therefore, it is better to outsource your app project to a dedicated Hybrid app development company who can help you build a great mobile app at the most affordable price with the best features. 

And eSearch Logix stands out as the right choice for you if you are interested in doing something big at small resources. 

Alekh Verma

CEO and Founder at eSearch Logix Technologies!

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