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Top Plugins to Convert WordPress Site to a Mobile App

Alekh Verma | February 14, 2023
Top Plugins

Are you attempting to develop a mobile app from your WordPress website? Apps simplify controlling content delivery and enhance the mobile experience. Through app markets, you may expand your audience and improve app engagement.

In this article, we'll go through some of the best plugins for converting a WordPress website into a mobile application.

What Distinguishes a Mobile App from a Mobile Website?

Mobile websites, which work with touch-based input on mobile devices like tablets and phones and smaller screens, are essentially scaled-down copies of your desktop website. Your website must be accessible via a web browser and a live internet connection, just like it would be on a desktop device.

On the other hand, you can use mobile apps to access the same data and resources that you can through the corresponding website. However, they excel in offering more capabilities even when they are not connected to the internet. A great example of a website that completely depends on an online connection is Google Maps, which allows you to download the maps to view them offline, bookmark favorites, and more.

Reasons Why You Must Create a Mobile App

You may tell that a lot of people are using their mobile phones to access your website if you look at your website traffic in Google Analytics. Making your website mobile responsive is the simplest approach to guarantee that mobile users have a positive experience there.

A mobile-responsive WordPress website has a design that adapts to the user's screen size automatically. Almost all high-quality WordPress themes come pre-equipped with mobile responsiveness. Even beautiful mobile responsive WooCommerce themes are available. However, some companies might desire to develop their mobile apps in order to provide an even better customer experience.

Users can access their preferred blog, online store, membership website, or online community by launching an app from their home screen rather than accessing your website in a browser. Programming knowledge is normally required to create a mobile app, and there are many development companies that will create a mobile app for your website. However, it can be quite expensive, especially for smaller businesses.

There are a lot of WordPress plugins available in the market that can assist you in turning a website into a mobile app on a small budget. Despite being paid options, they are far less expensive than paying a developer to build a new app from scratch.

Remember that these plugins still require intermediate to advanced WordPress knowledge in order to use them. If you are a total beginner, we suggest picking a mobile responsive theme and accelerating your WordPress installation to draw in more mobile customers.

While both mobile sites and apps are available on the same devices, mobile apps are superior to websites in several respects. Among the benefits of a mobile app are:

  • A mobile app makes it easier for customers to interact with your company by eliminating many stages. Instead of having to open their mobile browser and type in their URL, users may just tap an icon.
  • Speed: Content loads more quickly on mobile applications than on webpages because they save a lot more data locally (even cached ones).
  • An improved user interface. However, a mobile application offers more precise control over onscreen features, resulting in a frictionless user experience. A good WordPress theme will adapt your mobile site to any conventional screen size.
  • Access to smartphone features: Your app may access the camera, push notifications, and other built-in features of the user's device.

In conclusion, it makes sense to keep both a mobile website and a mobile app for your company because they each serve various purposes. A mobile app gives your clients and/or followers a better user experience while a responsive website draws traffic from search engines and backlinks.

How do I convert my WordPress site to a mobile app?

You have two options if you want to construct a mobile application from your website: start from scratch or turn your WordPress website into an app.

Since an app is essentially a mobile version of your desktop website, it is less expensive to convert an existing website into one than to start from scratch. You can save time and money by simply using the style, navigation, design, and all of the website's content from the desktop version of your company's WordPress CMS-built website.

A mobile app can be updated and managed considerably more easily. Additionally, utilizing an app is faster and more convenient than browsing a mobile website. You will only suffer a bad user experience and poor performance if a mobile version of the desktop site is not adequately optimized.

Using a specialized plugin that will handle the majority of the work for you is the simplest approach to turning a website into a mobile app. However, such conversion needs at least the bare minimum of technological know-how.

Check out our selection of the best WordPress plugins to make your website into an app.

Top Plugins to Convert WordPress Site to a Mobile App

These are the best plugins for turning your WordPress website into a mobile application. Select the option that most closely fits your needs.

1. AppPresser

Start with AppPresser, a premium WordPress application builder that enables you to create your own mobile app solution, if you're eager to start constructing. The visual customizer in AppPresser functions similarly to the page builder in WordPress. You'll become proficient with AppPresser's user interface if you're accustomed to building WordPress page layouts. Through its live preview feature, AppPresser's customizer also shows your website as you build it in real-time.

Additionally, you will have control over whatever particular internet pages and plugins you incorporate into your application. This allows using AppPresser to create apps that are linked with WooCommerce, BuddyPress, or other specialized add-ons a reasonably lightweight solution.

Compatibility with WordPress plugins and extensions (this means you can integrate features like Google maps, Facebook login, camera connectivity, and so on)

  • Create the navigation using pull-out menus or tabs.
  • Customization of pages
  • Push notifications
  • Gives a real-time glimpse of the app
  • BuddyPress and WooCommerce are both easily integrated.
  • Adaptable themes
  • Building app pages using drag and drop
  • Unlimited options for color and layout
  • Automatic app store submission to Google Play and Apple
  • Fantastic customer service

AppPresser has three monthly options available for $79, $99, and $149 each. The monthly prices for these same programs are $59, $79, and $129 if purchased as an annual subscription.

2. Mobiloud

You don't feel as passionate about creating a mobile application yourself? Try Mobiloud, another popular option, to turn the WordPress website for your company into an app for Android or iOS. More of a converting service than a plugin, Mobiloud works with your WordPress site to design and maintain your app.

The all-inclusive plans offered by Mobiloud are its main selling feature. The service manages all phases of app development, testing, publication, and continuing distribution via the Google Play and Apple App Store. Mobiloud automatically updates the content of your app after any changes are made to your WordPress website and after iOS/Android updates as long as you continue to be a subscriber.

The hands-off technique necessitates neither any programming expertise nor prior website page development experience. However, Mobiloud applications do allow for more customization and fine-tuning in the source code if you want to include your own development team.

You can purchase Mobiloud's full-service configuration option for a more interactive experience. Meetings to discuss your application in order to inform greater customization are part of this. On the basis of your branding, the team will even create media and branding materials for your app.

  • Making an app
  • The release of the app on the app store
  • Application assistance
  • Amazing selection of themes for your mobile application
  • Customizing themes with WordPress Customizer to suit your preferences
  • The ability to add animations and a menu to your mobile app
  • Automatic updates to the content
  • Push-notification capability
  • Compatible with all major platforms, including tablets, Android phones, and iPhones
  • Mobile monetization and advertising
  • Total control over the look and feel of your app
  • User-friendly
  • The app's creation doesn't require any technical expertise.
  • A committed development and design group
  • Regular app updates

Mobiloud has three monthly plans available for $150, $250, and $500 each. The monthly cost of these similar programs is $120, $200, and $400 for an annual subscription. A one-time $450 app setup fee or a $1,850 full-service setup fee is also required by Mobiloud.

3. AndroApp

AndroApp is an Android-based WordPress-to-app converter. AndroApp is another inexpensive option to more expensive plugins, costing only $66 per year for a membership. You might even think about using it for free, but then your app would have to show adverts that AndroApp would insert.

AndroApp's lack of iOS app development and incompatibility with other potent WordPress integrations like WooCommerce are trade-offs for its inexpensive annual cost. If you're comfortable with these drawbacks, AndroApp's stats reporting, monetization options, and selection of themes to match your app's appearance to your website will be useful to you.

Like other plugins, AndroApp doesn't charge you to create your app or to test it on your phone; fees only apply when you upload it to Google Play. The first month of this plugin is completely free, but after that, you must pay a very reasonable $66 per year. This is an excellent feature. Your app will still function if you don't pay, but it will show developer advertisements.

  • Adaptable app color schemes
  • Various topics
  • Dynamic options for the menu, the text in the preview, the placement of ads, etc.
  • Perpetual push notifications
  • Utilizing Admob and Appnext for monetization
  • Allows for deep connecting
  • Sharing on social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Support for comments on Facebook and WordPress
  • Super Caching WordPress for quick load times and offline storage
  • Images can be zoomed in, saved, and shared by users.
  • Features picture with a parallax effect on the post detail page
  • The home, category, and tags pages have an endless scroll
  • White label, not mentioning AndroApp
  • Analytics

So, if you're on a tight budget and merely require an Android app, have a look at AndroApp. It currently has over 3,000 active downloads and an excellent 4.6/5.0-star rating from users.

4. WPMobile.App

A good option for aspiring Android and iOS app owners on a budget is WPMobile.App (formerly WPApp.Ninja). With no additional monthly, yearly, or hidden fees, it provides many of the customizable options of competing programs for a single fee.

The app works well with the WordPress dashboard, letting you configure it, alter its appearance, and assess its performance all from the plugin window in your WordPress admin account. Although testing is your responsibility, WPMobile also offers a demo app so that you may test your build before a launch.

Compared to other app conversion providers, this solution offers fewer customization choices. There is only one app theme available. Although this theme is completely editable, extra effort will be required to create the app you have in mind. WPMobile.App is still a practical choice on a tighter budget.

  • Twenty widgets, 24 colors, CSS, JavaScript, and other features make this app theme completely editable.
  • There are three app menus: the hamburger, floating, and bottom-screen navigation bar.
  • Auto-updates for your apps whenever you add new information to your website
  • Content cached for offline use
  • Amount fewer push notifications that can be used to manually or automatically alert users to new content
  • Twelve current app usage metrics, such as the number of installations, geographic areas, language, etc.
  • Built-in search capabilities
  • Social networking
  • Users can read comments and submit their own when enabled.
  • Updates and downloads indefinite
  • Weglot uses automatic translation

Currently supporting well over 6,000 apps, WPMobile.App has a very respectable user rating of 4.6/5.0 on the WordPress plugin directory. For a one-time fee of 79€ ($93) or 149€ ($176), respectively, the app is available for iOS or Android alone.

5. AppMySite

The "world's first AI-powered mobile app builder," according to AppMySite. Your company may turn WordPress and WooCommerce websites into high-end native mobile apps with the use of this solution.

With the help of the WordPress plugin AppMySite, you can quickly turn your website into a mobile application.

To begin creating a mobile app, you must use the AppMySite app builder to create the framework of the app. That applies to the login/signup screen and the app's icon. The plugin must then be installed on your backend and integrated with your website. This would enable smooth synchronization of all website data with the mobile app.

The WooCommerce platform and AppMySite are both readily linked. You may then preview the modifications in real-time while turning your WooCommerce website into a customizable mobile application.

  • Several options exist for customizing apps, including the home screen
  • Import menus from websites automatically
  • Incredibly optimized web environment
  • Integrated Android and iOS emulators are used for app preview.
  • Demo functionality to use the app live on a phone
  • Add countless CMS pages
  • A wide variety of add-ons
  • Choices for a smart filter and sort
  • Extensive documentation and knowledge base
  • Synchronization with your website in real-time
  • Real-time modeling
  • Logging in is possible with Google, Facebook, or email.
  • Dynamic menu for apps
  • Numerous payment gateways are supported
  • Incorporating social media
  • No end to app revisions
  • Integration of WooCommerce with the shopping cart and checkout
  • Working with two to three team members, depending on the package
  • Free unlimited push notifications
  • Monetization possibilities
  • White-label application (i.e., no mention of the plugin or its creator)
  • Priority assistance

Only once your produced software has been uploaded to Google Play or the Apple App Store using a premium plan are the items denoted by a * available. With over 7,000 active downloads and an overall user rating of 4.6/5.0 stars, AppMySite is a well-liked plugin for turning your WordPress website into an app.

Pricing: Starts at no cost; Starter Plan is $19/month; Pro Plan is $39/month; Premium Plan is $79/month.

6. Appful

Appful is a popular premium platform that helps you turn your WordPress website into a mobile application. It has worked with major corporations like PETA, Green Peace, Mac notes,, Vaude, and Futurism.

Appful is regarded as one of the top mobile app plugins for building an exceptional mobile app because it works with both Android and iOS devices. The SaaS startup that developed Appful helps businesses, publishers, and periodicals contact their target audience by developing enterprise software solutions.

The fact that Appful enables native social media material and smoothly integrates with Twitter is one of its primary advantages. Even Google Analytics is made easier to use to monitor online traffic. The plugin has a ton of themes that you can quickly alter to match your identity.

  • Sharing on native social media
  • Reading not online
  • 'Read Later' and 'Comments' features
  • YouTube assistance
  • A live edit
  • Excellent app speed even with caching
  • Own advertising in the application
  • Integration of the Twitter profile page
  • The ability to examine mobile app traffic using Google Analytics

On appful, you have access to excellent mobile app designs at reasonable prices that you can further personalize according to your preferences. When you upload your mobile software to the Apple App Store or Android Play Store, you will need to pay a small fee.

Price: The monthly base rate is $275.

7. WappPress

WappPress is regarded as the most affordable tool that enables you to easily convert a WordPress website into an Android app. You won't need to consider employing the developers in this case because anyone, developer or not, can create the app with just a few settings.

It is a simple framework that can quickly and affordably turn a WordPress website into a mobile application. With the plugin, you have countless options at your disposal, including customized icons, a screen and theme designer, and notification sending.

Additionally, by utilizing this plugin, you will be able to monetize the features of your app and improve the efficiency of your website. You can easily publish your app to the app stores after you've finished creating it, allowing anyone to download and use it.

WappPress is the greatest plugin to transform your website into an Android application if money is tight. You may take advantage of a wide range of capabilities, including the ability to design themes, customize icons, enable push notifications, and even monetize your app. This plugin is simple to use and can be created in a matter of minutes with just a few clicks, so you don't need to be a computer whiz or pay a developer to use it.

  • Using push notifications
  • Interstitial ads from Google AdMob are used to monetize.
  • Android app validity for 15 days
  • The theme and home page of the app may differ from those of the mobile website.
  • Splash screen and launcher icon uploadable/customizable
  • White label without the WappPress logo
  • Real-time app development
  • The material on your website is automatically updated and synchronized with it.
  • Suitable for Amazon Affiliate websites as well as WooCommerce businesses

It is a popular plugin but with just 3.2/5.0-star rating. Don't let that discourage you, though, as the majority of the negative reviews that knocked the rating down were submitted when the app was still relatively new. The developer has since fixed the problems that led to those poor ratings, and future reviews are noticeably better.

Price: Monthly rates begin at $22.

8. AppsGeyser

The platform AppsGeyser is simple to use and will assist you in doing the task successfully. By selecting the free app template and then filling out the forms on the creation page with pertinent information, you can create a native mobile app from your WordPress website.

  • To access the Website App template, click on the "Create" menu option or go to
  • Add the website address. paste the link to your WordPress website. Verify that the link is active. From the main page or any other URL on your website, you can build a mobile application.
  • Your app's name. Type the name of your application. Create a new name instead of copying and pasting the name of your WordPress website or brand. Don't forget to add a keyword to the title so that Android users may more easily find it.
  • Put the icon online. Choose the default logo or submit your own. Keep everything uncomplicated and tidy.
  • Post app-to-app stores. You can publish your app on Google Play or another Android app store by downloading the necessary files. As many consumers as you can download your software.

Even the most novice computer user may create an app with an app maker because it doesn't require any program downloads, is simple to use, and offers step-by-step instructions. You can create Android apps without knowing any code thanks to AppsGeyser.

9. AppMaker

Having an app for your online store can greatly enhance conversions. Customers who are using your app to make purchases are less likely to be sidetracked and "browse around" on other websites because they will be concentrating on your stuff. You can add iOS and Android apps to your WooCommerce store with AppMaker.

  • App builder using drag and drop
  • Extremely configurable, even in regard to app themes
  • A sizable collection of essential WooCommerce plugins
  • Switcher of currencies and languages
  • Customizing an app's user interface in real-time
  • Multilingual assistance
  • Push notification customization
  • Social media can be used by users to log in.
  • Sorting and filtering of products
  • Comprehensive analytics (Google and Facebook)
  • Support for catalog mode
  • Highlighted grocery app
  • Simple order tracking and product delivery
  • Event targeting on Facebook and Admob
  • Ability to cross-sell, upsell, and bundle
  • Coupon promotion limited to apps

The creation of your app is free, but publishing it on one of the app stores necessitates a premium subscription, similar to the majority of other WordPress mobile app plugins. The initial year of the basic "starter" subscription for AppMaker costs $99. That will get you access to the features stated above as well as-

  • Apple Pay and the majority of payment processors are accepted
  • Product synchronization in its entirety
  • Three possible home pages
  • Send no more than five push alerts each month.
  • Support

It's vital to remember that the membership raises to $29 per month plus 2.5% of the app's revenue once it has produced sales of $10K or more or after the first year of subscription, whichever comes first.

There are more subscriptions available as your firm grows:

  • Growth includes help with app development, three more homepages, five extra push notifications each month, and improved support for a monthly fee of $79 plus 1.5% of income.
  • The Scale has a monthly fee of $249 plus 0.5% of sales. You receive ten homepages in total, fifteen push notifications each month, and further support improvements.

There is a fourteen-day free trial provided so you may properly evaluate the plugin without risk, and annual membership payments cut the costs by 20%.

AppMaker has received positive reviews from users, with an overall rating of 4.9/5.0. Despite the cost, there are currently over 5,000 active downloads, proving its popularity.

The developer also offers a plugin called WordPress Android & iOS App Builder that allows you to construct a mobile application using WordPress even if you don't have a WooCommerce store. Use it at your own risk because it has only been tested with WordPress 5.6.4 and the most recent upgrade was almost six months ago.

10. MobiLoud Canvas

You can create a mobile app from your WordPress website using MobiLoud Canvas, just like all the other programs we've featured in this article. It differs from the competition since the plugin developer actually builds and deploys your app on your behalf. This makes it perfect if you don't feel confident making your own apps. The outcome is also a totally customized app.

If MobiLoud's crew does all the labor-intensive work, you might be asking what the point of the plugin is. The app and push notifications are configured and managed using it both during development and after it goes live.

You can count on receiving the following benefits when you utilize MobiLoud Canvas to develop your iOS and Android app from your WordPress website:

  • The material is automatically updated
  • Suitable with every theme and plugin
  • For simple user navigation, include native menus and animations.
  • Possibility of having an app theme that is distinct from the website theme
  • Using your existing WordPress skill set, you have complete control over the app's content and style.
  • Suitable for both Android and iOS devices
  • Simple publishing using the developer
  • Perpetual push notifications
  • Options for advertising and revenue generation through Admob, MoPub, Google DFP, and AdSense.

You can anticipate paying a lot for your app because MobiLoud's developers will build it from the ground up for you. Starting prices for packages are a respectable $1,920 a year. Additionally, once the app is prepared to be released to the app stores, you will be required to pay a $500 "app submission" charge.

You can buy the "Full-service package" for an additional $1,350. After that, the developer will collaborate directly with you to set up and personalize your app, design icons, and splash screens, and provide a functional demo of your app. To ensure that your app is approved, they will also communicate directly with Google and Apple. A 60-day money-back guarantee is included with each bundle.

The developer estimates that it will take them a minimum of five business days to complete your app. If you leave time for you to test it, you could have it completed and released in as little as two weeks.

If you want a full turnkey solution carried out by coding experts while maintaining control over how your app appears and works, MobiLoud Canvas is ideal. Although it is not inexpensive, the fact that it has been downloaded more than 500 times and has received a perfect 5.0/5.0-star rating from customers suggests that it is valuable if you can afford it.

11. Wiziapp

The wiziapp plugin can provide both paid and free services if you're looking for a cost-effective solution. To alter the appearance of your mobile app simply add the WordPress plugin and then follow the on-screen instructions. Additionally, adding banner advertising and turning on notifications is simple.

Once you've altered the appearance of your app, you may use native applications to make an HTML5 app. You can establish a mobile site for potential clients to visit using the free option, but if you already have a developed site design, this service is unlikely to be of interest to you.

Wiziapp also provides a selection of WordPress themes that are optimized for mobile devices. But if you're going to build a website and want it to look the same on desktops and mobile devices, you'll probably pick a theme from a separate vendor.

12. WP-AppKit

The feature integrations provided by WP-AppKit provide you with complete control over how your app functions. If you're searching for a plug-and-play solution, this is not a good choice. But WP-AppKit gives you just the proper amount of control if you want to alter the functionality of your app and manage the data that it shows.

For instance, you will be able to add individual components and then add those components to the menu as you prepare to create your application. A page, a post type, etc., are examples of components. Additionally, developers can use hooks to build their own components.

There are two further paid add-ons available in addition to the above-mentioned free capabilities for:

  • Integration of Google Analytics
  • For push notifications, use Pushwoosh.

This plugin is undoubtedly more geared toward programmers and seasoned users. But if that's what you want, consider learning how to use this useful plugin, which gives you more control.

13. Blappsta

Blappsta is the tool you need if you want to quickly and effectively convert WordPress to an app. The plugin integrates effortlessly with both the iOS and Android operating systems. So, installing the plugin doesn't require you to be a developer.

The use of Blappsta is totally free, and it works with both iOS and Android devices. It has a special feature called "Blappsta Preview" that enables you to test and preview your experiments before publishing them. Therefore, even before it is created, you may see what your website will look like as a mobile application.

The plugin also has a Google indexing feature. As a result, your app will likely rank higher on the Google platform, which will increase app downloads.

  • Push notification capability for new post updates
  • Google's deep linkage indexing
  • Sharing functionality for many social networking platforms, including Facebook and Twitter
  • Adaptability in how you structure the material in your mobile app
  • Customize the home page's layout and navigation.

Once you've made a mobile app, it can do a lot of things like show popular articles, play videos, link to your Facebook profile, and more. Comparatively speaking, it is still a pretty new plugin.

Price: $34.99 to start.

14. Appilix

Similar to the majority of other WordPress to Android app plugins, Appilix is only free for development and requires a subscription to publish on Google Play. For WordPress news sites and blogs, the cost is $30 per year, which is very competitive.

You receive the following benefits with Appilix:

  • No coding knowledge is necessary because the plugin directly extracts all of the data from WordPress.
  • Designing a layout instantly
  • App colors that you can change to match your website
  • Using push notifications
  • Synchronization with your website in real-time
  • Fast construction
  • No end to app revisions

The following additional features will become available after paying the subscription fee:

  • Label (i.e., Appilix branding removed)
  • Google Play-releasable
  • Options for advertising and revenue generation through Admob, MoPub, Google DFP, and AdSense

If you want to quickly, easily, and most importantly affordably create an Android app for your WordPress website, Appilix is a great choice. Only 60 active downloads from the WordPress plugin directory are available due to its relative youth, however, it has a 5.0/5.0 user rating.

15. Web2Application

Another quick, simple, and affordable solution to convert your WordPress website into an Android app is with Web2App. The plugin is a platform for do-it-yourselfers that provides ways to create apps without coding knowledge.

You may track the data from your app using a variety of capabilities, such as the integration of Google Analytics. You can also use the rate my app features to increase your chances of receiving reviews from users more quickly.

Your responsive website can be transformed into a full native app with the help of this WordPress plugin. Even if the setup is relatively simple, if you use Web2App to create the mobile app, you won't have to sacrifice the quality of the app. It is a decent and cost-effective option for the plugin that provides you with several customization options.

  • Notification through Push
  • Easy Google AdMob integration
  • Real-time Android app development
  • Rating an app to acquire user testimonials on Google Play
  • Beginning Splash Screen
  • Different methods for displaying and navigating mobile apps
  • Social networking

In addition, they give you access to video instruction so you can simply construct your mobile app with this plugin.


These days, it seems like every company provides a mobile application, and for good reason. They're quick, handy, and simple to use; they ought to be made similarly. You can create your own app to put your WordPress site into your users' pockets by using a specialized plugin.

Reaching your target audience will be paved with the use of any of these plugins to convert your WordPress website into a mobile application. Having a mobile app for your business will increase traffic, leads, and ultimately sales even if you have a responsive design.

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