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Quickest Ways to Earn Valuable Backlinks in the Shortest Duration, ethically!

Alekh Verma | February 27, 2023

Backlinking is one of the most effective ways to get higher on the SERPs for relevant searches.

Simultaneously, backlinking is one of the most important ranking signals for Google too.

Hence, there is no doubt that if you could get your hands on the quickest ways to earn valuable backlinks then you can earn yourself a goldmine.

So, if you have been trying effortlessly to earn backlinks for your website and failing this way or that, then this is the right place for you.

But before that you need to have a sound idea about backlinks.

Backlinks: Definition

In simpler words, backlinks are the specific links that get directed towards your website from third-party websites.

These links depending on how valuable website they come from can effectively help your website benefit in terms of authority in the eyes of Google.

But, to reach a position of high authority, you need to either keep on earning backlinks from other websites, or else, you need to work on gaining backlinks from several high-authority websites that deal in in your niche.

And simply purchasing low-quality backlinks would not help you in anyway. However, they can always harm your website.

So, here we have brainstormed and prepared ways that can help earn high-quality backlinks in the fastest way.

How to Warn High-Quality Backlinks Fast?

Creating pieces of content which are backlink-worthy, can really help you climb this ladder fast enough.

This is because, Uncle Ben said, “With quality content, come high-quality backlinks”.

Well, umm, Uncle Ben might not have said the same, but it is true anyway.

So, let’s check out the ways that can help you earn backlinks through quality content, promote them.

1. Skyscraper Content

Posting skyscraper content is a great way to earn great backlinks indeed. However, you can also utilize a few content pieces that are already posted by your competitors and are present on the internet.

For this what you need to do is, checking the pieces of content that are earning the highest ranks on Google for a specific keyword that you have picked.

And, once you have your hands on them, get started with created something even better.

Yes, we know that it would take a lot to create something like that, and things do not even end there.

That is because there is already a lot of content out there, so, it is better to check what is out there for every search term that is relevant to you.

Now, you might be wondering that we were about to talk about quick ways that can get your content a lot of high-quality backlinks. But this does not look like a quick endeavour.

Well, here you need to understand the fact that Google is strictly against encouraging poor-quality or lazily created content. So, it is better not to waste time on the same.

Take your time and create something worth posting, that both Google as well as your audience would appreciate.

You can feel free to be inspired by references that are ranking high. This is because, if they are managing to earn high ranks, they surely be doing something that’s right.

You might also find some content creators who have published video content, infographics or listicles. If so, you can surely give that a try too.

Now, if this appears like stealing, then let’s make it very clear that this is not it. All we are asking you to check what they are doing, find scopes for improvement and work on the same with of your own.

2. Promote Content on Social Media

To make people remember your content and to let your hard-worked content do its job, it is imperative to post it on social media.

Well, you might think that you have already worked so hard on your content, how to do this simultaneously?

But the thing is, if you do not keep sharing your content regularly on social media then it’s for sure that the piece of content in which you had put so much effort will go lost in your website under the pile of several other pieces of content.

So, to save your content from the same, you need to post it somewhere to promote it. And what can be a better place for that than social media.

Yes, social media is the place where you can get your content in front of a lot of people who might be willing to link to your content.

In fact, if you can post a short video that talks about the best parts of your content, that might also be quite able to increase its hype.

And, if you think creating a video would be too much of an effort, a simple image containing the same information would work too.

However, if you are not afraid of putting in efforts, then you might also try preparing an infographic to pull some more people.

3. Fixing 404s Caused by Broken Links

Broken links are the links that were linked to a piece of content that has been either taken off or maybe been become obsolete.

But, if you could find a bunch of broken links which could be potentially linked to your content, can also be a great way to pump up your backlink profile.

But, how to site a broken link?

If you see a click on a particular link leading to a 404, then for sure that is a broken link.

So, take your time to find out these 404s, and reach out to the website owner, asking them if they would be willing to link to your much-better crafted content, which is up to date as well as relevant.

Now, to find a broken link there are several ways that can work. But the ones better than hunting for 404s are,

Making a list of your competitors

Make their domains got through a backlink checker or your choice and hit on “lost” to find out the websites that they have lost links from and, the content linked from their website.

If you find anything relevant, try pitching the website owners with your content and grab it!

And most website owners would agree to it as it would benefit both the parties.

4. Substituting Dated Links

There is another similar technique to earn those links and that is replacing them with your content.

To do this, you have to start with finding websites of your niche that have changed their names or changed their URLs or may even got shut down.

Also, there might be certain businesses who have stopped providing certain services that you still serve.

Once you have a list of them, start with putting them into your backlink checker and find out the websites which still happen to link with them.

Now, once you have the fresh list of people intending to link, get in touch with them and offer your fresh, up-to-date content as a replacement.

5. Craft Fantastic Infographics

Even Google knows that people prefer visual content over any other form of content. And, if we talk about science, that too says that human transmit most of their information in visual mode.

So, undoubtedly, infographics, and images would really improve the easy-to-read factor of your content.

Now, if you have a good amount of data in your pocket, it would be a great chance to craft splendid infographic which would not just be some easy-to-read content but would also be a lot more understandable as well as accessible.

In fact, having to create an infographic, you would get a chance to flaunt your creative skills, and by following the brand guidelines you would be able to create a great infographic which would be able to represent your brand as well.

However, if you find it too tiring for you to craft a lengthy infographic, then you can surely pick all the important data and create a content study instead.

6. Send Out Testimonials

Giving out testimonials is a great. And it takes things a step further when you are doing it for a website which you genuinely admire.

It would also be a kind thing to do, and the recipient website would also feel pretty good about your deed.

So, if you are a user or a subscriber of a tool which helps easing your work on a regular basis, if there is a blog that you read whenever you get time to enrich yourself, or if you are a continuous user of a particular product, then it would be a great thing to write a testimonial for them showing how much they have been useful to you and how much you appreciate what you are doing.

And, just think about the other side, the website receiving the review that you wrote so well, and sounds so genuine, would be overwhelmed with the same. So, they would also feel very happy linking back to your website.

Also, if there are websites deal in in your niche but are not your direct competitors, then there is a chance that they will go through your well-written testimonial and visit your website in order to check who you are and what you offer.

7. Get Enlisted on Resource Pages

Well, if you are not sure which pages are called “resource pages” then let us tell you that the pages that contain a curated list of products or services, are known as resource pages.

So, if your website also offers services or products then you too can visit resource pages and ask them to get your website enlisted.

This technique is a really great way to earn backlinks as well as come on the front with the other industry leaders dealing in in your niche.

Now, let’s give you an example that can help you understand how to get this done.

Suppose you have an eCommerce website, so, here it would be your job to get enlisted on a resource page that focuses on eCommerce websites.

Here, what you will be doing is following the steps below.

Look for the “Best eCommerce Platform” on Google.

Now, check what are the articles that have the top 10 ranks. Of course, you need to avoid the ads while doing this.

Once, you have done the above, check each of those articles and check who is the writer. If they have contact details of the writers, gather them and reach out to those people and ask about what are the steps to add your website over there.

Now, while convincing the person, you need to put much effort making them understand why your site deserves to be there.

And, if you get successful in doing this, you will manage to bring in numerous backlinks from that list. Also, you will be able to gain some referral traffic too.

8. Check What Your Competitors Are Doing

This is really another great and perhaps one of the most useful things that you can do to earn more high-quality backlinks.

Yes, that is because, if we start from content, there has to be a few topics that your competitors have written on, however, you have somehow missed them.

So, if you start focusing on those topics too, and create a way better content, then you will be able to earn backlinks.

Also, if your competitors are doing pretty fine, but you are not sure about what is helping them do the same, then you can make their URL go through your backlink checker and find out their secret sauce.

Now, once you see who they are getting links from, you can surely reach out to those websites with your freshly created content and ask them to replace your competitor’s content with yours.

This technique would work the best if your content is of better quality, more updated, and would be of more value to the website.

9. Get Started with Guest Blogging

There are certain bloggers who run their blogging website all by themselves and that is why they stay very busy.

And that proves that they are very dedicated people.

Here, what you can do is getting in touch with them with a content idea that would be a great fit in their blog. They would surely agree to your proposal and would add the content as a guest post to their website and link back to your website in no time.

Now, if your content ends up benefitting the blogger enough, then the person might ask you to contribute as a guest blogger all over again or may even ask you to keep on continuing.

However, if you plan to be sending the same piece of content on more than one blogs, that would be a wrong thing to do. So, be cautious about that.

If you do take the wrong path with duplicate content, then be sure about the fact that Google would not be ranking all those websites, instead would pick the one that has gained the highest traction from visitors.

So, sending the exact same content to different bloggers, means that one/some of them might be getting a rank, however, you wouldn’t.

However, if you take the right path, then this can really help you get tons and tons of leads as well as website visitors.

10. Focus on Conducting Original Research

Performing an original research or study takes a lot of effort. And, effort means, both monetary and physical. And, most importantly, the time that you need to invest.

However, after so much of hard work, the outcome would be undoubtedly great.

And, as we all know that we often link our content to several studies in order to convince our readers that what we have put up is true.

Similarly, when you publish a supreme-quality study that has not been conducted in your industry or niche before, then you will surely receive a good lot of backlinks from numerous sources.

Now, if you are wondering what study you should conduct, that entirely depends on what niche or industry your business belongs from and who are the people that you serve to.

A Quick Wrap Up

So, these are the ways that can help you earn a good lot of backlinks in a very short period of time.

And, perhaps you have just missed out on the ways that we have mentioned, then let us give you a quick recap of it all.

  1. Skyscraper Content
  2. Promote Content On Social Media
  3. Fixing 404s Caused By Broken Links
  4. Substituting Dated Links
  5. Craft Fantastic Infographics
  6. Send Out Testimonials
  7. Get Enlisted On Resource Pages
  8. Check What Your Competitors Are Doing
  9. Get Started With Guest Blogging
  10. Focus On Conducting Original Research

These are some of the finest ways that you will ever find on the internet and if you can invest enough of your time, effort as well as money in them, then you can surely manage to earn hundreds of high-quality backlinks within a very short while.

And that will help you immensely in getting a higher rank in the search engine results pages of relevant queries.

Get started with these, today!

Alekh Verma

CEO and Founder at eSearch Logix Technologies!

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