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The Rise of AI in Mobile App Development

Alekh Verma | March 6, 2023
AI in mobile app

Competition to be visible and discoverable in the app store is getting strong as businesses depend more and more on their mobile footprints. User experience (UX) that is effortless and fluid continues to be essential for most apps to stand out from the crowd. Because of this, the use of AI in mobile apps has become the key component of a first-rate user experience.

AI in mobile app development is more prominent than ever now. An increasing number of mobile apps from various genres are starting to use AI-powered chatbots. Being a deeply ingrained technology, AI collects the most pertinent business data and insights that companies may utilize to respond to client inquiries in the most appropriate and contextual way.

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What are Chatbots: An Introduction 

Let's start by introducing chatbots. A chatbot is just a messaging program that can have conversations with users either on predetermined answers to their questions or on an understanding of their intentions and personal information.

The second type of chatbot uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to analyze large amounts of relevant customer data, comprehend customer behavior and intents, and adapt responses to customer queries in various contexts. The first type of chatbot is straightforward responses to pertinent questions presented in a conversational manner through a chatbot interface.

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Some of the newest features of the contemporary Chatbots utilized by large brands and leading companies include voice chat, natural language processing to understand queries despite vocal and tonal variations, and linguistic decoding of the intents.

Voice assistants and smart digital assistants are other names for chatbots with the capacity to respond to voice instructions. Google Allo, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and other well-known voice assistants are a few real-world instances of intelligent chatbots.

Why Chatbots and AI are Required? 

The question of whether chatbots and AI are vital for business is the most crucial one to consider. Let's just say that in the not-too-distant future, every organization will use chatbots to carry out routine commercial tasks.

Many firms today have their own call centers where employees sit and interact with clients to resolve their issues. This enables companies to provide existing customers with fast feedback.

Let's use technical language to discuss this. What would happen if there was a way to have robots carry out identical tasks instead of people? Chatbots make it simple to automate the entire procedure. The procedure would become simple and rapid.

Moreover, chatbots and AI complete any messaging app solutions. Formerly, you had to input your responses to the discussions, but now the chatbot does it for you. By doing this, you may grow your company and make sure that your customers are engaged and converted into paying customers.

Why Are Chatbots So Important for Businesses? 

A recent survey found that a staggering 71% of millennials between the ages of 18 and 34 are interested in using chatbots to purchase their everyday consumer products. In fact, millennials and the younger demographic are more at ease interacting with chatbots online and completing purchases.

Therefore, to remain relevant to their target audience, corporate brands are adopting clever Chatbots more and more. Because of this, chatbots won't go out of style any time soon.

Key Advantages of Chatbots for Digital Businesses: 

⦁            Enhanced User Experience (UX) 

Chatbots, particularly intelligent ones powered by clever AI and machine learning-based algorithms, are quick to comprehend client demands and respond to their inquiries. Chatbots significantly improve the user experience due to their promptness and specific attention to each user.

⦁            Easy Product and Content Search 

Chatbots powered by AI can simplify searches more than ever. The AI-powered bot will present the most relevant search results by taking into account user intent and user behavior after users just utter a voice command, type a search word or upload an image.

⦁            Personalized Experience 

Brands now have a better understanding of user intentions and preferences thanks to AI and machine learning. Based on user intent and behavior, an intelligent chatbot can make highly personalized product recommendations and make choices that usually suit the settings and needs of the user.

⦁            Improved Onboarding 

A lot of research shows that a consumer is very less likely to come back to an app after the first time. This specifically occurs as a result of the complex onboarding process. An intelligent chatbot can be particularly helpful in this regard by first engaging the user and clearly articulating the value offer. Users can be clearly guided by a chatbot through all app features without any chance of misunderstanding.

How to Use AI in Mobile App 

Artificial intelligence (AI) software that simulates natural communication is known as a chatbot. It can answer simple inquiries and give people tasks to complete.

A computer program that behaves more like a person can be thought of as AI. The bot gains knowledge of the regular questions and actions users submit to it. It can comprehend various linguistic styles and recognize the particular situation to provide more useful advice. Bot systems may be created to be accessible 365 days a year, around the clock.

  • AI in mobile apps can help users find their way around by providing step-by-step directions. 

Nowadays, almost every software on the market offers at least some kind of walk-through feature that demonstrates how to utilize the app's interface and execute specific tasks. These walk-through features can now be made far more user-friendly and beneficial with the advent of chatbot technology. Users can receive step-by-step instructions or be guided through an app to finish a task.

A Chabot can be created to guide users through the process of getting started, identifying features, and accomplishing tasks in the case of navigating an app.

A bot that can learn and improve over time at giving directions can likewise be made using machine learning. By learning from you, the bot can better understand your preferences and become even more helpful to you.

  • AI-based mobile apps help users find their way around by mapping out locations. 

A map is another feature you ought to think about including in your program. Users will value the functionality of being able to view a map's location and instructions to various locations.

You must incorporate map services like Google Maps or Apple Maps into your app to enable this capability. Make sure you are using the most recent app version for the best results.

It will be considerably simpler for users to go to the location they're looking for if they can see where the locations of the establishments they're attempting to find in the app. The backend of the app or an API can be used to add map-based navigation to the majority of apps.

  • AI-powered mobile apps help users find their way around by replacing voice calls. 

Voice calls are particularly prevalent in numerous nations around the world. They are particularly useful in countries that have poor data connectivity. For example, phone calls are not used by a large portion of the population and are not very common in countries like the United Kingdom and the United States. Nonetheless, there are some circumstances in which phone calls are the sole choice. 

For example, if a component of your app is only accessible in a particular area or if it allows users to make a voice call to others. That may be a practical solution to replace voice calls if consumers can make calls inside the app. Another user may also receive instructions from it. 

If your app, for instance, enables users to book meetings, you might use the bot to set up a meeting for a different user and then use the bot to get meeting instructions. 

  • How artificial intelligence in mobile app development help users find their way around by providing useful information. 

Making new features accessible to all users is the best approach to improving your app’s functionality. By doing this, you can prevent users from having to request updates and guarantee that they all have access to the capability. Making new features accessible to all users is the best approach to improving your app’s functionality. 

By doing this, you can prevent users from having to request updates and guarantee that they all have access to the capability. By including more data, you can further improve the use of your app. If your app serves as a learning aid, for instance, you might include content pertaining to the subject the user is studying. The app will become more practical as a result, and user engagement will rise as a result. 

Industries Where AI in Mobile Development is Mostly Used 

Here are some of the industries where AI in mobile apps is widely used: 

  • E-commerce and Customer Service 

E-commerce and customer service are the two most prevalent industries using chatbots and AI. Due to their accessibility to respond to user inquiries anywhere throughout the world. This tedious customer experience across phone lines or search tools for eCommerce websites will be replaced by Chatbots and AI. 

As an example, Ebay’s ShopBot has demonstrated the potential of Chatbots for assisting customers in finding the ideal product they desire by using a digital shopping assistant. 

Around 30% of global Ecommerce enterprises, according to, have implemented chatbots and AI into their websites.

  • Healthcare 

The healthcare sector is another that makes use of Chatbots and AI. Healthcare providers can more easily improve the performance of these bots via Chatbot analytics. 

Talking to a doctor these days might be challenging because of their busy schedules and expensive because of less serious illnesses. When your sickness is not significant, you won’t need to see a doctor as frequently with Chatbots. You can use Chatbots to diagnose your illness. 

10% of all US medical institutions, according to, are employing Chatbots to treat common disorders. 

  • News and Publishing 

News and publishing are other significant sector where chatbots and AI are in use. Personalization is crucial for media firms' success as well. This may be the best method for distributing the content to online viewers and readers because chatbots and AI will offer them more personalized services.

CNN just unveiled a brand-new mobile app with a chatbot built in. Also, they included a feature in Facebook Messenger that allows users to get daily news updates.

Use Cases of AI in Mobile App Development 

Enterprises have employed Chatbots to gain from client interactions over time to assure better user experience, increased productivity, and improved customer care. By engaging in ongoing conversations, Chatbots assist businesses in gaining deeper customer insights. 

They also increase customer engagement, retention, and business conversion through a seamless user experience, appropriate recommendations in a suitable context, and timely support at all times of need. 

Here, we’re going to highlight a few highly regarded uses of AI in mobile apps from several major international corporations across various industries: 

1. StubHub 

The Stubhub Chatbot is a business-driven user interface that actively assists customers in finding tickets to their favorite performances and events. The bot actually makes sure that users of this well-known software for purchasing event tickets never miss news and updates regarding the events and the availability of tickets. 

2. Bank of America 

Using the Bank’s mobile app, users can access Erica, the digital assistant of this well-known bank. Customers of Bank of America have the option of texting or calling Erica to chat. Building healthier spending habits for things like investments, savings, and other things is the goal of Erica. 

The bot provides consumers notifications about potential opportunities for profitable investments, ways to reduce loan costs, and other related financial issues.

3. eBay Shopbot 

Chatbots are becoming more and more common in the eCommerce sector; this clever eBay bot is a good example of this. Shopbot functions as a personal shopper, assisting clients with locating their favorite goods and greatest offers. In addition to text messages, you may speak with this bot and instruct it to look for things using an image you've submitted.

4. Whole Foods 

The Whole Food app, which is used to shop for food, has a chatbot that allows users to quickly browse the food goods of their choice. Customers may use the Facebook Messenger bot to locate their perfect dinner with only a few taps or chats. Consumers can also connect with the bot by using food-related emoticons to describe their desires. Customers can select a cuisine or recipes in addition to using emojis and text communications.

5. UCLA Medical Center 

Chatbots are more important in the context of medical and healthcare apps since intelligent bots can shorten the crucial waiting period for a patient looking for medical guidance and assistance. A virtual radiologist bot is now being developed by interventional radiologist specialists at the University of California (UCLA) that can assist patients and anyone looking for care by providing insightful answers to their concerns. 

With the help of an AI-based bot, doctors can easily receive patient data and similarly, patients can get their treatment plans. It has the ability to respond to queries based on 2,000 sample data points that an interventional radiologist would encounter.

6. NBC

Only a few weeks before the most recent US presidential election, NBC Politics BOT was introduced on Facebook Messenger. This bot was developed to propose pertinent information based on a range of audience demographics and represents the conversational interface of the NBC Politics program. 

The NBC bot will give highly tailored news results that are more likely to be in line with the individual user's desire after the first few first contacts with the user.


Your mobile app will undoubtedly become more high-quality thanks to chatbots and AI, especially with the assistance of intelligence obtained through AI. It's time for businesses to think intelligently and differently if they want to grow mobile app downloads and user engagement. You will have an advantage over your rivals and be able to increase conversions by integrating chatbots and AI in mobile app development.  

The creation of native Chatbots and AI has a variety of advantages. Analyze and automate your current business mobile apps with native chatbots and AI based on business requirements.

You should employ a mobile app development company if you don't have enough information about how to integrate chatbots and AI in your current mobile apps and want to get additional AI mobile app ideas

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