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Top 10 Best Mobile App Development Software Platforms for 2022!

Alekh Verma | February 7, 2023
mobile app development softwares

Whether it’s ordering your favorite food for a fun night or shopping for clothes sitting at home, there is always an ‘app’ developed to make it easy for you. Our modern Gen-Z and Millennial world revolve around all different kinds of apps with our mobile phones being an extension of our arms, thus, as long as you have a great idea for a mobile application, just the lack of app-building skills shouldn’t hold you back. 

All businesses from small to large require a medium to connect with their user and at the same time make day-to-day activities easier for everyone. Apps have the ability to automate and streamline a variety of operations in an organization which aids in achieving the predefined objectives and increases production. It not only decreases the possibility of human error but also helps in cutting down costs that a manual process might require. Although, creating an app using the traditional approach (which requires coding expertise) can be quite taxing for companies that do not have the budget, time, or resources to spare. This is where mobile app development software platforms come to your rescue.  

Modern Approach to Mobile App Development – No-Code vs. Low-Code 


A Low-code app development program is used in mobile app development software to produce a system that is simple and easy to use. This method helps people with low coding knowledge to create and deploy apps. Initially, the low-code development method came into existence to help developers streamline their work, but over time it has become a beast of its own. Now, the low-code method is used in software that allows developers to create apps faster. Low-code software comes with user-friendly interfaces and pre-built app templates that allow developers to scale their apps. It comes in various formats such as non-coding approaches, drag & drop methods, plug-in options, and meta-data driven, among others. 


No-code app development is a fairly new method and it caters to people with no coding knowledge. The application building software that uses the no-code method highly relies on well-designed user interfaces that help the non-programmer user to build an app with no coding at all.  

This method of development is faster than the other methods i.e. low-code & traditional methods. It is a suitable choice for businesses that need to build a simple app and deploy it quickly. Although the pre-built templates in this software are primitive and their architectures are limited, it still does the job. So, if you’re a business that does not have a developing team and just needs to build a simple app, then no code is the way to go. 

In this blog, we will be exploring the 10 best mobile app development software platforms available in the market to help you choose the software that best meets your needs.  


Quixy is a cloud-based no-code platform for small to large enterprises. It enables business owners (citizen developers) to automate workflows and construct an easy to complex application up to ten times faster than the traditional method. All this is achieved without writing a single line of code. Choose Quixy to make your business more productive, innovative, and transparent by eliminating the manual process and turning ideas into applications in no time.  


  • Offers a 14-day free trial for new users.
  • The platform plan costs $20/user/month billed annually. It starts with a minimum of 20 users and is suitable when the number of workflow/apps is high. 
  • Contact Quixy sales team for the solution plan. It is suitable when the number of users is high and the number of workflow/apps is low. 
  • Contact Quixy sales team for the enterprise plan. It is suitable for large organizations that are looking for enterprise features.  


  • Build your app interface the way you like it by dragging and dropping 40+ form fields such as e-signature, facial recognition widget, a rich text editor, and a QR code scanner, among others. 
  • It comes with ready-to-use webhooks, connectors, and API integrations to allow immaculate integration with third-party applications. 
  • Bring your app into action with a single click and make changes without hassle without any downtime. Provides the ability to use on any device or browser even in offline mode. 
  • It provides one with the ability to export live actionable reports and dashboards in multiple formats and schedule automated delivery of reports through multiple channels. 
  • Quixy is enterprise-ready with SOC2 type2 and IOS 27001 certification. It comes with features such as IP filtering, custom themes, on-premise deployment, SSO, white labeling, etc.  

Zoho Creator  

When it comes to app-building most software focus on customer-facing apps emphasizing online ordering, loyalty programs, or community building, among all these, Zoho Creator understood the need for apps that help automate day-to-day business operations. Zoho Creator is primarily a multi-platform, low-code app development software platform that helps create a new app or use a ready-made one for internal business use. This software specifically focuses on businesses looking to automate or simplify day-to-day functions such as logistics, event management, order management, sales management, recruitment tracking, etc. 

It comes with key features such as multi-language support, JavaScript, artificial intelligence, cloud functions, third-party integrations, offline mobile access, integration with a payment gateway, and many more.  

Zoho Creator is the go-to software solution for over 13,000 businesses with an excess of 7 million users around the world.  


  • Offers a 15-day free trial for new users. 
  • The professional plan costs Rs.1000/user/month billed annually. It includes 5 apps, 20 integration flows, 10 BI & Analytics, and a flexible user count. 
  • The ultimate plan costs Rs.16000/month billed annually. It includes unlimited apps, 100 integration flows, unlimited BI & analytics, and 10 users (Rs. 1000/additional user/month).  


  • Offers top-of-the-line security. 
  • Provides instant access to mobile apps.
  • Helps create and export insightful reports. 
  • Easy to use and creates more apps with considerably less effort. 
  • Provides access to 50+ prebuilt apps and built-in AI capabilities.  


AppyPie is your no-code solution for any app building, be it a customer-facing app or you require it for internal business use. It has a wide range of app builders, right from worship app makers to payment app builders. This software allows you to build your app in minutes without having to worry about lengthy and complex coding. It lets you drag and drop chatbots, websites, mobile apps, workflow automation, and live chat widgets into existence. It can also be used to create graphics such as banners, app icons, backgrounds, etc.  

Building an app using AppyPie requires little to no effort from the user. All you are required to do is pick a name, choose a color scheme for your app, make relevant customizations, and drag-and-drop features as per your choice, and that’s it.  


  • Use the app builder on the free plan for non-commercial or personal use. 
  • The basic plan costs Rs.999/app/month. 
  • The gold plan costs Rs.1499/app/month. 
  • The platinum plan costs Rs.1999/app/month. 


  • The basic plan provides features such as android platform support, unlimited bandwidth & hosting, unlimited app editing, 500 app downloads/month, no ads, email customer support, 5000/month push notifications, and more. 
  • The gold plan provides features such as android platform support, unlimited bandwidth & hosting, unlimited app editing, 10000/month push notifications, 1000 app downloads/month, no ads, email & chat customer support, and a wide assortment of premium features.
  • The platinum plan provides features such as android & iOS platform support, unlimited bandwidth & hosting, unlimited app editing, 25000/month push notifications, 2000 app downloads/month, no ads, email, chat & call customer support, and a wide assortment of premium features. 


Appsheet is a no-code development platform that helps to develop and deploy multi-platform supported apps. It creates apps just using your data and requires no coding from the user’s end. To create an app using AppSheet, all you have to do is connect your cloud data to the platform, customize your app as per your needs, and simply deploy the app. Furthermore, it is easy to add features such as image capture, code scanning, GPS & maps, signature capture, email notifications, charts, and more.  

AppSheet is a good choice for you if you need a data-driven app for fields such as finance, sales, inspections, inventory management, field service, operations, or need an app for customer management or project management.  


  • The starter pack costs around $5USD/user/month. 
  • The core pack costs around $10USD/user/month. 
  • For enterprise standard pack contact AppSheet sales department. 
  • For enterprise plus pack contact AppSheet sales department. 


  • All four AppSheet packs provide basic app and automation features such as- 
  • Add localization, color themes, and branding.
  • Publish apps with charts, maps, galleries, tables, and dashboards. 
  • Capture rich data using locations, signatures, forms, and photos. 
  • Automate SMS, email, and push notifications. 
  • Google workplace connectors (Forms, Drive, Sheets, Docs, Calendar).
  • All four AppSheet packs have standard authentication providers i.e Google, Microsoft,, Dropbox, and Box. 
  • The core, enterprise standard, and enterprise plus pack provide advanced app and automation features such as- 
  • Automate webhooks and data changes from app events or on a schedule. 
  • NFC and barcode scanning. 
  • Natural language smart assistant. 
  • Enterprise standard and enterprise premium packs provide features such as machine learning, advanced data, advanced authentication, advanced user & data management, and team collaboration.  

Bizness Apps  

Bizness Apps is a software built to help small businesses achieve big. It creates mobile app solutions suitable for local businesses and helps them build loyal customer support. Bizness Apps is a drag-and-drop app builder and requires no programming knowledge. 

Bizness Apps specifically focuses on marketing and training for native or small businesses. It provides premium ad-on such as multiple language support, group management, signature, and a private app store. 

So, if you have an idea and want to make it big then Bizness Apps is the way to go. 


  • The standard package costs $300/month. It includes features such as a reseller dashboard, app onboarding, app analytics, 24/7 email support, and quarterly virtual user conference. 
  • The gold package costs $360/month. It includes all features of the standard package and additionally provides phone support, location-based push notes, signature, and white label marketing material.
  • The platinum package costs $400/month. It includes all features of the standard and gold package and additionally provides customer data & ROI, reviews, app design services- 3/year, website design services- 1/year, free iOS submissions, and a partner success program.  


  • It provides a white-label app builder, 20 app credits, unlimited PWAs, and reseller onboarding training. 
  • Provides access to a Google font library where you can select a font from over 800 fonts.
  • Provides a set of 1000 icons and has a ready template suitable for different industries. is suitable for medium and large businesses. It is a robust and all-inclusive low-code app builder that is designed to expedite innovation across platforms. It helps software engineers and business users with little coding knowledge to create full-featured, high-performance mobile, web, and progressive web applications (PWAs). This software enables the developer to design, develop, and launch apps without a struggle by integrating back-end services and front-end tools in a single platform. has an in-built intuitive app builder that creates code in various frameworks and languages like JavaScript, Apache, jQuery Mobile, HTML5, and Bootstrap.  


  • The beginners' plan costs $25/month, paid on a monthly basis. It provides 1 developer seat, 2 apps, and 50K Platform API calls/month. 
  • The Pro plan costs $70/month-paid annually or $99/month-paid monthly. It provides 1 developer seat, 3 apps, 1 million platform API calls/month, and a team management feature.
  • The Team plan costs $135/month-paid annually or $200/month-paid monthly. It provides 6 developer seats, 7 apps, 2 million platform API calls/month, and a team management feature. 
  • The Ultimate plan costs $500/month-paid annually or $600/month-paid monthly. It provides 10 developer seats, 12 apps, 2.5 million platform API calls/month, 5 hours/month support services, and a team management feature.  


  • It provides an intuitive drag-and-drop UI builder that enables the user to create visually stunning apps that meet the design guidelines of the Google Play and App Store. 
  • It has features such as a file management system, database, and push notifications. 
  • Multiple plug-ins such as email, file uploader, SMS, security, payments, image resizing tool, social SDKs, etc.  


With iBuildApp it has become easier than ever to create an app in minutes. It is suitable for small & medium businesses. iBuildApp software uses the no-code method to create apps thus the user does not need to have any coding knowledge to create an app Everything that you need to make a full-featured, high-performance app is available at iBuildApp. It has 1000+ templates, 24/5 support, and powerful features to help you create an app for your business.  


  • The company plan costs $395/month which includes 5+ apps, app content security, backup and restores facilities, and admin user management. 
  • The business plan costs $99/month billed annually which includes 1 iPhone/Android app, app analytics, push notifications, and in-app purchases. 
  • The corporate plan is a 1 app setup that costs $7500/year.  


  • It has no limit on the number of customers that can use your developed application. 
  • Allows you to sell products through your app 24/7. 
  • Provides push notifications to reach customers anytime. 
  • Provides advanced analytics that helps track your app’s success. 
  • Coupons and loyalty cards to get repeat customers. 


Shoutem is a no-code app-building software that helps you create high-end mobile apps in a fun drag-and-drop way. Shoutem is built based on react native technology and is suitable for small to large businesses. It provides a complete environment and tools for you to create a fully functional, high-end app.  

With this platform you do not have to worry about the drudge-work, you can focus all your energy and focus on innovating the core of your application. It gives the freedom to customize or create new functionality and provides hundreds of modifiable layouts, CMS & integrations for you to pick and choose.  


  • The builder plan of Shoutem has three sub-plans to choose from: 
  • Android plan costs $59/month, billed annually.
  • The standard plan costs $99/month, billed annually. 
  • The professional plan costs $189/,month, billed annually. 
  • The Shoutem Pro has four package options to choose from: 
  • The essential package costs $1,499 and provides limited help with design, content, and expert assistance.
  • The premium package costs $2,499 and provides full benefits like design, content, and expert assistance. 
  • Contact the sales team to get a quote for a custom app development package that provides full benefits like design, engineering, expert assistance, and customization. 
  • The growth package starts at $699 and provides app strategy for accelerated growth, app launch strategy, measuring an app’s performance, and app store optimization (ASO). 
  • The reseller plan starts at $479/month, billed annually. It provides white-label app builder solutions. 


  • It supports multiple content sources. 
  • Helps in optimizing the app and monitoring user behavior. 
  • Can be integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Drupal, Ning, and WordPress.  


Jira is a tool for agile teams that helps everyone in your software team to plan, track and deploy high-end software. Jira provides mobile apps that help in project management and can be used for creating user stories, distributing tasks across teams, sprint planning, discussing & prioritizing teamwork, and releasing the software. Jira mobile apps help in improving your team’s performance by creating real-time visual reports. It is suitable for small, medium, and large businesses.  


  • Jira has a plan that is always free for 10 users. It provides 1 site limit, basic roadmaps & dependency management, and 2 GB file support. 
  • The standard plan costs $7.50/per user(average) and $75/month. It provides a 20,000-user limit/per site, basic roadmaps & dependency management, 250 GB of file storage, and support during local business hours. 
  • The premium plans costs $14.50/per user(average) and $145/month. It provides a 20,000-user limit/per site, advanced roadmaps & dependency management, unlimited file storage, 24/7 premium support, and 99.9% guaranteed uptime SLA. 
  • Contact sales for enterprise pack costing. It provides a 20,000-user limit/per site, advanced roadmaps & dependency management, unlimited file storage, 24/7 enterprise support, 99.95% guaranteed uptime SLA, and centralized per-user licensing.  


  • Provides a powerful agile board like scrum that helps in breaking complex and large projects into achievable pieces of work. 
  • The kanban agile board helps increase efficiency as a team. 
  • Provides roadmaps that help in decision-making and achieving bigger goals. 
  • Provides critical insight and out-of-the-box reports.  


AppInstitute’s Whitelabel AppBuilder platform helps build a mobile app in minutes without writing a single line of code. It follows the no-code approach, therefore it’s suitable for small businesses that do not have the resources, time, and money to build an app from scratch. You can build your app with four easy steps- pick a template, brand your app, edit content, and publish the app. AppInstitute uses the drag-and-drop method which makes it extremely easy to use.  

AppInstitute helps create apps for several industries like coffee shops, beauty salons, sports & fitness, radio stations, etc.  


  • The business lite plan costs $59/month, billed annually. It provides PWA, iPhone iOS, and Android apps along with push notifications. 
  • The business extra plan costs %92/month, billed annually. It provides apps for PWA, Android, iOS iPhone, and iPad, along with enhanced push notifications and customer management tools. 
  • The business unlimited plan costs $118/month, billed annually. It provides unlimited usage, all app platforms, enhanced push notifications, and customer management tools. 
  • The reseller plan starts from $340/month and is billed quarterly.  


  • Gives full brand control and ensures brand consistency by pulling photos, color schemes, logos, information, etc. from Facebook and the website thus minimizing the chances of manual error. 
  • Provides advanced calendar & booking system. 
  • Ensures a rich media presence by adding new content regularly.
  • The drag-and-drop builder helps in adding, removing, or editing the app’s features without any hassle. 
  • Advanced push notifications & messaging system.  


In today’s world with cutthroat competition, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out. Each brand in the market is doing the same thing, and it’s your idea that sets you apart. All you have to do to create an app that astonishes the world is have the idea that sets you apart from the crowd and leave the rest to a suitable app development software platform to achieve.   

Thus, choose any of the aforementioned software platforms to help your idea to fruition. Remember, the task of any software platform is to create an app that meets the need of your business and do it with ease. 

Alekh Verma

CEO and Founder at eSearch Logix Technologies!

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