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Top 21 WordPress Plugins for Scheduling Appointments

Alekh Verma | February 7, 2023
WordPress Plugins

Having a website for your business has become a necessity now. What’s more important is to actually generate leads through that website. A fantastic strategy to do this is to have a top-notch website. However, attracting people to your website does not guarantee that they will become leads or customers. By giving website visitors a simple option to schedule appointments to use your services or get in touch with your sales team to learn more about them, you may improve your chances.

The best appointment scheduling software can assist your business in producing leads, income, and customer loyalty as efficiently as possible by streamlining appointment creation on both the front end and back end of your website. If WordPress runs your website, you're in luck. There are WordPress plugins you can use to streamline your appointment scheduling procedure so that it pleases both your internal team and your prospective and current clients.

The best WordPress plugins for building the optimal booking system for your company will be covered in this article. Let's go over the features you should consider while comparing various appointment plugins for your business before we get started.

Characteristics of a Good WordPress Appointment Plugin

To suit your business needs, you might want to modify your appointment booking form. There are a few typical features, nonetheless, that you want to search for in any WordPress booking form plugin.

  • The WordPress appointment plugin you’re choosing should have a mobile-friendly interface for customers who wish to book an appointment using their mobile devices.
  • Appointment-related payment acceptance and a technique to do away with payment processing.
  • A movable calendar you can position wherever you want on your website. Integrations with popular calendaring applications include iCal, Outlook, and Google Calendar.
  • An appointment scheduling tool that you can customize where you can track your availability or the availability of your staff
  • Tools for lead generation to gather client data and build a database for upcoming communications and lead generation.
  • A backend appointment management feature on your WordPress website that is searchable and filterable.
  • Users and administrators will both receive email reminders and confirmations.
  • The capacity to alter your calendar, for as by leaving space between appointments and removing holidays.
  • Numerous service providers or agents are supported. This feature will enable each of your employees to have a calendar and profile, just like numerous doctors working in the same area or personal trainers in a fitness center.

Best WordPress Appointment Plugins

Every top WordPress appointment scheduling plugin has been examined, tested, and dissected by our team. We will go over the best qualities of each one and examine the distinctions that might influence your decision.

1.  Booking Calendar

With Booking Calendar, users of your website can check the calendar's availability, make appointments for particular days and hours, or look up properties and services that are available at particular times and dates. Once you turn on and set up integrations with well-known payment gateways, they may also pay for their reservations online.

Numerous people utilize the Booking Calendar. The Booking Calendar has you covered in every manner, whether you're running a large hotel with hundreds of rooms, need to build a multi-user site for lodging owners, or you're a lone proprietor that needs to automate reservations for your lodging or service. Anyone who needs to reserve a service or lodging should use it.

In the admin dashboard, scheduling appointments is simple. Site administrators have the option to manually accept or reject appointments through Booking Calendar, set up email alerts for new appointments, and filter and organize bookings according to various criteria.


  • Front-End Design That Is Flexible- Calendar and booking form styles are entirely responsive and look excellent on all devices.
  • Powerful and Simple Admin Panel- A lovely and welcoming admin interface allows you to view and manage reservations.
  • Customizable Calendar and Form- To better match the look of your website, customize the structure and fields of the booking form and select from a variety of stylish calendar skins.
  • In-depth Day Selection- Set the minimum and maximum number of days, as well as single and multiple options. supports half-day reservations.
  • Edit Existing Bookings- It allows the administrator or visitor who made the booking to edit existing bookings.


  • The cost of single site edited versions (personal) is $47.40
  • Developer edited versions (personal) costs $71.40
  • Multi-site edited versions (personal) costs $89.40

2. Hotel Booking Lite

A free and capable WordPress booking plugin for hotel and vacation rental owners is called Hotel Booking Lite. With the help of this plugin, you are able to list an unlimited number of accommodations and services, create thorough property listings complete with photos, descriptions of amenities, and lodging specifics, accept online reservations, and sync all bookings across various online travel sites such as Airbnb and TripAdvisor.

With the help of this WP hotel booking reservation plugin, you can build both a basic vacation rental listing and a robust rental property booking website with a variety of online and offline payments, automatic inventory control, tax and fee information, adjustable pricing rates, unique policies, and more.

In order to help visitors, locate a home that suits their needs in a matter of clicks, you can also construct a specialized search form with custom fields like location, lodging kinds, price range, and the number of guests.


  • It may easily be optimized for just one property and manage any number of properties (for example, any number of hotel rooms or dorm beds) (a villa, an apartment, etc.).
  • Structured property information includes a description, a photo gallery, amenities, services, a view, bed types, the maximum number of occupants, the size of the property, and more.
  • The system can offer the best group of hotels based on the number of guests thanks to a clever search algorithm.
  • You may control who has access to the Hotel Booking plugin. For instance, you could allow some users to only view reservations while granting other users access to more activities including payments, clients, and other things.


  • Free, but Pro is available for $89.

3. WP Simple Booking Calendar

Visitors can use the WP Simple Booking Calendar to check date availability without texting or calling the company owner. This plugin is for you if you own a vacation rental, hotel, tour operator, or vehicle rental business and need a flexible calendar plugin so that consumers may schedule your services. Without messaging or calling the business owner, customers may verify date availability with the WP Simple Booking Calendar. If you run a vacation rental, hotel, tour operator, or car rental company and require a versatile calendar plugin so that customers may plan your services, this plugin is for you.

This plugin's premium edition enables you to add an infinite number of calendars to your website. It includes a bulk calendar that enables quick editing of numerous dates. The first day of the week can be changed, and the current day can be highlighted.


  • Lightweight & easy to use- Regardless of the nature of your organization, you'll appreciate the welcoming user interface and straightforward installation. You can rapidly set up the plugin because it is incredibly user-friendly and fully customizable, then continue to concentrate on expanding your business.
  • Sync your calendar's availability with Google Calendar, Airbnb, and any other website that can import iCal feeds.
  • You can edit multiple dates with just one click. You'll avoid millions of mouse clicks by using this function. Click the button, choose a date range and the status you want to apply for.
  • Translate your own text, symbols, and colors into any language. Even divided colors are OK. For each calendar, you can make a unique legend.


  • The personal plan costs $39
  • The Business Plan costs $69
  • The developer plan costs $139

4. Online Booking & Scheduling Calendar for WordPress

The free scheduling tool Online Booking & Scheduling Calendar for WordPress by vCita enables companies of any size to accept online reservations and payments around-the-clock and manage their team, clients, and calendar from a single dashboard. Visitors to your website can schedule private consultations, group meetings, and classes with vCita (whether in person or over Zoom). They can also use PayPal, Square, or Stripe to securely make payments online.

The extensive feature set of vCita includes mobile notifications for customer requests and an automatic reminder system for customers. The vCita WordPress form builder plugin goes beyond the standard contact form by providing additional features like text (SMS) notifications for new form submissions, an optional archive for contacts and client communications, and much more.

The coordination of scheduling and rescheduling is made simpler by vCita Online Scheduling Software, which will immediately give you and your clients a confirmation email and text message reminders after the booking is complete.


  • It is a business calendar that can be utilized by both you and your staff.
  • It provides unlimited service list and bookings
  • Services that can be modified and are categorized
  • Flexible business hours & reservation preferences
  • Get timely email notifications, reminders, text notifications, follow-ups, and more.


  • Free, but you can pay $29 per month to upgrade to a premium plan.

5. Easy Appointments

Easy Appointments make scheduling meetings and appointments simple, as the name implies. It is a very adaptable and user-friendly WordPress appointment plugin. You may integrate reservation booking on your WordPress website using this plugin. It allows you to effortlessly manage reservations for numerous locations, services, employees, and time zones. It also has a customizable email notification option.

You can send clients booking confirmation and cancellation notifications via this email notification option. This plugin offers sync with WooCommerce, Google Calendar, and iCalendar and can handle many languages. PayPal customers can also effortlessly make payments online. It supports custom form fields and has a responsive layout.

By including a short code on any page or post, you can add the form quickly and easily. With the help of this plugin, you can quickly manage all the settings for your booking account. If you're running a small consulting firm and want to manage bookings without any hassle, Easy Appointments is a worthwhile plugin.


  • The plugin's extensive customization features let you make your own calendar.
  • Additionally, you may add prices and labels, localize the date picker, display the data in a 1-2 column style, and do other things.
  • The internationalization tool allows you to create your own translations such as German, Romanian, Polish, Finnish, Portuguese, and more.
  • It features an extremely flexible timetable that allows you to create calendars for multiple locations, services, and workers.


  • The Starter plan costs $39/for one year of updates
  • The pro plan costs $59/for two years of updates

6. Appointment Booking Calendar

For organizations with more specialized appointment booking requirements, the Appointment Booking Calendar is a great option. It is a totally free tool that may be used by any kind of company. The first feature that sets Appointment Booking Calendar apart is that it offers a free PayPal connection, making it one of the few appointment scheduling plugins for WordPress. There is a premium version available, but only if you want the option to get rid of PayPal's link and extra features like coupons. The fee-based edition is $49.99.

This plugin stands out since it focuses on showing a limited number of time slots rather than a full calendar of options. A calendar is still visible on your website, but one of the key features is the ability to mark the days that are unavailable to highlight the hours that are most convenient for your staff.

For a free plugin, this one has tremendous features. This plugin offers features including bookable time slots, email notifications, printable booking lists, customization, and more. You can also include bookable time slots, select how many times a user can book, and export to Google Drive.


  • It offers a multi-page calendar which allows you to set it up to show multiple months at once.
  • Following the completion of the booking payment, a notification email is sent to one or more of the supplied email addresses. After the user completes the booking payment, a confirmation email with the appointment information is delivered to them.


  • Free, but extra features are charged for

7. Amelia

Amelia is a simple yet complete WordPress booking plugin. It was developed with the most recent technological stack, cutting-edge design, and user experience methodologies. Many built-in features of this plugin are uncommon in other booking plugins. You are able to schedule appointments at various business locations. For instance, if you manage many spas, it enables customers to make reservations at any of your locations through a single website. It's quite simple to install and utilize this plugin. You may activate this plugin and use it with only a few clicks.

You can create your own appointment booking forms using this plugin. It has a wide range of features, including support for numerous employees, service add-ons, local currencies, coupons, infinite design color and font variations, email notifications, image galleries, and much more. This plugin's ultimate function will be to manage all the appointments, payments, client requests, schedule adjustments, and other information associated with the Amelia WordPress plugin.


  • It offers native integration for Zoom. You may link your Zoom account with Amelia in a few simple steps. Customers can now schedule appointments and events online, and they will receive a message with a link to view them. You will have a ton of time to spare and fewer no-shows thanks to the integration.
  • Schedule recurring appointments—by enabling recurring appointments for your clients, you can ensure that they will become loyal patrons. Select the frequency of your appointment: daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Keep your clients happy on a regular basis.
  • For booking forms, it offers customized fields. Create the booking form to best represent your company; set up the custom fields (such as checkboxes, text fields, etc.) to collect any additional data you see required from your clients.


  • Get a premium Amelia subscription for $59.

8. Bookly PRO

A highly automated solution for planned bookings is called Bookly Pro. This plugin can be used on any device and is completely customizable. Actually, Bookly offers two solutions, both free and premium. The restrictions of free bookly can be lifted with the pro version. It is one of the most responsive plugins, and users are drawn to its attractive user interface. can be utilized for internal office purposes and enables you to manage an endless number of employees for various schedules. You may use this plugin to color each form, making your website more appealing and colorful.

It has an integrated form builder that allows you to design various forms and add custom fields as needed for your website. Once the appointment is scheduled, you can receive an email or SMS notification so that you can plan your day accordingly. You can easily cancel the appointment if you like by using the confirmation notification that was given to you.

This plugin can be synced with WooCommerce and Google Calendar. Additionally, it provides you with the choice to pay online through, Stripe, and PayPal. This plugin supports a wide range of languages—nearly 12 in all.


  • Numerous workers or service providers can be added to the appointment schedule. This enables your workers to set their own prices and show times based on their own schedules.
  • It has the ability to integrate Google Calendar, which enables multiple calendars from each of your employees.
  • Not only can you send out automated emails, but you can also send SMS messages because the plugin has an SMS system.
  • You can add an unlimited number of services to your appointment page using the WordPress booking plugin. For easier organization, you can even classify them.


  • The regular license costs $89
  • The extended license costs $990

9. Start Booking

Start Booking is a comprehensive and totally editable plugin that makes it simple to include a scheduling tool on your WordPress website. It is completely lightweight and operates quickly. There are several reasons for you to download the plugin now and begin scheduling your appointments. Unlike other plugins, Start Booking makes sure the responsibility of handling your WordPress admin’s company reservations doesn’t fall on your shoulders. Moreover, it provides a great user experience and seamlessly integrates with WordPress.

Additionally, the excellent user interface of Start Booking contributes to improving the user experience. The Start Booking plugin allows you to manage clients, services, and reservations. The plugin has been carefully created to improve lead conversion.

The Start Booking plugin is unquestionably a recommended plugin due to its speed and optimization powerhouse performance. You have unlimited freedom to personalize whatever you want because it is completely customizable.


  • Online Booking- Allow your customers to book appointments, enroll in programs, and modify their bookings straight on your website without ever needing to speak with a human.
  • Scheduling & Appointments- Let your clever calendar keep track of everything for you so you don't have to worry about tying knots on your finger or scrawling down appointment information while you're on the phone.
  • Group bookings for classes- With Start Booking's robust online calendar, you can make reservations for both one-on-one appointments and group classes and events, enabling your customers to do so directly from your website.
  • Customer relationship management- You can use Start Booking to keep track of customer information so you can better service them and entice them to return.


  • The Basic plan costs $25/month. It is perfect for managing a single calendar.
  • The business plan costs $75/month. It is suitable for teams & growing businesses.

10. PinPoint Booking System

PinPoint is a versatile plugin for scheduling appointments that can vary between different currencies, time zones, users, and languages. Additionally, you can embed it in any widget area of your website and modify the way it looks using the CSS Editor. The number of calendars you can control is up to you. You can also show your availability and specify locations at your events. Additionally, you may integrate with Airbnb, GCal, iCal, and PayPal. You can integrate with additional payment portals like Stripe if you utilize the WooCommerce add-on.

You may rent out accommodations, schedule services, reserve events, and receive online reservations and appointments of any kind with your WordPress site with the Pinpoint Booking System WordPress Plugin. Your customers will be astounded by how simple, quick, and clear it is to place a booking request and check availability in one incredible and distinctive AJAX calendar.

A number of enhancements are available for the Pinpoint booking calendar that can greatly increase its adaptability and improve the booking experience for your customers. These features are useful when you want to provide your customers with more opportunities to benefit from your business or when you need more information from them.


  • Customers can monitor availability and schedule appointments and bookings using a booking calendar that is visible on the front end of the website.
  • The booking calendar has a sidebar where customers can look up availability, choose how many rooms or other items they want, add extras and services, use coupons or vouchers, view a summary of their reservation with discounts and taxes and fees, and fill out a customizable form with their information.
  • Days with the following statuses are shown in the booking calendar: None, Available, Booked, Special, Unavailable.


  • PinPoint Booking System costs $70

11. BirchPress Scheduler

Birchpress is a popular plugin for managing online reservations. It is mostly for service-based companies like hair salons, spas, and photographers. You may insert the appointment form right into a website page or post it with this booking plugin. ln order for clients to view all of the services, plan their schedules, and book appointments without any conflicts.

This plugin includes a form editor that enables you to design unique forms that meet your requirements. This plugin is well-written and easy to use. It offers further features like support for several currencies, customer administration, support for multiple employees and services, the ability to allocate people to the chosen locations and services, etc. It accepts money from customers using an internet payment system like PayPal.

Your booking calendar is synced with other calendars using this plugin, such iCal, Outlook, Android, Google Calendar, etc. has a notification feature and a reminder system so that both you and the customers may be informed about impending bookings. Birchpress supports several different languages and is multilingual.


  • A shortcode can be used to insert a booking form into a page or post. Visitors to your website will be able to check availability, make bookings, or schedule appointments immediately online.
  • Email notifications that are sent when an appointment is made, changed, or canceled can be easily configured. Send individualized, cordial emails to remind recipients of forthcoming appointments.
  • Use the built-in form editor to quickly create and build your booking form. Pick and choose from a variety of categories to suit your business's needs.


  • The professional plan costs $99/1 site
  • The business plan costs $199/1 site
  • The Business+ plan costs $249/1 site

12. Team Booking

Another top-notch WordPress plugin for booking systems is Team Booking. Team Booking offers more extensive connectivity with Google Calendar and Google Maps than other booking plugins. The Team Booking plugin stands out thanks to its unique and flexible design. Using a short code, you can easily add features to your booking system. For scheduling services, appointments, rooms, events, and other things, it provides a complete solution.

You can adjust general reservations, calendar style, a confirmation email, and many other things using the customization feature. This plugin's use is really simple because it supports a variety of shortcodes. The language and time zone can easily be changed to reflect your local time.

The Team Booking plugin also has other features like email notifications, payments, promotions, and WPML support. Additionally, you can download reservation databases such as CSV or XLSX files and export those databases.


  • Deep Google Calendar Integration- Create availability schedules using Google Calendar, events in the calendar become open timeslots that can be reserved, and the associated Google Calendar event will be updated after booking.
  • Many providers may be able to provide your services. Each provider creates a schedule for its own availability.
  • Team Booking offers out-of-the-box support for PayPal and Stripe (with iDeal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay) in case you want to take online payments for your services.
  • Create marketing campaigns and coupons for your products and services using a variety of criteria, like a time frame, a certain day, and more.
  • After making a reservation, integrate Zoom to automatically create online meetings. Start meetings from the backend and email your clients the meeting access information.


  • The regular license costs $29
  • The extended license costs $139

13. Booked

A convenient and totally adjustable appointment booking plugin for your website is called Booked. Customers may effortlessly make an appointment thanks to it. Even without registering, visitors can make an appointment with this plugin. It provides you with a flexible and personalized registration login form.

When reserving visitors, all that is needed is a name and email address. You may build several calendars, and time slots, accept paid reservations using WooCommerce integration, and add custom fields with these plugins, among other things. Here, Google Calendar is used for all reservations and bookings, and it gets updated automatically. This plugin's standout feature is its ability to download the entire database as a CVS file.

As soon as the appointment is made, an email notification is sent. This plugin lets you customize the forms' color so that they appear good on your website. It offers widgets selection and a front-end short code that shows the appointment booking window times. In order to prevent appointments that are made too close together, the booked plugin contains a function that enables appointment buffering. It also has an easy way to block out specific periods, such as holidays, when bookings cannot be made.


  • They provide outstanding customer service, and if you have any problems, you can create a ticket and the support staff will get in touch with you within six hours.
  • Up to 6 months of free support are offered. Overall, this kind of appointment plugin is excellent and adaptable enough to satisfy all of your needs.
  • For the duration of the plugin, updates are included with your purchase. This implies that whether the plugin is updated in two years or a week from now, you will always receive it for free.


  • The regular license costs $49

14. HBook

You can quickly implement online reservations for your WordPress website with HBook. The businesses that this plugin is most suited for are hotels, vacation rentals, campgrounds, bed and breakfasts, etc. To keep your bookings current across all the platforms you use, this plugin can integrate and sync with third-party services like Airbnb and HomeAway, as well as Google Calendar and iCal.

Additionally, it is simple to export your reservations in CSV format for viewing and modifying in programs like Google Sheets or Excel. With the help of this plugin, you can determine the price based on the number of guests included in a reservation, establish rates for different seasons, offer discounts, and much more.

Share the table rates with them and let a lovely booking form help them seal the sale. This plugin comes with excellent documentation and support. There is no need to worry about it being out of current because it is frequently updated. The support staff for these plugins is available around-the-clock, so you may contact them whenever you have a problem. Enhance the online appearance of your hotel, hostel, motel, or any other business in the sector.


  • Integrate HBook shortcodes or blocks into your own theme pages to keep your website's aesthetic cohesive.
  • You can activate various payment options (deposit or full amount) and methods, including online (using a credit card or PayPal) and offline (using cash) (bank transfer, on arrival)
  • Drag-and-drop form builder allows you to customize the booking form and select the consumer information you wish to collect.
  • Utilize the actions of confirming, canceling, and deleting to manage your reservations. Send your visitors timely emails and bills.


  • The HBook plugin costs $65
  • The HBook payment gateways cost $39

15. Booki

You make and manage appointments on your WordPress website with the help of this famous plugin called Booki. Both appointments are reservation-based bookings and are supported by this plugin. Booki offers a shopping cart, discounts via coupons with MailChimp integration, and connectivity for PayPal for purchases and refunds. Customers can reserve a massage, a haircut, a meeting, parking, and many other services by making an appointment. It has an infinite number of service providers and booking projects. Choose a calendar mode from Popup, Inline, Range, Next Day Checkout, or Events to manage how your calendar behaves.

When a booking is confirmed or canceled, consumers will receive an email message. Online payments can be made by customers without any issues. Enable PayPal Express and book now, pay later payments simultaneously. It has an infinite number of options, including checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown menus, and cascading lists.


  • For scheduling appointments, you can set a reminder, and the reservations are noted in the back end.
  • Will have limitless Google Calendar profiles and be able to display a list of attendees.
  • Allows you to set a minimum notice requirement and discourages early reservations, giving you time to make arrangements.


  • It is free of cost. A subscription is available at an additional cost.

16. Webba

Taking reservations for all kinds of appointments and arrangements is possible with Webba booking. This plugin is a strong system with all the features. This plugin is primarily made for service providers and aids in time optimization while enhancing customer comfort.

With Webba, there are many more functions available, and both service providers and customers enjoy using it. This plugin offers two-way real-time synchronization with Google Calendar. Create reservations quickly and easily and allow customers to make bookings on any device using a very basic booking process.

With the help of this plugin, you may adjust the booking system's appearance and functionality to meet your needs. Additionally, you can add custom data and make as many schedules and designs as you need. To keep your consumers interested, you can send email notifications and other communications. Customers can pay you online using PayPal and Stripe, which gives you a variety of alternatives for managing and collecting payments. Webba Booking has all the necessary notifications. It takes care of informing the administrator and customer about each booking.


  • It offers a full customization appearance with 80+ options for altering appearance, 79 Design presets edited front-end texts, a completely adaptable plugin, and more.
  • Email and SMS notifications and reminders that are fully customizable.
  • offers Secure online payment with PayPal (all currencies supported), Stripe, or one of WooCommerce's more than 100 payment gateways.
  • Straightforward but feature-rich backend management.


  • The annual plan costs $89 for 1 website, $199 for 3 websites, and $289 for 5 websites. (Yearly)
  • The lifetime plan costs $259 for 1 website, $579 for 3 websites, and $839 for 5 websites. (one-time payment)

17. WooCommerce Appointments

WooCommerce Booking and Appointments can be the perfect appointment plugin for you, regardless of what kind of business you run. Your website can have booking forms set up thanks to this adaptable and simple plugin. Your customers are able to view the rate alternatives while booking thanks to the dynamic total booking cost computation. Name your price, file attachments, variable pricing, WPML compliance, and support for various languages are further features.

The user interface is easy enough for beginners to use, but it still provides the flexibility a skilled coder would need. Another intriguing feature is that you can sync your Google Calendar from your WordPress website, making the process two-way.

With this plugin, you can choose between an email notification and a cancellation. Your clients may easily add or remove appointments because the plugin has a built-in Google Calendar Sync. The fact that this plugin enables you to accept duration-based appointments is by far its best feature. Customers thus have the option of selecting either a one-day appointment or a multiple-day appointment.


  • Offers to book availability features such as limiting last-minute reservations from customers, setting a deadline for customers to make reservations before a booking begins, permitting clients to make reservations during a booking window period, only allowing bookings to begin on specific days of the week, create as many unavailable weekdays as you like.
  • The WooCommerce Product Add-Ons plugin is compatible with Using the Product Add-ons, design your Bookings form with Unlimited Fields to go with the Bookings calendar now.
  • Set a time limit for when cancellations can be accepted before the booking begins- to allow for booking cancellations.


  • The license type costs $99 for a single site, $149 for 5 sites, and $259 for 25 sites.

18. WP Travel Engine

One of the most famous WordPress scheduling and appointment plugins is the trip booking plugin WP Travel Engine. With the help of this plugin, travel agencies and tour operators can effortlessly manage their website's booking functionality. The WP Travel Engine Plugin's best feature is that it enables you to make an endless number of travel packages and include information like the cost, itinerary, description, and many other things. You may quickly and efficiently book using the smart booking system.

This plugin is made much more appealing by additional features like email notifications, contact forms, and support for multiple pages. The sophisticated customization feature enhances the plugin even further.

Additionally, the plugin is ready for translation and supports several currencies for payment. The plugin can therefore be used on any website, anywhere on the globe. You can always use thorough documentation and support if you ever run into issues.


  • Create as many itineraries as you want, include as many locations and pricing as you like, and collect money from visitors all through your website.
  • Take comfort in knowing that your website was constructed using SEO best practices.
  • The progress bar shows how far along a visitor is in the tour booking process. The Progress Bar is useful in raising conversation rates, in some cases by more than 20%, according to numerous studies and testing. WP Travel Engine has a progress bar to help you achieve the most reservations possible.
  • WP Travel Engine has sophisticated search capabilities that enable users to rapidly find tours that suit their needs.


  • The development company package costs $299.50/year.
  • The travel agency package costs $199.50/per year
  • The personal package costs $99.50/per year

19. Booknetic

If you wish to manage your booking calendars and appointments for your expanding business, Booknetic is a great choice. It is a flexible, stylish, and contemporary plugin that is appropriate for all sorts of organizations. You may construct forms, accept payments, use WooCommerce, and integrate Booknetic as an appointment plugin into your website. It includes a thorough dashboard that is simple to use.

For better data management, you could also export your appointments to Excel. A built-in SMS and email notification capability are available in the plugin. Additionally, it syncs in both directions with Google Calendar. This guarantees that your client won't be late for their appointment.

The WordPress booking plugin offers a separate back-end dashboard for the staff and management in addition to the appearance of the appointment widget. Implementing a zero-level code won't take time away from the administrative team's and staff members' primary responsibilities. A well-designed structure and user-friendly UI/UX will give your software a SaaS feel.

The fact that this plugin is WPML compatible is just one of the many reasons why customers adore it. This guarantees uninterrupted service for all of your clients, no matter where they are in the world.


  • You can tailor booking widgets to your company's needs with Biokinetics' cutting-edge and user-friendly UI/UX. The booking widget's information is divided up into various categories. You can disable unnecessary stages and reorganize necessary ones.
  • You can verify the performance and position of your company using the comprehensive reporting module and multi-layer filtering capabilities of the Booknetic appointment planner. You can separate corporate accomplishments based on location, personnel, or services by performing a comparative study.


  • Booknetic subscription costs $79

20. BookingPress

Free and loaded with features, BookingPress is a booking plugin for WordPress. Any website for a service-based firm would benefit greatly from it. It's more dynamic and loaded with features that speed up and improve the appointment scheduling process.

The BookingPress Plugin combines a traditional, step-by-step wizard for scheduling appointments with a contemporary, user-friendly UI/UX that can be tailored to suit the requirements of virtually any business. The BookingPress WordPress Booking Plugin has a traditional step-by-step booking wizard system for WordPress and a contemporary, user-friendly user interface and user experience (UI/UX) that works for practically all businesses.

The only free WordPress appointment plugin that supports PayPal payments is this one. Without a third-party plugin, you may create and manage appointments directly from the admin dashboard.


  • Its WordPress scheduling plugin is incredibly flexible. Services, personnel, look, content, and other aspects can be readily changed to fit your theme and your company's needs.
  • The dashboard page that the BookingPress appointment booking plugin offers lets you rapidly assess the performance of your company by compiling all operational widgets, charts, and tables.
  • BookingPress offers incredibly wide customization options for email notifications. You can alter the email messages as necessary to suit your needs. By adding BookingPress-supported tags, you may add your company logo and other data about appointments, clients, etc. with ease.
  • For any location, our WordPress scheduling plugin will function. With any well-known WordPress translation plugin, you can translate the BookingPress plugin into your native tongue.


  • You can download BookingPress for free.

21. Time Table

A responsive scheduling plugin called Time Table enables you to make a schedule for WordPress events. Your WordPress website makes it simple for website visitors to make appointments. The future events for a day can be displayed using widgets that are fully customizable using Timetable. To display lists of all upcoming appointments in a single event, you can use utilize shortcodes.

Using the Timetable plugin, you can quickly manage the reservations on your website. The plugin allows for integration with Visual Composer. This enables you to offer your timetable to your consumers in a better way using a drag-and-drop page builder.

Using the Time Table shortcode generator, you may create new timetables or alter old ones. Select the events, categories, and schedule columns that will be shown. Additionally, select the time format, the layout for the event block, the drop-down menu or filtering tabs, the color scheme, the Google fonts, and the CSS style. You can even designate a page specifically for schedules if you like. You may create PDFs directly from the Timetable view, which is one of its best features. You can completely change the plugin's functionality and style to suit your preferences.


  • Time Table is completely adaptable and fits any mobile device well.
  • It comes with a booking feature. Within the number of open slots, you can accept online reservations for any event.
  • You can create a PDF from your schedule view using this plugin.
  • Easy-to-use custom post kinds will help you create your events. Use the shortcode event occurrences to display a list of all instances of a specific event.
  • The plugin includes a dummy content installer under the admin area's Settings / Timetable menu. You can import the entire set of our demo tables, together with widgets and settings, with just one click using this option.


  • The regular license costs $40
  • The license costs $300


There are many other appointment scheduling plugins on the market. It's crucial that you compare several solutions depending on the requirements of your clients and the workflow of your team if you want to choose the best tool for your company. Any of the aforementioned plugins can make booking appointments easier, choose the one that best suits your business needs.

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