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Top PPC Trends 2021 To Generate High ROI from Your Online Ad Campaign

Alekh Verma | July 14, 2023
ppc trends

Do you like watching ads?

I know you don't. For brands, ads are like their advertising hero who keeps the company's brand visibility and sales consistent across all the channels. But from a user's point of view, ads are a boring hero.

They bother users by popping up or distracting them from their browsing sessions. Many marketers believe online ads aren't as effective as they used to be earlier. Despite investing a lot of amount into online advertising campaigns, companies feel less satisfied with the ROI from their ads revenue.

Do you also think so?

Well, it's true that ads are boring and people generally avoid it. There are many types of online advertisements such as display ads, social media ads, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, and so on which inform people about a particular product or topic.

But users never feel excited or even interested in watching these ads. However, there is one popular type of ad which still has the potential to grow your business rapidly on the Internet by attracting fresh leads, driving sales, and enhancing profit margins with better ROI at low investment cost.

And that is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads.

Google search engine is a boxing arena of online marketers’ where every company competes to get the first attention of visitors. If you are able to get positions between 1st to 10th positions on any SERP especially on Google then you can expect visitors coming to your website; otherwise, your website will have to suffer low traffic.

When it comes to bringing your website to the top positions on the first SERP page of Google or any other search engine, the PPC campaign stands out as the traffic booster to your website. And new PPC trends are giving more power to online businesses to advertise their products & services on the Internet.

Technology is changing both online and offline world. Companies are now adopting a remote-first culture, people prefer online shopping to go to a retail store, and face-to-face real-life conversations have turned into video conversations. Marketers have started using automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to build data-driven ads.

So if you are using or thinking to implement Pay-Per-Click advertisements to promote your brand or particular product & services, here in this blog post, I have mentioned the top PPC trends in 2021 that can generate high ROI from your online ad campaign and bring great leads & conversions to your business.

Every PPC trend has the power to give you better results, so read till the end.

Top PPC Trends 2021 To Generate High ROI

Trend#1: Google Ads Data Hub Will Be a Gold Mine

In 2020, Google announced that they are would stop allowing third-party pixel tracking due to security reasons. The dependency of third-party pixel to check YouTube metrics compel Google to invest in Ads Data Hub.

This is a custom analysis that aligns data with your certain objectives while maintaining privacy and security. It provides marketers with a comprehensive analysis to measure the effectiveness of the ads across different screens.


Google's Ads Data Hub will prove to be a gold mine for digital marketers as it offers specific insights about customer behavior and how they are interacting with your ads. And it works even more effect when used with Google analytics.

Trend#2: PPC Automation

Automation is transforming business practices and becoming one of the biggest trends in Pay Per Click advertising in 2021. It is the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate manual tasks associated with Google and Bing ads.

Top PPC agency in India suggests that PPC automation will be highly used in the upcoming time to optimize Google Ads campaigns and in other different purposes such as:

  • Identify keyword campaign performance issues within an account
  • Increase CPC by looking for ad auctions which are more likely to create conversions
  • Calculate the best bidding strategy for different goals
  • Set bids to gain as many conversions as possible at a pre-defined CPA.
  • Stop low-performing ads and prioritize the ones generating the best results
  • Dynamically create ads according to user behavior and website content.

Trend#3: Video Ads

People like to see than to read. And it applies to PPC campaigns as well. No matter how attractive title & descriptions your online ad is containing, video is more powerful than text when it comes to attract user's attention quickly.

Don't forget, YouTube is the world's second-largest search engine which is accessed by 60 billion U.S. users daily, which gives a large audience who is always eager to see your video ad if it is engaging. If you still do not believe in the power of video, take a look at the following video stats:

  • People remember up to 95% of a message from a video (as opposed to text)
  • By 2022, 80 percent of all business and consumer internet traffic will come from video, bigger than 75 percent in 2017.
  • 92 percent of mobile users say they like to share videos than any other type of content with their friends.

Now, here is how video will impact PPC in 2021:

  • Businesses will have to embrace Google's vertical video ads
  • Marketers will start using virtual reality (VR) to give real experiences to viewers.
  • Instagram Stories in video marketing will continue to rule social media.

In addition to this, Google's Bumper Machine-one of the most interesting video ad features uses machine learning (ML) to create 6-second bumper ads from longer videos (90 seconds or less) to display throughout YouTube. To further maximize the online reach, you can select a mix of TV and online video ads as well.

Trend #4: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence empowers digital marketers to create more effective ad campaigns and it is mainly used to:

  • Analyze the bids which are likely to get higher traffic
  • Identify the likelihood of conversion from a given customer
  • Calculate the effectiveness of ads on quality scores
  • Estimate the CTR of future ads

Optimize keywords, ads, or campaigns when a certain event happens, for example, when your CPC falls below a certain amount.

As AI learns more quickly and accurately about your target audience’s behavior and how they interact with the ads, it will surely empower ads and improve your PPC campaign's performance. And it won't impact just Google or Bing ads, AI has a big influence on Amazon Ads, too.

You can boost your Amazon Ads Campaign with the help of AI through:

  • Automating bids (for both short-tail and long-tail keywords)
  • Optimize ad campaign based on the keywords' predicted revenue per click
  • Optimize ad campaign for long-tail keywords
  • Get detailed diagnostic information for active keywords at once

Trend 5#: Smart Bidding

Smart bidding is a part of automated bidding strategies which uses machine learning to optimize your ads for conversion based on the goals you set. In short, it takes the guesswork out of bidding for Google Ads.

Google's AI system automatically optimizes for conversions in each auction. You can tell Google what your advertising goal is and Smart Bidding will figure out how to make it possible within your budget. Smart Bidding works for a wide range of PPC goals which include:

Target ROAS: Get the best return on investment (ROI) on your expenditure

Target CPA: Create new leads and customers for your desired cost per acquisition

Maximize Conversions: Improve your conversion rate

In addition to this, Google is soon to introduce value rules which will allow advertisers to segregate conversions values based on key metrics such as audience, location, and device.

As consumers are searching online in unexpected ways, Smart Bidding will help web development company reduce the pain of manual optimization for each ad campaign and improve web performance. 

Trend 6#: Smart Segmentation and Google AdMob

Mobile apps are predicted to produce $581 billion in revenue in 2021 via paid downloads and in-app advertising. Launched in 2019, smart segmentation can support gaming app developers make more revenue from non-spending players. It uses ML to categorize users based on the likelihood of their spending money within a mobile application.

Ads will only be shown to players who are unlikely to make an in-app purchase. It will help protect the user experience of your purchasers while increasing the ROI from your online ad campaign. It means users who typically make a purchase will not see ads.

Google Admob (advertising on mobile) offers smarter analytics and reporting features to derive new insights which will help business owners to understand when consumers love to use mobile app and eventually improve its performance.

AdMob insight sends you an alert as soon as the system recognizes unusual changes to your key metrics such as CPM or impressions. You will also be notified if the changes in your app are impacting the user experience. 

Trend #7: Virtual Reality Ads

As people are showing great excitement for virtual reality technology, it is opening new doors of opportunities for advertisers. Companies are developing virtual reality applications to solve the current requirements of the Industries. And for PPC, here is how virtual reality can help advertisers:

  • 360-degree videos will help customers learn and interact with the products
  • Since most Millennials and Gen Z (young consumers) are using VR, targeting especially this age group will be easier in the upcoming years
  • VR technology utilizes eye-tracking technology to activate an ad. When the user gazes at it for a couple of seconds, the ad will begin.
  • VR will give insight into what parts of the screen viewers are watching and the parts they have selected to interact with.

The idea behind virtual reality ads is to allow viewers to try out the product before actually purchasing it.

For example, New Balance launched a Display and Video 360 to enable users to explore their new running shoes to educate consumers about the product before they make a purchase. 


PPC ads are less annoying, which gives you advantages to get the best out of your Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns. PPC ads are less annoying and based on these latest PPC trends, I can confidently say your online ad campaign is going to attract consumers instead of distracting them.

Artificial intelligence and virtual reality technology will empower businesses to create and run ads more effectively.

PPC requires intelligence to drive maximum results such as understanding how Google search engine works, how to extract key points from Google Analytics and understand the target audience's behavior.

If you need such leadership, eSearch Logix is a premier Google Partner who is expert in making your online or Google Ad campaign fully successful with high ROI. We use AI, the latest practices, and automation tools that leverage your ad to run productively. Explore our PPC packages or

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Alekh Verma

CEO and Founder at eSearch Logix Technologies!

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