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Top Web Development Mistakes to Rectify Before Entering 2022

Alekh Verma | February 7, 2023

Proceeding towards 2022, we can expect a lot of technological advancements waiting for us. So, it is quite imperative that we stay on our toes to embrace the changes.

But, before we start to move on with something new, we need to look backward to find scopes of improvement.

And, these scopes are always there, no matter how hard we try. So, let’s start to bring them down by putting in a little effort.

Misconceptions in Web Development

Scopes for improvement can encompass a good lot of things.

But, most importantly, we should start with clearing out doubts and misconceptions in web development. That makes the rest a lot easier.

Let’s get started.

1. Motion UI

Motion UI is a library that helps developers creating code for transitions as well as for animations.

It is quite a handy and useful tool. It also helps in bringing down the coding time.

Despite being the reason behind bringing beautiful animations to your application, it cannot be considered as a trend.

Similarly, in the case of web app design, low-light UX or dark-themed UI might be considered as a trend, however, they are hardly related to web development.

2. IoT or Internet of Things

Internet of Things or more popularly known as IoT has always been considered as a marvel in the case of technological innovation.

However, for a lot of businesses out there it has ended up being an umbrella term for electronic objects which are capable of exchanging data with online servers.

But, to clear your confusion, IoT cannot be used for web development, however, you can easily perform web development for projects related to IoT.

3. Single Page Applications

SPAs or Single Page Applications are a market standard, not a trend.

Single Page Applications are web apps that are capable of updating visible information without refreshing the page. These have been present in the market since the last decade.

Although, building them is not any easier or simpler than other apps.

In fact, from a server-side approach, you need to write a lot more code get your job done for SPAs, compared to regular applications.

However, after the tedious process, you get bestowed with an advantage of having both of your front and backend developers to work at the same time.

4. Serverless Architecture

Working with serverless architecture is futile in the long run.

Although, developers and business organizations often opt for it in case of prototyping or developing small apps. However, expanding those small apps is not that easy.

Yes, developers need to switch from serverless to APIs for the same. And, that entire process would cost a lot of time, money and effort. 

5. VR or Virtual Reality

According to experts, VR is never going to come to the aspects of web development.

Yes, it definitely has proved to be a big thing in the industries like gaming, however, scopes for VR in web development are pretty less.

Understanding this is not very tough. VR is undoubtedly quite expensive, and speaking specifically of the equipment, devices used for VR tech need to be quite high performing.

So, now as you are clear about the misconceptions regarding web development, it is time to understand the mistakes that developers often make.

Mistakes in Web Development

To err is human. And, as developers are humans too, mistakes are bound to be made. But we have always found our way out and have become better than those mistakes, be it life or web development.

And, speaking of the latter, let’s find out what mistakes should we be aware of and should start rectifying before entering 2022.

1. Unscaleable Architecture

Most small projects out there are prone to having a poorly scaled architecture.

Developers often consider this approach as important as it helps them in delivering faster. However, this is not going to help them for long. Once more and more requirements start coming, developers will face a very tough time to keep the unscalable architecture working and in a valid state.

And ultimately despite of all these efforts,`there will be a lot of duplicate codes and bugs that are pretty hard to find.

Not just that, adding new components also become quite tough when the architecture is not scalable.

2. Overcomplicated Design

Yes, it is quite understandable that creating an overcomplicated design is not in the hands of developers.
But often businesses approve of website designs that look too sophisticated or kind of unusual that it costs a lot more to the company.

Yes, those shinny little rainbow-colored buttons do hurt a lot in the pockets.

3. The ‘Debugger’ Keyword

The ‘debugger’ keyword is something that developers should definitely keep in mind to remove before sending the website to the final production.

This mistake makes the application stop in the middle of action when an inspector tool gets opened in the browser.
Due to the presence of such the app becomes quite unsafe for use. And that is why developers often rely on automation tools to get rid of these keywords.

But, if such a tool is not present in your project or if the tool is yet to be implemented, make sure that you keep a tab on those ‘debugger’ keywords, manually.

4. Single CSS

Another malpractice in our list. Yes, we are talking about having a single CSS for all the pages as well as for the components of a website.

This approach might seem to be quite useful in the beginning as it appears very handy. However, managing these codes later on when the project has grown bigger becomes very difficult.

5. Using Latest Tools ASAP

New technologies are designed to attract people. And developers are no different.

And that is why whenever a new tool gets launched, a lot of developers just jump into using them as soon as possible in order to get a competitive edge over their rivals.

But developers should keep in mind that using such new tools can really prove to be quite risky as they are untested and unpredictable.

However, that does not mean that you need to stick to the same old tech for the sake of safety.

6. Non-responsive Design

With the upsurge of smartphone users, it is quite imperative to make sure that your website design does have a responsive design.

For earlier time, it was fine for them to neglect creating a design for mobile phone users, but not anymore.

In fact, as Google too has given more priority to websites that have a splendid mobile design, it would be bad on your part if you do not have a responsive design.

So, it is important to write code in such a way that can help you turn your layout from desktop to mobile, seamlessly.

7. No Code Compression

This is also quite important and when not taken care of, might bring down you conversion rate and therefore, your ROI.

Yes, compressing codes is important to make sure that your website loads faster than ever.

Yet, a lot of developers out there just ignore bundling or minification in the haste of releasing the website into production.

This can really prove to be a very big mistake in the long run.

8. Superficial Competence

Businesses usually jump into trying out newer technologies and frameworks just for the sake of upgrading their technology.

And, due to this approach, developers working under such business organizations do not have enough time to explore and understand every tech that they get their hands on.

Hence, it becomes very risky both on the part of the business organization as well as for the developers to work with them without getting to know about the pros and cons.

Although, this is not a fault, but more faults can come along side if business owners do not rectify this approach of theirs.

Bottom Line

Making mistakes is quite natural, but people who make their mark and stand out of the crowd are often those who are never late in learning from the mistakes that they have made.

And that is the cue for you too.

Although, if you lack a team of expert developers to accomplish the best for your web development projects then waste no more time and get in touch with eSearch Logix and give your business a new success!

Alekh Verma

CEO and Founder at eSearch Logix Technologies!

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