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Top Web Development Trends to Expect in 2022

Alekh Verma | February 7, 2023
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No matter if you are a website developer or a business owner, having a keen eye on website development trends is a mandate for us all!

Since its birth in 1983, internet has come a long way. And, today it is home to over 1.5 billion websites.

Website development has evolved miraculously throughout these years, and it has no plans to stop anytime soon.

So, it is quite clear that in order to keep up with the ever changing arena of web development you need to be quite aware of what is going on.

Because, if you fail to do the same, your website performance will drop severely and your business will end up facing lots and lots of unwanted serious consequences.

Falling behind your competitors is a just a mere one among them all.

So, it happens to be quite imperative to keep on upgrading your website according to the latest trends.

Web Development Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2022

In 2022 we are about to visualise a lot of new trends in the arena of website development. Here we have discussed the top three among them.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. PWA or Progressive Web Apps

PWAs or also known as Progressive Web Apps are web applications that make use of manifests, service workers as well as other web platform-based features and combine them with progressive enhancement in order to leverage an experience similar to native apps.

The basic idea behind Progressive Web Applications is nothing but an attempt to deliver native-like experience in a regular web application.

These applications are also installable and contain a responsive design which makes them fit perfectly in mobile devices.

Moreover, progressive web apps are not dependent on network, hence they can be used offline as well.

And, most importantly, they are very secure to use.

Introduced back in 2018, web apps are not something that is new in niche of website development. Yet, these apps are still a topic of discussion among developers all around the world, and this is likely to go on for the upcoming few years.

Lastly, developing a Progressive Web Application is not cost-effective, when compared to the regular web application. In fact, it is just the opposite.

2. AI or Artificial Intelligence

AI is quite in trend in the recent days.

In fact, AI today is also a major component in the latest algorithm update of Google, MUM.

With the right use, artificial intelligence can easily give any business organisation an upper hand over its competitors. It can also increase effectiveness indicators to a greater extent.

Today, you can also find artificial intelligence in various mobile and web platforms where they play a key role in suggesting next content for further consumption after a viewer has finished watching a video or perusing a written piece of content.

Speaking of chatbots, AI is rapidly used by the best and most business organisations to deliver a better interactive experience to their website visitors.

This is still a big thing in the arena of web development because AI has helped massively in cutting down expenses of customer support and in increasing credibility among potential buyers.

Moreover, with the upgradation of technology, NLP or natural language processing has come into play and has shaped the way chatbots communicate. This amalgamation of technologies has boosted the communication techniques so much that chatbots have become humans for a regular website visitor.

3. Voice Search

Standing in 2021, voice search has come a long way.

With the continuously increasing hype of voice assistants as well as smart speakers, 20% of all the searches triggered in the year 2016 were performed using voice search.

In fact, in 2018, research performed by PWC showed that at that point in time, people are preferring voice search over the regular web search technique.

Today, voice search is an important part of website development too. And, this trend is likely to grow in the coming years as proper software for their implementation in websites is now widely available.

Also, eCommerce website owners have also taken a step towards voice search by including it in their search module.

But, coming up with voice recognition tech is not enough to do well in this era of voice search. You need to tweak it accordingly in order to make sure that your search engine understands uncommon verbal requests, phrases as well as synonyms.

So, if you can steer through these difficult waters easily, you can surely leave your competitors far behind.

Website Development Trends That Are Likely to Stay

Looking for embracing new trends in your website in the forthcoming year, there are some trends that are much in use right now, and will keep up in 2022 too. These are,

1. Security

This is something that should never go off trend. Yes, we are talking about data security.

With the recurring incidents of data thefts, hacking, etc., security levels are being uplifted and that too for good.

In today’s date, cyber criminals have access to high quality tools that make them able to invade or breach systems that are vulnerable.

Although, there are a lot of people out there who think that you cannot be hacked because people do not really feel like buckling up until it happens to them.

So, it is always the best call to make sure that you follow all the security protocols like, data encryption, access control, penetration testing, etc., for your projects.

2. AMPs or Accelerated Mobile Pages

In this busy era where people do not have much time to wait for your web page to load, AMPs play a great role in keeping up with your website traffic.

They are nothing but lightweight versions of your page which helps in lowering bounce rates.

Launched in 2016, Google came up with this extraordinary tech. However, this also comes with limitations as they cannot run ads and collect any analytics regarding its website audience.

This is why people, today, prefer to go with their mobile-focused websites and own content rather than focusing on AMPs.

Still a good lot of website owners keep on using AMPs.

Previously, using AMPs was a mandate if you want to show your content come up in the Google News, however, today things are different.

Although, this trend is not going to last much longer, it is always good to keep it by your side.


Following trends is important to keep up with the latest of technological updates. However, the most important thing is nothing but practical experience as well as essential skills to incorporate the necessary changes.

If you already have a robust tech team in place who are experienced enough to handle all of it, then that’s great! If not, you can feel free to get in touch with eSearch Logix and book a free consultation session with our industry experts.

We have a long list of happy clients who have been benefitted by our assistance in their web development and maintenance chores. So, if you wish have faith in us, we would be happy to help!

Alekh Verma

CEO and Founder at eSearch Logix Technologies!

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