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How to Make Your App Popular with Video Marketing? Step-By-Step Guide

Alekh Verma | February 24, 2023
Video Marketing

If Content is King, Video is Queen                       

In 1941, the Bulova watch company broadcast a 10-second black and white video ad on TV and the first video commercial ran on a New York station which marked a historical day in the 20th century. 

And in the 21st century, companies are creating new milestones using video. 

TikTok app got over 1 billion users and YouTube 2 billion users worldwide just because of video content. This is the power of video that has made many companies into brands with incredible success. 

Today, video is influencing the marketing strategies of all industries. Marketers are now increasingly using video content to increase their brand exposure and product visibility on the Internet. 

But many businesses still struggle to make the best usage of video to promote their product or services. Especially in mobile app marketing, where video can play a big role to promote the app on different platforms. 

Therefore, this blog will guide you on how to use video to make your app popular and learn brilliant video marketing strategies in simple step-by-step guide that can help you build a larger user base in a shorter period of time.   

What is Video Marketing?

It's simple, using video to promote or market your brand, product, or any services. An effective video marketing campaign involves explainer videos, corporate training, how-to videos, customer testimonials, entertainment videos, and so on. 

Why mobile app owners should focus on using video? 

“Business decision makers love online video because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.” -Robert Weiss 

The last few years witnessed a boom in the popularity of video as a content format. 

Specifically, in 2017, video got on the top of the marketing tactic list. As a result, it has boosted Video Production Services for developing various types of promotional ad videos on social media channels and other digital platforms. 

Video is more than entertainment scoop. Research has found its great impact on market results. 

  • It is capable of enhancing conversion rates by over 80%.
  • Mere mention of the word "video" in your email subject line raises open rates by 20%.
  • 90% of customers admit videos help them make better and faster buying decisions.

Mobile apps are no different from other products. By using video, you can promote your mobile app to target audience directly and effectively. 

Having an attractive video will draw user’s attention who compares apps with similar functionalities. In this way, video content will let users know why your app is better than your competitors. 

Videos also enable you to show the basics of how to use your application. However, there are many different methods to educate your customers, but the fact remains that video will certainly help you get more downloads for your mobile application. 

Benefits of using video for app marketing

"No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story amazingly."

1. High App Conversion Rates

According to a report, a video on a landing page increases the conversion rate by 80%. And it is obvious because people love to see videos than reading text. Short and engaging videos attract a large number of viewers. This helps to increasing the visitors in your funnel and app acquisition. 

2. Improves SEO ranking for your app

Google openly tells the importance of video content. We see video based content on top of the SERPs. Therefore, adding a video to your marketing strategy can drive more search traffic to your app.

3. Expand Customer Connection

Videos empower your app to build a more valuable relationship and gain trust with potential customers. It helps the app to promote company's products or services engagingly. Industry experts say that video evokes emotions online better than any other type of content or medium. 

4. Boost Your App Visibility

Videos impact high on user's attention. It performs very well across all channels such as social media, app stores, websites, etc. Thus, video creates awareness and enhances visibility of the app on the Internet. 

5. Best Way to Engage Audience

You know there are tons of apps on Google Play and Apple App Store. We hear about new apps every day, and users don't always have time to see or try every app. So, here is the thing- add a promotional video and see what happens. 

With video, you can showcase what your app is about and what makes it unique just in a minute or seconds. You will see the app getting more users excited about your application.

6. Your App gets more Qualified downloads 

When you add a video to your app promotion, it not only drives more people to download your app but you also get more qualified users. 


Because they first saw the application before downloading it, so they know what they would get inside your app. Through this process, you have a user base that understands your app concept and its importance. 

7. YouTube is now the Second Search Engine 

YouTube is a great platform to promote your app through video content. There are plenty of people reviewing apps or publishing app demo videos on YouTube. You should know what people are looking for keywords corresponding to your mobile application.

This can help you optimize your video marketing strategy on YouTube for the app to improve SEO rankings. 

Best Types of Videos to Promote Your Apps


1. Demo Videos
2. Brand Videos
3. Mobile App Launch Videos
4. Expert Interviews
5. How-To Videos
6. Explainer Videos
7. Animated Videos
8. Customer Testimonial Videos
9. Live Video
10. Virtual Reality Video
11. Personalized Message
12. Product Video


It sounds amazing when you know what a video can do for your mobile application.

That’s great. But before you create the video, do you know what kind of video you should choose to make it fully successful? Read below.

1. Demo Videos

Demo video shows how your app works. It displays a virtual tour inside your app and educates how to use its different features and functionality. Not all users are intelligent enough to understand the app user guide; therefore, a demo video can truly help them to know about the app. 

2. Brand Videos

Brand video is basically created as a part of the large advertising campaign. It showcases your company's visions, goals, products, and services. Enterprises mostly use brand videos to build awareness and attract a larger size of audience to their mobile application. 

3. Mobile App Launch Videos

App launch videos let audience know that there is an application that can give them useful features or help in something they need. Such videos show app's features, UI/UX design, and other aspects which makes it easier for viewers to see the app. 

App launch video has helped many companies reaching a great number of users quickly. For example, Snapchat App Launch Video and Amazon App Launch Video attracted many users to download their apps in just its initial launch days. 

4. Expert Interviews

Capturing interviews with your app's expert developer or thought leader in the industry is a good method to build trust and authority with your users. You can also create a marketing video with influencers who can advocate or do word-of-mouth marketing for your app. 

5. How-To Videos

The best mobile app is one that solves users' problems or gives solutions that are needed in the market. For this, how-to videos can help your app to teach the audience something new or useful. These instructional or educational videos can also help your sales team in their existing app marketing. 

6. Explainer Videos

Your app must address the issue that impacts users' requirements. In this context, explainer video helps audience to better understand why they need your app. Many explainer videos focus on a fictional journey of buyer persona who is struggling with a problem. And if your explainer video gets successful to convince the users, they will definitely download your app. 

7. Animated Videos

Animation videos entertain people. That is why users engage with the app that has some appealing motion graphics and animations in UI/UX design. Using animated videos in the app can engage users for a long time and increase user retention. 

8. Customer Testimonial Videos

Customers trust customer reviews more than company's promises. Therefore creating a customer testimonial video will connect audience easily and effectively. It will also help you gain loyal customers who can use the app for a long time. 

9. Live Video

Live video is the most powerful method to engage the audience. It gives your viewers behind-the-scenes look as well as enriching experience. If you are a travel company, using a live video in your travel app can highly influence the customers. You can come up with live video stream, real-time videos, and invite users to comment with their questions. 

10. Virtual Reality Video

Virtual reality videos allow users to navigate and control their viewing experience. You can create an innovative video to market your app such as a fictional video that explains your app functionality in a creative way.  

11. Personalized Message

Conversation is a good way to create a relationship with your customers. Deliver a personalized message video about your mobile app for target customers. Through this video, you can convey your company core value points and how your app solves users' need.

12. Product Video

Mobile app is also a digital product, and the best way to showcase the product's features is by offering a product video. In this type of video, your goal is to tell the benefits of your app. But make sure that your product video looks interesting and entertaining; otherwise, users won't show their interest in your app.

How to use video for your app promotion?

Step 1: Define the Goal of Video
Step 2: Research Your Target Audience
Step 3: Write a Script
Step 4: Make it Short
Step 5: Keep it Simple
Step 6: Focus on the first 10 seconds of Intro
Step 7: Include the essentials in the ending part

Whether you hire a mobile app development company to market your app or do it yourself, in both ways you need to make sure that you use video in the best way. Here is our step-by-step guide on how to use video that can make your app go popular.

Step 1: Define the Goal of Video

There are many kinds of videos on the web. Funny videos to go viral, tutorials and interviews to educate the customers, in each type of video you need to define its goal. To make your video deliver the right message and drive the desired result, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Why you are creating this video?
  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • What are the success metrics for this video? 

Deliver your pitch in the right tone in meaningful way.

Step 2: Research Your Target Audience

You should know whom your video is going to deliver the message. Not all people will watch your app video; therefore, it is essential to define who is your target audience that will use your mobile app. Here are those tips: 

  • Whom you are expecting to watch your app video?
  • What video content there should be that hits audience taste?
  • What is your target audience expecting from your app video? 

Your video should include the content according to buyer persona. Moreover, it should be entertaining and give valuable takeaways that promote your app effectively and intelligently.

Step 3: Write a Script

Writing a video script for mobile app is critical. You should not forget that it's not video that will bring ROI but it's your mobile app that will assure the audience about its usage benefits then people will start using your app. 

Thus your video script should include all key benefits, features, and functionality that convince viewers to use your application. You need to define what you are going to show and how. Plan it and include the right elements. 

Make sure the script conveys the message in the excellent tone or brand voice about your app to save time and ensure the success of app video. 

Step 4: Make it Short

Your app may be really interesting or the best of its kind. But today's users are smart and lack patience. They can move to other apps if they find something more interesting and attractive. 

That is why your app video should be short and highly impactful that users can't stop themselves from watching your video. Make the video short, simple, and to the point that address the main features of the app.

Step 5: Keep it Simple

Video doesn't need to be crazy that is filled with special effects and high energetic speech. Try to keep things simple. Take a few ideas that you find confident and generate good value. Keep the video structure easy to understand. 

Step 6: Focus on the first 10 seconds of Intro

The first 10 seconds of your app video will decide whether audience will watch your video or leave it. People want everything delivered in the fastest and greatest way. 

Therefore, address the main points such as key features and benefits in the starting 10 seconds of intro. Use the intro part for branding your company logo, tagline, app icon, app name, etc. If the intro succeeds to draw user’s attention, congrats, your video wins the game.

Step 7: Include the essentials in the ending part

Remember, you are creating a video for a certain purpose. Whoever your target audience is, you want viewers to watch the video completely. To make it happen, include great slogan or tagline for your app. Use call-to-action words like download the app today, join us now, or install it, etc.  


That's it. Your app is now ready to win audience attention if you follow the above video marketing tips. 

Content comes in different forms. You may think of written content most of the time. But in reality, video and image content appears more useful when it comes to influencing the mass level of audience. 

Use product videos, animated explainer videos, expert interview, or customer testimonial that attracts the kind of people who become faithful users of your app. Pick up the camera, start the shooting, and watch your app video boosting the user engagement. 

You know there are millions of apps on Google Play Store, so getting on the top of competition is challenging. Only creative and effective strategy can take your app to success. Therefore, be innovative, and create video that communicates the essence of your mobile application. 

If you are ready to make a video as a key part of your marketing strategy, join our Video Production team at eSearch Logix who has made many success stories of mobile applications by creating amazing videos. 

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