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You Want To Create A Mobile App Without Coding? Read This Before You Start

Alekh Verma | February 8, 2023
You Want To Create A Mobile App Without Coding_

How to create a mobile app without coding? This is a trending question on Google for those who are looking to develop mobile application without learning any programming or coding skills. But why this question is catching the fire?

Let’s first decode it.

Chris Wanstrath, CEO of GitHub quoted a statement at the company's annual universe user conference in 2017,

“The Future of Coding Is No Coding At All”

Addressing the same point, He said that coding could become another job for future robots.

Sounds fascinating right?

Now read this.

Recently, Microsoft and the University of Cambridge researchers have created an artificial intelligence system named DeepCoder. This automated system can write code after learning from a large code database.

Google also released a no-code development platform called AppSheet. This latest tool is a part of Google's cloud and it allows users to write apps without learning how to write code.

Does it mean the future of no-coding is now?

The demand for mobile applications is growing significantly. As more businesses and companies are understanding the need to build their online presence and expand customer reach, the requirement for fast and accurate mobile app development is also increasing.

Whether you are a growing entrepreneur, small business owner, designer, guitarist, or entertainer, you definitely need a mobile app so you can take your exposure to the world, breaking the boundaries.

Therefore, business owners ask for various methods of app development to efficiently achieve their business goals.

And no-coding or making an app without programming skills is one of the app development methods that is growing significantly in today's digital world.

Before you learn how to create a mobile app without coding skills, here in this blog, I will highlight various important elements of no-coding app development that can show the hidden aspects which you are unaware of.

By the end of this blog, you will learn about both sides of the coin; pros and cons of making a mobile app without coding, and when you should use tools such as mobile app builder, no-code development platform, etc.

Let’s decode the coding world.

In the current age, where the demand for software and applications far exceeds the supply of coders, no-code development tools are helping individuals and organizations to bridge the software development skill gap.

At the same time, you should not miss looking at the insights that can save you from future risk. Your mobile app is a valuable asset that would bring ROI to your business. It should also be competitive in terms of functionality; otherwise, it may fall behind in the marker race.

There are many app builder platforms and tools available online like AppyPie, Thunkable, AppInstitute that offers you multiple features to make a mobile application. These tools are inexpensive and provide a faster and easier development process, however, there are some drawbacks associated with a no-code platform that can impact seriously on your business.

Therefore, before choosing a no-code app development platform or mobile app builder, you should examine your needs and future prospects that will be driven by the app.

So the first question comes.

Is it truly possible to create a mobile app without coding?

Yes, it is possible.

Actually, mobile app is developed on the basis of coding, but it allows users or developers to make an application by simply drag & drop, and design tools without writing or implement the code- coding is automatically done by an in-built system.

What is Mobile App builder?

A system or platform that enables users to design or create a mobile app without implementing coding or programming called mobile app builder or no-code application development platform.

Just like DIY website builder that enables users to design their website with in-built templates, layouts, libraries for functions, etc.

Now, understand the pros and cons of mobile app development without coding.

Pros of App Builder


No need for coding skills

This is the primary feature of a mobile app builder or no-code platform. It lets you build mobile app without writing code manually. As a result, it not only saves a lot of development time as well as effort but also empowers everyone to build the app they want to.


App builders create apps quickly and rapidly at the cost of less than paying a professional developer or app development agency. With no-code development platform, you can save up to 40-80% cost.

Faster App Development Speed

Another major advantage of creating a mobile app using an app builder is- you can make the app in just few hours. However, a complete development process will take several days or few weeks to place it on the App Store.  

In-Built Architecture

It makes you worry-free about element placement because app builders provide in-built structure with templates, only you need is to fill everything. 

Agile Process

No-code development platform provides drag & drop interface and design tools, built visually with in-built modules.

Control of the Project

When you hire a professional app developer or software development company for building your app, you struggle to keep monitoring the project. But app builders give you full control of the project like what template you would like to add along with timelines, budget, and ensuring a successful app launch with all the features you want.

Cons of App Builder

Template Design

App builder offers you various template designs to create the app. But you get a sample design that you cannot change. However, it is possible to make a partial design, in most cases, it doesn't allow you to do so.  

Difficult to edit structure and code

The feature of editing or changing the structure and code is limited in app builder. It doesn't facilitate to make major modifications after the development. The same applies to your app content. App builders often limit these capabilities with subscription plans. Editing process becomes available when you are ready to pay for this.

Bound to a specific platform

App builder promises you to build native apps. But at the same time, if you want to transfer your app to another platform, you won't be able to do that. Even if you manage to do this with the help of developers, it will be violation of the rules.

App is yours but partially

If you have used app builder to make your mobile app, services still controlled by them at their discretion. It means, anytime they can:

  • Prevent you from using your mobile app
  • Refuse to cooperate in the future
  • Block or delete your user account

Limited Features

Mobile app developed using app builders do not possess fully fledged features to integrate third-party extension. It allows implementing only limited features.

Security Issues

This is the most important or critical aspect of your app's future. No matter an app is simple or advanced, if it lacks strong security features, your app can be a failure before success.

When you hire a mobile app development company or developer, you go through multiple face-to-face meetings and sessions. This process ensures you with the reliability of the company or the developer. But in the case of app builders, you don't know what is happing inside and outside your app that can lead to security risk and breach of confidential information.

Think even worst

  • What happens if the app builder company is acquired or liquidated?
  • What if they face an internal security breach that makes your app database system vulnerable?

Sounds scary, Right!

Time for decision making

When you should choose app builder or no-code app development platform for creating your mobile app?

Undoubtedly, app builders enable you to create mobile app quickly and inexpensively, but if you wish to advance your app in the future, you will still have to contract a mobile app development agency or hire a professional developer.

But in some specific cases, using mobile app builder can be beneficial, when:

  • You need to create a simple app with minimal and well-defined functionality.
  • You won't need to make any modifications in the code and functionality in the future.
  • Its limited template design and features suit and satisfy you well.
  • You want to test a particular product or app concept, and then develop a complex app with a professional agency.

If you have a long-term business plan, there are many ways to create a mobile app:


By analyzing the above points, you have now understood that using app builder or no-code app development platform has limited features and don’t support in future prospect. However, it doesn’t mean there is no advantage of using such tools.

As technology will evolve and companies will come up with more advanced features, it will become amazing to use these platforms. Google is already providing no-coding app development resources.

At eSearch Logix, we develop everything you want in a mobile app. From simple to advanced, we have all the solutions for your business requirements that not only suit your budget but also make your app future-ready. Get a quote or consult our expert developer team.

Alekh Verma

CEO and Founder at eSearch Logix Technologies!

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