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UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) Design

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UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) Design

The first impression does matter!

And it does more in the online space when you have only a few seconds to showcase your brand’s true appeal.

Even if you have truly great products and services, if your website isn’t able to create that vibe with a design experience that is smooth and interactive, they aren’t going to stay there.

A truly reflective UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) design can help showcase your brand’s true value and provide an optimum experience to visitors.


At eSearchLogix, we are a team of creative designers that will help you command excellence over how your web product interacts with your site visitors. An ineffective user experience or a complex digital model can be a big hindrance to your business potential.

We are here to solve that dilemma by creating attractive, engaging, and seamless design experiences. Web pages, applications, mobile apps, brand assets, style guides, and more, we deliver pleasing UI/UX service results that your users will love to interact with.

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UI and UX Design


UI and UX in web development refer to the overall layout, feel, and functional efficiency of the web application. It defines the overall experience of a user navigating through a website. These are critical user interface elements related to the visual and usability of a website.

UI and UX are two critical features of web design and development. This help to make a website more user-friendly. UI is all about the look and feel, while UX is all about the usability of the website. The various components of UI and UX in web design and development include page layout, button design and placement, font size, menu layout, navigation, background, forms, scroll feature, load speed, and much more.

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Will you love to scroll through a website that has a cluttered and complex design and feel, or would you find a fast-loading site with seamless visuals and functionality more engaging?

Of course, you will go with the latter one.

This is the power of UI and UX in web design.

  • Engaging UI/UX Attracts Customers - Drawing more customers and getting more sales and service requests is your premium objective with a business website, right? What if it fails to keep the visitors engaged? What if your competitors have a web design and layout that they find more pleasing? All this will lead to a low number of users on your site – The last thing that you would want.
  • It Benefits Organic Search Result Growth - Even for organic traffic growth with higher search ranking, Google and other search engines emphasize providing optimum user experience. Effective UI and UX improve the overall end-user experience and customer satisfaction which benefits the business’s online presence in terms of ranking, traffic, and revenue generation.

Combining these two will ensure a consistent and smooth experience for the user, which is extremely important to stay in the good books of website visitors.

Table of Contents
Primary Item (H2)


The User Interface (UI) aspect deals with how users are interacting with the website elements. It includes visual elements and defines the point of interaction between the website and the users, with the objective to make communication easy, fast, and efficient. UI mainly focuses on typography, icons, color palette, buttons, and such facets.

Elements of Well-Defined UI

  • Consistent Interface – The interface layout and design palette should be consistent across the website which enables visitors to identify the usage patterns.
  • Clear in Meaning – All the visual elements of the design should include components that have a clear meaning for the users.
  • Ease of Use– The UI should enable ease of usage for the users when they interact with the product, having familiarity with that.
  • Efficient Functioning–Efficiency means users have to put in minimal effort to achieve maximum output. They should not be rendered clueless. The interaction has to be fast and productive.


While UI is about the interaction between visitors and a website, User Experience (UX) deals with how the site visitors are able to use the website functions. This is critical as good UX means people move around and find what they are looking for quickly. It isn’t just about the visual appeal but the overall feel and experience of using the website. It focuses to create a website design structure that is highly functional, reliable, and usable.

Elements of Well-Structured UX

  • Useful in Features – A good UX means it provides features that have a purpose for the users. It should be able to do something they want to be done.
  • Understandable in Use – It should ensure that people are able to grasp how to use it, to accomplish all the basic tasks. It shouldn’t be complex at all.
  • Effective in Purpose – It should enable getting the job done effectively and efficiently with minimal effort and fast. Analytics and A/B testing help to refine these aspects.
  • Desired and Pleasant – A compelling UX makes people use it again over the alternatives. It should also excite the user with the inclusion of some delightful and fun features also.


You might be wondering which one of these two is more important for your site. In actuality, both are equally crucial as both of these complement each other.

Consider this:

  • A website that is visually appealing but you aren’t able to navigate through that and it feels disorderly in use is – Good UI but Poor UX.
  • A website that has great to use throughout but looks terribly unpleasant is – Good UX but Poor UI.

So, now you must have gotten our point – These two go hand in hand. And in order to deliver a completely satisfactory user experience, both are extremely important and equally decisive.

In today’s competitive market, having a website that scores above par in both aspects is a must. To craft a compelling and user-friendly website, you need to implement both UI and UX with thorough research and strategic planning.



A website’s success can be defined by not just how appealing it is to attract people but provide an enhanced experience that makes them stay. This is where UI and UX both go concurrently to provide complete user satisfaction.

UI process focuses on:

  • Visual Composition
  • Layout
  • Colors
  • Typography
  • Interactions

And, UX process focuses on:

  • Design Prototype
  • Wireframes
  • User Research
  • Design Impact
  • Usability Testing

The objective is to create a fully functional design with engaging aesthetics.

In the product design and development process, usually, UX design is the first step, followed by UI. The UX stage helps to map out and create the essential elements of the particular product’s user experience, while the UI stage helps to add interactive elements and visuals to that prototype.

For an optimum result, both have to be factored in together, through each phase of the design cycle.



  • Website UI and UX Design

Our experience and knowledge of usability, accessibility, and compatibility enable us to create intuitive and user-friendly UI and UX for websites. We employ the best tools and techniques to create a seamless experience for the end user.

  • Mobile UI and UX Design

Our mobile app UI and UX design process includes creating finger-friendly tap-targets, allowing for higher flexibility, whilst minimizing the need for typing. We create a design experience that makes the app unique with users having better control.

  • Responsive Design

We create innovative frameworks that allow ease of interaction of site applications across different devices. Our creative solutions are aimed at providing smooth responses to user inputs, helping them to decide on the next process easily.

  • Ecommerce UI/UX Design

For an online shopper, fast access to the product, ease of navigation, and convenient access to cart addition and payment process are critically important. Full attention to minute details is extremely important for ecommerce sites to provide a pleasant experience to shoppers in this highly competitive landscape. This is where we stand out ahead of the rest.

  • Single Page Applications

With most people accessing the internet through their mobile devices, single-page applications are becoming more prevalent. These are incredibly effective to provide a better user experience. We advanced frameworks and methodologies that enhance the overall user experience for the page/site visitors.

  • Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are platform-specific applications. Our UI/UX design implementation helps you get a great product that is more streamlined, and fast-loading as compared to native apps and feels smooth and reliable to improve user engagement.




The product design life cycle (PDLC) is all about taking the user’s needs into account and ensuring the entire design team is aligned with the stated goals. It involves these stages:

  1. Brainstorming the Solution – After determining the user pain point, different solutions are brainstormed through research and ideation to pick the most suitable one.
  2. Defining the Specifications – Assessment of project goals and vision, product features, benefits, and metrics helps to define product specifications.
  3. Designing the Prototype–Right from wireframes and sketches to full-scale interfaces and prototypes, the design process is implemented.
  4. Testing the Prototype–Prototype testing is carried out, including internal testing to usability testing by users.
  5. Launching the Design–The final product is released, however, post-launch testing still continues to measure performance metrics.


Double Diamond is a design model that includes innovation and constant processes. It includes the following phases:

  1. Discovery Phase – It includes the discovery of the problem, and pain points through market research, users’ feedback, and other sources.
  2. Outline Phase – It includes sorting out the information and using that data to define how the problem has to be solved.
  3. Development Phase – It includes ideating on the different possible solutions to generate applicable ideas.
  4. Delivery Phase – The end phase that takes place after continuous evaluation and testing of the product design.


Design Thinking means putting people at the center of the design process, and building solutions related to the problems they are facing. It involves both problem-solving and creativity approaches. It includes the following processes:

    1. Empathize with The Users – It means the designers put themselves into the shoes of the users and understand their problems.
    2. Problem Definition – It means clearly defining the problem, and then aligning that with the business goals.
    3. Idea Generation–It focuses on the creativity aspect, so to create smart solutions to solve the problem.
    4. Prototype Creation – This stage includes creating prototypes of the product design.
    5. Testing – Testing of the product helps to redefine what works best as per the initial objective or the goal.

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Many people mistake UX design as a part of the front-end development of a website. However, these two are different in terms of process execution.


It means coding the website’s front side. It includes converting the site design files into CSS, HTML, or JavaScript, to link the technical aspect of the site with the design. It contains creating the front side environment that users can see.


This process is involved ensuring a positive experience for the site users. It includes designing and developing wireframes, mock-ups, sitemaps, storyboards, and as such. UX process means defining the organizational structure of the site equipped with essential interactive modules.


Data Visualization

Irrespective of your industry, or business model, we work to transform any complex segmented information into a simple presentation, while also converting intricate text into graphical formats that are eye-catching.

Target User Research

In order to build an effective user interface and experience, it is critical that we map into your target user personas, and assess their customer journey so as to know which pain points to counter.

Usability Testing

Our design process is completely human-centered, meaning we create solutions that address real-world problems while allowing the users to navigate easily and fast.

Swift Prototyping

Our prototype creation isn’t just about how we find the product useful. We test that with real users, and gather their feedback so as to create a more robust and effective solution.

Well-defined Strategy

We identify the major pain points, assess the goals to be achieved, prepare use cases, create paper wireframes, do competitor analysis, develop UI/UX style guide, gather system specs and assets, learn the end users, and then sit down to create the UI/UX design.

Consistency in Product Design

A UI/UX design should neither be too generic, not be too complex, it shouldn’t be too awkward and not suspicious also. Inputs from engagement managers, business analysts, core developers, and more helps in crafting a consistent UI/UX design finish.


From wireframing to prototyping, user testing, design collaboration, and more, there are several top-notch tools that make the work of UI, and UX designers effective and refined.

While creative instinct, data analysis, and technical excellence are something that our designers are well-versed in, they make use of the best tools and technologies that take with work process a level above.

Here, we list down some key tools for UI and UX design:



Adobe XD








Out of these, we pick the most suitable, depending on the particular project’s requirements.


We Deliver Interactive Interface and Experience Results

With our digital marketing experience of 10+ years, we have a clear vision of UI/UX design

Talented and experienced designers, but who work with a flexible and agile approach

Strong expertise in any business type, application, or site design requirements

We create designs that are intuitive, with key sections having a distinctive visibility

Use of up-to-date technologies and methodologies

Scalability and reliability are our vision with the end product

User-perspective and use case serves as our guideline to implement the design process

100% assured customer satisfaction, with over 80% proven retention rate

Personal commitment and regular reporting

Less time is taken to create the development-ready design

We are experts in creating designs that challenge the general perception!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is UI/UX Design in Web Design and Development?
User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are two components of a website’s visual layout that defines how the users interact with the site’s features and functions, navigating through to find what they are looking for.
What is The Importance of a Good UI/UX Design?
No user wants to get entangled in a complex design layout wherein they are confused about what certain element represents and how they are going to find the info they are looking for. A good and effective UI/UX solves the problem by providing an appealing layout design and enhanced user experience. It altogether helps to improve user engagement which translates to more leads and higher conversion and revenue generation for the business.
Which is Better – UI or UX?
Just a like a product that looks but doesn’t perform in function, or a product that performs well but doesn’t look appealing, your site won’t serve the purpose effectively with only one good element of these two. Therefore, both of these are equally important for the overall effectiveness and success of the site and application.
Is UI UX Important for a Site’s Search Result Ranking?
For Google and other search engines, user experience is a key ranking factor. And when you want your site to rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs) and attract more traffic, you have to provide them with an enhanced user experience. This is why UI/UX is an important implementation to improve user satisfaction and improve the chances of your site ranking higher in organic results.
What is UI/UX Design Service?
UI/UX service means creating the front-end design aspect of a site or application that a user interacts with. It includes defining the design architecture which includes elements: typography, buttons, navigation, color palette, font, content layout, graphics, menu, and other visual aspects. UI/UX design service not only deals with creating visual elements but also improving the user experience from the first to the last touchpoint on the site or the app.
How UI is Different from UX?
UI is all about how the user interacts with a site through elements like the screen, layout, content display, buttons, toggles, and more. UX is about how the user feels when using the site; it deals with the satisfaction aspect of the interaction with the site.
Why UI UX is Important for Digital Future?
Whether it is a website, a mobile app, a single page application, or any other digital product, how the user is able to interact with that and what is their experience of using that is going to become a key factor for its success. Therefore, UI and UX are becoming more and more vital elements.
How Much Does UI/UX Design Service Cost?
This depends on what type of UI/UX design service the client requires, the project scope, the tools used, and many more factors. It also depends on whether you want this as a separate service or as part of your web design and development package, or mobile app development service. To know more you can consult our representative now.

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