Shoot Up The Organic Traffic To Your Online Store With These eCommerce SEO Tricks

1.  Optimize  the Website with  Rightly Researched Keywords

2.  Improve  User-Friendliness and  Website Structure

3.  Optimize The  On-Site Aspects of SEO

4.  Carry Out  Technical SEO  Audit

5.  Keep A  Check on What Your Competitors Are  Doing

6.  Create A Dedicated Local  SEO Strategy

7.  Perform Content Marketing for Your Online  Store

8.  Earn Backlinks for your Products, Categories and Pages

9. Implement Structured Data Markup for Rich Snippets

10.  Make Your Store Friendly  for Mobile Devices

11.  Run A  Blog For Your  Online  Store

12.  Avoid Broken Links  and Duplicate Content

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