What is  Keyword Cannibalization?

Keyword Cannibalization occurs when multiple pages of a website target the same or similar keywords. This feature makes your webpages compete with each other and affect site's performance.

How to Locate Keyword Cannibalization Issues?

Cannibalization Issues will be easy to find with content audit.

1. A Quick Content Audit

Google will show the list of similar pages ranking for a particular keyword of the same domain.

2. Perform a Google Search 

Sudden drop in the ranking of multiple pages that have a common keyword is a sign of cannibalization.

3. Keep a check on ranking fluctuations

Internal Links can find links to multiple pages with same keyword. 

4. Monitor Internal Links

Comparing page performance through analytics can be helpful. A page that is shooting up with visitors and another page on the topic having no views.

5. Study Traffic Data 

Various tools are available in the market that quickly detect cannibalization issues.

6. Use Tools

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