Meta's Blue Verification Badge 

Here's all you need to know.

Subscription Prices: 

$11.99 USD per month on the web. $14.99 USD per month on  mobile.

Additional Benefits of Meta Verified Subscription Service:

1. Enhanced Visibility 2. Instant Customer Support 3. Protection Against Impersonation 4. Exclusive stickers for Reels and Stories 5. 100 free stars per month (a digital currency that you can use to show love to creators)

Criteria to be a Verified User:

Who are not eligible for to be Meta Verified:

1. Meeting minimum activity requirement 2. Be at least 18 years of age 3. Submit a government ID.

People with Unreal Images and Names on FB and Instagram.

As per their long term plan, this subscription model will add value to everyone’s lives, including content creators, online businesses, and the whole community at large.

Meta Verified is launching in Australia and New Zealand this week followed by more countries soon.   It has also claimed to be different from Twitter's Blue Tick Model.

Let's wait to see whether the claims are true and if it really adds value to users' lives.

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