Formatting Your Meta Titles? Here are some tips that you can follow.

1. Primary Keyword in the Beginning

Try this trick to improve ranking in search engines.

2. Add Numbers and Statistics

It has been evidently proven that numbers and stats attract the intent of users.  

Green Leaf

3. Include Cost In The Titles 

Customers do get motivated seeing the prices in the titles and it surely encourages them to visit the page.

4. Include Locations 

Optimizing for Local Keywords? Then the technique is highly recommended. Use location-based keywords in titles.

5. Include Attractive Words 

"Best", "Top", "Leading", etc. words make your Title more compelling and appealing.

6. Include Phrases to Create Urgency

Don't Delay, Act Now, Hurry Up, Time is Running Out, Don't Miss Out, Last Chance, Limited Time Offer, Offer Expires Soon, Now or Never

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