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Taking your business online is the need of the hour – Irrespective of what field you deal in, who you target and how big or small your brand is.

An impressive and effective business website is what will convey your message clearly, support your marketing goals, and attract people to visit, stay and buy.

Let Your Online Identity Create a Lasting Impression!

Website Design & Development

We Create Responsive, Unique, Engaging Websites that Will Help You Beat Your Competition

At eSearchLogix, we provide full-fledged website design and development services for any background, type, size business. We help put your site in the center that will gain you:

  • Brand Credibility
  • Better Online Presence
  • Improved Visitor Engagement
  • Smooth User Experience
  • Trust Building with Visitors
  • Better Conversion and Sales

Our website and design development is geared toward creating an online presence that connects with your target audience, explain about your business easy and quick, enhance your value proposition, and create a unique brand positioning.

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When you visit you website, you are communicating with the front-side part, and this is the architecture where web design process focuses. Web designing is the process of planning, crafting and developing the visual aspects of a site’s pages. This involves conceptualizing and finalizing how the information is categorizes and presented, defining color and font scheme, arranging pages and content display across the site pages, along with integrating applications.

There are two common methods for designing a site – Responsive and Adaptive.Responsive web design is one where the content moves dynamically on the screen size with respect the device the site is accessed on. Adaptive design is where the content is fixed within grids that match the common screen size. It is kind of creating multiple versions of a page.

Elements of Web Design

  • More Than Websites

Web design isn’t limited to websites. It also applies to web apps, mobile apps, user interface and experience design.

  • Appearance and Layout

Appearance relates to font, color and images used. Whereas, layout refers to the content display architecture.

  • Minimalism with Strong Effect

A good web design is that one which focuses on simplicity, use of focal points, and provides a pleasing navigation experience.

  • Visual Elements

This include factors like written copy, content arrangement, page layout, combination of font and colors, shapes of graphic elements, spacing, images and icons, and integrated videos.

  • Functional Elements

It relates to the page and site navigation, user interactions, animations, page load speed, site structure, cross-device and crows-browser compatibility.

  • Mobile-Friendliness

Mobile web traffic is bigger than web traffic. Your web design process should ensure a mobile-friendly web design that ensures a sleek, compact, user-friendly website.


While the web design refers to the visual aspect of the site, web development is the process of creating the back-end or server-side structure of the website. It includes coding and programming to define how a webpage works, and the overall functioning of the site. Web development means creating pages and applications for the internet, an intranet or a private network.

Web development means managing files, database, and control user-access. It starts from the process of information gathering, then moving on to planning, site structure, pages creation, coding, content addition, testing and launch, and post-development maintenance.


Elements of Web Development

  • Goals and Purpose

Identifying the objective, business type, and purpose of the site is important before starting the development work. This helps to define who will you target, and plan the site creation accordingly.

  • Dynamic Website

Dynamic websites means displaying the site in an optimized manner. The site loads and displays the content specific to the user factors that include demographics, device, location, time of day, language and so forth.

  • Robust Backend Infrastructure and CMS

An SEO-friendly CMS is key to having a robust site, that impacts site performance, usability, updates content seamlessly and provides enriched interaction experience with the users.

  • Fast and Secure

In today’s age, when people don’t have enough time to wait for anything, a slow-loading site is a total no. During web development process, you have to ensure fast loading optimization and implement security aspects to keep the data safe.

  • Scalable Websites

Having a scalable site means you can make changes to the content, handle high traffic, sudden updates and more easily and effectively.

  • Version Control

Version control means the developer is ready to make the changes to source code whenever required easily and effectively, without having to start from the scratch each time.


  • Custom Website Development

We take into account your requirements, assess your business, industry, and aligning with your goals, we create custom websites that are high on performance. Our website development services i8nclude crafting an entire enterprise website to updating an existing application, and much more.

  • Website Design & Re-Design

Our front-end development expertise will deliver you an appealing and engaging solution that works excellently on both, functional and visual elements. Whether you want a beautiful site, designed from scratch, or want to revamp your existing site’s look and feel, we are up for that.

Our decade-long experience in WordPress development will help you obtain a feature-rich, interactive and robust website. We provide complete WordPress development support, from new site development to migration, maintenance and more.

eCommerce business is on the boom. And if you want to jump the bandwagon with a strong online presence, we are experts in crafting data-backed, feature-rich Shopify based online stores. We manage all, including Shopify theme design, integrations, app development, store customization, migration and maintenance.

With big names like Ford, Nestle Nespresso, Liverpool and more as such utilizing Magento for their web presence, this ecommerce platform has an intuitive backend interface that we will leverage to craft you Magento based website. We take care of all the requirements including site development, migration, integrations and maintenance.

This cloud-based is ecommerce builder provides high-end capability to create and run your online store. We leverage the ample marketing tools that it offers, and craft a unique online presence that will help in uplifting your market reach.

Another popular ecommerce platform, BigCommerce is one such builder we have been developing sites on for since it was launched. Innovative storefront experience, custom theme design, plug-in integration, migration, and more, we provide complete solution for you.

  • CMS Web Development

A content management system (CMS) provides you control over every piece of content, along with ensuring autonomy, efficiency and speed. Our long-term expertise and capability in CMS based website will provide you with a valuable online presence to surge your business ahead.

  • Microsite Development

A microsite can be termed as a single webpage, or it can be a bundle of webpages which work as a spate unit within the parent website. It can also work as an online presence to complement your offline business. We curate microsites that function as en effective addition to meet your precise marketing, communication and customer outreach approach.

  • Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps respond much quickly than a native app, designed to work on typicalweb browsers, created using particular programming languages. These provide the capability of delivering cached content, and push notifications. Respective to your precise needs, we can create the right progressive web apps that deliver enhanced user experience.

  • Responsive Design

With mobile-first indexing becoming the norm for Google and with majority of traffic generated through mobile devices, having a responsive web design is a must. We take this as a key factor when designing and developing any website, making it responsive for a smooth and seamless interaction on any device, screen size and orientation.

  • Logo & Graphic Design

Your website need to have a stunning yet creative, brand-reflective logo that connects with people. From creating amazing unique logo designs to making compelling graphics for any page and purpose, our expert team of designers is at it with innovative solutions.

  • User Experience &User Interface Design

User experience is one of the most important concerns, not just for site visitors but also for Google as a ranking factor. Our well-defined User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) strategies with effective collaboration ensure that your customers are presented with a suave experience from the first interaction to the last.

  • HTML5 Development

HTML has been the standard in web development since early days. Our decade-long experience of working with this markup language means that we provide you with a sustainable and secure HTML5 development solution, which are cross-platform capable and customized to function across different devices.

  • Third-Party Integrations

Whether an API is needed to add a necessary function for the users, or having integration for site analytics and metrics, we provide best-fit solution specific to your particular requirements. You get real-time, flawless access to 3rd party systems.

  • 24x7 Support& Maintenance

Web design and development doesn’t stop at the launch step. We deliver custom website maintenance and ongoing support service to keep your site working in a healthy way, with negligible reduced downtime, and timely updates as and when needed.

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Front-End Development

Front-end development is the process of designing elements of the website’s user-facing side. This development process includes using languages like HTML for laying out site’s structure and content architecture, CSS for creating design features, and JavaScript for adding additional interactive features. This process combines programming and designing skill, along with use of other tools like React.JS, Node.JS, Bootstrap, and more for achieving the end-result.

Back-End Development

Back-end development is the part where the developers work on the server-side of the site. This includes creation of the website’s databases, operations, structure, and APIs. This is the part users don’t see, but the front-side part which users interact with is designed based on the server-side structure which remains below the hood. Back-end developers work using various programming languages including Python, Java, MySQL, SQL, and more to build applications, database and create the communication with the server.

Full-Stack Development

In the present times, full-stack development is fast becoming a more popular option as compared to the above two, as a full-stack developer works on both the aspects, back-end and front-end. This means that they can work with a defined strategy from start to the end. An effective full-stack development means combining the best of the technologies and tools for front-end, back-end and database development.


Website design and development is a step-by-process, which needs to be followed carefully and structurally to allow for smooth project finish and optimum end-product.

We have a standardized procedure, however specifically planned with each project assignment, to carry out web design and development:

Project Discussion

The first and initial step is to discuss and understand the client’s requirements. We factor in the business’s goals, their projections, how they are going to use the website, and respective package they are interested in.

Research and Analysis

The next step includes us doing a thorough market research, analysis of the competitors’, and target audience research. This gives us a deep insight into how the website should feel and function to satisfy the client’s needs.

Plan Creation

Laying the blueprint forms the base, just as a floor plan does to a home construction. It helps to identify how the website should work, the pain points to target, structure of the website, brand personality that it show demonstrate, all aligned with the end goals.

Prototype Creation

Prototype is the model product that starts with a user flow map that defines navigation, followed by creating wireframes to establish the site functionality, and its complete structure with content display. This is tested with the client, and based on their feedback, needful changes are done until we get a final approval, before moving to the next step.

Site Development

We carry out comprehensive back-end and front-end development process using tech stacks and a variety of platforms, frameworks and languages to define the overall functionality of the site. We hold expertise in full-stack as well as separate back-end and front-end development as per client’s and project’s requirements.

Site Design

As we have discussed earlier, UI and UX are key elements to making a website work and satisfy users’ needs. We take care of that fully during the design phase. We adopt the latest trends, create a balanced yet consistent and appealing visual flow, adding color palettes, typography, images and animations, and site interaction features.


A/B testing is a key step in ensuring that the site and its entire elements are functioning and responding as intended. This step allows for thorough review of the codes, features, interactive elements, ensuring they are glitch-free.

Site Launch & Maintenance

The next step is to launch the website, respective to the hosting platform. We carry out the launch process, and then integrate Google Analytics and Google Webmaster (depending on the service plan and project requirements). Post-launch we provide 24/7 maintenance support as well, handling code back-ups, server load monitoring, security audits, plugin update, platform migration, speed optimization, content update and more.


Technological field is vast evolving, and there are always new methods, techniques and trends being introduced and followed. To remain concurrent to the latest ones is in our core approach. We follow latest web design and development trends to create a solution that is for ‘today & tomorrow’:

Motion UI

Animated charts, pleasing mouse hovers, header transitions, and amazing scrolling features, and more; you must have encountered such features on a site. All these are possible to create using the SaaS technology, Motion UI, which helps to create unique animations and CSS transitions. Such features definitely excite the site visitor and improve engagement.


It is a free and open-source framework based on CSS, HTML and JavaScript scripts that help in creating mobile-friendly and responsive websites fast and easy. It provides an array of components, tools and syntax for template designs and designing interactive UI.

Chatbots Integration

Chatbots are really making pace when it comes to providing effective and round-the-clock customer support services. We leverage best Artificial Intelligence tools and platforms to create an advanced chatbot, specific to handle your customer service channel effectively.

Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)

AMP pages are designed to provide improved mobile browsing experience to the users. AMP pages load fast, and deliver smooth and consistent access experience across all devices. We will maximize the framework’s capability to give you the best solution.


Content Management Systems

A Content Management System is hugely popular amongst developers and bloggers, as it provides efficiency to develop and maintain a website, without any need to code from the scratch. However, it needs specific skills, knowledge and technical know-how to create, manage, publish information and run the website. WordPress is the most popular CMS platform; but it isn’t the only one.
We work on and use different CMS platforms, depending on project requirements, scope of the site functionality and much more, which are (but not limited to):

• WordPress
• Drupal
• Hubspot CMS
• Magento
• Shopify
• BigCommerce

Programming Languages

Any dynamic website development process can’t be complete without server-side, client-side and data base coding process. And this requires use of suitable and selected programming languages. Different programming languages cater to different requirements, like some provide complete support for front-end, back-end and, mobile development, while some are used for developing large applications, and some have specific capabilities. We have a strong, talented and experienced team of developers, skilled and qualified in all the popular programming languages:

• Python
• JavaScript
• Java
• Ruby
• Typescript
• Angular
• Golang

Web Frameworks

Web frameworks can be defined as software platforms that help develop websites and web applications. Both are a bit different in their application: web application frameworks come with pre-written code snippets, components, and application templates; whereas website frameworks support capability of web APIs, web services and other related resources.
Web frameworks are client-side (focused on user interface functioning), and server-side (background development for efficient website functionality). These frameworks help to systemize development process, ensure standardized coding implementation, avoid bugs and errors, and these are capable to handle back-end aspects like configuration and data binding itself. Some of the popular web frameworks are:

• Angular
• Node
• React
• CakePHP
• Laravel
• Ruby on Rails
• Vue
• Django
• Spring

When programming languages, development frameworks, software tools and technologies are combined, it is known as a tech stack that help build digital products including websites, web apps, and mobile apps. There are different mean stacks that developers use, depending on the framework and technologies used, and project application.


Quick Load Time

A site that doesn’t load fast pushes the visitors away. And it has a big impact on the site’s ranking as well as user experience and engagement. We consider this as a big factor and include all the optimization processes to deliver a fast loading website.

Impressive UI & UX

No one wants to browse through a website that is complex and makes it harder to find the required information, product or pages. This is where UI and UX become highly critical. We incorporate all the key elements to give an impressive, yet customer pleasing UI and UX result.

Mobile Device Friendly

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming the preferred option to visit sites. With us you will receive a responsive website that is smooth in accessibility from any device, and screen size. We apply the suitable methods and AMP implementation to make your site mobile-friendly.

Search Engine Friendly

Whether you want us to create your website on a certain CMS, or want to include specific factors for search friendliness, our development process ensures you have a search engine friendly website that performs well on all the ranking factors.


Your website is the visible aspect that communicates with the visitors. You want that to showcase who you are, what you do, and what makes you stand ahead of the rest. We create a solution that improves your brand personality, while delivering improved interaction engagement.

Creative Theme Development

If you are looking for a certain theme for your ecommerce store, or want to have one customized for your site, we are ready to serve your requires with the best, creative theme designed and developed to match you precise needs.


Whatever industry or field you belong to; whether you target audience locally, nationally or internationally; whether you want a product selling store, or a blog site to share valuable information; or whether want a small site or a large one; we cater to all demands and requests. We are expert in providing unique, appealing, and effective web design and development solutions that aligns with your purpose.
We serve:

Small Businesses


Large Enterprises


Government Organizations

Ecommerce Sector

Healthcare and Medical


Finance and Banking

Travel and Tourism

Technology Sector





Real Estate

Food & Beverage



High Performance

SSD hosting, cookie-free domain, fast load pages, reduced HTTP request, minify version, and more; we implement all features to make your site high-performing.


With evolving business needs and changes, your website needs update. Our developed websites makes it easy to implement the changes and scale your business accordingly.

Agile Approach

We focus our time categorically on each project, implementing an agile approach that takes away time-consuming, non-valuable tasks. We employ efficient process and methods that are swift, yet concentrated.

High Security

Not just your data, but your customers’ data, especially their financial and personal information need to be protected fully. We apply this aspect to the full effect.

Customized Package

Specific to your unique business presence, you would want your site to have certain features, built on specific technology and platform. We enable you to pick the functionalities and features that you want, and pay only for those with our custom development support.

Rigorous Testing

Any digital product that doesn’t feel completely 100% right and competent, both for us and our clients, goes through the revision process. We apply quality assurance testing before making your site public.

We are an award-winning web design and development service provider, having a dedicated team, resourceful technology at our disposal, having a proven track record of creating innovative solutions that are standing tall in their respective fields till date.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I Need Web Design and Development Service?
In today’ digital age, most people search for products and services online, before going for a physical visit. And if you don’t have an online presence, you are losing out on substantial customer share. However, you need professional web design and development service to provide with an impactful and effective web presence that convinces people to visit and engage with your brand.
Do You Develop SEO-Friendly Websites?
A website that isn’t visible in organic search results will not attract inbound traffic and improve sales. We understand this fact, and, from choosing SEO-friendly platforms, integrating suitable features, great user experience, responsive site design and other factors, we ensure that you get a site built with SEO-friendliness capability. However, it doesn’t mean that you get ranked automatically. You need to work on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to boost your site’s ranking and position afterward.
Can You Help Redesign My Website?
Yes, we not only offer you design and development from scratch, but also provide website redesign service as well. And specific to your particular requirements, we can make the necessary changes, provide you with suggestions and implements owing to each element and functionality of the site.
Will You Also Help with Website Hosting Service?
We are complete digital solutions provider, with end-to-end service delivery. Therefore, you can rely on us to provide you with hosting support, picked specific to your needs, site functionality, securityand within your budget. However, even if you have registered with or want to at any other host, we will design and develop your site and hand it over to you.
Will You Help Me With Marketing Service Also After Launch of the Site?
We are a full-fledged digital development and digital marketing service provider. So, after your site is launched and functioning, we can help in boosting its ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs), attract more inbound traffic so that you can have higher conversion and sales. We provide custom tailored solutions through SEO, social media marketing, PPC, and more.
What Technologies You Use for Web Design and Development?
We have a cross-functional team of designers and developers, who work on a range of technologies, software tools and frameworks to correspond to different tasks in the design and development phase. Right from using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP, WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce, Java, Angular, Laravel, Node, and many more, we use different technology stacks to create customized solutions.
Can I Check My Website During the Design and Development Progress?
Yes, you can check for the progress at any point as you wish. We, ourselves, make sure to get the site reviewed and approved by you after each phase. And the site is developed on a development server, access of which we will provide you initially, so you can have a look at that whenever you want.
Will I Have the Ownership of the Site?
Yes, each client of ours are the sole owners of their site. We are only in charge up to the project completion, and then if you want us to handle website maintenance. However, you can rest assure that your site data and all the key information remain intact and we don’t implement any change without your approval.
Can You Also Help in Website Migration?
Yes, if you want to move your site to a new platform or migrate from one host to another, we can help you do that easily and effectively. We follow due procedure and ensure that you experience less downtime during the migration process.
How Much Will Website Design and Development Cost Me?
This is decided based on an assortment of factors – site complexity, platform used, web frameworks, number of site pages, languages, site features and functionality, and much more. Overall, you should discuss your project and your budget so that we can come on the best possible solution. You check our packages, and pick from that, and you can also consult us regarding a custom package.

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